05/03/12 - Binev makes a report about the Arab Spring
05/03/12 - Binev makes a report about the Arab Spring Slavi Binev is e rapporteur on the leading report of the Economic and Monetary Committee of the European Parliament about the funds for the countries of North Africa and the Middle East

Binev was entrusted with one of the most important and simultaneously one of the disputed reports in Parliament. The complexity comes from the fact that many MEPs consider that Europe has many own problems in its agenda, in order to attempt to solve the foreign problems. The lawmakers point as an argument the drop in the confidence in the financial institutions, the problems in Greece, the lack of political will to tackle corruption and censorship of speech in Hungary and Bulgaria.
One of the strongest arguments of Binev during the discussions in the committee was that if someone supports another on words, the one must transform these words into actions. The EU wants to support society in North Africa and the Middle East, which has proved its strong desire for democracy must be underpinned by financial support for their adaptation to the changing political situation.
Due to the fact that Bulgaria is a country in which the EBRD operates together with the direct observation of Binev on the situation of the countries of North Africa and Middle East the choice of a rapporteur fell on our MEP. "The European Bank will always be reluctant to finance countries in which there is a controlled democracy, perhaps for this reason, I was chosen as a representative from such country. The cease of the funding of the Bank is considered as a lever which can provoke democratic processes and despite the optimistic announcements of the Government of Bulgaria. This reminds to the countries of the Arab region with a very bad financial situation. Furthermore, that attitude depicts that the reports are read superficially and it is not noticed the poor treatment and cessation of the funds from Europe. The ability to draw an analogy between the controlled democracy in Africa and the existing one in Europe is a chance to stop the European spring, which, like the Arab one sooner or later will explode and not elsewhere, but in the so-called Southeast Balkans. In Bulgaria there are great problems that we endure, as if going through a test of endurance, and that's why we are penalized financially. I expect the response from the European People's Party whether it will continue to support the policy of a former communist and now a general, who claims to be a Democrat.
In the discussions Binev added that during the next workshop with the Commission and the representatives of the bank he will require explicitly a consideration of the monopolies in the region and to learn from bad experiences of the monopolies in Bulgaria. Thus he would provide a chance to protect the new democracies in Africa. "Any new legislation proposed by the present Government of Bulgaria does not intend to fight monopolies, rather it paves a way for new ones, such as the skiing monopoly, the monopoly over the freedom of expression or over the truth," said the MEP in Brussels.
It is expected the report to be submitted to a vote in plenary in May this year.
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