19/02/14 - n. Show - Slavi Binev: Regarding my attempted assault - Either Volen is lying or Boyko has to be interrogated!

Slavi Binev is a politician and businessman, European champion in Taekwondo in "Slovenia 92". In 2007, he "jumps" out of the business and goes into politics with the list of "Ataka" party for an MEP and is chosen after the nationalists receive 14.20 % of the votes. Later on he leaves that party in 2012 and founds the Conservative Party Movement of Success /CPM of Success/, which becomes part of the political union of the Citizen Union for Real Democracy /PROUD/, which on its part is joins the National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria.
Binev at this moment is a representative of NFSB in EP and vice-president of "Europe of Freedom and Democracy". He is a father of five children and has a granddaughter. The politician reveals exclusively before "Show" whether he believes that he has been ordered by Boyko Borisov, based on the fact that he left Volen Siderov, who send him to the European parliament and how a person feels who has received enough slaps and kicks for five lives.

- Recently you dropped the bomb: "Boyko ordered a hit on me!" Do you truly believe that?!

- Everything was initiated by Volen Siderov! He stated on one TV show that in a conversation with a former prime-minister he was told that: "Why did you make him a politician, you cleared his passed and saved his life!" There are two possibilities - either Volen is lying or if that is true, the former prime-minister who has told him that has to be interrogated. Because if he hasn't announced that and if the information didn't reach me, than he those are actions established by him, himself! It is perfectly normal when a prime-minister knows about something like that to inform me: "There is a terrorist and gang group, which wants to kill me! Certain measures have to be taken!"... This is my interpretation of this situation.

- Do you believe that Boyko has truly ordered a hit on you?!

- This is something really probable! At the end of the day a number of people were dismissed under strange circumstances! Misho, the Beer, his wife, as well as other people... - more people that were in the company of Boyko Borisov. Something would happen and they would disappear...These of course are only suggestions and I do not have a proof of that. But what can I say - when something walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck, there is a very high probability that it is a duck!

- Is it possible that Boyko Borisov and Volen Siderov to be exchanging such information?

- The people sometime share interesting things when they are having a drink together... Before he started serving BSP and DPS, Volen served GERB, therefore it is highly probable that they exchanged information among themselves!
The other possibility is that Volen is lying, which can indeed be the case.

- You are not in good relations with Borisov - does this come from the past?

- Our ways haven't crossed so much. We trained in different years and different things, he -karate and I - taekwondo. Our roads didn't cross each other, but we definitely do not like and love each other. This can be based on the fact that he was a militiaman, while I wasn't! Long time ago there was an organization "Han Asparuh", semi legal, it was the biggest union of martial arts. We were constantly terrorized by the karate system that was part of MI who had the permission to train. As it is a well-known fact, Boyko worked as a Fireman, in a place where it was based on the system of the national militia and was considered a privilege. We never had a conflict, we possess different characterises. I never tried, even if I have the opportunity to pressure the people. I never allowed such thing to happen! I believe that as a person is going further in the hierarchy, he is becoming a better man and be a more loving person than ever! However there also exist people that the more they grow the more they crush the rights of the others! Although they are trying to put us with Boyko Borisov under the same common denominator, we are completely different from each other!

- Siderov stated that he put you in the lists against Borisov, because he wanted you to serve as an opposition, a mobster against a mobster...

- I cannot recall him behaving in such a way in front of me! He always had a respectful behaviour towards me and never said such words. He never showed that this is some sort of his aim. On the contrary!
There is something else - do you really believe that Volen Siderov is some kind of Samaritan and does a thing for the good of the people, without having any benefits form that? He is not a person who would do something, without there being an advantage on his side!

- What was the benefit in your case?

Whether solving some problems, whether the fact that he needed help... I hope that you are not forgetting, that my name, before it was involved by my enemies in different battles, has raised a Bulgarian flag of the highest places and definitely was a guarantee for success and consecutiveness in position....
Volen is not the kind of person who does something of goodwill to someone; he is not an honourable person! He is a person who is only interested in ripping off people!
I have obviously helped people with resources as every person does who support certain idea and has the desire of something good to happen. I have supported campaign associated with various activities. I have done that without the need of the publicity and demonstration part.
Although when I am running political campaigns, this requires quite some resources! When there exists an idea, "the rich - with money, the smart - with his mind"....Everyone has to assist with whatever he can offer! If you can - help with both.

- When did the collision between you and Volen Siderov occur?

- When he "arrived" in GERB! Until this moment I was in a battle with the leader of GERB, Boyko Borisov, which was quite obviously an aggressive one! I couldn't have imagined that at a certain point we would have to hug and I opposed that idea! You cannot consider a treachery when a friend of yours comes to you and says: "Lets bend over together before someone!". I consider it normal to refuse to such proposal. I didn't want to separate with him in such a terrible way and I tried to remain my temper for a long time although he was attacking me in every possible way. He would intrude our press conferences and would make any forms of provocations! His journalists and operators from the televisions behave like a mobster gang! They are trying to provoke and anger you, in order for you to hit them and then have to face the judiciaries, but I have already informed the both the European and national institutions concerning that provocative behaviour, where I have presented enough proof to confirm my words.

- Siderov stated that he is willing to take you to court, because of your statement that was considered on his side as a threat for murder... concerning the testicles that you were going to take them out of his throat"...

- This is not a threat for murder, because it will be like a surgery of appendicitis and he would feel better! And I said that I would take them not through his throat, but through his impotent mouth! But, the important part of the exchange of statements between the fighters who challenge themselves, because they were carried away by his behaviour. I said that I would do that if he comes over. If he comes and tries to stand behind his words, that I would sell my children! However he did not come! He said that when he gets offended of affected, he reacts straight away, where this time he didn't! Why? He is affected right?! He is hiding under the skirts of the prosecution and barks on the television stations! This whole story for me is completely unpleasant, because I and he shared the same table, figuratively speaking, we had some relations, but he crossed the line of what is acceptable! I have held my temper for 2 and more years, but he went over the top!

- Volen stated in one TV show that you were rolling drunk among the wh*res in BIAT, when Georgi Iliev has entered a couple of years ago, slapped your face twice and left... Doesn't that offend you?

- Concerning the slap on the face - I probably received slaps and kick enough for five lives, because after all I was doing martial arts, professionally! This however is not the problem! I have never avoided a problem and never hid! He is being a fool. He is talking foolish things and when he gets challenged, in the old fashioned gentleman way, face to face - he runs away! He only sends a couple of gangs and tries to provoke me! This will not be the case!
Concerning the case in BIAD - back then the authority didn't exist, there were people that would enter the place with 10 Kalashnikovs.
I do not wish him to experience such cases!
Because in his case, even if such things are not occurring, he would bend over to DPS! My life was in such a way, because that was the structure of our nation back then! A person has to try to solve his problems one way or another.... I had a battle with many criminals back then! The only person that tried to oppose this situation was me! Furthermore, it is true that I have consumed a lot throughout my life! That was before I became a politician, apart from those who are currently dealing with politics and the fact that they took the authority in their hands, handed them the opportunity to scoop handful of life! I am the only who has been scooping handful of life, BEFORE I entered into politics! I was a young person with opportunities; I am not alibi in that respect. However I am already a married man and look at things in life at a different perspective.
There are however politicians, who unfortunately haven't lived long enough and are currently doing things that they shouldn't! As an example is the voting on the budget, which has been rolling on the beaches of Vardar, or spending 30 000 leva for hotels in Paris, pretending to be poor.

- By the way, the current businessman Petko Dimitrov was a bouncer as far as we are informed. Why didn't you do to his wedding?

- One of the bouncers... He worked not only as a guard, but further as a supervisor. I do not have any bad feelings towards him. But we have not seen each other for many years, therefore we don't have the need to feel any sympathy towards each other...
15/02/14 - n. Marica, Plovdvi - Binev: "I played an important role in the state during the mobster's years! It cost me a lot of blood."

The educated patriots have to protect the interests of Bulgaria in Europe and not the fools in the pubs

- Mr Binev, the state has been shaken by scandals, where you remain silent. Usually you do not stay that passive?

- There are party regroupings. It's normal when the elections are that close for someone to be losing their nerves. The bad thing is that they are involving the state in those quarrels.

- There are discussions about influence, personnel policy, umbrellas. Is that a way to manage the country?
- I am not part of the executive authority, but as an MEP, I have some observations. I warned about those processes two years ago, when times were much more dangerous. Some people talked that those things are untruth and that I am hallucinating, but we can see the results are more shocking facts. Those facts are that our country is being managed by non-transparent organs, which was completely obvious even back then. The bad thing is the way in which the authority is being exercised is deepening and it becomes more difficult to solve the problem. Because of the fact that I spoke publicly of those facts, there was a threat for my life.

- Who threatened you?

It's not really a secret; there was a signal that an attempt for murder against me is in preparation. Not long ago, Volen Siderov admitted officially on the television that he has saved my life introducing me to politics. There was a threat and that information was shared with me by a former prime minister. None of the responsible institutions referred my case for investigation and the so-called leading Medias didn't reflect on that stressing fact.

- Are you referring to Boyko?

- Siderov didn't mention any names, but the matter is clearly about Boyko Borisov. Since, we are aware of the love affairs between Siderov and Borisov. He shared with him some extra information, but the unfortunate thing is that none of the institutions called him for interrogation regarding the subject of matter. Of course, I reacted to the story back then and made Europe aware of it.

- You want to say that Boyko Borisov has been preparing an assault on you? Did I get you right?

- Since, the authority was silent about that, which means that the whole authority was preparing that assault by making use of informal organizations. I this case it is very to find out about the intellectual instigator of that crime. This is because even an incitement to a crime constitutes a criminal act according to the laws of Bulgaria.

- That sounds shocking. How is it possible for a prime-minister to organize such an ssault against you?

- It is shocking indeed, but those were the words of Volen Siderov - a man who doesn't have any good feelings towards me. The most unfortunate thing is that no one is making a big deal out of it. At least he could have asked who said that, is it true, and based on what reason? Silence.

- Did you establish your own investigation on the case - who ordered you? Why?

- I do not have concrete proof for all that has been stated, but the logics leads to only one person, who could afford himself to perform such things while enjoying a complete media comfort during that time was Borisov.

- For less than a mandate you switched between 2-3 parties. Are you a political nomad?

- I do not believe that I have switched between 2-3 parties, but that I have continued in the right direction. I have protected the ideas of my political party "Ataka", which I have supported and which at one point of time shifted away from those ideas. Do not pay attention to the words, but at the sense. I do not care about the surface of the matter, I care about the content. I cannot be bothered by empty words, I care about the content. The only people who continued following that very same road was because we united several years ago and the only party left was the National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria of Valeri Simeonov. My approach to abandon "Ataka" was applauded by everyone, honourable and honest Bulgarian patriotic powers. Although the political repression, apart from the media reflection, it could be observed on the last elections that this formation is gathering power and that soon it will outline the politics of Bulgaria, it will be one of the political leaders of the New Bulgaria.

- Regarding "Ataka" - ok. But you further left the party GORD, which you founded yourself. Why?

- I do not consider that as leaving, but as technical regrouping of the positions. We were always close with Valeri Simeonov and my joining to NFSB was a test for me, whether I can fully dedicate myself to such a political project. I myself didn't want to doubt the fact that I have reacted in the best way in order to establish that patriotic project. The most important thing for me is the energy of the patriotic powers, the real nationalists to remain united.

- Is that the reason for your loud separation with Volen Siderov. From your dialogues, an abundance of energy can be observed, but in different directions?

- Here you are making a mistake. We split in the moment in which he decided to join Borisov. This was 5 years ago. Then we met and I posed the question: How are we going to separate - in a European or gypsy way. He chose the gypsy way, probably because he is familiar with it.
- Yes, but Siderov complained that you threatened to kill him - to hang him by his guts and so on.

- Now I am going to repeat it - 5 years ago we separated in a peaceful way and quietly and our relations were coherent and correct. Until the moments that it became clear that he cannot control himself and started attacking me and publicly offend me. I remained quiet for a long time and didn't respond, but Siderov went over the top and said things about my children and therefore I had to answer to him. It is obvious that Siderov is consciously looking for a conflict, he resides around scandals, and they are his nutritional environment. He is trying to play the role of a rebel, a bucko and I believe that it is normal for a person in my place to respond in such a way. It is normal to give up money, love and goodwill. But when they want to feel your power - you cannot give up that pleasure.

- You are truly connected with the church, you are an archon. How would you comment on the scandals around - the gay communities, the lobbies and murders?

- The most important thing that has to be understood is that the church is not to be placed on the top of the hierarchy, where it is created for the truly peaceful and believing people. It is hard to comment on that topic, since it is a big pain for me. It becomes harder for a person to close his eyes before the obvious. The problems have to be pointed out, in order for us the believing to be able to start solving them together. The spirit leaders have to start living in such a way, where they would make us bring back our belief. The bishops have to come down to the people as throughout the years they concealed themselves and turn into something hermetic, where they moved away from the people. An example of that is Pope Ivan from Novi Han. He clearly showed how the church entered into the lives of the people and overtook the social responsibility of the poor and disadvantaged.

- What did you do yourself to return the church to the people?
- I asked a number of questions, which cost me a lot of dirt, which was thrown against me. One has to be really strong to be able to take it all. I can already see that my questions are producing results, because the church is slowly opening its doors. It has previously turned itself into a decorated institution. We made the people believe in it and to have pretensions. In that way this institution turned into something alive and powerful. This doesn't mean that this is the best approach, but this is the beginning.

- There are a lot of rumours that you paid large sums of money to become archon. How much did you pay?

- It is not correct to thing only in Phoenician signs. I didn't just donate money, but I made a sacrifice as I gave to the holly patriarch Vartomoley, my son Kaloyan. I predetermined his way, without being sure whether he will manage to cope with it. This is the biggest donation to the church. It's biblical.

- Before, we associated you with the underground where you had crucial fights with Georgi Iliev, who deceased. Your mandate as a MEP is almost over. Do you feel as a person with new image? Did you chop off your tail?

- I was always a person with distinct opinion and manner. I always protected my principles and I have reacted in ways that I believed were the most correct ones. I never had a tail that had to be cut, but by seeing that our country is missing, I took things in my own hand to find solution to the criminal problems. Something, which no one else was willing to deal with. The people were always scared and disobedient. I can be killed, but never defeated. As of that I jumped in solving the problems and it cost me a lot of blood. However, I am happy, because in such harsh situation one becomes tougher. I am sure that I did something, which was a task of the state, but it was hiding during those years. I have the same manner in politics. I say things that the others do not dare.

- Are you satisfied with what has been achieved by the European parliament?

- I could probably achieve more things, but I am sure that I am walking in the right direction. I have always protected the interests of Bulgaria and this can be observed through my voting the hall.

- What did you do, to protect the Bulgarians from the campaign of UK against us?

- I am the only person who had an influence on the attitude of the nationalist Nigel Faraje. I did that by making use of personal contacts. Faraje doesn't speak against the Bulgarians anymore. He had an aggression towards the worst form of government in our country, which propels with its incompetence, the Bulgarian citizens to migrate.

- Recently it became known the fact that thousands of Bulgarian students are losing their scholarships. What are you going to undertake to protect them?

- The problem with the scholarships cannot be related to Faraje, but to Cameron. He is closely related to EPP and EQF. That step is being taken in order to save their social systems from frauds. You can observe the problem with our country- the social funds of Bulgaria are being withdrawn by the minorities in a very direct way.

- Are you the leader of the list of NFSB?

- It is not important who the leader of the list is, but to send people that will protect the Bulgarian interests in a smart and educated way. Not to behave as fools in Europe, their steps actions to be compromised and we wouldn't be taken seriously. We need intelligent people and not Fools, which would make bombs in swimming pools.... or restaurants.
08/02/14 - n. Vyara, Blagoevgrad - Slavi Binev: Monica Stanisheva shocked the European Union with her impudence, it was hard to obtain 60 000 euros

In the European parliament yesterday, there was a wild debate concerning the money that was released to the firm of Monica Stanisheva, which eventually returned them back. The scandal continued to be more widely discussed not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe as well. On those bases, "Pik" asked for the opunion of the MEP Slavi Binev, the black point of the political carrier of Slavi Binev is that he united with the destroyer of the Dupnica economic, Davko Davkov.

- Mr Binev, how was regarding Monika Stanisheva perceived by the European Union? She won another European project plus the fact that she is the wife of the president of PES.

- The debate has gone pretty wild in Europe and I wonder how it is possible that there is no reflection on the matter on the side of Bulgaria. In Brussels, the session began with a discussion on the matter, which is definitely a problem.

- What do the Europeans see in this scandal?

- Regarding the reports, that was drafted not only about the monitoring of justice and interior order, but even the special report, which concerns the corruption of the EU. Regarding that indicator, we are taking the last place in the reports, which is something disgraceful. It is believed that the politicians in our country set standards to which all of the rest if the citizens are referred to.

- They do not care about the conflict of interests?

- In that case it's about the impudence, under the conditions that everyone is aware of what is happening - it was though that those 60 thousands were also taken. Her possibilities are much higher than that and suddenly she decides to get 60 000 euros from the European Union.

- And most of all letting someone to reach the "European cake".

- Yes, for that reason too. This is a motive and the slogan of Borisov. The people in charge doesn't just support him, but pursue his practices and further develop them, but doing it in a more profound way, not as underbid as he was.

- Are the critics towards Monika Stanisheva only on the side of EPP?

- It is clear that they provoke the raising of such a question; the clapping of the hands took part by all the people in the hall. This is really a great impudence. I can't believe that Stanishev can be even considered to become a European Commissioner and representative of PES?! I don't know how to comment further. This is really bad. .. What about the election codex, which hasn't been touched and remained unchanged. Wherever you look, there is only impudence, greediness and idiocracy.
01/02/14 - n. Standard - Slavi Binev, the MEP: In the EU there is place for Eurosceptics, but not for Euroidiots

- Mr Binev, you are making a serious statement on the European election, in Plovdiv and Sofia, you represent the patriotic union of NFSB, but the sociologist doesn't believe you will make it? Will you manage to pass the threshold needed?

- Those are the very same sociologist who made prognoses that NFSB will not be able to qualify for parliamentary elections. Our results aren't as important for us as for the Bulgarian nation. The chance of Bulgaria to have its own protection before the European institutions is the patriotic organizations around NFSB to be represented in the European parliament.

- Why? Isn't true that the so-called bigger parties have greater influence?

The biggest, for the mainstream parties it is important to be loyal in first place towards their European political families. When the freedoms of the Bulgarians are threatened by some dictator or as the situation are now - a visible dictatorship and we remain in the same place of economic and democratic indicators, then the formation as ours can react in the most adequate way. For our union, it is most important the consistent and principle behaviour. The patriots and not the pseudo patriotism. The union around NFSB consists of real patriots, who have a quiet and real love towards their country.

- "Ataka is your main opponent, is it true that you are taking your staff from there?

Let's not confuse "Ataka" with the leader and the clique around him. "Ataka" was an idea that was accepted by a number of people. Unfortunately we observed its privation, where the real atakists were turned off by that. You cannot be serving the interests of GERB, BSP and even of DPS, meaning of all of the ruling parties. We are talking about a nationalist that has been paid for, where there are no patriotic values possessed by it. In "Ataka" there is a number of believing people who feel betrayed by their party. They cannot be seen as our competition, because in Europe there is only place for Eurosceptics and not Euroidiots.

- In Brussels, you organized an international conference regarding the fight against organized crime, but within the lectors were present key figures from ABC - Rumen Petkov, prof. Borislav Borisov and your colleague Ivailo Kalfin.

- This shows only one thing. That when there is not dictating party's centrals we can establish discussion, no matter what the political affiliations are. The conference was a process of preparation at the end of September. It would be very unserious to cancel it, due to analogies of the kind "they are making a coalition". The critics of the last report of the EC were regarding the justice and the interior order. Apart of our differences, we have united around the big problem with organised crime, where their leaders as heads of the streets gangs. The data shows that there is an umbrella over the drug trafficking. The most dangerous thing is that some of them are using it. Especially during flights. I officially declare that I stand before the national priorities for security, healthcare, education and sport.

- What are the lookalikes of the group of the 17 Bulgarian MEPs, if the elections were today?

- One thing is for sure - DPS will be represented in Europe. The loyal European families - as well. For me it is more important to represent the real fighters for national values. I can assure you, that we are working on that. However, for now I can tell you that we will consider it a failure if we have less MEPs than DPS.

- What if DPS has 3 and you 2 MEPs?

- That is a complete failure! Not only for us, but for all who want Bulgaria to progress and preserve its interests.

- While you were making the patriotic union with NFSB, the members of PROUD joined to "Bulgaria without censure".

- For me it is important for the political monopoly within Bulgaria to be destroyed. Unfortunately, at this very moment it is at its most powerful state for all the years of the transition period. I respect the efforts, because I believe that the politicians have to be led by their own personal example and not by their words. I personally hope that we will manage to make a wide patriotic front around NFSB in the full sense of the word front - against the idiocracy, against poverty, against unhappiness and against that, in the name of Bulgaria to be involved in scandals on different levels.

- When are you going to be done with the election list?

- Probably in March, but for now I cannot state the exact date. Our aim is Europe to be represented by people that have the knowledge, who have the character and make politics in the name of Bulgaria, where they are not just liked by the European political centrals or their economical benefactors.
24/01/14 - n. Desant - Slavi Binev: We came back where we started

The report of the European Commission about Bulgaria is the most critical one for the last seventh years of membership within the EU, stated the MEP.

The monitoring mechanism remains in power for Bulgaria, Romania for at least one more year. This became clear after the report of the European Commission, published a couple of days ago. In the report it has been outlined that Bulgaria scored the worse results in the spheres of - the worse common denominator of media freedom (according to "Journalists beyond boundaries") and in the group of the worse performing countries, when it comes to political rights, corruption and economic freedom.

"Bulgaria is currently in the need of revival of the powers that will ensure reforms and leadership. The main principles such as the laws and independent judicial system have to be the core of a long lasting strategy", which is further written in the text.

Furthermore "Although for the past years, there were three governments in charge of Bulgaria, the current authority doesn't reflect the expectation of the people for the increase of the civil rights, where the criminals are left unpunished.

The EC further stated that it is concerned about the politicization of the state's structures, which according to it neither Bulgaria nor the Romanian appointments are transparent enough in light of the professionalism and merits.
The MEP, Slavi Binev will further comment on the report written by the EC.

The monitoring report of the European Commission regarding Bulgaria caused a contradictory reaction in the country - it was defined from "a depressive reading" to a "positive attitude". What are your comments?"

- I will try to explain to your readers the content of the report on a clearer language, because the European jargon is a little hard to get and for some people it isn't going to be clear what exactly was written there.

There it was written that for the last years in Bulgaria there isn't any progress established neither the will for a change where the previous triple coalition between GERB, "Ataka" and RZS is no different than the current - BSP, DPS and "Ataka". As well as the fact that all of the actions on the side of the authority is a constant transferring of obligations between the "former" and "current" (who in practice are the beginning and end of the same thing) where their only aim is deceiving the electorate.

The biggest critics, of course, are against the judicial system due to the fact that we are subject to monitoring, because of it. For the past year and a half it can be observed that no improvements or changes have been established over there.
Firstly, the constitutional court is elected in a transparent way. Secondly, the Supreme Court is appointed by the parties from the National assembly on quota's principle, which makes them politically dependent. This means that the supreme organs of the judicial system are absolutely dependent, which means that in this sphere, no reforms can be established. This means further that the magistrates only serve the interests and introduce laws in favour of the national politicians.

In this moment we have a concrete case to solve. There a committed crime by a member of the parliament, but at the end of the day, no measures have been taken against him, because his finger will turn out to be made out of hold or his important voice or something else.
It seems as though we have forgotten the meaning of democracy. This is not a dictatorship of the majority over the minority, but it means dictatorship of the law. The law here is not respected. This will be like that until the undertaking of cardinal measures. We have the need of an urgent reform in the judicial system and it has to function from the point where the senior judiciary can be elected by the people and not by the politicians.

Every delay in this matter gets us back to the place where we started. This becomes apparent to our European partners.
In the reports, regarding the fight against crime, the situation there is even worse. We are reading absurd critics concerning the indolent formation BORKOR, established to fight against the mafia. There are also critics against the Commission concerning conflict of interests. Those two structures, if we read between the lines in the reports, were used to settle some deeds.

Summing up, the people are trying to tell us that - you are incapable and corrupted. All the disadvantages of our, create a bad for investing environment. It is clear that we are not progressing. As you all know, there is no security in our country, which holds the economic backwards and stops the big investments.
If we do not manage to tackle the political and public problems of our country, we cannot expect economic development.

- Is this the shortest report of the EC since 2007?

I think that this is the shortest report as for all of the other to this moment, there seemed to be some hope. Here I do not see such. It has been written in a disparaging way, towards the people, who are not used to protecting their own interests, but to sell them, where I was really hurt by this fact. There is no light in the tunnel anymore, which is the worst thing possible. I have a lot of critics, but the main one is concerning the demonstration on the side of our authority, who didn't even hint at what can be done in order for this unfair election codex to be reformed, giving the opportunity for manipulation of the elections which are corrupting the entire system.

- What does the term "mediator of authority in the shadow" means? Is it a reference to Delyan Peevski?

- In the European Commission there are very cautious and try not to use specific names and terms to refer to someone. We know perfectly well who the merchants of authority are, without getting any hints. It's not only Delyan Peevski, another political mediator of such authority is the leader of "Ataka", for example who has served the previous two governments. We can clearly observe that he is sitting on a table, which sells political interests to the people, by whom he was send there to represent them in the parliament.

-Among the critics, is there also one about the media's condition in the country?

- Some words were mentioned regarding that matter, but being cautious about pointing at someone. After all, this report is connected mainly to justice and the interior order. For us it is known that the media here are used as punishable brigades. The most dangerous things is that those standards have been set up by the state's media.

- What can the consequences be from this report?

- We have to expect the following thing. A complete check on all of the frontiers, constant doubts, taking out Bulgaria from the list of countries, making it suitable for investing.
There is no other way. In Bulgaria, things cannot go into the right direction, while the political leaders attack physically every citizen, whoever stands on their way, why they walk around and live a parade luxury life, while on the background stand the disturbed economics and the low standards of life in the country.
08/01/14 - n. Show - Slavi Binev: Ivan Slavkov saved me from the racketing of the civil services!

An interview by Slavei Kostadinov

A number of sellers of political labels define Slavi Binev as a thug. The people that are familiar with the matter receive amnesia about the times where he was pronounced to be the prime fighter against the thugs. Regardless of the opinion of one or the others, it is a fact that Binev is a MEP, a rich person, the head of big family. Yet who is he? We asked him all of the questions, which can be found in the public space.

- Recently you uttered the iconic phrase about Volen Siderov that went viral in the public space: ''I will break his head. I will crush him and after that I will take out his testes out of his impotent mouth''. It isn't appropriate for a MEP, leader of the party, archon and a happy person like you after all - don't you think so?

- To Volen I would forgive all the senseless things that he has mentioned about me, that came out of his mouth on his television. However I shall not let him to disrespect my relatives, even more - my children. He literally stated the following obscenity: ''He will sell his children, because those are the personal values displayed by his nature of business''. For me, the children are something holly! Only a person who does not or cannot have children can make such a sacrilege, especially on such a wonderful family holiday such as Christmas. This is the reason why I don't feel any regrets about I have stated! On the contrary - if he repeats his words, I will enter into the parliament and I will respond to him in a way in which every Bulgarian father would do, a not as a coward where neither the police nor his gang will be able to stop me. Because I have five children and I consider them to be my biggest fortune.

- I assume you don't need such kind of publicity as a politician and businessman. Actually my idea was to establish a projection of your past in order to find out about the things which can define Slavi Binev nowadays. I was just wondering from where to start but you gave me a hint. Perhaps we can start with your family?

- Mine or the one of my parents?

- One and the other.

- My grandfather was a writer in the field of children's literature. He was a person with a pleasant character. However, my father was an ornery man even for my expectations. This could be the reason because of which he didn't manage to realize his potential and didn't receive recognition as a scientist and chemical engineer, even though he possessed over 20 patents. My mother was a colleague of yours, a journalist, and for many years a banker. She was the one who insisted the most on my intellectual development. My wife Maria was a contender in rhythmic gymnastics although she was never considered to be as one of the best. I have never been an angel from heaven, where we met with her on one of the free battling, which we would organize in the past.

- But you were given a home warmness and a happy family...

- That's right.

- Five children! When did you find the time for such a ''production''? Do you have children from previous marriages? I noticed somewhere the ages of your children in a chronological order and when I compared them to your age, I started scratching my neck due to the fact that I was puzzled! Things didn't add up?...

Firstly, I was married once and for all for the same woman. But the matter with my children is a bit more complicated. ''I have produced'', as according to your use of terminology, Martina, Miroslava, Kaloyan, Elena and Viktoriya. I admit that for the first time I became a father at the age of 17 and this was something unprecedented, unique and scandalous for an elite Sofia's French high school. I am referring to Martina, who as the moment at the age of 30 and lives in Germany together with my granddaughter Niya.

- What about Miroslava?

- She is my child from another woman. What can I say - as the people say, a mistake made while one makes while growing up... After our marriage with Mariya, Kaloyan, Elena and Viktroria were born. I worship all of my five children.

- After discussing your idyll we come to the horrifying winter of 1993, when the wrestlers tore your karate people in the ''Deskrim'' hall in the region of ''Chavpar'' sports school. 50-60 wrestlers of Vasil Iliev equipped with iron, bates, firearms messed up 20-30 followers of your Association for civil self-protection, where from your cash register were stolen 300 000 leva. Covered in blood, one of the karate guys barely managed to get to the station and signal you that in ''your stronghold'' horrifying things are happening. You go over there, but with your entrance you feel the cold gun barrel that is placed against your forehead. They beat you up, kidnap you and thrown on the road, where you manage to get to your grandmother's house who calls the doctor who takes care of you in a conspiracy way... Why is it necessary to reach such a point? As far as I know, the wrestlers thought that you began to arm yourselves and decided to make a preventive hit against you. Although the disagreement of Vasil Iliev, Dimitar Djamov has led a punitive brigade. What is your truth?

- Since you have decided to get back in time, I will get you back even further. Back in 1987, I was one of the founders of the first private club for martial arts ''Han Asparuh'', because what happened later on was as a consequence of that fact. What happened then is that I could allow myself to be slightly above the law, which was completely imperative - for a man to dedicate himself to martial arts outside the system of MI had to be a snitch. This didn't apply to me, but it was for the people with power on posts and positions in any kind of civil services of the system. I had the big chance to be in the company of a man who I love. I am talking about Ivan Slavkov with whom we knew each other as athletes and where our families knew each other too. He had a big hard and loved many people, I wasn't the only one. We were great friends although the difference in our ages and it was a very pleasant to me that later on in his books, he mentioned a good word about me. It was him, who didn't allow a feather to fall on my head, I didn't become a snitch and didn't allow to the cops to make me go on my knees if you know what I am saying.

- What kind of feather could have fallen on your head?

- I could have become an informant for MI. This is quite scary. It's for life! After 1989 to all the people like me who had the courage to fight against the new criminality, the cops let them choose between two possibilities - to become informants of the new State Security or to be thrown in the criminal war, hopping that in that way our attitude would change and become a part of them.

- In what way were you told, to become part of the new system and how was the separation of power executed?

- We weren't really told or explained. Direct conversations were established. In those dark times everything was told directly to your face. Whether you would be directly explained by some politician who has a connection with the police or some cop - there was no difference. The police have never allowed things to be dealt by them. Based either or criminality or business matter. When you possess a whole database you can find out who is who and respectively have an influence on some of them.

- Does this also concern the beginning stages of your business?

- Of course. I had to take decisions on the spot.
- In fact, what was the amount of starting capital which you used to start your business?
- One of the things which I initiated with was my sports clubs, sport halls which were extremely successful. I started in year of 1987, as ''Han Asparuh'' was registered as according to the Law of persons and family. Back then, the lessons were very well paid. I don't want to exaggerate, but I have thought more than 50 000 people for which I was considered as demigod. In this way, I started having considerable amount of resources and managed to construct a serious empire of entertainment and public facilities. During that time, I also had my own construction business, media, finance house, etc.

-Which period are you referring to?

-I am talking about the period between 1991 up until 2007.

- Basically when you became and MEP, you had to cease your business activities?

- This wasn't the reason. I didn't have the right to participate in the executive sector of the company, but I could retain my shares and to place people that would control my firms. However, this isn't what I did. This is how I separated from my business. In the company that I controlled worked over 5000 people. Still, I decided to move along, because while you are in business the government sees you as their enemy and not as an ally although I believe I established schools in many of my business initiations.

- However, the people are talking that you have firms and offshores on the Seychelles islands?...

- I do not know who is talking about those things, as only a limited amount of people knew that I really had the idea back in the past. Together with George Harrison from the ''Beatles'', we were planning to achieve a very serious project over there, however he got cancer and soon died. On my birthday in the year of 2000 he told me that things are going bad, concerning his health and prefers if we sell rather than realize the project.

- Lets go back on the attack over ''Deskrim''. After all I didn't manage to understand what was the reason for you to get attacked by the wrestlers? And furthermore - a paradox, but it seems as though ever since that moment you were referred to as a thug even though nowadays nobody can point to not even one case where you and your people from your association for self-defence have attacked someone?

- The label, which was attributed to me, the people was looking an excuse for the fact that they were scared to be in opposition. Back then I wasn't prepared for such a hit and I paid with my own blood. In regards to your question about how I managed to get to this point, the answer is very simple - the people that were in charge of running things didn't want another power centre. Where the machine of fear, which was against us started working at maximum speed. Meaning, if they attack that means that he is one of them...

There is however this story that is related to you. It concerns one person from your company, who attacked the Pazardzhik group ''Gardeniya'' located on the capital square ''Druzhba''. He calls for a backup and after a shootout, on the place where the actions took place, three dead bodies are left of the wrestlers of ''Gaopeniya''. The most peculiar thing is that the shootout was observed by Vasil and Georgi Ilievi in a car that was parked in the near street.

- Those are part of street or as they are referred to - urban legends.

- In fact who created the mafia in Bulgaria, the powerful and shady structures, especially in the business and etc.? Some people are saying that the genesis of the organized crime started from the Turkish mafia, with its experience and contrabandist channels, where even before the year of 1989 has dealt with issue in our country as if it is its homeland. At that time, the contingent of the wrestlers was referred to its schooling. I guess there is no point of me mentioning the name of General Luben Gocev?

- The information about General Luben Gocev is a complete nonsense. With the risk of being referred again to a thug, I believe that I know him well enough to believe that he has never taken participation in the power structures, various groups and other senseless stories. The truth concerns other things. In Bulgaria there has never been organized crime led by any centre. Things are really simple. The cops of different levels and civil services, especially the criminalists, gradually ''enslaved'' part of the governmental figures of small and big criminal groupings. They presented them as their cooperative workers and made them untouchable via their political connections. The so-called public figures would pretend as though they were member of CDCOC or NSS. For the services provided, the cops would get their fair share of commissions and that was the whole story. However I repeat that every cop worked for himself. There was never one single centre, where the so-called organized crime was always presented. The real problem was based on the fact that Bulgaria, before 1989, was like a big green zone for political international criminal conductor, the so called terrorism. I am talking about the people who were connected with the terroristic or under the control of other country's criminal groups whose ruling was based on hotel ''Kempinski'' even before 1989 and in the early 90s.

- There exists written information which states that after the extradition of Karamanski from the Czech Republic, together with his gang consisting of twenty people, you started working together?

- Quite the contrary. Karamanski and I have always been avoiding any sort of contact with each other. Both of us were conservative and we knew that perfectly well. We even engaged with each other into a serious conflict, which couldn't have been avoided. Both of us realised it and stop seeking contact with one another.

- What kind of person was Karamanski?

- Naive. That naive, that it was impossible to get into an understanding with him.

- Many who knew him are saying that if he wasn't under the influence of the drugs, Karamanski was a sensitive and emotional person with unexpected artistic talents.

- Of course. This was one of his qualities. Yes, he had amazing qualities, he was incredibly reactive. At the same time, for him the pyramid of values was turned upside down. He contained within himself an unexplained amount of hatred. I never managed to understand him as he had grief deep inside his soul, which he would discharge in the form of insults even to the closes people of his. The person that shot him, Stefan Varzhanski, was under Karamanski orders. However at one moment, Karamanski begun to insult him, where the boy went out of balance and pulled the trigger. Regarding to my ''communication'' with Karamanski it proved my thesis that either you obey the order of NSS and CDCOC, where you can receive the privileged status - an authorized informant, or they will dig some dirt on you in such a way that you will become uncompetitive and in that way you will be eliminated as a political and business competitor.

- Let's move on to the current time, towards the politics of Slavi Binev. Recently I watched a video clip where you took part in it. More precisely, it was about a scandal between you and Luba Kulezich on her TV show. I was watching, I listened and was dazzled but still didn't understand what you were arguing about. The only thing that I managed to comprehend was that in the centre of your argumentation was the name of Aleksei Petrov. What was the idea behind your argument?

- I didn't get it either. I guess she has put me in a file of hers, under the category ''Slavi Binev - friend of Aleksei Petrov'' and there was no way out of it. Whatever I would say, whatever I would explain, I wouldn't be heard! She couldn't assume that some people get together, then separate, etc. I guess she was concerned with the fact that we have established a large coalition and in her quest to answer her theorem, she got angry. Just because the coalition ''PROUD Bulgaria'' includes ''Free nations'', means absolutely nothing! I got to know Aleksei Petrov from the sport, as a good athlete, but that's all.

- At one instance you also mentioned the name of Valeri Simeonov?

- PROUD is already part of NFSB.
Regarding the TV show, I won't let myself to be confronted, because in contrast to the big problems faced by the politicians in Sofia where no existing transparency, I do not hide. It is what happened in throughout my life, since the beginning of my sport career, I live in the light of the projectors. I am not the perfect man and furthermore an angel from heaven, but it is hard to discredit a person who doesn't hide. I am the type of persons that you can kill but you cannot win over, because I was beaten up but I never turned my back and run away. It is painful but it toughens your spirit.
25/11/13 - n. Vseki Den - The MEP Slavi Binev: If you get close to Borisov and Cvetanov, you end up like Misho the Beer

Slavi Binev: ''In Bulgaria there is a place for one patriotic vote and not for political powers, which aiming to please the East and the West''

Slavi Binev was born on the 10 December, 1965 in Sofia. Since the early 90s he was one of the main shareholders in ''R - System Holding''. The company included over a hundred of associations and for many years dictated the fashion in the areas of services, the entertainment business, construction, investment and security. In 2007, Binev was chosen for MEP from the list of ''Ataka'', however after ''Ataka'' became an unofficial coalition partner with GERB and maintain the governing of Boiko Borisov, announced that he will go on his own political way. Except in the business and politics, Binev is a popular name in the sport. He was multiple times a national champion in taekwondo, as well as European champion on championship which took part in Slovenia in 1992.

- Mr Binev, we find you in Africa. Are you sent here on mission set by the EU or you came for an exotic tour and for hunting?

- I am taking part in the general assembly between the European parliament and ACP-EU / Africa Caribbean Pacific/. The good relations with the faraway countries beyond the boundaries of the EU can help towards the solution of our domestic problems and therefore the relations with all of the regions and continents are of an importance for the European parliament.

- While you are here in this hot atmosphere, the situation in our country is reaching a boiling point. The daily protests block the centre of Sofia and students occupy the university. Are those rebellions spontaneous or are they controlled by some puppet master? Who will benefit from this chaos?

The political situation in Bulgaria is indeed hot. The political has transformed into a paid event. The people anger towards the politicians can be justified, where it has reached its peak during the governance of GERB and it appears now. I am not saying that this government will not make mistakes. Today on the streets, the people are not rebelling so much against them, they have material tendencies. The specific spheres guide capably the rebellions on the street with the aim to establish chaos in the economic and politics of which they can take advantage. Some time ago, we could never think to protest freely, where the rebellions are reflected on the choice of the media.

- On friday the former minister of interior Cvetan Cvetanov was convicted for a fourth time and forbidden by the prosecution to the leave the boundaries of the country. Do you believe that the charges against him will be grounded on justified sentence?

- It was about time as this person was behaving like a Vizier for the last four years. If they do not punish someone, it will become obvious that BSP and GERB is the very same thing. Cvetanov played the role of the semi-dictator and transformed his ideas into something of a sinister nature. The couple Cvetanov - Borisov is the greatest evil, which has ever happened to Bulgaria. I would like to remind, that those who asked inconvenient for them questions, have disappeared. You remember Mihail Mihov/Misho the Beer/, because of him they were convicted in the trading with unjust power, followed consequently by his wife Eva. Whoever got near to this criminal group Cvetanov-Borisov, which cannot be defined as political, disappears for good. Many long explanations before the prosecution have to be provided by both of them for the evil deeds, which they have performed. I deeply hope that the charges pressed to end up with justified sentences. Those who made fun of the power that was entrusted to them by the nation have to get what they deserve otherwise, when it comes to governance, dictators will arise that would make fun and run over their voters. Look at the bad standards that were set by the heritage of GERB, who unfortunately have the intention to repeat their past deeds.

- Recently in our country, the people are having discussion about a mafia, about the involvement of our political figures on the highest rank in suspicious offshore companies. You have converted from a businessman to a politician, what has to be changed, in order to have more transparency of the income of the people in charge of our government?

- In order to have politicians, who aren't be tempted by the gifts of the governance, where they serve their nation, they have to come along with power and money, with knowledge and experience. It isn't possible for a person who doesn't have triumphs in his own business, law, economics and culture to be teaching me how to succeed. In order to be a successful politician, one have to realize him/her in life, to present evidence that he has made it and is ready to lose from the politic and not to win from it. With all of the other politicians, the opposite could be observed unfortunately the most cases in GERB: the leaders became successful businessman when they came to power. And not only theirs - of their wife, their children, their whole family. Boiko Borisov's business started functioning when he became the secretary general. This position can be compared to a trampoline for him and his girlfriend Cveteliza Borislavova, which suddenly turned out to be a banker. When Borisov entered into power, he could not present a single evidence that led him to his success in life. This example is also valid for Cvetan Cvetanov and unfortunately to a number of other politicians.

- Do you predict that there will be early parliamentary elections?

- The last elections were falsified and flawed. It's not about the actual day of the elections, but the control as a whole exercised over the media, the masking of people, the pressuring of the supporters moths before that. The national assembly and the government had to focus mainly on the preparation of new elections, where the election codex and the freedom of the governmental media as well as the equality of the political actors. The nation knows that the people of whom the next parliament will consist will be elected by it, and not from someone who has been printing bulletins or who has decided that has to win the elections.

- Are the structures of GORD and NFSB ready for the European elections?

- I believe that in Bulgaria there is place for a patriotic vote and not the one of the political powers that is aiming at pleasing both the East and the West. I don't know whether we are fully ready for elections, but I am confident that there is a place in the future European parliament, because there has to be somebody to protect the Bulgarians from the political interests of the foreign and own interests. In this European parliament the Bulgarians will be represented by more than 5 parties.

- You are an irreconcilable enemy of Boiko Borisov during the time when he was in charge of the government. Don't you possess any personal motives for that irreconcilability - after all you had a glorious common past?

I was never on a war with Borisov because of our past, we don't have personal quarrels. Although we were both athletes we had both very different personalities. We have different criterias when it comes to defining what is good and evil. I don't have a personal enmity with Boiko Borisov, but I have a cause - there has to be justice for all the evil that he has conducted. He has to be send to prison!

- In the past Boiko Borisov stated that he made you a politician after the mayor of Sofia closed down your cafeterias in front of NDK. You also have to be thankful to him, now you have reached the European parliament...

- His words, about him taking over my business make him sound very primitive. If a politician would say such words in Germany, he would be forced to leave the politics. A mayor doesn't possess the power to take or give. The truth is that he didn't take only one thing. Boiko Borisov took everything that he could take and represented it to those who were chosen to take care of his business. Before the eyes of the entire Bulgarian nation - this is what I call insolence. My cause is every day he should get what he deserves because of the evil that he has done. While I can still walk and breathe I will stand and fight against jerk, against the future thieves. I enter the politics spontaneously and so far I have a Big helmet. I faced all of the people against whom others didn't dare, regardless whether they are from SIK, VIS or just corrupted politicians. Therefore some people are jealous and are throwing dirt, in order to find an excuse for their fear so they can live in peace because they haven't faced their own problems and have led themselves to be crushed, without realizing that my actions will give them salvation. I had to fight against them at the time when everybody was filled with fear to even pronounce their names. Boiko Borisov is one of the jerks, where everybody kneeled before him. In this case it isn't about personal enmity, cafeterias and others. I am aware as an athlete that when somebody kicks you on leg and you don't react, then next time he will approach to kick you in the eye.

- Who are they?

GERB and BSP will be present with a certainty as well as the liberals who are gathering ethnical vote. We, the Eurosceptic will be if not at first, in the top three political powers. I hope that are going to have more than 3 MEPs. The people can now see that the big parties protect the political ideas of their centrals rather the national ones, which are the one by which they were elected. The fifth political power will, or at least according to the project of Nikolay Barekov, or the so-called Reanimation block. I truly don't know, whether somebody believes in the reformers. They are reformers as much as Borisov is a democrat. It is not possible to trust the people that have been deputy prime ministers and commissioners that have betrayed Bulgaria on numerous occasions and up until now they could have ''reformed us'', where we wouldn't have to be in the reanimation sector of the European union. We see our place in the Bulgarian parliament as a cultivated opponent of DPS. I repeat ''civilized'', people with different ideas, but that have normal attitude towards their opponent. I deeply believe that the Bulgarian deserves a patriotic vote, which will defend its interests and wouldn't serve in an ''unreserved'' manner to GERB and BSP, even less to DPS, where unfortunately the reality is exactly that.

- The nationalists in Bulgaria flock during the last days. Is there a place for a new nationalistic party that has under its wing skinheads and fans? Do you have common ideas and can a union be expected?

- I don't think that we have common ideas. For me the nationalism doesn't mean to kill your opponent. He has to be quite and adequate. When he is making too much noise, it doesn't necessarily mean that he is solving problem, but the opposite where he exacerbates them. The style of the union around the National front for salvation of Bulgaria is different - we don't give free meatballs, we pose questions and demand answers.

- Your mandate as a MEP will be over in 2014, if you don't classify for the European parliament, what kind of direction will you choose? Are you going to go back to the business?

- I am not a child of the politics and I would like to remind that I am more famous in the business sphere. This is the reason why throughout the years I behaved more open from what is accepted by the society, a little more aggressive and offhandedly and little more irresponsibly towards myself and my relatives. I don't feel sorry as I am the only one who entered into politics on a white horse /or with a black Mercedes/ and if I have to, I will leave in same manner, with no worries, it won't be a factor, since I haven't stolen anything or abused my powers. I will have more time that I will be able to spend with my family. I will be able to travel and have fun and not worry, concerning what the people will say. Maybe I will also go back to the business. Sometime ago, I led one of the biggest companies in Bulgaria. If you can secure food to your employees, you can also govern and lead the country. An intelligent person who can make money for himself, why not make for the rest of the people. In the business you have to be combinative and have a character. I will remind you that my entering into politics was as of the pressure. Although it sounds uncomfortable, the words of Boiko Borisov are the truth. He made me enter so I can fight back the system. My manner can be compared to a revolutionist, but our history happened in that particular manner. The other option is to allow him to kick me in my knee and kneel before him, something that I can hardly ever do. I have always been independent and have showed it throughout the years. Therefore I have specially proven that I will do whatever I decide, but if some jerk shows, be sure that I will be always on the first line. When it becomes comfortable with everybody to fight back such people, as always, I will retire.
15/10/13 - n. Standart - Slavi Binev, MEP: The people can see that BSP and GERB don't have hostility towards each other

- Mr Binev, you have predicted a humanitarian crisis with the refugees in Bulgaria. Why?

- The problems with the refugees within the boundaries of our country are deepening. This is based on several reasons. Firstly, we have to admit that we don't have any experience with refugees. However, immediately after comes along the bungle of the government and all the other institutions. We can observe a passing of the ball game between the municipalities, the ministry of interior, the agency for refugees and the Presidency. It is about time for the head of state to get involved and call for the Advisory Council of National Security. Instead he avoids the topic, because he is worried that ''Ataka'' could come and throw him out of the chair. This is not an appropriate behaviour for a president. Exactly the Presidency in this moment is an institution, where the opinions of all must be heard so they can act constructively and with arguments. Finding a solution for the crisis cannot be achieved just by having a political talk. This is unacceptable. The president and the prime minister need to initiate action in the name of the national interest. Unfortunately at this moment, they do not act as statesmen, but instead as politicians.

- Nikolay Barekov asked the Euro commissioner Kristalina Georgieva to leave her office.

- Barekov is correct to be extremely demanding even towards the prime minister and towards the president. However, I am thinking that he is misled by his colleagues from VMRO, where they demand for the substitution of commissioner Georgieva. The Commissioners are obliged to be more faithful to the Commission rather than their own nation. I am the last person who would go and defend Commissioner Georgieva, but I do not see the sense to ask for her resignation. However, in this case the talking of Barekov towards the actions of the Bulgarian politicians is correct. They need to understand that their actions are only related to talking about what is happening in the country. They do not have discussions about what they have done. Things that have been achieved can be noticed, while the success speaks for itself.

- What is the role of the Commission in the drama with the refugees?

- In the EU, there exist a number of non-governmental organizations, which are trying to solve the issues with the refugees. The role of the Commission is important as well. We have the need of a skilled staff and a plan for action. The issue doesn't solely concerning the accommodation of the refugees and the solution of the domestic problem of those people. It is about engaging them, ensuring their children, as they are currently not going to any school. The people in the accommodation centres have to be engaged with education and work. Those are processes that have to be carefully analysed. If they aren't mastered, criminalities will follow, which is the opinion shared any psychologists. Unfortunately, Bulgaria has long time ago surpassed the crisis point with the refugees. I believe that it is necessary for our country to shut down the places, where at this point our borders are crossed illegally. Greece has already done that. Yes, we should let people in, however there has to be some sort of checking. It is not possible to close our borders, but we can be precise. Now, together with the clean water comes in the dirty one as well.

- The topic causes opposite reactions in the society?

- That is correct, but who can explain to the Bulgarians, that the criminal acts conducted by the refugees are due to the battle for live and survival. The people are steeling, in order to feed their children. The function of the country is to create conditions, in order to prevent such things from happening. It shouldn't just simply say - love them.
There is a very fine moment in the exposure of the thesis: ''They are refugees, they want to go back to their home country''. However those people, when they observe the way of life in Europe, it will be hard for them to come back.

- Are those the only critics that you can think of towards ''Oresharski'' cabinet?

- The current government has to fulfil some of the commitments to its society. The four fundamentals of democracy are as follows: freedom of speech, freedom of business, independent judiciary system and fair election. In the time of the dictator Borisov, those principles were destroyed. To this moment, there exist only support towards the business for which I applause. However, there are three other things that have to happen. The private media have freed themselves from the grip of the prime minister's mobile phone, where he was dictating them publications. However on the next session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, I will alarm concerning the governmental media. Their chiefs behave as owners, and those are public Medias. The criticism of the Commission towards the judiciary system doesn't stop and further monitoring is necessary concerning the matters of justice and internal order. Boiko Borisov and his people behaved as masters, they did amazing idiocy. Now, the cases towards them, concern some little things. How is it possible to engage into discussion for so many weeks about the notebook of Filip Zlatanov with initials? The people know very well who B.B. is. Ifa is a heavy truck, but I.F. is a Bulgarian politician. The development of the theme, concerning the guilt accredited to the governing of GERB, the nation can now see the truth - GERB and BSP are the beginning of the very same thing. The opposition is outside the parliament. The people can see that GERB and BSP don't have hostility towards each other. The court has to be reformed. At the end - the electoral code is the place where real changes have to be made. Therefore from the 4 commitments, over which the government took over, I hear only about the business settlements and potential stoppage of racketeering against it. However, I cannot predict the fact that at a certain moment and economic rebellion might rise against the cabinet. The expectations of the people are much bigger. At this moment, the national assembly is taking care of matters that revolve around verbosity, intrigues whether Stanishev is having a pleasant nap. It is expected from them to deal with issues against which the society rose.

- Do you predict whether there will be a call for early parliamentary elections?

- The last elections were falsified and flawed. I am not only referring to actual day, when the elections took place, but about the control exercised over the Medias as a whole, the masking of the people, pressuring the supporters months before that. The national assembly and the new government had to focus their attention on the preparation of the new elections. Where, the people would be assured that the composition of the new parliament would be chosen by it. And not from someone, who has been printing bulletins or who have decided that they have to win the elections.

- Is Martin Schulz going to be the next Chief of the European government? He is the most possible candidate nominated by PES for president of the European Commission.

- He is a nominee of the Socialist and Social-democrats, in case where they win the Euro elections. This is something that I can bet on. I think that they have placed the pan, before they have caught the fish.

- Leftist or rightist politician will head over the European Commission? What would be your position, the Eurosceptic?

- Firstly, it will be a politician with a wide support. Perhaps a rightist, but with a wide support. There is a possibility of establishing an arrangement, where the rightist would provide support to a leftist politician, in order to have involvement of both political movements, after all Barroso was the head of the Commission for the past 8 years. In that sense, I would like to recommend a careful observation over the processes of forming a new government in Germany. It is understandable that she creates the standards and the fashion in the EU for many reasons. It is quite possible for the Eurosceptic to be the third political power. This is the group of which I am the vice-chair of the ''Europe of Freedom and Democracy''. Of course, that depends a lot on the discussions with the national delegations that are taking place at this moment, and their representation on the election in each country. However, the expectations are that English delegation will consist of over 30 people.

- Are you trying to say that it is possible to move over the liberals?

- Yes, this is expected and is possible. We can reach an unofficial union of the Euro federalists vs. the Eurosceptic.

- Are you the leader of GORD and NFSB? What kind of configuration would you use for the Euro voting?

- We haven't discussed with Valeri Simeonov that matter. He is the constructor of that patriotic block therefore he decides. Although, the project that he initiated started living its own independent life - I am referring to ''Ataka'', but it is clear to all of us that this was a project of television SKAT. In contrast to the old format, where the main attention revolved around personality of Volen Siderov, at this moment NFSB is looked on with a different perspective. I have travelled to foreign countries, together with Valeri Simeonov, Dancho Hadjiev and all of them are welcomed and respected over there.

- How much longer will the expansion of NFSB take place? Isn't the sum of the patriotic party too mechanical?

- This process shouldn't stop, according to my personal opinion. I believe that NFSB has to make the Bulgarians to feel like winners. I am happy that we are following the covenant of han Kubrat: ''Gather and win''. And not ''Separate and rule'', which is what Boiko Borisov has done.

- What number of the Bulgarian parties, according to your opinion, will pass the threshold for the European Parliament?

- Four, maximum 5 parties. There is no way in which the socialists and the rightists can be neglected. Whether that would be GERB or some union between GERB and the rightist, because they fall down and look for any possible pillars. The liberals will be also presented, after all they possess the ethnic vote. We have to carefully observe the project of Nikolay Barekov, which can potentially be the fifth subject. The so called reanimations or reformation block can also be the fifth. However, I don't believe that the people that have been for a long period of time vice-premiers and commissioner can be anything else other than bureaucratic politicians. There are as much reformers as much as Borisov is a democrat. Us, the Eurosceptic will be if not first, at least in the first three political powers. And I hope to have more than 3 MEPs. The people have opened their eyes that the bigger parties protect more the political ideas of their centrals, than of the nation, which has send them there.

The member of the European Parliament, Slavi Binev is very active when it comes to drama about the refugees in our country. He commented in front of ''Standart'' and his assessment of ''Oresharski'' cabinet, the perspective of the union between GORD and NFSB as well as the prognoses for the European election next year.
28/08/13 - Show newspaper - Slavi Binev: BSP and GERB are playing hide and seek


Mr. Binev, why did you change the business with politics? Inner conviction or external pressure?

I entered politics under duress. Realizing that those people who currently make fun of us will grow up and that I should have some resistance some protection in relation to their own survival. This does not put in a drama.'m Serious. I was not seduced of the privileges given policy because, as a man of the business had a lot more opportunities, but situations sometimes require a step back.

Let's say it straight – horse for chicken, right?

In the situation that I was asked to settle for chicken before falling to my knees. Because I am a hard man, and not I do not negotiate - something that created great discomfort for me. Over Bulgaria you could see that I was a constant subject of torture and criminality by serving dirty politicians, and politicians who were greedy for my ........ vazmozhnosti.Ne other reason but because it was proof that you can live in a different way. To be strong without being part of the criminality and be very successful in business without you ever had to take part in the looting of the country by criminal privatization by "red suitcase" the arrangements of the services or to catch with both hands of public teat.
Bad people hate the most good example. It makes them crazy.
A man who knows very well that sucker had to stand behind him the whole state security to be able to stand against false criminality but desire really trouble it oglavi.Dokato I'm up against all authorities in criminal world no state protection-naprotiv.I when he did not even dare to pronounce their names but in most cases served them faithfully and they crouch. I think you can guess who I'm talking about - for the Dictator Borisov.
Because I am a person who loves to give, but never let be taken from me. And I know when to let someone kick you in the leg and not to apologize, it is likely to want to kick you in the eye. That's why I always react to various supposedly little things that people say, "Well, what the hell happened!" But I know that if not addressed, something far more serious.
I know a lot of people probably still hate me because they can not afford what I'm allowed.

Best example in the country must be condemned in one form or another but even better - to smash. And I am this is called "best practices."

A good example of self-esteem crushing those who do not. Many people say, "This one! That's why I did not do it? "You did not because you were afraid.
I do not want to show off, but all the battles that subsequently led society them first started. Whether on the street, in business or in politikata.Razbira now that I double it easier since I still have European defense.

There is nothing to lie about . I warned all European institutions, I expect the restrictions on me because of my speech in the European Parliament and the national media.

Challenged the sanction to the former government by the EU?

Before my intervention Boyko Borisov was perceived a priori without any prejudice, whatever nonsense he was talking. One of entertainment, some funny, rude ... Until you told them that this is actually a defense mechanism that this man is diabolical. It works extremely cruel and dangerous for our country, creating the risk of a pandemic in Europe because a bad example can easily be followed . The example of controlled democracy. Impose full censorship of the media. Impose the ability to replace ballots as is changed toilet paper.
It in general undermines the possibility of making with elections. Disheartened the people made them unable to care, led them to believe in nothing, to stand one against the another ... To hate the successful
All politicians now speculate with the hatred of success
rather than stand up and say, "We'll be fine as soon as you honor the success!"

And have not it occur to you that people hate more capital as such, rather than success in general?

I'll tell you how it happened. Coming out of a socialist society, we think only how to protect workers, not industrialists. They were always filthy bastards man with a cigar in his mouth, and so on, which is a huge mistake. I'm talking about the true industrialist who risked his own name and at his own expense and not for someone who has served foreign interests out and was only appointed here. If you need to provide the 5000 salary will understand how you tremble something here inside. And they blocked a couple of places to blackmail, and you're dead.
On top of all, the biggest problem was this: disloyalty employer - employee and vice versa. That is, I always wanted to be loyal employer to the worker, but never require loyalty of employees. There is no "bleklisting" in Bulgaria. In Japan, a worker can change only one job, but the second - not because it is clear that they do not adapt.

But here the good workers were not given any shares!

Right. This is the other point. I'm probably the first person in the country who has entered to shareholders almost all important officers in corporations that have been driving. The truth is that I was naive in my plans. Because, whatever we say, we are trained in movement, no father or teacher to learn or to say: "Do not make this mistake".
I myself am affected by large errors. Unfortunately - I paid their price, sometimes with blood. Reliance, maybe sometimes I have offended someone more ambitious who had the skills ... But it is what it is.
Times were tough, but that's no excuse but finding.
Years were very difficult. Not to mention that we were we in a constant siege from both the state and criminality.
Absolute wars are fought. People live in constant suspicion of each other. Something that can not be overcome far.
I must tell you that the stamps that are imposed on someone preconceptions that have managed to convey to someone still working. Unfortunately. Note that these prints are made specifically to enable those people who really have qualities and strength and character, enough potential to deal with, I have been controlled. Or be eliminated. I probably remained the last Mohican.

The machine of state security or the family, or corporation, as you prefer, serve mainly for that. To create, "whitening" or destroy reputations. Will be replicated by rumors by called. black radio stations, will be placed in the small circles if you already openly advocating against people targeted by the media and other public tribunes, never mind. Important is the result. So the whole layers were isolated from participation in public life. But the screening started long ago ...

People like me, who were aware that they have any merit, it gives them the opportunity to choose between two things. Or become part of the new intelligence systems can be held as informers or be branded as part of criminality. So they better be eliminated as a possible political or economic opponents.
I can firmly say that the majority of the criminality while ago were actually officers under cover.

Staff members or agents?

Agents. Were agents of maps that were known because it demonstrated. They were part of the unpaid employees of the intelligence agencies.

You are a man who fled from conflict situations. What were your most extreme clashes about lately?

I passed by every danger. Speaking of which, I did not give in to the net one of these symbols of coarseness banality in our country. I'm just the people who can be killed but not defeated, something that is not received admiration but jealousy. Got the animosity of the people for the strength and courage to face all this.
But to me, it gives me satisfaction. People need to find an excuse why they bend, why not to mention those names.
For me it is fundamentally condition. If you develop a new kind of dictator outside SIK guy outside Joro Iliev, Boyko Borisov outside, beyond all who tried to be "claimed in any vsyo" in our country, yet I will stand against him. And for that reason I think that society needs such goofy like me who do not balk so much. I know this will not end well, but in the end I'm rowing with hands full of life, there is no something to regret, of me the most important heritage that one has to leave the people and their children are not home, money or villas, and personal example. That no one can steal them.

And what is the example of the "father of the nation" Rosen Plevneliev in your opinion?

"Mother of the Nation" is now trying to be a last resort to protect the citizens, which is absolutely hypocritical, since it can never be amenable to the groups that sit above it. I will not mention them because you think that you fixate on them. It is not an independent person. Plevneliev is dependent on many things. That's what he was appointed president and not chosen. Becasue he is dependent.
The biggest problem facing him is this. He was allowed to act selectively with this or that. Not entitled to such selectivity. His personal ego must not allow him to say this or that. In no way should pay the question of offshore accounts that were not his because he's ... gone. They were transferred to his wife.
But what makes BSP and GERB is a game of cops and robbers. They are from the same litter and do not hide it. So never happen good thing. In fact, now society has been paid to these two elements that argue that people should be equal to them. There is no such thing! Remember - there will be retribution in Bulgaria.
Because BSP and GERB are the beginning and end of the same thing but raven is taking the eye of the raven. Some people have very disgusting things about someone.
They are not concerned with money and other things that are very deep secrets kept hidden. Some of them are very dangerous.

You are talking about crime?

It's not just about that. These are some deviations. Biological and so that definitely makes some people ashamed to be careful to let them be twisted hands ...

So we have to fight for more tolerant society and to be condemned crimes, not "deviations"?

I do not like to delve into the trash people, but once and for all we have to get them to uncover secrets because they cause them I have commit many crimes. And as if to rise in this country have to depend.

Why in the country lately seems to stop talking about "mafia"? Certainly believe that if the word is not mentioned, the phenomenon we will disappear ... by itself?

The state Bulgaria in itself has become a mafia structure. In other countries have the mafia, in Bulgaria the mafia has darzhava.Spomnyate you what smoke rose that a deputy minister was by SIC. That we had a prime minister from CBS! Nobody said then. And by low levels - who opened and closed the doors. But know that the numbers of Borisov will not pass.
Agreements in the dark the most nervous about the people. Real people who actually like Bulgaria, should be collected to allow Bulgarians once and for all to win. And do not be doomed to constantly suffer.
We - the patriotic organizations in Bulgaria are the biggest threat to the government, and the political monopoly, because it is not enough to be intelligent, you must be socially smart. And most of these people are socially stupid. And why can not solve the problems of society.

Why the politicians are not at the protests? Why do not they express their social charisma? I do not think in the near future? I do not understand - short of mind it is due, or rely again on the arrangements in the dark?

First, politicians do not belong there. Second, how do you say, purely technical appearance would compromise their civil protest.

Should not the politician be among the people!

Sure, but now get an attitude, a suggestion that politicians are, you see, are different from the people.
It is very delicate. And here I must be careful. Currently, this tinkering with these movements must be of a very careful and principled basis. Besides, I'm used to lead, not follow.
I never run after something goes anyway. My community is nice to use when I hesitate, then when he's afraid when someone needs to call first. It's like people who will go first on Mars and prove that there is life. Or they do not. And you know, may or may not. I know when to intervene. I know when to show up. And this will be the moment when others hesitate!

Interview by Dobrinka Korcheva

21/08/13 - Show newspaper - Slavi Binev: The people want retribution and revision!

Boyko Borisov as a communist general and chief of the police has no right to be the flagman of the Bulgarian democracy.
Ognyan Donev cannot represent the civil society in the country.
If you do not have a model of reward and punishment, then you do not have a management doctrine.
Few days ago, the MEP and leader of the People for Real Open and United Democracy / PROUD / Slavi Binev and the leader of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria / NFSB / Valeri Simeonov united their parties in a common political project based on the program of NFSB. The news provoked questions and the overall political picture in the country at the moment - like it is seen by the former taekwondo champion and current politician.

- Mr. Binev, let's outline the political situation in Bulgaria here and now - right here and now, because until recently hypocritical rhetoric in the analysis of the years since the fall of Zhivkov confounding the present as hot breath on frosted window.

- There are two options before Bulgaria, of course, with their variations. People once and for all to consolidate their power and to focus their appeal. Because right now I think it is speculated with the naivety of the civil society, with its unpreparedness. But in the end we should not regret it because it teaches. And I can proudly say that we are one of the people who gave the tone for a song.

- For revolutionary song? Was this your intention when you "set the tone" or it become radicalized subsequently, but no more from you but by the internal logic of the protest, which I think has not yet reached its peak?

- Protests from last fall actually continued after the winter, in the spring, as you can see - and now. For the simple reason that people expected a few things that did not happen. First of all - retribution. They expected revision of the last government, which unfortunately did not happen. As if the topic was slightly dropped off.
Secondly people expected Grand National Assembly. They appealed for a total change of the constitution. Because I see now that pure statesmanship laws do not work.
Thirdly, they wanted the status quo to go. That means those who for 23 years have not left parliament or part thereof, to leave it.
- And in those 23 years, these deputies were accompanied by a single constitution, while in France, for example every 11 years, "basic law" is being replaced!
- Of course. What does this mean? They wanted to leave. And that status quo come even harder. Even without its variations. 4 parties represent the hardest status quo. I think they represent the same thing, they cannot be opposition. Not because for me BSP and GERB are the beginning and end of the same thing. Whatever we say, Boyko Borisov is a Communist general and chief of police. He cannot by default be the flagman of the democracy in this country. As we say out in Europe, they say, "That's not possible!" How is not possible in Bulgaria is the absolute fact!
- Perhaps in another country from Europe it is possible the flagman of the "managed democracy" to be one of the KGB ... but we obviously use their model and the only "creative solution" is to use "softer indigo"...

- Sure, but Russia is another story. The focus of the people had to be directed on the following thing. Where are all the big problem in our country coming from? If there is an intersection of democracy, it is called elections. Because there are collected all four foundations of democracy. To have democracy in a country, you must have free journalism, to have the possibility of free trade, ie, no restriction regimes to have the freedom to be judged properly without arm-twisting, and, of course, to have fair elections . But the elections are done with a lot of money and bribed unfortunately media to make certain suggestions ...

- Are the journalists bribed or forces that orchestrate the media?

- Of course, of course. All elements of this society are sick - and journalists and customs officers, and the politicians ... We have to take that part of society that is still strong to stand against this nurse 'part and can win. Because the civil society because of their business becomes the victim of certain suggestions that were said to it. "We do not want politicians." Okay, but if you came to talk about politics, you've turned into a politician.
Something like the statement that "criticism of the market is also a market!"

- That's right. You get a nonsense that does not really deliver solutions but additional confusion that muddies the waters. Allow the best quotes in the political market players to stay. In fact, they serviced the interest against which they stood.
Currently I am about to make a complete dissection of the people and to see which are the ones that can claim to deal with the problem. For me, before getting into politics, we need to prove to yourself and others that you are able man. Continually inspires us - but this is not a king, not lying ... Yes, but it is not caught in the middle, where he is given the opportunity to steal and lie. So come across some watermelon peel and see that people who until yesterday were none suddenly become great beasts.
For me at the time that government had to turn to the guild organizations out there looking for experts, not political parties. On top of all, they solved the issue with the guild itself. Unfortunately, we get the people who claim to be experts but they are not even part of the society. That is disgusting.
The true addressee is not the Council of Ministers. Oresharsky is a stooge of this government - unfortunately. The addressee of the protests must actually National Assembly. And cause those inside to change the Constitution in the way that the civil society wants to be reconstructed this Act. So the biggest sceptic can be convinced of the validity and regularity of the elections. So that the largest and the smallest person to have their representation in parliament. Because now more than 25 present of voters do not have their representatives in parliament. You can you imagine how they destroyed the market, how amorphous they made it?

- And do not you think you should look for wider partnerships with NGOs? For model perestroechen politician in post-socialist politician goes down permanently in Bulgaria. In societies like our - for example in Latin America, but only in some respects, of course, the popularity of politicians is created thanks to a little free media, and more discretionary actions as the country there is a more patriarchal more rigid society that does not allow a person to reveal their abilities and become not only politically, but first in a society where social leader. In our country, these people have no charisma. To get out of this corrupted rejected model must act in the direction of achieving greater charisma, the larger social attendance of political leaders, but have more and more and more ...
- Of course, that people outside knew that there is no left and right. That there are people who can and those who cannot. There is the biggest problem - no doctrines of the old political parties. They realized trying to change their message, their vision, you see that it is very difficult because of the practice should be totally crossed everything so far and try to write something new.
Ultimately Stanishev place at the right measures, Borisov was acting as the biggest social populist. We can only talk to people who deal with problems and people who excuse them. All governments so far are entering into the second category.
- Populism is a handy cover, But do should not people know the truth - such as the financial situation of the country?

- Getting people to believe in unsolvable problems believing in life after death. And as far as the civil society organizations must be careful because there are many provocateurs. There is a lot of people for political and corporate interests. Here I cannot mention circle "Capital". Representatives of civil society that was absolutely incompatible with it. Surely they did not go outside the palaces in which they live. Ogi Donev, cannot be a civil society. Sorry. It does not work like that I could name another 70 people.

- Isn't this a party of the large capital?

- Party of corporate interests. And a certain group of people. Citizens in a time go out and say, 'Come on, you passed all limits! "Unfortunately colleagues in parliament do not make conclusions and continued to annoy society.
People used to detonate them with strange moves left and right. However, they must be carefully articulated. And another very important thing: to get people to believe that you can solve their problems.
During the winter in Bulgaria we can expect many serious problems. And I'll tell you why. Our entire energy system is constructed in a very bad way, which was made even worse based on the fact that we are right svrahpreizpalnili plan for green energy. Explain. They tell us: "By 2016 we should have to 20 percent green energy" Now we have about 16. And we say, "We go according to plan." What plan? Englishmen are not reached for green energy. They say: "Our obligation is to reconstruct our market by 2020, we will do it by 2019-a." Why? Because all of these panels, photovoltaics are a five fold lower rate but quality will be higher. A poor Bulgaria rushed to carry out these activities very quickly and turned it into corporate business Borislavova that land from Bulgaria, which had to be 15-18 degrees assimilative land to put there solar panels . They took the land that the people were cultivating.
- Cows ate the people, to paraphrase one of the results of the English revolution, but there they spoke about sheep.

- Currently Borislavova has turned it exclusively into corporate business, which was also one of the things that raised the price of electricity in our country.
We have submitted to the chief prosecutor offense which is not reflected in the Ministry of Interior, a breach for more than a billion...

- ... Enough for a hundred years in some countries...
- and these funds can be inserted back into our energy system, which will provide for a long time free electricity in the country. But none of this has happened. Incidentally I profoundly believe that the judiciary wants to redevelop. Indeed Sotir Tsatsarov gave me hope for their actions. But I see no response to my letter. Official letter. I submitted this document month before the election, and must have an answer, but I have none. This is not empty talk or Shmenti Capelli, as would say the virtuoso of the thought Borisov. No, something must be done about it. Silence. Anyway I do not represent the institution. I do not represent myself Slavi Binev, I represent an institutions.

- Let us take only that you are MEP. Have some circles attempted to neglect this position?

- Moreover, I am currently Vice President of one of the groups in the European Parliament, which gives me the status of a critical figure of the authority in the European institutions. And for that reason I do not see the possibility of simply being ignored and pushed gently - that is, then I will answer you, chill. This does not work so.
- How do you evaluate the involvement of former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov for a misdemeanor in office? If something seems like a revision of the previous government to say - that we have bad heritage to become a general excuse reproduced by any subsequent government type of spiral?

- There will be hungerprecisely there is no audit. This is not just punishment to the bad but the following warning to not make these mistakes. It has a preventive nature. Any management doctrine consists of two parts - there you reward the good examples and punishment for those who mock the system. If you do not have a system of reward and punishment, then, you have no a management doctrine.
It cannot be said enough. How is it "enough"! They broke up families so they killed so many businesses get people who are really trying to create something with their names, which were a role model and that caused other people to follow them. After all, how we will create a society of rich people when we hate the rich? Who wants to be hated? We must create a society in which success, but true, to be raised in cult. And not one that is based on the state name. He who created despite everything else.
I'm a thorn in the side of any government for several reasons. First, because I could not ever put the loop to be part of their spy element. And secondly - they could never get me to be a part of privatization or bankers draft. If one can really say, "I'm self-honey," I am. Because I did everything just based on market research, attack it, and I struggled not only with the country itself, but also criminality which incidentally served the state, because organized crime cannot be without protection of the state. In practice, these were people dirty orders which had to serve their interests. I knelt never before. This, incidentally, spent me a lot. But it taught me a lot.

- What should be the punishment for the "bad"? Naturally , as the laws provede for, because the crowd usually wants blood. About remuneration we will maybe talk another time in the country it sounds like a chimera ...

- No, people do not want revenge and revision. It wants at present all these accusations that were thrown to the previous government, to be proven. A show that is running from these moments, indicating that again in front of us sits a backroom deal. And that will make this time the people come out and really demolished everything ... They play with the nerves of the people. I've made some warnings in European institutions that Bulgaria is really playing with dynamite.
People in this country want two or three things absolutely reasonable. First of all they are addressed socio-economic problems. This can solve only one who is part of the corporate business, not someone who has come and talk shit talking and mumbling. I warn everyone not to believe the people who were not part of the business, which they say will solve the problem. Whether they promise 10,000 BGN salary or 15,000 BGN pension. This is bullshit. You can always rely on someone who is really feeding people.
Secondly, people want retribution for those who are mocked by their fate. Because this is not just about people who are abusing the country. We're talking about an absolute authoritarian and arrogant behaviour of all screen televisions. Because when I woke up in the morning, continually from some TV Boyko Borisov scolding me. For nothing! I feel like I've ever been wrong about something. Constantly accused me of something me. But when I say "me" with sure that this means each person as he was acting as a master, who is not pleased with his people.

- And where were we during that time , the journalists? Do you want to say it out loud?

- Do you think that I do not know that! My mother was a journalist. I know almost all the major journalists and owners and know what position they were placed. If you remember, do not send blades directly to them, in the sense that it passed through the mandatory regime and dictatorship, which had to work because I knew what an idiotic position are placed! And I am extremely sorry. I know very well what kind of extortion, what arm twisting there have been. But it must once and for all be said. Because these people now hardly are pretending to be insulted and neglected by the public!

Interview by Dobrinka Korcheva

Read in the next issue the sequel of analysis of Slavi Binev about the political situation in the country and the possible outcomes of it.

15/08/13 - Presa newspaper - Slavi Binev: The hypocrisy of Europe is deadly for Bulgaria

Strident nationalism is nowhere s well accepted.
Slavi Binev was born on December 10, 1965 in Sofia. Since 2007 he is Member of the European Parliament two terms. Candidate for mayor of Sofia in 2007 and in February 2012 founded People for Real Open and United Democracy and became its leader. This week PROUD merged with the party of Valeri Simeonov - NFSB. Balkan and European taekwondo champion. He is married and has five children.

- Mr. Binev, why are you merging PROUD with NFSB? Don't you have sentiment for the party, which you created yourself?

- In any case we confess the same values ​​and is perfectly normal to concentrate our efforts, so we can give a better resistance to the political status quo and not to cheat the Bulgarians, as always.

- Was it easy for you to take this decision?

- The decision was not spontaneous, the option was discussed before the election, but it did not happen then. The idea was to compete and see who sits where on the political market. Now it's time to take the necessary steps that lead to serious results. Besides, it is appropriate to pump a name instead of constantly confusing people with different messages and abbreviations.

- What would be your position in the formation, which remains to exist under the name NFSB?

- This question is not sitting in front of me. We join together as one large eurosceptic platform, this is the most important. It is important that Bulgaria has once and for all government that understands perfectly well that the fate of Bulgaria should be decided in Sofia, not in Moscow, Brussels or Washington.

- And what will be your position, anyway? Co-president?

- This is the least that excites me. For me the most important is things to happen. No matter how amazingit is, I am a child of the political system, I proved that I can live and beyond. I'm forced into it. I went because the policy was unfair to people like me who do not have nothing to be ashamed that they have options, but at the same time we put it under a common denominator with people who were "udder" of the state. "

- Do the members of your party agree with the liquidation of the party?

- Yes, of course, many times we discussed it. That did not realize it before the election, was less for both formations. But here we draw conclusions. Will concentrate efforts in powerful patriotic block which will be Eurosceptic. The great divide in Europe now is not the left and right, and Euro-federalists and Eurosceptics, ie those who accept the hypocrisy of Europe, and those who fight against it.

- Is it a paradox that MEP is a flagman of the eurosceptisism?

- No. Federalists wanted to turn us into something like United States of Europe, and we believe that Europe is not ready for such a step, because each country has cultural and political characteristics. And you very well know that democracy does not mean the same thing in Bulgaria and Germany, unfortunately.

- Are there any other formations that would like to join you?

- Да, има още няколко, които обмислят. Идеята ни е да защитим хората от тирани като бившия диктатор Борисов.

- With who would you team up ?

- It is to be discussed, but GERB could never be our partner with their current leader, because he is a symbol of match-fixing, lying, fraud, robbery. You can not be part of a group whose purpose is to protect the Bulgarians from being once again disappointed.

- Despite the objections of Valeri Simeonov seemed NfSB improved its relations with GERB.

- I think this is one of the latest political tricks of GERB. There is no such thing. I have not heard Valeri Simeonov to say something good about them. SKAT TV was one of the most solid and tough critics of the previous government. Borisov has the gift to be attached to each of whom decided benefit. You can see that trying to rub up against and the Reform bloc, but there instantly responded, but they have more opportunities for media coverage and were able to explain it. Valeri Simeonov failed because no one asked him. There is no convergence with GERB.

- Could you collaborate with the Reform bloc?

- We will work with anyone who wants the best for Bulgaria and Bulgarians. To me, however, it's hard to imagine that people who have been able to implement the reforms but failed to do so, will change their ways. Besides, there is a pro-Turkish party of Kasim Dal, which makes this step absolutely impossible.

- Along the lines of right and patriotic political space is highly fragmented.

- Now we are healing it. Beyond patriotism there is something very important - consistent position and not to be clientelistic parties concealed behind nationalism. We can not be accused of anything, but never thought we chose the easy way. We always chose the hard way that strikes at the heart of the problems.

- The common thing between you and Valeri Simeonov is that you start from "Attack“...

- And if "Attack" does not start with us? If "Attack" doe snot leave us? People gather around names, and about ideas and principles. The name is only cellophane, filling important.

- Your term as MEP ends next year in May. Will you be a leader on the list of NfSB for the European elections, or will commit to domestic politics?

- We are going to decide this...

- Are Bulgarians going to support your Eurosceptisism?

- I'm sure, because the hypocrisy of Europe reflects extremely detrimental to Bulgaria. I expect the group of Eurosceptics is the third largest in the next European Parliament. And because this is the biggest threat to the formal layout creates policy, we witnessed how the left and right are united against us. In Greece, "New Democracy" and PASOK joint action in relation to the European elections, because they Euroscepticism has power. This is a new doctrine, a new cause of any European politician. See tremulo nationalism is nowhere welcome.

- Is Greek the best example .

- From an economic standpoint, but from a political democracy was born there and can be taken for a fashion dictator in that sense. We are roughly comparable in terms of population, area and location, but in recent years they received just under half a trillion aid, and we go and beg for 1 billion lev loan. I'll explain what the difference is between us so - surely you have friends who are boring, smart, smart. If you get into a difficult situation, one would have given his last money, knowing that it will stand up. But maybe you have friends who will ask you 5, 10, 20 BGN - no money, and they'll forget you return them. You know whom you would be willing to help?

- Where the eurosceptisism is going to be a factor?

- Euroscepticism is the strongest in rich countries - Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, France, where Hollande screwed, Finland, Denmark. They know best, the first step to solving a problem is to admit it, rather than sweeping we are under the rug, as does the rest of Europe. But do not get that the poor are skeptics, just such reasons are different.

- Are you with NFSB the chance for a change?

- Everyone else tried and proved that they play the old songs a new voice. Every time we say - could not get worse, but it happens. The former lost the credibility and you have to go. We need political monopoly to be broken because it dictates economic. People are on the street against Boyko and BSP, but against the political status quo. They just want new faces, new ideas.

10/08/13 - - It is difficult for me to make turns in politics

The Party of MEP Slavi Binev PROUD will cease to exist on 12 August, when it will officially announce its merger with NFSB of the owner of cable TV SKAT Burgas Valeri Simeonov. Before BNews he did not deny that he hoped to be raised as a member European Parliament election, which will be held in 2014

- Mr Binev, why did you decide to merge with NFSB?

-Well this is not new as a concept - is expected to occur even at the last elections. We just decided that now is the time grouping to happen. See that must be made larger, more unified front to ensure that the Bulgarians to understand that there is hope for the country that there is someone who can protect them.

Currently what happens is this - a number of parties are passing the ball, and in any case can not be said that the present government is very different from the previous one.

Highest expectations related to the change in the Election Code, with the opening of the media environment and changes in the economic climate, it happened. Unfortunately, in the current government has an arrogance that was very true for GERB.

The merger between PROUD and NFSB was expected and was in no way a surprise. It was expected to be made so that the Eurosceptic organizations in the patriotic flag to take their engagement.

- What would be the name of the new formation?

- This will not be a new party. Perhaps NFSB will remain as a brand because it is very difficult to impose neprestannno new names to confuse people. I think we all know that we are representatives of partiotichnite forces in Bulgaria. This is extremely important at this time as Europe was divided into two - Euro-federalists and Eurosceptics. We are already representing the eurosceptics in the country.

- Does it meant that on 12 August your are going to put an end to the project PROUD?

- Well, to some extent - yes. See that people have expectations to appear larger political entities. So the merger is fully expected.

- Is the absorption of PROUD by NFSB connected with the European Parliament elections in 2014?

- Associated with any election, as the government of the tribe Oresharsky can not stand up to European elections next year. I think there will be elections before.

Tensions currently in the country is great.

After returning from the August holidays, scream on the street will increase.

Those are my expectations. People want political monopoly be disbanded and go. Bulgarians just got fed the same people to passing the ball in the government.

- Are going to stand as a candidate for the elections for European Parliament?

- This is a decision you need to take control of the new political union. A point of view is

Where it is considered that I might be most appropriate and strongest - will attend.

In this note, I am forced into politics, I mean that I was never the udder of the country, I am not involved in privatization, and I have not had government contracts. I am a person who really has managed to make himself a good business career.

I am convinced that we should not be ashamed and even less to try to please this or that political party for which I had to go into politics to try to change things.

- There are already claims that NFSB will be the new your new rocket - winner of the European Parliament, having quarreled with the leader of the "Attack" Volen Siderov.

- So we have managed to create news, which I admit is unexpected for me. Everyone knows that I am a child of politics and I can always establish well in any sphere.

My behavior in the EU institutions in any case was not to be underestimated, as it gave the opportunity to be hidden a lot of things that have happened in our country in the last 4 years.

If it is considered that I would be a suitable candidate for MEP - why not?

- What are your current relation with Volen Siderov?

- In no case. They fell apart, so to speak ... using family terminology ..

- This rift happened along the the separation of Volen and Kapka...

- yes ... because he has long kept the man whom I hated as infinite behavior - it's the dictator Boyko Borisov. This put an end to our relationship. I am extremely consistent as a person and it is just very difficult for me make turns.

- In the parliamentary elections you were in coalition with "Free People." Would it become part of you NFSB?

- I can not speak on behalf of "Free People." Whatever we say it is obvious that NFSB is among the largest eurosceptic parties in the country and it is perfectly normal to have the last word.

Coalition policy will be left in their hands.
01/05/13 - - Slavi Binev for PIK: Tsvetanov is even closer to jail

The new Bank of Tsvetelina Borislavova deceive the people.
The leader of "PROUD Bulgaria" Slavi Binev is one of the biggest critics of GERB since the foundation of the party. PIK consulted the MEP on the intention of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office to file charges of Tsvetan Tsvetanov of illegal wiretapping of politicians.

- Mr. Binev, how would you comment on the actions of magistrates towards Tsvetanov?

- Tsvetanov is getting closer to the prison. Marin Raykov should immediately remove the servants of GERB from the caretaker government headed by the translators Petya Parvanova and Kalin Georgiev. Instantly, Krasimira Medarova should go away who is the head of the CEC. The three of them are so entangled in the net of Boyko Borisov. How will be there fair elections since these people continue to stay in their places and the national TV does not stand for the people's opinions. I cannot explain to the people who were protesting with me in front of BNT why that media considers them second-class by not allowing them to freely express their opinions.

- Do you think that Tsvetanov blame will be proven in court?
- I am 100% sure. For him, before the elections will come even more things. This person will go to jail if he does not say who ordered him all these things that he did. Because I suspect that he was a simple executor of his intellectual instigator Borisov.

- Would Tsvetanov give up hiss immunity of deputy candidate before the election?

- Definitely not. I think Boyko and Tsvetanov are unworthy people. They are scoundrels who are accustomed to hide. Two days ago, Tsvetanov was hiding like a mouse after meeting with the electors in Veliko Tarnovo. NSO kept him with armor from the love of the people. The situation with him looks like the dictators of Libya and Iraq, who were hiding from his own people. Currently Borisov and Tsvetanov behave like the dictator of Syria, who has the resources to make certain people jump and support him, because they are paid. Unrest in the country will continue. The bad thing is that we all pay the price of such unrest. If this is the price to go through this catharsis will pay for it. At the same time, the manipulations of the former girlfriend of Borisov, Tsvetelina Borislavova, continue. Yesterday I received a few calls from people disadvantaged by her. They wanted to withdraw their money from deposits that were with fixed rate at the bank of Borislavova - "Bulgarian-American Credit Bank," because on 2 May 2 the term was about to expire. On 7 May, the first day after the holidays in which they can withdraw their money, the bank told them that if they withdraw on 8 May, they would get a penalty fee of 0.4% on the amount, rather than pay them their interest rate. This is robbery, which actually takes place in dozens of branches of this bank in the face of Borislavova who is lying and robbing the people. But this outrage should be ended.
29/04/13 - - Binev: The political battle has become a costly war

Mr. Binev, at the end of March you founded an election coalition between your association PROUD, Party "Free nation", United Labor Bloc "Bulgarian Labourists" led by Krastyo Petkov and the Union of Patriotic Forces "Protection". How did you form this coalition?

The very idea of PROUD was not to be just a political party, but to be an alliance of political parties, civic organizations and individuals who have not participated and served power. Coalition "PROUD Bulgaria" opened the door and represents political parties, civil society organizations and respected personalities who passed through it.

I have to ask you something that came in a variety of media, without being officially confirmed - is party "Free nation" close to Aleksey Petrov?

I think the question needs to be asked in the opposite way. Does Aleksey Petrov feel close to the problems posed by "Free nation"? Parties, other than what Boyko and GERB imposed to us, as well as some other leading formations, are common cause, not privately owned by someone. On the subtext of whether we're all enemies of Borisov - I think this is not only something bad, but also mandatory.

The Coalition promoted Prof. Boyan Durankev from the University of World Economy for a prime minister - what are his qualities?

This is the nomination of students that we respected. I personally think we should give advantage to the academic elite. Professor Durankev is not only part of the elite, but has another merit: he showed character and courage which are not many convertible at this elite. This can afford it only people who are confident in their skills, while our opponents are always incompetent so that their simplicity can stand out against this background.

The public legitimacy of the nomination of Prof. Boyan Durankev selected civil forum "Change" and a group of independent students. Which is this board and who are these students?

Without being a member of this forum "Change", I know that its ideas are encoded in its name - something that all of the Bulgarian people want with all their heart. Independent students are the future of our country, not a virtual one, but the one which knocks on our door. These are our children who will become men and we will have to rely on them.

You are not a leader of parliamentary list - why?

All those who fought a battle with the government may be suspected that their position is not only principled but is a matter of personal fulfillment. This is what made me refuse the leadership, because the battle I lead is not only against Borisov, but against the whole system, which enabled people like him to be able to run the state.

You say that the government of Borisov and GERB is a failure that destroyed the business and democracy. In short, what does "PROUD Bulgaria" offer for recovery?
The first step is retribution and revision of the transition. This will not only bring back the confidence of people in justice, but in a preventive effect against the ruling that would rob the people again. The second step is to make these rules apply to all, so that the state won't be a mother to ones and stepmother to others. There should be equality before the law, which does not allow the business to be blackmailed by the administration. There are many steps, part of our economic program. Most importantly, stop the smuggling review of concessions robbing Bulgaria, instant "degradation" of the harmful Bulgaria monopolies and banking cartels and the return of the idea, which was for the established of Development Bank - to finance small, medium and family businesses, not the corporate ones. I can spend hours talking on the subject, but I'd rather show it to you, because in the book of books, it is written: In their deeds you shall know them!

Some described the start of the election campaign of "PROUD Bulgaria" as an eccentric magician with focuses, but there was symbolism. Could you explain it to the readers?
Decent people can be recognized by their approval of respected people, as well as the reproach of villains. I am glad that the servants of the regime Borisov proved this thesis. It was a bizarre show in which I warned that we would be attacked by supporters of the regime. But once after we stunned the people when a person set himself on fire, changed his colors, took off the last shirt of the person next to him. Apparently it was not enough because it reached out to our souls. I finished by saying that this is not a focus. Unfortunately this is what happens in our country. And let me, if anyone can and wants ... refute me.

Why do you think, I quote, "If retribution for fraudsters does not happen in this election, there will be something between October Revolution and Civil War"? What do you expect to happen?
People expect solutions. Solutions that this government cannot give them. For economics and business speak people for whom "business" means only influence trading. People who are not ashamed to spend thousands of money on European hotels describe themselves as advocates to the poor. People do not want none of the political parties involved so far to be in the parliament, and they in turn do not allow anything new. With the criminal actions of some media and some social scientists, the current single party can buy time, but cannot buy a better outcome. Everybody who knows me, perfectly well knows that my extravagant predictions are almost always turned into reality. I think this time it will happen something different. That is, if we are not being allowed in the legislature as representatives of the citizens who have risen before it became fashionable, I guarantee, you will be faced with two uneasy choices: October Revolution, to be held in November or Civil War.

You are very fierce critic of Borisov. You call him Buddha, which acknowledges that you believe in the released information on the file with his past ties to the organized crime. Do some people accuse you in personal vendetta?
If anyone recognizes himself as the one responsible for the misery, poverty and stupidity of the Bulgarians, yes, he has a personal battle with me! If someone provokes Bulgarian men to kill their families and then commit suicide, to burn or cut into pieces in front of the cameras, yes, he has a personal battle with me! As on the information about Buddha, I think after the last fairs in the country this becomes rhetorical and is the smallest, of which Borisov can be accused.

Sociological surveys give you between 0.7% and 2.5%. Do you think there is a chance for you to enter the parliament?

I'd asked the question in the following way: Would Bulgarians have the chance for Coalition "PROUD Bulgaria" to enter the parliament? Would it be permitted to successful people who know how to solve problems, instead of excusing themselves, because the best model is the most hated by the incompetent people. What made people question is not whether we could get in, but whether we are allowed to enter. But one thing is certain - the more you try to stop us, the more formally our entry will be, because who can stop the wind!
What do you think about the paid election campaigning on BNT and BNR?
This is part of dictating the winners. How is it possible to talk about fairness and equality in the laws of the country where those who lied to the people of Bulgaria, gave them 200 million grant to fight with those who have none. Political battle turned into a costly war that is fought not with arguments, but with bribes.
What do you think about the wiretapping scandal? Is there mass unregulated wiretapping? Have you been wiretapped? Are there any other responsible people? Why Europe seems stubbornly silent?

Europe, as you know, is no longer silent. Representatives of 4 of the 6 parties involved in the Coordination Council of the Commission for Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), stood behind me. Tsvetanov will no longer be able to walk in Europe for no other reason but to explain his criminal actions. Whether I have been wiretapped - afterall you ask the question to the enemy number 1 of all mafia organizations - whether in sports, in the street, in business or politics. I am wiretapped on two lines, maybe even three - as a political opponent,economic one, but mostly as an example of how you can always snap only against those whom no one dares to stand up and not only to survive, but to beat them.
You brought in Bulgaria the British nationalist Nigel Farage, by whom many Bulgarians are insulted due to his hostile attacks against our country. Is Farage right?

Apparently you are also a victim of clichés and manipulated information that comes into the country. Nigel Farage is not a nationalist, but a euro skeptic. He is not against the Bulgarians, but against the criminal government that drives them away from their country. And he is not offensive, but surprised. Overall, the story around it is like the story about Garabet who won Volga from the lottery, but he didn't win it, but it hit him and was not Volga but Moskvich. So I advise the Bulgarians if they want to know the real news, not to trust the horns of the power.
29/04/13 - - Binev: Only people with addictions were appointed and recommended

You should require deputies to fulfill their promises and do not forgive them even the smallest lie.
1. Why do you think people will vote for you?
Coalition "PROUD Bulgaria" is the only genuine opposition. All others who now claim to be against GERB and Borisov, have either participated in the creation of this political office, or were their faithful partners. We are the only ones who have strong negative attitude towards this entire fake project and we had an absolute consistency in our disapproval. I would like to tell you about a psychological test conducted among monkeys in front of which there were three buttons - when the monkey pressed one of these buttons, nothing happens. When the monkey pressed the second button, a banana drops. And when it presses the third button a gentle current hits it. Even monkeys never reach again for this button that produces the current. It's hard to believe people would make a worse choice than monkeys and choose the button again with the current, which will not only hit them hard, but it will cost them twice as expensive. So I think it is perfectly natural for any normal person to select every other button, but not the one that will produce the current, and these were all those involved in the governance of the state.

2. What has changed in the last three months? Did politicians take a lesson from the protests and the anger of the people?

After we initiated that with the protest meeting on 22 September, with over 12 000 people, a lot has changed. People realized that in democratic states when altering their interest, they must resist. Unfortunately politicians again abused the naivety of civil protests. They tore them apart, implementing provocateurs. But their biggest crime was suggesting that civil unions cannot be equal and do not have the right to resist politicians. I think the next one will be much larger and with full concentration on those responsible for the condition of the country which is represented by the managing and servicing parties.

3. Do you think we need constitutional reform - reducing the number of MPs and the possibility to recall them?
Yes, and this is reflected in the program of Coalition "PROUD Bulgaria", as one of the major reforms of the National Assembly. MPs should be reduced to 99, as well as establishing a representation of each area of major representative who does not represent a party, but to represent themselves and their success. Those majority elected representatives from 31 electoral districts should form the upper house of the parliament, called the Senate.

4. What is your personal message to the voters and what will you work on in the next four years, if elected?
My message is: Require MPs to fulfill their promises and do not forgive even the smallest lie. They are there to solve problems, not to hide behind them. Personally I will not be selected because I am not involved in any parliamentary list, which proves that my struggle is fundamental, and is not related to my personal survival.

5. Do you think that Bulgaria is in an institutional and political crisis, and what is the fault of the parties to it?
I do not think, but I'm sure! I would add that we are already in a humanitarian crisis. The problem is that young people leave Bulgaria, because they don't find prospects in our country. Everyone should be blamed! But mostly politicians and executive power which created the modern image of the stupid, cruel, hateful, yet extremely ambitious and mean person who turns his weaknesses into fun for the citizenship. Only people with addictions were recommended and appointed. They can be easily manipulated and removed in disobedience. The time has come, however, not to have reserves in the society that feed the political class, which has become a single party. Despite the suggestions comes a time in which people like us (academically prepared to practice in the economic sphere) is the only solution for the country.
6. How do you see the development of Bulgaria in the next term - economically and politically?
If the same people, who sunk it in misery, do not go in prison or retire with dignity, but reach for the governing again or to be appointed opposition, I can see Bulgaria placed under global financial and economic quarantine. Confidence in our reasonable steps and freedoms in the country are lower than in many African countries. So there is no way without a very drastic change in the political status quo to rise economically and socially.

7. Bulgaria is an EU member, but it is facing a lot of problems of an international character. How do you think we could overcome the skepticism of the EU?
By choosing people that we are proud of, not people we are ashamed of.

8. Are you for or against the entry in the Eurozone and the euro, and why?
We are in the board. In any case that does not provide the opportunities that would have a real national currency. We actually have met almost all the commitments that we have as a member of the Eurozone without using the positive aspects of being part of it. The last government and the problems in the community, made us so far away from this objective. Therefore, I consider this issue as obsolete.

9. Are you for or against greater opportunities for citizen participation in the political process, and why? What is your attitude to the referendum?
This is one of the main European accents. Coalition "PROUD Bulgaria" stands for bottom control rather than coming from the top. This means all regulatory and supervisory authorities to have civil allowances not less than 30%. This is established in our program, as well as many other issues related to the participation of civil society in the monitoring and governing the state.
Regarding the referendum, we not only support them, but we are one of the major players in them. It was us who initiated the referendum on the natural resources of our country, and we are committed to be one of the 7 countries importing European referendum on water resources. But most importantly - we stand for the highest form of democracy - direct democracy, which are actually referendums. I think that both Switzerland and Bulgaria have to make choices about important things concerning the state. This choice should be made after a full awareness of the topic. Unlike the case of the last referendum in Bulgaria, which was designed to refresh the faded image of both political mastodon and made people react like football supporters and defend "theirs" not because their arguments, but because they're "ours".

10. Beyond legislative power, which is a subject of lots of criticism, people distrust the judiciary as well. Is a reform necessary and what kind?
Reform is required. And this is not just my opinion, but it is also recommendation of the European Commission. We stand for direct election of magistrates, because right now they are MPs in the judiciary. But the most important thing can be said in 4 words: the judiciary must be independent. There should be no political appointees and quotas, but it should be rapid, objective and fair! Anything else, just not as it is at present.

11. What is your attitude to religion? How spiritual values influence your political views?
Socialist system had a moral code; free market - doesn't. This place in free world has always been given to the church. Unfortunately, the church could not reform and get out of the decorative condition since socialism. Personally I have had problems many times with this because after 1989 society fell into anomie (loss of values). As one of the top 30 business leaders at that time, I had very serious problems with many of my employees who filed this disintegration of values, which crippled not only their lives but also created a lot of problems in our business endeavors. Therefore, I've always pursued businesses to have their own philosophy of life. I am actively involved in trying to reform the church so that it takes its right place. But you can see how much trouble that brought me in our own country. This, of course, did not derail me, but disappointed me. About my personal faith, I always thought I can keep the real conversation for the closest people. True faith is something very intimate for me, more intimate than sex. Something that I would reveal only to people I trust, and who have the necessary knowledge.

18/02/13 - - Slavi Binev: It is a shame! Gotze and Buddha is the emblem of Bulgaria to the world

The game of the government is to pay the bill of Cvetelina Borislavova for photovoltaic.
Next protest will be against the banks that have robbed Bulgarians.
GERB use parties, police, court, prosecution as criminal brigade, says the MEP who wants to put an order in the state

Interview by Stoiko Stoyanov

- Mr. Binev, will the protests of the citizens quiet down?
- Protests of the people are just getting power. Although they took some wrong direction - electric companies are not the main problem´. The failure of the government and the regulator is. I'm on the side of the dissatisfied. But they should understand that their misery is called "Boyko Borisov." The problem is that some regulators and some government suggest us that we have to pay the bill of Borislavova for photovoltaic. This is their game. And this banker makes all media stop my statements. Currently the problem is Boyko Borisov. Everyone is against him. They are afraid not to mention his girlfriend and some other group. But they will not stop me. I will speak. What happened in the streets of Bulgaria on Sunday is only an introduction to bigger civil protests, which are about to happen.

- What will provoke further protests?
- The actions of the banking cartel will. The current rage of the citizens will be nothing compared to the anger at the banks. There is the "buried dog" of the problems. There is no doubt that people will attack the banks. In particular, they will attack those which have become a symbol of robbing and making policies by the money of the state. No need to mention specific names of financial institutions that are complicit of the government in the robbery. And most importantly in the upcoming protests - people definitely will want revenge for 24-year transition period that has not get us out but has let us dig into the bottom. If you look at all European statistics, you will see that we are at the bottom in every field. The only first place we take is in corruption and crime. In Europe, "corruption" means disintegration of the state and inefficient administration by the principles of democracy.

- Is corruption the new logo of Bulgaria?
- Well, a team of 50 people close to the government took 1.5 million levs supposable for new logo of the country. The result was an unshaped cake. But now we understand that this money was not meant to be spent. The logo of Bulgaria to the world now is a fenceless garden where people run with backpacks filled with bombs, others flee with guns trying to kill a politician, then the same politicians abuse the killer. And above all there is the General, smiling, smoking a cigar wearing officer's hat. This is the logo of Bulgaria. It's cynical, but it's the truth.

- How does this cynicism correspond to the man with the cigar and the progressive imbrue of the people?
- A typical communist method is used and is called propaganda. Most of the media do not trade with information, but influence. There is no such precedent as ours and Europe does not know how to react to the Bulgarian reality. When someone replaces the information, the problem can not be expected to be solved correctly. The wrong answer is simply foretold. Here comes the big problem of the Bulgarians - constantly bets on the same card that is wrong. But on a subconscious level, people feel that every government just passes the baton to the next one and it doesn't matter who will raise it. So that is why there are politicians in Bulgaria, but not statesmen. Statesman cares for its people. Politicians just care for their circles. Parties nowadays have become one tumor that lives in the body, called state, but nothing is born. The political party GERB has become the employer. Anyone strapped goes to them to get their problems solved, to get employed. I will only say that during the five years that I have been in Brussels, the Belgians didn't have Government for three and a half years. Their country was not getting poorer but richer. There, people can not tell you one name of a minister, because institutions work there. In our country you should know his name so that to be aware from whom you will seek services, whom to ask for a job. People think politicians and governing people are the same thing, but that is a lie. Governing people work against people. Now, BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) are nice, easy to interact with their leaders, and how difficult it was to communicate with them while they were in the government. Therefore, society must "wipe" them all from the national parliament, because they are not opponents of GERB but complicit and just pass each other the ball.

- How would you comment on the statements of the Prime Minister Borisov that he has made the dreams of the nation come true?
- True, but he made the dreams of Tsvetelina Borisolavova, Ceco Tsvetanov and himself come true. This is probably his nation. Dreams have become true for the circles "Cats", "Karate" and "Hunters" as well. But I am convinced that he has not made any dream come true of the ordinary citizen. I doubt the Bulgarian was dreaming to live worse than the time of the triple coalition. Do not forget that Borisov was explaining that there will be retribution for the previous government, but as you can see there is no case against any minister.

- Why did GERB deceive the voters and promise retribution?
- Let's not forget that this particular triple coalition that had governed since the arrival of the king, made Borisov become from ordinary snitch into General. This coalition gave a Bank to his girlfriend. These coalitions legitimized him and made him their own opponent. They just found the most incompetent person in the country, legitimized him and raised him so that he can give them the power back. If we had a competent working government, BSP would not think about raising their heads. With his mandate, Boyko made people grieve for the time of the triple coalition. So now people look with hope to a new entity, seeking it, wanting revenge for the humiliation caused.

- How did Europe react to the scandal of "Buddha" files?

- Europeans simply can not believe that we stand with folded hands and bear such a Prime Minister. In the eyes of the world we are the country of Gotze and Buddha. This is the other logo of Bulgaria, the emblem of our country. Nowadays, Bulgaria is represented by nasty informers. It is not about people who have worked for national service, but about those who have snitched their companions. This is the biggest problem. That is why Parvanov was blocked and not welcomed anywhere in the world. We observe the same attitude now towards Buddha, and him as a Prime Minister is required to attend the high-level meeting in Europe. Western journalists despise and mock this man. Although I suspect now that there is great amount of money going into foreign media to cover the problems and polish the image of Bulgaria. Redeem their silence, but it will be seen later. During the high-level meetings in Europe, our prime Minister either sleeps or texts on the phone, but do not go there to defend Bulgarian interest. He is the remote control of other interests. He is dependent.

- Dependent on what?
- He depends on everything. He does not depend on the Bulgarian interests only and that is obvious. Soon, in Bulgaria a fork will be placed and we won't be able to escape from this terrible future that Europe will force on us.

- Could you specify three points where Borisov did not follow Bulgarian interests?

- The first one is social sphere- people live in misery, leaves the country because there is no perspective. They do not run away because of the misery, but because there is no perspective. They see that everything is a lie. Second, it is not possible with working flat tax, which only works for the interests of the rich, all the rich people to disappear. Do you know why the run away - because they are under racket by this government. Rich people are gone and flat tax failed to play any role. We haven't redeemed this advantage.

And the third is that Borisov has become a monopoly in this country. He controls them and this is his personal position. It is not true that he gave up to the monopolies. He just plays for them. He is has arrangements with them.

- Will the European institutions engage into clarifying Borisov's life before him becoming Secretary General?
- Europeans are completely aware of what kind of person they are dealing with, but this is the hypocrisy of Europe. The problem is this - once we have chosen him, we will taka the consequences. And they are right. What do we expect - to come and arrest him ... They directly say that we are a democratic country, we can go out on the streets and make him resign. Europe can push us, it can stop our funds, it can give us critical reports and sanctions. But if we do not protect our rights, there is no way they can help us. They say directly: "Win your own democracy. Do not wait to be given to you like in 1989."

- You continually attack Borisov, but he is silent. What is his tactics?
- He is careful not to mention my name. Even I was surprised when he mentioned my name around "Buddha" case. The truth is simple - you do not want to talk about your fears. Whether it is a complex or fear of me, I do not know because I'm not in his head.

- People already talk freely about Borisov being on the other side among groups. At the dawn of democracy, you were also connected with the underground world. What is the difference between the two of you?

- When fighting with a pig, there is no way not to get dirty. All my life I have struggled with these people and this is part of my story. I do not hide it and i am not ashamed of it. Society needs to understand that when they did not dare to mention some of the bosses' names I had fought with them. I fought with them on the street, in business and in politics now. This is the same battle and it must be won by those who have the character and the strength and believe in themselves. This battle should be led by those who have qualities and cause, and dare to face the mafia. This battle is against some nasty informers who had cards with the services and were under their umbrella. When the state was protecting them, I was fighting against them because they had attacked me and I had to defend myself. I am the creative one and I was the object of their aggression. Boyko is silent about his past. He creates a different media and public image. I have nothing to hide and worry about.

In 1989 we were all on the street. We started from there, from the democracy on the square. But some people were manipulating our lives from the street, through business and now in politics. The battle we have is mortal, but for me this is fate and I'll continue. My opposition does not rely on their own skills. They use the state as a guard for their criminal activity. They now use parties, police, court, prosecution as criminal teams. But I will not bend. I have to leave heritage to my children which is not money or property, but an example. We should serve as an example to our children. They can destroy us, but not defeat us. This is the guarantee of success in life. We need to give motivation to the society and not to give up and hide behind our fears.

- What is your relationship with circle "Bankya"? Borisov says that you are at the heart of the case "Buddha"
- This is another lie and manipulation. First, all circles and squares are under full custody of the Prime Minister. He controls everything - from volleyball to the nuclear industry. Everything goes through his "wise" eyes. This is the first time I hear of such a circle. It probably exists in his dreams. His head is confused. I do not know to whom he refers. But circles "Cats", "Karate", "Hunters", and so on are around him. He uses them as an easement, as he was once himself for the criminality. Now he is sad that he has never been at some important level there.

- So do you have anything in common with General Chernev?
- I did not know we were talking about him. I have more than brotherhood relationships with Chernev. A person should not stay away from his friends. Borisov does not want to understand something very simple - people who can pull these documents against him are not anywhere else but at the Ministry of Tsvetanov. Who could pull out the flash drives with Misho "the Beer" from DANS during the time he was Prime Minister? He should look for moles around him. He does not want to understand that those who will harm him the most, are the ones closest to him. Borisov will be thrashed by his people.

- At the end of last week, seven parties and public organizations created an association temporarily called "Free Bulgaria". What is your message to the people?

- "Free Bulgaria" is a patriotic idea that aims at getting free from our prejudices, from our addictions and problems that we haven't coped for 23 years now. "Free Bulgaria" is not just politics. It is a new kind of life philosophy. Assume that we search for the new democracy. But not that UDF (Union of democratic forces), which became DKMS (Dimitrov Communist Youth Union) because it was created by State Security. We must have a real revolution to free us. We should all unite take down this political class which wants to live its own life only. Those who are in the national Parliament are against civil society. My political career was launched by the European Parliament. Therefore, I might look infantile and misunderstood in my views. But I am not infected by the disease of the national Parliament. I put a finger in the wound.

19/12/12 - – Slavi Binev: Borissov is a consequence of the problem

Binev said that certainly does not like the current political parties.
"This is a belated action. I think we had to show that there are principles to be followed in our country. The problem is different - it's not just the language of hate. We had to put at least ten cards on the table, to establish procedures, after which the Bulgarian minority in Macedonia to be respected and not to be subjected to repression. "
This said Slavi Binev - MEP and leader of PROUD- in front of” Hello Bulgaria" . The reasons for his speech are the events from last week, when Bulgaria gave a clear indication of Macedonia that our support for the European Union depends on their willingness to stop their hate speech.

Asked if now things will change, Binev answered in the negative. "I think the whole system or the harem of Boyko Borisov, as I call the government is more interested in what is said, not what is done. Therefore, they affect of what is this hate speech. For them is enough this hate speech to stop completely. Not for me. Should establish procedures under which to keep the people who are our brothers, "was explicit Binev.
Asked, whether on the political scene is it possible a coalition and with whom, Binev said: "We can get together with people who are proven to have constancy in the behavior. I definitely do not like the current political parties because the system went to live its own life. Even Boyko Borisov is not the problem , he is a consequence of the problem, "said Binev.
According to him, the judicial system must be absolutely independent.
What else said Slavi Binev in the studio of "Hello Bulgaria", you can watch the video.

14/12/12 - - Slavi Binev to "CROSS": Borisov has psychotic problems!

Interview of Dragomira Stanoeva with the MEP and leader of PROUD Slavi Binev

Did you expect that you will be elected unanimously as Vice - Chairman and member of the Bureau of the group 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy "in the European Parliament?

The truth is that I expected it, but I kept it a secret, once not to tempt fate and secondly because my actions are watched closely by the government as my introduction in Europe of Freedom and Democracy enhances my contact with European media and this is perhaps the - biggest horror for gouvernors now.

Why do you claim that the EPP becomes the guardian of democracy in a criminal defender, that of Boyko Borisov?

They seemed to forget that they were Christian Democratic Party and one of the most important things in Christianity is a person to admit when is wrong. Remorse is - the main Christian act, but instead they repent and say, "Yes, we made a great mistake many people, former leader of the democratic forces came to us and recommend it enthusiastically covered by admitting Borisov we agreed with his accession, but we really distinguish from a man who is anything but not a democrat.”This was supposed to be the position of the EPP, but they did not do so, and it turned only to a technical collection and to a political union for the modern of this time winners. Separately, I repeated in letters to the EPP, I warned about what Stanishev said and maybe that is why they cut the Deputy Chair, designed for a Bulgarian. Yet they must take stronger action against the Dictator because not one person who acts as arrogant and brazen to represent a party symbol and guardian of democracy. Perhaps this is one of the reasons of the EDS choose me for vice. - Chairman of the group.

Why you are saying that Borisov derides the life of the Bulgarian people?

The first step to solving any problem is it to be recognized and declared. But here is it - information is changed and we can not go the right way to fix things - the simple reason that Borisov’s desire is people not to get the real information.
For comparison, I would say that if you saw the state leaders in Scandinavia - there is no way to view these holiday messages and such incessant government joys we see here, and who have nothing to do with the truth! There, if you listen you might think you're at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous - people who only complain. Their problems are not our correspondence, but all these people constantly explain what the problem is!

Here the contrary, people are confused and increasingly they do not trust politicians because these people have no connection with the truth, they replace it with colorful balloons! And as you can see things now in Bulgaria are much worse and if we do not look real on these things saying: "Yes there are problems to solve!" We will not be able to cope with. Truth is that currently Bulgarians at one of the last places on freedom and respect for democratic principles and one of the last places in the world for freedom of speech, but these are two of the main pillars of democracy! It is also known that freedom for business in Bulgaria goes through licenses, which gives GERB. They turned the business into a licensing regime to the acolytes of the dictatorship. No way that all this could not be extremely bad for the Bulgarians who can actually appreciate this government by their pockets!

You were at the report submitted by the journalist Atanas Chobanov a week ago for "Borisov and the doctrine of the son of a bitch" in the European Parliament. What do you think about the report itself?

This seminar related to the lack of freedom in Bulgaria, in which I took an active part was probably one of the hottest topics in the EP, which generated debate not only in Parliament but on the sidelines of the European institutions. European parties and politicians feel that Borisov is not just a problem for Bulgaria, but for Europe as well. Of course, much of the media in Bulgaria did not reflect the seminar! Information Agency "CROSS" was the one who announced this event. It is one of the few islands of freedom of speech in Bulgaria! And in Europe they no longer hide him when he slumbers at an event, they show him! And this means that they will show reliable evidence that Assange has hinted, during his direct involvement.

What about the corruption at the government level?

This is the biggest accusation! Corruption in Bulgaria is seen in a very small segment! Corruption outside means much more! Corruption means trading in influence and always connected Sparta. In Bulgaria it is associated with "I give you and you do so-and-so!" But corruption is not only that – it is a pressure on the judiciary and a pressure on free speech and all the other things done by the Bulgarian Government. Therefore, the charges against him are so serious.

What about the electoral system in Bulgaria? For two days we have seen a big fight with consideration of the Election Code.

I can not figure it out! These people are arrogant and accustomed to act from a position of strength! My personal opinion is that you need to understand that if they continue so people will throw them out from the parliament! I think they are doing everything possible once the holidays end people to take to the streets and ask them questions face to face!
My personal opinion is that people are mad and will get the by the ear of the parliament, forcing them to comply with the moral and human laws, but not with these legal tricks! Nobody who knows a little about football and tennis do not doubt the clumsiness of Borisov and can imagine the pretentiousness of the dictator and Borisov claims are huge!
So it is quite natural to assume how it would play in politics. He will play a dirty, ugly sort of arranged cards and judges! This is his way of playing, because he really has some psychotic problems. He needs constant approval, psychologists regarded as childhood trauma, since it then it has not received this and now offset this. But we will not pay the price to be the most - expensive medicine for one mad man! This guy is not used to playing by the rules, he is used to playing only gets dark and undeserved, administrative won! There is no such thing in the democratic world! I think that all democratic people should unite and tell him that you can not!

In your opinion, do the PM Borissov wants you to overeat of power?

Yes Greedy people overeat with everything - with power, money and everything else. The greed has played a lot of bad jokes, but they can not understand it! Imagine greed for money as one overeating money at a time when a person lacked metabolism to revise them, are carcinogenic, they become cancer! These people will die from this particular eating great they did! These people overate with money, power, arrogance and it seems most to Fidosova. Watching her make me think of EGRB.
Such things can only be done by someone who’s been kicked in a very cruel way in his childhood, insulting him and stripping him. Only someone who has received one snub in the past, can allow all this to happen! The dictator just now realized that there are balls, women, money, and he can not enjoy it. But if one thing is part of the strut or the grandeur of one young twenties, it is ridiculous and infantile, when a 50 or older enjoys it. And if he thinks that these things awake in awe sycophants around him actually raises only contempt in the people who know that every age has its own priorities and its beauty

14/12/12 - - Interview with Slavi Binev 2008 bezeichneten Sie die Regierung Kosovos als separatistisch und Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fenstersagten, dass diese aus "Drogenhändlern und Kriegsverbrechern" bestehe. Ist das noch Ihre Meinung?

BINEV: Ich bin überrascht, dass meine Worte von 2008 nicht gehört wurden, aber 2012 nachhallen. Offensichtlich hat der Großteil der Welt ignoriert, was ich gesagt habe. Und die bulgarische Regierung gehörte zu den ersten, die die Unabhängigkeit Kosovos anerkannt hatten. Warum wird das jetzt von Bedeutung sein?

Als Person, die mit der Politik verbunden ist, bemühe ich mich, gut über die Ereignisse nicht nur in den Ländern Europas, sondern in der ganzen Welt informiert zu sein. Aber diese Information stammt von Nachrichtenagenturen und den Medien. Agenturen schreiben, dass Hashim Thaci – sie nennen ihn "die Schlange" – ein Drogenhändler, Waffenhändler und Organhändler sei. Daher ist es – da ich keine persönlichen Beobachtungen zu ihm habe – völlig normal, dass meine Meinung auf dem basiert, was ich höre und lese. Wenn die Nachrichtenagenturen solche Dinge über ihn schreiben, wäre es dann für mich möglich zu denken, dass er tatsächlich wohltätig handelt? Es gibt so viele Artikel, die alle derzeitigen und ehemaligen Staatschefs im Balkan und ihre kontroverse Vergangenheit und Gegenwart beschreiben, dass wir uns so daran gewöhnt haben, dass es zu keiner Empörung führt. Im Gegenteil betrachten wir es als obligatorischen Zusatz zu ihrem Image. Wie ist Ihr Eindruck von der aktuellen Politik des serbischen Premierministers Ivica Dacic und des Präsidenten Tomislav Nikolic vor dem Hintergrund ihrer Vergangenheit?

BINEV: Ihre Handlungsweise ist an ihrer politischen Vergangenheit und politischen Ideologie ausgerichtet. Die Serben mussten sich tatsächlich von vielen Gebieten trennen, die sie als ihre eigenen betrachten. Aber es gibt ein Problem, das von den Bulgaren als die Westlichen Territorien bezeichnet wird. Es gibt Bulgaren, die extrem misshandelt werden und denen nicht das Recht gewährt wird, als Minderheit anerkannt zu werden. Sofern Europa von Prinzipien geleitet werden will, muss dieser Punkt auf der Agenda stehen. Ich glaube, dass ihre harte Haltung zum Kosovo ihnen schlecht bekommen und den Prozess der europäischen Integration verzögern könnte.
Kosovos Verpflichtungen Wie ist Ihre Meinung zur EU-Perspektive Kosovos und wie würde die eventuelle Integration des Kosovo die Situation auf dem Balkan widerspiegeln?

BINEV: Ich mache mir Sorgen, dass, sollte die EU Kosovo vor Serbien anerkennen, dies die Beziehungen von Serbien zu Kosovo und zur EU wegblasen könnte. Dennoch wird Europa eine Doppelmoral gegenüber Drittstaaten vorgeworfen. Als der ehemalige kosovarische Regierungschef Ramush Haradinaj, dem Kriegsverbrechen während des Konflikts in Serbien in den neunziger Jahren vorgeworfen wurden, freigesprochen wurde, erklärte der Präsident Serbiens, dass dies die Beziehungen zwischen Belgrad und Prishtina komplett beenden würde.

Wenn Kosovo aber seine sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Verpflichtungen erfüllt, seinen Ruf bezüglich seiner Staatsoberhäupter wiederherstellt, glaube ich nicht, dass es noch ein weiteres Hindernis für eine EU-Mitgliedschaft gäbe. Aber nur, wenn diese Kriterien zu 100 Prozent erfüllt sind, denn die EU hat jetzt schon sehr ernste Probleme mit ihren Mitgliedsstaaten auf dem Balkan. Ich glaube, dass diese Probleme erst gelöst werden müssen und Europa sich dann erweitern könnte. Aber es kommt alles darauf an, was die von der EU gesetzten Ziele für Serbien sind. Sie muss sich entscheiden, was ihre Priorität ist. Kosovo braucht eine Menge Reformen in der Verwaltung, der Justiz und anderen Schlüsselsektoren. Glauben Sie, dass das Land die politische Stabilität verbessern und das demokratische Funktionieren seiner Instutionen sicherstellen wird?

BINEV: Ich habe keine spezifischen Beobachtungen zum Kosovo, aber ich weiß, dass Europa ein System von Präzedenzfällen ist, und auf alle Fälle hat Bulgarien als ausreichendes Beispiel dafür gedient, wie Dinge auf dem Balkan verzerrt und interpretiert werden. Dies sollte eine gute Warnung für Europa sein, dass die Anforderungen und Kontrollen in diesem Teil Europas viel strikter und kompromissloser sein sollten.
Bulgariens Probleme Als Vergleich zum Balkan: Welchen Problemen stand Bulgarien nach dem EU-Beitritt gegenüber und was raten Sie der Regierung im Kosovo, um diese Schwierigkeiten zu vermeiden?

BINEV: Die Probleme, die Bulgarien hatte, bevor es EU-Mitgliedsstaat wurde, sind dieselben, die es heute hat – die Verschmelzung der Regierung mit der organisierten Kriminalität, die Monopole im Energiesektor, im Bankensektor, in den Medien, in der Wirtschaft und nun das Monopol über die Wahrheit – in den Händen von Generalleutnant Boyko Borisov – dem diktatorischen Premierminister von Bulgarien. Leider gibt es auch ein Monopol über das Wahlsystem - in den Händen der Familie Medarov: Krassimira Medarova, Präsidentin des Zentralen Wahlkomitees und Nikolay Medarov, ihr Mann. Dies führt wiederum zu Zweifeln an der Objektivität und der Kritik Europas bei der Interpretation des Wortes Demokratie.

Ich würde ihnen empfehlen, eine echt Gewaltenteilung zu schaffen und nicht eine illusorische wie in unserem Land. Dazu braucht es klare und strikte Gesetze, Kontrolle und den Kampf gegen Korruption auf allen Ebenen. Aber am wichtigsten ist es, die Schaffung von Gesetzen zu vermeiden, die bestimmte Personen oder Unternehmen begünstigen. Bestimmten Leuten sollte es nicht gestattet sein, über dem Gesetz zu stehen.
Der Hass des Geduldigen Kosovo hat noch eine Reihe von Problemen in Bezug auf Ethnien und Religion zu lösen. Welche Wege gibt es, um diese von einer Perspektive des Balkans aus zu lösen?

BINEV: Wenn die Politiker auf dem Balkan den Menschen gestatten, miteinander zu leben und sich zu verstehen, ohne ihre Differenzen zu benutzen, um ihre persönlichen politischen Kämpfe zu lösen, wäre alles friedlich und glücklich. Leider stellt die Praxis, die Menschen als Wählmaschinen zu sehen und nicht als Lebewesen, die friedliche Koexistenz auf dem Balkan oft in Frage.

Das Balkantemperament ist eine wundervolle Sache. Wir sind geduldig, aber nicht endlos. Der Nachteil ist jedoch, dass wir uns täuschen lassen und uns von Leuten an der Nase herumführen lassen, die keine andere Fähigkeiten haben, als um sie herum Hass zu entfachen. Sie ernähren sich davon - von dem Elend der anderen. Möge der Herr sie vor dem Hass des Geduldigen schützen. Wie ist die Haltung der bulgarischen Regierung zu diesen Themen?

BINEV: Ich weiß nicht, worüber Hashim Thaci - "die Schlange" - und Generalleutnant Boyko Borisov privat sprechen. Ich könnte raten. Als Geschäftsmann kann ich nur sagen, dass, wenn man das Geschäft mit jemanden teilt, man es üblicherweise nicht wagt, sich gegen diesen auszusprechen. Die offizielle Position der "Regierung Borisov" wurde im Sommer kundgetan. Sie haben ihre Arbeit in Kosovo beendet, und Borisov hat sich bei seinem Besuch im Land davon überzeugt. Ich weiß nur nicht, was die Kriterien von Borisov für gut gemachte Arbeit sind, da er für die Bulgaren nichts weiter getan hat, als sie zu Armut, Elend und Angst zu verurteilen.

Interview: Daniel Tost
27/11/12 - "Bulgarian Horizons" newspaper - Slavi Binev: I am the leader of the only radical opposition against the dictator at the moment

Mr. Binev spoke with a representative of newspaper "Bulgarian horizons."

- When did you stopped your sport carrier, Mr. Binev?

- In 1992, now I am practicing from time to time, but which with my heart but with the muscles, which has quite different meaning. I do it for my son. Because I know very well that whatever you say, children will not listen to you but they will see and follow your example. My son is 14 and he has ambitious become a factor in the martial arts. One of the clubs in Germany appreciated his performance and he went to study there.

- How long have you been involved in politics?

- I'm not a child of the policy, I am a child of the business. For me, even my involvement in politics was a deal, a matter of life and death. With the current dictator of Bulgaria (the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov) we always had quarrels, because he was always on the other side. It was a matter of life and death, because I knew if he becomes prime minister, but that he was going that way was clear from the outset, there will be payback for all disobedient. And I am one of them.

- Was there such a payback?

- Of course it can. Many people died, many lost their businesses, their self-esteem, while others obeyed and I payed to prevent these things to happen.

- I suppose that in politics you stand in right?

- Yes, I am a libertarian politics, but when it comes to social policy, I am extremely left. It's a question of education, health and social policy, one must be a left and even than the most left. Because we can not be ashamed of what they earn our parents. The state is completely lifted his hands from the old people and they have children to take care of them, they are doomed. If you open textbooks will begin to tweeze hairs. I so piecemeal knowledge and material delivered so vague just in my life have I seen. This was one of the reasons I send my son in Germany. Problems facing Bulgarian society can be solved in three ways - education, education and education again. Because educated man is stronger, more expensive paid and a strong spirit, he will of weak complexes.

- Here you are presented as candidate for the position of Prime-Minister of Bulgaria.

- I do not know about that, but anyone who fought the elections, could be considered as such, especially when the leader of a faction. This is the biggest fear because everyone knows that I am the one and only leader of radical opposition to the dictator at the time. All currently sitting on his knees. They are permitted, controlled opposition, their scalps in his wardrobe of Fame, and he has no worries about them. The dictator knows that shaking wardrobe each of his servants, he will be pissing in your pants. His only fear is from me, and therefore I am banned from the media, 95% of which are under his control. But it will become bad because Europe has seen these irregularities. I know that the big international community tend to support this campaign, which I took at the time. This is a battle for respect.

- How long have you been MEP and do you have any political plans for Bulgaria?

- I am MEP since 2007, in 2009 I was elected the second time my term is up in 2014, of course, I have plans for Bulgaria. We will not promise results, but will explain the terms. I will promise that Bulgaria would not be a mother and stepmother to some other, there will be no double standards but rules to be observed by all. I have the best team in Bulgaria, I tried to gather the most successful people.

- George Ganchev tried some time ago to do the business. Why he did not succeed?

- I am a bit offended that you compare me with George Ganchev. He made business party that has nothing to do with the people I have assembled. Because success can be not only in finance but in many other areas. In Bulgaria is currently considered a successful the one that kisses not the arms but the legs of the dictator. So people who were known in the business and in fact have character, can not do business anymore..

- Who are those that would change that?

- We are the ones who will make it and for no other reason but because we do not need someone to help us, we do not need to acquire wealth, but we need rules. You can see how the dictator Borisov kicking football and play tennis and see how playing politics, and what are his claims.

- Are there conditions for change?

- There are conditions as much as you want, but the Bulgarian could be very patient. I think if this continues, there will be a European spring and to our shame, it will start in Bulgaria.

- Do you have economical program?

- The name must only speak on this issue, I've always thought that the practice is my greatest quality. Compared to all premieres to date, I have the confidence to become a Chinese emperor, while the other the first time they had their biggest economic event.

- How are you going to participate at the political elections next year?

- As a political alliance that wants to join the Democrats. Moreover, we have not reached out to management. In parliament, there must be people who guarantee that you will continue this madness. I personally criticizing the Prime Minister and it freak, it pulls the shoes because it is absolutely bighead maniac. If you want to confuse him, just tell him, "Hey, sniveller" and he absolutely stiffen. These people just stuffed when disillusioned them. He is willing to tolerate anything but not this. I know it and so do, but he gave me the glorification now in the eyes of Europe in a unique way. I am a dissident, I am one Garry Kasparov. For me Borisov's just a moccasin. In Europe, said: "All nations have their mafia, in Bulgaria, the mafia has its state."
07/11/12 - Nova TV - "Zdravey Bulgaria" - Interview with Slavi Binev

Host: For the faith and politics I continue the topic in "Hello Bulgaria". Will Slavi Binev become a real opposition to the government? Our guest in the studio the independent MEP. Good morning!

Host: Before that, we cannot ask you if you knew Patriarch Maxim and how are you going to remember him?

Slavi Binev: As a gentle person, a man who was an example of people who should love because if you want you have to give love to the people. Love creates love, he taught us this, and hatred breeds hatred.

Host: The people want the spiritual people to come down to them. You heard them in the last report

Slavi Binev Yes it is so.

Host: How do you think could be the next Patriarch of Bulgaria? Your thoughts?

Slavi Binev: I can not give predictions in any case. This should solve it only the clergy and the bishops. Just as a joke, I can only say that perhaps only just Boyko Borisov can claim to deal, as always ...

Host: We hear that the archons could be given a say in the election of a bishop?

Slavi Binev: No, This is maybe part of some urban legends. There is no way. There is absolutely clear and accurate system, according to which Patriarch shall be elected and the Archons are unable in any way to influence it.

Host: We continue with the current issues in the country playful reworkings of the ethnic map and the request of Ahmed Dogan for a new reading of history. How should we interpret it and many harsh elections are yet to come the next summer?

Slavi Binev: Do you know what I see happening in Bulgaria at the moment and it seems to refresh them. As if colored balloons are set to and away from the real issues. We all know now that the new doctrine, the most important is the standard of living of the people currently in the world. Political ideologies have long given way to precisely this reason. Because of this, he yet to come colored bubbles that distract us from issues that actually burn a lot more nowadays. You see how threadbare when nationalists interpret it on Turkish television, say, or if somehow trying to show almost the problems are elsewhere. I am a person who always believed to be buried finger in the wound, rather than looking for other ailments For me it's, again I say, colorful balloons, to distract us from all the problems that ...

Host: Is Ahmet Dogan colourful bubble and to whom ?

Slavi Binev: I think he somehow came into this configuration. It is hardly a man who can be easily manipulated, because whether you have a good attitude or bad for someone not one to turn a blind eye when it comes to respect. But there is something else. As if you are ready to absolutely all issues raised, not only to meet the real issues that we asked ourselves over 10-15 thousand people in the city center. We asked questions and recommended to the government that many things with which it must comply. Unfortunately, we did not get answers. Regardless, I think everyone should get a response every Bulgarian. I represent the thoughts of the European institutions. I also represent the European Parliament. I should within two weeks receive a definitive answer.

Host: As you said EP, I can not ask you, is it a serious threat to Bulgaria the exceptional case report on Veneta Markovska?

Slavi Binev: Of course! All what we said in these 17 points will actually be executed one by one, and whether this government such as ostriches hide their heads in the sand and try not to pay attention to the real problems, they will happen again. Europe, you see, has solidified tons. She saw that these recommendations elegant with this political slang he used as if things went here in a personal endorsement. Not for anything else, because there all reports start with dear, if you please, we respect etc. As I have said a thousand times Prime Minister, he read Congratulation. And I told them, it really makes it and they realized that from now on they have to have a much more solid position. Moreover, it is no secret that all these issues now reflected by the European institutions, in fact I am asked questions many times. Perhaps this is why the media to eliminate us because in Bulgaria have to tell you, there are authorized opposition appointed opposition, which you can see in all media and real opposition to it is happening what is happening to us.

Host: Your are real opposition? Now you have the word.

Slavi Binev: Don't you know? You give it to me, but it's so hard to be compensated because they have to be some new Confucius to be able within few minutes, and seconds that I have left, to be able to tell you exactly what I think about the problems in society. But you know, even national TV that public television and is supposed to reflect what is happening in Bulgaria, not examples of what cooks grandmother of someone and so she could not see, she could not to see that many thousands rally.

Host: Ok, lets not commend on the work of the colleagues.

Slavi Binev: Yes. On November 16 we will make a rally in front of the national television. At 11:00 we will gather all people to be able this time to see us, and if we did not, we would get in their offices because people no longer want. People are nervous and will also be one more place "Garibaldi" because there is another emblem of courting and manipulation of information in society. This is "corporate bank" Tzvetan Vassilev, who in any way try to impose almost absolutely media late ...

Host: Yes, and now you are promoting them on national air.

Slavi Binev: Do not advertise. You know, I think letting this rule, no bad publicity is not true. The truth is, our money, our money, because that money is the budget and budget entities, etc., paid our silence. This is extremely dangerous and we Bulgarians true, those who love. Do not fight for his country in the chest just Friday night, morning shake water alone, but real people, those who really believe that we should do something good, they should be concerned with these issues. We can not let ourselves be victims and not to protect the people who really show how we should be treated. We are treated like slaves, like heaven.

Host: You said something very interesting that what is now coming out of Europe as a satisfaction for us, is something that is for a long clear long to you that it will happen. What can we expect as the next steps of some dissatisfaction on the part of the European Commission to Bulgaria such as remarks, as negative reports?

Slavi Binev: Several times, the first, you see that several times in Strasbourg returned the cases. In general, in all cases that came to Strasbourg, in practice they are repealed measure. Something that means that in fact the notes to court and point. JHA is extremely high in the first place. Secondly, ie Here again, trying their best not to say what happened to the grenade launcher. You know what happens here within this week.

Host: We read the article this morning

Slavi Binev: Yes. This is something that in the end, once and for all can not one person for the same thing to go to prison and another to become prime minister.

Host : Besides the judicial system, where it is evident that there is a lot of denail?

Slavi Binev: Yes. This is perhaps one of the most important things, because this is largely what is decisive event in all matters.

Host: Well, but you also see that besides the number of reports, there is no so much...

Slavi Binev: The brush towards CEC Krassimira Medarova will also be one of the biggest problems is also to be installed because this topic is not discussed in any way in any medium.

Host: Why it would be so?

Slavi Binev: Well, do you know? It is extremely dangerous when the CEC boss, her husband holds a sample of Web service, which are also violations. Know which are the places where these things happen. This woman is compromised because it is also involved in one of the cases monitored by the European ...

Host: Have you signalled about any conflict of interests?

Slavi Binev: Oh, yes, of course! Not only that. I informed the EU institutions and they, however, that sometimes react slowly but respond absolutely. Can someone who has as tens of thousands of acres, not spodeli.l experience as a businessman, which means that there is something here. It can be seen with the naked eye. Above all, always select people to special places to go to only those people who have skeletons in the closet to be easily manipulated. This is extremely important. They question the entire election system in Bulgaria.

Host: It will follow the case with the election committee…

Slavi Binev: I would like also to say can I say about the freedom of speech?

Host: In short for final? Yes, thank you.

Slavi Binev: You know, everyone says that things need to be resolved as if by magic. The only thing that matters can not be resolved except by magic, there is freedom of speech. Believe me! It's magic because only freedom of speech can really pay all the results and economic and social and whatnot, because a person to deal with whatever it was, you know the problem, not hide it ...

Host: Thank you very much.

Slavi Binev: I may look naive and visionary, etc. and these people want to destroy my dream, but can not kill the dream and you know it.

Host: Thank you very much for being our guest.

Host: Let's finish this conversation. It is time now for the news emission of „Zdravei Bulgaria”.

07/11/12 – Darik Radio – Interview with Slavi Binev

Host: Our guest in the studio is the Bulgarian MEP and leader of PROUD archon Slavi Binev. Good morning! May God forgive Patriarch Maxim!

Slavi Binev: May he rest in peace!

Host: There have been I start directly, speculation have emerged yesterday that the Archons will play a crucial role in the election of a new patriarch. Is there some truth to this? Is it possible?

Slavi Binev: As always, nothing is true. Nothing is true. The truth is that the Archons are not involved in this meropriyatie.Uchastvat only people who are employed or who may attend Church and Laity. Archons, their job is not to elect new patriarch is not, but to serve the church, to help where needed. So there is no way.

Host: But purely, as it is said practically impossible to be elected archon to be a member of the General Assembly, or the patriarchal council says or how exactly the church Laity? Yes.

Slavi Binev: Ecclesiastical and national council. Yes. You can, of course, but this is a matter to see one's commitments, because it is still a responsible event. It's not something you can just do to person to stop by and walk away, so it's something serious.

Host: The biggest speculation is now talked with Bishop Tikhon some time ago, how far the secular power now could intervene in the election of a new patriarch? Do you think it possible? Will it happen?

Slavi Binev: The themes are very delicate. In all cases, it is quite likely because the church for such we, the laity. Is this not only bishops, but here you need to know that their decision and their ideas are much more important, with much more meaning.Whatever happens around election of the new patriarch, but in all cases to know that there is a serious reconstruction of the church, as it should be adequate and be competitive entry and Protestantism in general and other faiths who have more serious social programs that are much more turned towards the people and in any case needs a reconstruction that is for the good of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. We need to learn from, whatever we say, but it's a very long thread. I think I should pay tribute to a truly gentle man, as was His Holiness. We all cases must bow our heads in a moment to give in to grief and send it deserved because it was one person who really succeeded with his kindness, to deal with the problems that were sitting in front of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in these years in those 23 years.

Host: Yes. Maybe you're right, and Bishop Tikhon just that somehow quickly began inflecting new patriarch, comment, etc. However, there are four months ahead ...

Slavi Binev: Yes, the king is dead, long live the king. Little became really so. Indeed, in my view, have now to be ... and especially to pay tribute to His Holiness, because he deserved it.

Host: Alright. A few words on the subject in the news that many people awake in the world, elections in the United States? Barack Obama won?

Slavi Binev: You know, they really turned it on ... nothing to talk about. Democracy there is such a level that it has started to become a spectacle could turn and turn in something like the Olympics or World Cup. I.e. she became a commercial enterprise. This is typical of the way Americans, who tend along useful and enjoyable to do. Indeed, they turned him into a clash not only of people and ideas, and of teams , because these people actually stand behind some huge staffs, some great opportunities. I far as I know, over 6 billion currently being spent in these two campaigns, six billion dollars, and it is said that all profits from this event will be much more. They can not be calculated, since they are not direct, but indirect. So very strange, but that is exciting

Host: Yes.

Slavi Binev: Indeed, they turned him into a clash not only of people and ideas, and of teams , because these people actually stand behind some huge staffs, some great opportunities. I far as I know, over 6 billion currently being spent in these two campaigns, six billion dollars, and it is said that all profits from this event will be much more. They can not be calculated, since they are not direct, but indirect. So very strange, but that is exciting

Host: There have been some comments that this is a victory for the Union in the United States?

Slavi Binev: O, no.

Host: In such a sense, that…

Slavi Binev: These are…

Host: EU works better with Obama, not Romney, could not work or something? For U.S. foreign policy question.

Slavi Binev: These are so, it is easy to be said, after Obama has already won.

Host: Oh, yes.

Slavi Binev: This is ... our choice, we work very well. No. The truth is that what we talked about, of course, that Europe can not but be the exclusive U.S. partner for the simple reason that these are the two main pillars that support democracy in the world, and from this point of view, Bulgaria becomes an outstanding problem a democratic world in the world, because when we go out to give lessons in democracy, they tell us: Shh, quiet, a little more relaxed. First, fix stuff in Bulgaria with your dictator that you have in your alliance, the EU and then give us crap to us. So until that Borisov was only a problem in Bulgaria, Europe actually, if you remember, this was a very gentle tone, European recommendations at all, because it is the language spoken in Europe. The moment he became a threat to Europe, you see how their eyes just suddenly became very steel and the language well suited for understanding in Bulgaria. I only know one thing, it will become even more steel in all cases all that tried to silence, me, me, I have the opportunity now to say "Darik" and many other small places will actually come as information from Europe and then we listen to all Bulgarians. But remember, when Europe says is always late. Then it is always late, so, unfortunately. In fact, the biggest mistake of this government is that it corrects errors that have already been committed.

Host: You have for such a long time said that the forthcoming Europe hardens tonnes to the current government, but it happened.

Slavi Binev: Of course. I…

Host: So anyway, twice confirmed within 24 hours, tough position ...

Slavi Binev: One thing I can convince you that they will want punishment for the dictator and of his accomplices. I can guarantee it, and remember, GERB is a dirty word in Europe. It means a bedpan, a man who is obeyed, which is samopredal, a man who wants to humiliate other people and not to raise their spreads. And in any case, here you have, Bulgaria will have to promise that once you give a bad lesson to those who abused the trust and affection of the people. Are abused, whether they did it with mercenary motives or simply stupid. It does not matter. You'll have to pay that price. Once to know that it can also Somehow everyone to do whatever he wants go knowing that it would be unpunished, because these people can not hide behind anonymity. I would advise the dictator here when he sends to fight the anonymous media when sending, then beat anonymous, beat his ministers and their deputies, because they were the most anonymous people. Well kept anonymous. Do you know how many letters I sent to the Attorney General, the judges of the Supreme Judicial Council, the Prime Minister and of the ministers? No answer. They are kept anonymous. He should be sent there to fight. These people behave as anonymous because they are anonymous. They do not follow any of the laws in Bulgaria and this will be something they can not fail to receive their "reward". You need to know that they are trying to replace general awareness of the Bulgarians, something which is extremely dangerous. You see what happened with channel 1, which did not broadcast the largest demonstration in the last 15 years on 22 September, so we will now by PROUD again organize such a demonstration on 16 and that will be a protest and will be under slogan: "To remove the dirty sandals from the mouth of the media." You might ask me what is dirty moccasin? I'm sure you know the answer. We need to put it out actually because the dirty moccasin, except that it does not allow you to talk, it does not allow you to breathe when it is your throat.

Host: I hope the protest will not be against the media?

Slavi Binev: No .No. The protest will be in support of the freedom of speech and against the media who allow themselves to self-censor or to be censored . I.e. these are the two places. First, this is Channel 1. Which is the symbol the state media that Borisov I do not know why he thinks it's his, like everything that gives, distributes, receives. He speaks in the first person singular of our common money.

Host: ... by the state, you know, the channel ...

Slavi Binev: No. It is coming from our own money.

Host: Oh, yes.

Slavi Binev: Here is the biggest mistake. Here is the biggest greshka.Tryabva be absolutely clear that it is our money. This TV as yours as mine, and of so Borisov, and he speaks of it as his own property. He generally speaks of money are ours as something of their own self. So we will go and we will show that this is not so. We want instant suspension and dismissal of the grant of authority in this television, which showed that it can not be run because it is guided by personal TV Borisov at first place. Secondly, we will be on square "Garibaldi", headquarters of "corporate bank", which is a symbol of the media, the private media, which are under control and not for trading information and trading in influence what is called racketeering, media, and these people must be absolutely sure that we will not stop until they do not get what they deserve because the civilized world, these people are investigated and are usually locked. We keep things going. Did you know that the most dangerous is that actually our silence, our disinformation paid with our money because the bank have put all state, 40, over 50% of state funds are concentrated there, and we pay our own money insult, which we undergo. Because one of the principal is uninformed citizen to be able to keep him under control. You know, democracy is a political system in which society controls the government, through the media, of course. They're here, the most important point, and we, things turned in Bulgaria. I say again, you do honor to you, because you really are a great exception and here it's not that give us a platform. I've always noticed in years, "Darik" radio was always on the side of those who have a need to express their mnenie.Tuka not about me or anyone else. Here it is for those who need to have a voice. Honored are actually "Darik" radio all this and can not. You just have forever. Here in Bulgaria at government controlled society, on the contrary, through the media, through the replacement of information, etc. I.e. us and that's ... You know, as the biggest problems in society know that it's the economy. Everybody wants. Long ago there is no political ideology. There is only one doctrine that is called standard of living. That's what they care about people and based on that, I must tell you that whenever anyone wants Abe to his promise as something magical, which will solve this problem. You know, we do not promise solutions, we will create the conditions for this to happen. But you know, what is magic and magic wand, which can be solved, it is the media. This is the truth, because you can deal with problems that are known to exist who has acknowledged that there are, and this can only be done when it is there is a discussion. When there is open discussion and people are talking and everyone respect the opinion of the one who is your opponent. Unfortunately, Bulgaria is now convenient to have a deal by the government is handing out licenses for the opposition, and you can recognize them who are appointed opposition. You can recognize them because they are not comfortable leaving the media.

Host: Is this your comment on the new coalition that was announced recently?

Slavi Binev: Not only for new koalitsiya.Az sure that the dictator is ready and sister and daughter, all the people around him to make them go up party just to fractions market, but people can not be fooled anymore, because it which to us by PROUD happens now is the fate of real opposition. There are direct threats that we can prove it and prove it in the EU, our people do not support us and me personally PROUD. Direct threats. We are ready now, I currently lead the dialogue on this matter because I will drive people to talk about these issues. Has threatened municipal officials, business people, celebrities, etc. ... We have evidence on these issues and I must say that the EU is definitely in shock, because this man has become not only a burden to the EU, but also a burden on the party that has relied on it. EPP who has to be the guarantors of democracy, democratic processes in Europe. Europe as a whole had to be one of the key players for democracy and freedom, fundamental guarantee. This is is discredited at the time, and therefore I believe that Europe will actually support any shares. I must tell you that of the 16 from 11 hours there when it is we go out on November 16 at 11 am when it is we go to channel 1 and the "Garibaldi", we know that we will be reflected by certain 'Darik "," Skat ", some of ...

Host: The so-called opposition media.

Slavi Binev: Some opposition media call them, but just in case we cried European media because I want to see faces distorted with terror management when this is what people see the news media in Europe, what happens in Bulgaria, rather than see it on channel 1 or for one of the other national who claim to be national television. This is extremely dangerous.

Host: The time is up, unfortunately. The protest is on 16th November?

Slavi Binev: November 16 from 11:00. All people who want to truly be free. All people who do not want to be slaves. All people who want to be proud to join the protest PROUD. At 16 and 11 hours to channel 1 or Square "Garibaldi". Here we express, we will show that we are not paradise, but that is proud and decent people, and that all the labels that we want to bring, almost, that we will again stupid or bad choices or do not like to jump that is false that we are awake, active people and that with colorful bubbles that want to send at the moment, disgusted us or we can look at the real issues. We will not lie, because these problems are trying to glow a cultural level or racist level are not really problems in Bulgaria. They create these problems to society can be far from the real issues. I personally think that it's important not to talk at the moment about the Balkan war, and to talk about civil war coming and knocking on the door because people are wild. Of course, no one should be playing with history, because so to speak, that we have to stay here and tell you now that if we do not show that we are proud winners of this story, we did not have a good future Macedonians, seeing that we do not deserve this story will continue to steal it from us.

Host: Slavi Binev in the studio of “Darik”.

07/10/12 - BNR - interview with Slavi Binev

Host: Now I will join the conversation Mr. Slavi Binev, since his political organization gave opinion on the NPP "Belene" The idea is that you find divergent interests NPP "Belene", but also think that maybe some kind of theater between the ruling party and the BSP. Impression, moreover, can not be denied due to the consolidation of a serious style is not strife in those days and the exchange of declarations. What is your vision?

Slavi Binev: These contentions are always part of the theater that is played. But let me catch things exactly where to be caught. Two things, first, to examine the draft economic sense does it? And those people who need to do so, they can not cope with anything? The second question, we believe that these people can not cope with anything and they do not have to sign any contracts. They can not do anything normal, they have proven their incompetence and hang between whether it be a pond or there to make electricity from gas or any other gimmicks, not to mention that hardened its position on these questions. And whether the project is cost-effective, all studies were commissioned independent economic experts from HSBC prove precisely that it is extremely cost-effective and that even the most pessimistic variants launched more than 80 billion euros and net profit reach to nearly 200 billion in the optimistic version.

Host: Ok, isn't it more logical, to think about the big interests and isn't it more logical to conclude that GERB willingly took part in this project..?

Slavi Binev: Just right it's actually these are lessons which generally can be removed, there is a scenario drawn between the ruling Socialists and the highest level, which creates a conflict between the Bulgarian authorities and contractor equipment to Bulgaria that puts unbearable claim against NEC. Of course, to take measures since the ruling coalition and serious investors to shoot the project. So sign this contract with offshore investor to look like a rescue operation. Choosing the offshore investor legitimized by referendum and helpfully opened by opposition from the left, but backed by the government the way it creates both make people think in a different direction, but actually the most important condition for the investor - to sell energy , nuclear power at high prices there is a requirement for itA place to put this condition apparently stringent investor does not want government guarantee and do not want contracts for purchase of power from the state. Which, incidentally, is part of the manipulation. What is more important, of course, is that the very project itself is very cost effective and one can not dispute that. Special risks are there, they are technological. When it comes to nuclear technology, these risks are always present. Note that I speak as a member of Parliament. Europe for this project. Europe is definitely for this project. It and the way public opinion in our country firmly supports the development of nuclear energy. Of course, there are risks when it comes to nuclear technology, but you should know that in practice this risk is largely a "Belene" project. To a large extent said.

Host: ...isn't it questioned because the risk that there will not be enough people, who are going to vote on the referendum?

Slavi Binev: Oh, of course. So they usurped the general discussion, BSP and GERB usurped the discussion ... Did you know the most dangerous to make an informed choice about something no information. People currently pushing towards a referendum, but they should not make choices in their hearts whether or playing red or blue, but you must do exactly informed. How do they do? They must be rationalists. And this is now avoided. So the most dangerous is that they are currently pumping politically polarized society and that food and the two main political forces at the time. And I have to tell you that two (...) political groups to call them and see that the BSP would not fight against tyranny and dictatorship, and want to be Menke, as was obvious from the start reservation. And I feed on the stupidity of this government, and not resist it and try to keep all political principles the general keeping the entire political situation in the country as a guarantor. Because opportunities Stanishev already very large and he could be a guarantor of the entire political system in the country, not just his party. And it was shown kolrko idiotic things are going, because even those of GERD at the time, which seems to be such a reservation Menke, right, go something happens, they began to use the language of the Cold War. Began to slap fight. I must say that I began to behave arrogantly with countries with which it should not do. It seems very staged. Lose first company RWE. Basically it was rejected by the project. Then the proposals were rejected Russia's cheap lending to NEC. Then noise was demonstrated failure of the project. I must tell you that these items all the time suggest that this is one about commercialism, like lifestyle market, something like that. Apparently someone twist the arms of someone. And here comes the great moment that there is any manipulation of public opinion. I must say that the seven conditions to (...) investor in Bulgaria do not include the most important thing to ensure investor to sell electricity in Bulgaria with the profit margin of the internal market. Because if this project is extremely important, but you need to ensure economic benefits for Bulgaria because the Bulgarian nation that would allow its territory nuclear technology risk making any nuclear project. The project should feed Bulgaria, not to feed individuals. This is the most dangerous thing. Because it must be implemented with majority public or legislative commitment to guarantee the future private owner supply of internal energy of the internal market regulators, low prices. This is the most important subject in my opinion. And no conversation on the subject. And the other thing you need to know that these people to touch anything, it searing. They can not become the most successful economic project to turn it into an economic victory, but they will always turn it into an economic loss.

Host: I.e. your formation, your organization takes this idea and you are among the people supporting the nuclear energy in Bulgaria?

Slavi Binev: I support the project, but do not support the people who made this project because, first, they use it for political, political refreshvane to call it, first, because they have no doctrine, no color. It seemed that one hucksters there are people who can only pump up self-interest rather than public interest

20/09/12 – Darik radio – an interview with Slavi Binev

Host: Good morning to "Darik cafe" from me Yovka Yovcheva. The MEP Slavi Binev and leader of the PROUD, civic association for real democracy, is guest in "Between the rows" this morning. Hello, Mr. Binev.

Slavi Binev: Good morning from me.

Host: Having this conversation on the eve of an upcoming holiday, where you plan to make a serious protest. Too much discontent in this country. We are willing to protest for what ever we want, but lately maybe we are more active in "Facebook" than on the streets. How will you unite the unsatisfied people on the protest on September 22, The Independence Day?

Slavi Binev: There is allowed leadership, lets call it like that, and forbidden leadership. We are from the forbidden leadership. That is saying the real reasons for the poor condition of the country, generally poor condition of citizens in our country. As there is permitted oppositions and forbidden oppositions, we are the forbidden at the moment. We are actually, in a certain extent, an illegal organization and therefore must appear between the lines. This is our real place – between the lines, because actually we are the most serious threat to this government, as we show the problems with their real names. We show the problems, something that the other politicians refrain from, not to mention the media, who somehow minimize the discontent of the people. They replace the desire for freedom just for three meatballs. They put the conversation in a different direction.

Host: But the life of Bulgarians became such that….

Slavi Binev: Yes.
They made us nihilists, people who do not believe. Even you now, before the emission, expressed confidence in the fact that anything can change. This is the grip. This is a serious grip. This is...

Host: This, however, depends on the consciousness of the voters.

Slavi Binev: That’s right. That’s right.

Host: We talked with you before, that Bulgarians do not have to wait for someone to change them

Slavi Binev: Yes. We must once and forever , after 23years, to conduct a revolution in which not to gift us freedom, but we to win it, get it won. That's really what we should do, because everywhere in the foreign media, they ever wonder how it is actually possible in Bulgaria with so simple tricks the Bulgarians to be constantly screwed by replacing his vote and suggesting him that he should choose approved opposition project.. These people constantly lied them that the flagship of democracy could be for instance the professor of political economy, or General, or communist, and now they offer us even ... of Politburo, there is no deepness anymore in the suggestion of the permitted oppositions.

Host: Revolution you say, but according to the rules of the democratic revolution, i.e. the change comes on elections.

Slavi Binev: No. Do you know? When elections become forged ,when people do not believe in elections themselves, there is no other option but to make a revolution. Of course, there are many types available. There is a peace revolution, there is in marching, in there in a show of civil protest.

Host: Tender.

Slavi Binev: Yes, of course. Tender. We, of course, will be adequate, even if the arrogant behavior continues, for sure we will be also arrogant, because at the and the honesty, to be honest, means to be adequate.

Host: You claim to make revolution, in any form, with all these protests you prepare?

Slavi Binev: No. First, we must show that the Bulgarian is not a slave, not a man who must be constantly beaten, but other people to change their positions and to explain us , to lie us that they are any opponents. I haven’t see any revenge. GERB came with some promises of revenge, that all bad people will be punished, that bad triple coalition etc. First, did not punished anybody, second made people regret for the triple coalition. So, we shall start on 22 Sep. in Saturday,, 11.30 we shall start the protest from National Palace of culture. All people who want to express their disapproval, not only evening in front of TV…

Host: Or on table ?

Slavi Binev: Yes and in the morning to have a pain in the head, but to show that Bulgarian is a man that can resist. We must show that we are real Europeans, because this is what is expected from us. At the end, if the European we used for metaphor or the revolution we used like metaphor must be understand that in fact this is a man who feels free, man who is not susceptible to suggestions, that this is dangerous and here they will beat us and so on. He is not embarrassed anymore from that. He more worries from the fact to consider him as weak, cowardly, ready to serve to any dictator.

Host: A protest against the power, generally speaking?

Slavi Binev: Yes, of course. The power which bis the same for 23 years, the power which….

Host; Not only GERB?

Slavi Binev: Not, of course. For nobody it is no wonder that after all GERB ,GERB disease was not made in another laboratory. It was made in the laboratories of the Communist Party or BSP, because it was after all a communist. They gave it a bank. They legitimize it. They did it a Lieutenant, neither me nor you. They created the alibi of a man who never heard a public behavior before becoming a Chief Secretary and suddenly become the chief advocate of criminality, which I think he was referring to himself. Was not even part ... but just was referring to. He was an easement of ...

Host: If you realize this protest anyhow against the powerful in the last 20 years...

Slavi Binev: Yes. That will be…

Host: I do not know how many people you expect at this protest, but the Bulgarian is more inclined for something personal to protest. One for the electricity, one for the heating bills , for the stickers?

Slavi Binev:I hope this time the Bulgarian not to succumb on the tricks , with which they manipulate him, because in this way they try to minimize the tension. It tries to split it into small pieces, and trying to do the same with opposition dropping colorful balloons and appointed opposition, people who were in the lap of dictator suddenly begin barking toothless and explained that they are against him. This is what confuses people and that somehow separates the ability of all people to be together and to protect their own interests. In this way, breaking us into small pieces, win this one that crashed them.

Host: Yes, it is easier to rule…

Slavi Binev: I think, all those people who are dissatisfied have to be organized . One is unhappy with the way he lives, another is unhappy for the blue zone. Third is unhappy that there is no perspective. Indeed, this thing is most dangerous for the young people because they are not afraid of poverty, but because of this that they not see exit, that nothing makes no sense. They want to look for meaning. Everyone is somewhat a philosopher. It is the meaning of life. He wants to know what, why. He is ready to take some weaknesses that can accompany it, but for the sake of something.

Host: The attempt to unite the people, the discontented under the banner of a general protest, is it an attempt to consolidate and other political parties, civil society organizations on a common terrain, because I know that others helped in the organization of this event? There are also nationalistic parties?

Slavi Binev: Of course. What we are trying to do is to show that Bulgarians are united, that Bulgarians can play together, that Bulgarian is a team player. We will be open. Yesterday I told a few people. For me, the name under which it will happen, PROUD,is not the most important thing. Let now to keep our name and we are the center of this real opposition. It is not the problem. If the word fagot is sitting pretty , let us call it fagot. It is very important that this word has any dignity, to express, etc. We really are trying to gather all the people,unhappy, but really unhappy ,because there are false unhappy.

Host: No. I wondered if you would find a political face of this alliance?

Slavi Binev: Of course. Must be found, I think. Must be found, because this is what should be done. All, in the end deals with politics, but it deals with you. You are a function of its decisions, so its better man to be be adequate and he to be involved in what anyway it happens. I think these clichés that try to break our brains and to stamped us, ouu see the policy is bad think. There are two types of policy, there are two kinds of artists - both good and bad. There are two types of politicians, good and bad, good and malicious. There are two types of journalists, paid and unpaid, people who express. In every society, in every part of society people can be divided in two. We'll see exactly that on 22nd. Who are the politicians who have stood up there high and who have stood against the interests of the people and who are the politicians who want to express the protest of the people. This is what should happen. These are the steps we need to do first, because in the end we actually are for a real democracy and second, for direct democracy. Let make it possible for people, to reach to them, to participate as possible. Moreover, not to mention what opportunities there are now through the internet, to use the voice of each, who is a person in this society.

Host: Difficult and big is the topic about the direct opportunity of every citizen to influence gouvernment decisions.

Slavi Binev: Difficult for Bulgarians. It is not difficult for the Swiss, who have worked and are working for so many years, even before there was the Internet. Any decision ...

Host: Not surprisingly, you've probably chosen this day - the Independence Day?

Slavi Binev: Sure. We must show that Bulgarians want to be free. We exchanged our privileges, social benefits from socialism for example for freedom in the end and we decided that this is something very important.

Host: And what it came out from that?

Slavi Binev: And it came out that we bought a false product, that we have made an incorrect exchange as Indians, who have exchanged for the pieces of glass, for something small, diamonds. This is what we should do. We should back the principles for which we fought and we have believed in. In the end, I'm sure we are in society, which have strongly believed in the ¨89, that there will be a change. I have deeply believed. I've been to almost all the rallies. So much I have enjoyed it in the end, we really will live another way and saw that not only did not we lived in another way, but it gets worse. It became more cynical, became uglier, because for me it is absolutely the same if they will crush you, kick you in the name of the people, in the name of democracy or in the dictator's name.

Host: What is your achievable goal, however, for the next vote? You will play alone, in a union and where do you see yourself in next year's vote?

Slavi Binev: What must we do, to try, of course, to get all the people who are actually dissatisfied by what happens, not to undergo to these fragmentation coming, of course, called to call it, the opponent, th human-dictator, etc., because this is the way. He is trying to divide and conquer the society.

Host: Many political forces have intereste from that to have a fragmented and colorful Parliament.

Slavi Binev: Of course, of course. There are topics that many people do not want to consider. I must say that here now politico-economic oligarchy to some extent merged. They have no economic levers to make it happen. But I think people understand all too well that this can not go on like this just can not continue.

Host: Yes, but those same people will ask. If tomorrow you are part of the next National Assembly and GERB offer you a coalition, for example because they lack H seats to form a stable majority, which to be the basis for a future coalition government. Hypothetically where are you? Will you accept? Will you refuse?

Slavi Binev: Do you know? We had conversations with everybody. We had conversations with absolutely everyone, of course, but never with GERB for the simple reason that they are a symbol of stupidity. GERB is not a party. GERB is a disease whose symptoms are stupidity, poverty, fear, and misery.

Host: You are cutting the axles for any dialogue?

Slavi Binev: Absolutely ultimatumly. No, no. Talking to fools is dangerous because stupidity is contagious. It is contagious. It is more dangerous than AIDS and therefore, people should really be careful with whom they communicate. I personally, cut all the bridges on this subject for many reasons. No other. I think that the fool is dangerous even fro himself, which can be seen.

Host: Are these threats real which you sent a letter about to Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov? You do not go with guards, but you have...

Slavi Binev: Did you know? When we put these warnings, all fell on that someone could be killed. A politician can be killed in many ways and at least be shot and be ...

Host: Not physically, exclusively?

Slavi Binev: Sure. I warned them about what happened next. In one of the yellow newspapers have to tell you, there were three articles that their only goal was to be discredited, destroyed, minimized, etc., something that does not bother me because I recently said at an interview:
I have no skeletons in the closet or if i ever had they were always in front of people¨s eyes. Nothing to worry about. Me myself, I've lived a really at high speed, while there's nothing to worry about. This has flowed fate. I do not know. What to do?

Host: Yes, but now you…

Slavi Binev: Surely it could be thrown a skeleton over me, but I have been blamed so much for the way I lived, because I was a controversial personality however. On the base with the pigs I have to fight, because when you fight with pigs, no possible to stay clean. I have always stand against any dictatorship, whether on the street , whether in MS.

Host: Do you think now, when you make this query ” with GERB never in future “ they say, and respectively stand up against all rulers until they ask you, why not turn off BSP from this group of partnership, for example?

Slavi Binev: Here we are not talking about partnership. I talk with who may be be able to talk. Generally partnership with BSP, I would not made partnership with BSP, but to have a conversation with them is quite normal and logical, I think, because in the end, they are probably one of the solid political subjects. They are really.. What can I say? Although I blame them for being really a lab, where all the other opposition projects are made , no way to realize that they are a reality that can not be ignored. To pretend they do not exist, is not serious. They are truly in the same time, however, I have a note from their president because this is the difference between the statesman and the politician.
The politician is ready to sacrifice the public interest, as it is happening now because I blame them for one thing. They found the only one incompetent, more incompetent than the triple coalition, just to be able to revive them and bring them back in the game at all, because whatever we talk, after the low scores that they had on the elections, the greatest disappointment, they were really the big disappointment, we could not believe that they can disperse, did not seek any new project. At the same time they really found and subsidizing a project such as GERB at the moment, to be able to refresh them and get them out of the grave.
This is really a problem at the moment and the worst thing is that they keep it in all the possibilities their chairman have. They do not use them now because this upsets them. This weak and poor idiotic management suits them now , just to be able to revive them and bring them back to power again and to be appointed as the only one , to call it, allowed opposition at the moment, because they are currently not opposition now. This is the terrible now. We need to understand that when, but it's the difference between the politician and the statesman.
The statesman is ready to defend himself the political interests. A real statesman ,when fundamental problems occur in the society, such as freedom, affecting all political subjects, such as us now, they are ready to come to help us and say: We do not like them, but we are ready to stand and keep those principles of freedom, even though they do not concern us at the moment for the simple reason that we have no right to behave in this way. They did non stand in any way as a shield to keep the most important democratic principle because they are established players. They have their ways to retain their perimeter, the others to get better as they can. No. These are basic, fundamental principles and here is important a person, whether respects someone and wants to partner or not, to stand and say no. Violated fundamental freedoms in Bulgaria: freedom of information, freedom of business initiative, etc.

Host: Because we have almost finished, lets say finally , how many people you expect on Saturday? Is this…

Slavi Binev: We are expecting around 10 to 15 thousand people. We hope to be much more and really hope to be peaceful and quiet protest, so we can say our demands. We will read our statement in front of the Council of Ministers , which will be linked with certain requests and if they do not respond to these requests, we in all cases, the following demonstrations probably will not be so peaceful.

Host: You promise a hot winter, as I understand. Slavi Binev was a guest on "Between the rows" this morning. Thank you.

Slavi Binev : Do you know? I just want to add one thing that I think is extremely important to us ... From the EU recommended as a medication for GERB disease hunger, and from Russia at the moment they recommend that it will be cold. To avoid this happen, go out to the streets and punish the fools.

Host: Thank you.

12/07/12 – Presa newspaper – Slavi Binev, MEP: Archonship is a vow for life

Interview of Valeria VELEVA about faith and policy battles

Well, Mr. Binev you created PROUD - another party ...

No, this is the first ...

The first?

Yes, the first free party that can not be accused of something to do with the mother-party BCP. Even the great hope, which was GERB it appeared that bears the birthmark of replaced democracy - its leader is a former communist police chief and General - the top three things banned in the democratic world. And quite expected - the results of this management are what can be assumed from the old totalitarian reflexes: policing, control of media, simulated democracy and patronage with political and economic structures. Now the European Parliament is convinced - after a series of discussions that challenged - that GERB is mimicry of the former totalitarian regime.

What you say, speaks it also Meglena Kuneva. How you differ?

I doubt that's exactly what could talk Mrs. Kuneva, unless _she does it in front of the mirror in the bathroom. She and the main people around her are just the circle of "usual suspects" - appointed politicians in Bulgaria. And especially its coalition, before the onset of GERB was considered the worst management in Bulgaria. Apparently Mrs. Kuneva inflects another crutch for the future management - equally comfortable as of BSP and of GERB, who will have neither a sufficient number of deputies to govern themselves, nor the courage to run together in the next term.

But with her you are on one site.

No, we are not in one site. With her is soft voter, more feminine, here are a tough people, those who see the truth and not afraid to call things by their real names, because the first step of the decision of any problem is realizing its and naming. And we can not politely spoken about what happened because we are truly concerned about the disappearance of Bulgaria and we are not concerned by it for the survival of political officials ... We are radical opposition and Mrs. Kuneva fret so quiet and sleepy that they do not hear what she says ...

In your speech there is an aggression that runs within the political tone and is counterproductive. Do not you realize that?

Can I be polite to people who rape and have fun with the hopes of millions of Bulgarians 23 years ago? With my personal hopes for a just, democratic and free society? Aggression gives rise to aggression. Love creates love. Trust engenders trust. Aggressive people totalitarian people, tyrants always elicit aggression in me, and when the aggression is combined with stupidity, garnished with ambition and desire for approval, the aggression I feel twice as big. I am the biggest enemy of stupidity, of money and of misfortune, all of whose largest carrier is a political party GERB and the dictator at the head of this party. And if someone recognizes with stupidity, garnished with ambition - yes, I have to battle him, battle to the last drop of blood! And this one needs to know that I am his real and greatest enemy.

When you say "dictator", I think you have no idea of this word. To speak against Borisov is now the easiest. Let's remember the time of Kostov. About the dictator Zhivkov not to mention.

Exactly to accuse me of choosing the easy road is pretty rude ... When I led landmark cases against public figurehead of the transition, the media and politicians dared to publicly pronounce their names, although I hired them to do their dirty work. For example UDF Mr. Kostov and VIS group ... Meanwhile the "brave" dictator I have not heard that he had sought public office. It is difficult to make a parallel between Zhivkov and Borisov, although many similarities are apparent to the naked eye. Today, just a very clever dictators use democratic opportunities that give them a government, they are much more perfidious. And as regards my attitude to the tyrant, it is not changed from when he became Chief Secretary of the MoI.

What is the purpose of PROUD? Being admitted to the mass of a policy?

The mind must be allowed next to mass politics. I think politics should be the natural ending of a successful career where you can deliver the experience and potential and to share them with people who profess common ideas. I hope I've been successful so far, but the greatest legacy that I leave to your children is the example that do not incline to head or a dictator, whether street, police, political or otherwise. I am the mirror man, Old Testament, profess the maxim of Confucius: "To good man should respond with good and to bad with their conscience."

Do you see yourself in the future as prime minister?

This has never been my childhood dream, although I know that society needs people who can talk with success. For me the battle was the most important thing and I realized that happiness is not final, but the path to it. For me, are important processes, it is important to be on the side of good, justice, whether because you have to bet my life or comfort. We need to leave good examples for their children, and all this podlizurkovshtina in society, which has become a pattern, and they see them, we create the most cruel wounds in our souls. What they see on television and by politicians, this aspiration for approval, regardless of quality, making them some bastards with a desire for approval. This is a terrible model and creates a distorted view of life.

As listen to this brilliant position, I think if you want to push the eyes of people from Volen Siderov and point it to yourself?

No. My battle is not with Volen Siderov, my battle with the dictator and dictatorship ... .

As I listen to you, I think if you want to lure foreign voters?

I'm not a street courtesan to entice people in the corners. For me it is important to open people's eyes about what is happening around them. You women ought best to know if someone is constantly praised, something is wrong. The same is when a man constantly tells me success, and then something is wrong. Success always speaks for itself and it's time to understand the dictator.

And then everything flared up around archonship will you deny of that title?

There is no reason to quit because I do not see what was raging. I know that the bishops have recognized this title.

Not all!

There is no such thing. Voting was conducted in the Holy Synod present were 10 bishops, all were in favor. Those who were not present,'s their business - have been there, then maybe they would have a different opinion.

How much does this title cost?

It continues to cost me a lot. I want people to understand something important if you are the founder of the church written in your name next to the entrance, and they even painted the inside - for a single act of donation. Archonship is a vow is for life - for you and your firstborn son. In this sense asking someone how much you cost is ridiculous. It cost you a lifetime, not just yours .. In return, do not expect anything - no inscriptions in churches, if someone mentions you in my prayers, thank you. If do not - again thanks. Did you know that when in 1393 Tarnovo fell, the Turks do not kill a single soldier, nor one ruler and put Evtimiy to go into exile ... Just killing archons and their families. Today no one remembers their names

How did you pay for it?

I never fought account. I continue to help the church. I continuously pay my duties and the means and still give ridiculous explanations of ridiculous questions, because questions about Archonship are - preposterous. The problem for society is not titles Archon, the problems are much larger and are associated with the experience of a person to become a government post - the post of housekeeper of the state, which should take care of security and cleanliness at the entrance - the title Prime Minister . And above all, wants to make this title for life, even hereditary. I think that it should terminate the contract until it has deserted the government.

Well, it is decided by the voter! While you want your children to inherit your archon title.

Each child should choose his own path. I would recommend only way of dignity, of intransigence, to helping people who find themselves in need, not the road bends and not the servant of any dictatorship and tyranny. as a believer teach them to do without modestly they stick in people's eyes, because for me religion is the most intimate part of life.

I can not understand why do you need this title? What it brings you further confidence, power ...

I do not need extra confidence. I have tried to help and the church has tried to repay that. No tragedy, no deal.

With God, arrangement with God?

It is not possible. It is simply not possible. In the Holy Synod do not tear tickets for paradise. They look healthy backs that can bear the burden.

And do you like at present the Bulgarian Church, which has closed in personal scandals and problems, and is dealing with the burdens of the laity? This church, which made you Archon?

Maybe that's why they turn so actively in its activities, because I think the church should have a much more worldly presence in our peace. And especially at a time of disintegration of values. I talked with some of the bishops and not think for their proper position to distance themselves from the problems of society. They should not flirt with the state, but unfortunately they become part of public relations worker of the dictator, while saying - we are not dealing with politics, which actually is not. They should be a corrective to the state, because this church our mind through the years of slavery. And it should take us through and this slavery that we are trying to impose now. I am sure that you, the journalists also need to have more freedom ...

Let's not talk common. Currently you have the freedom to speak.

The fact that I am in front of you does honor and dignity of your newspaper. But I want to tell you that I write open letters that can not escape the media. Write letters which would, if not a grain of truth in them, I may be indicted or be news № 1.

What do you say in these letters?

I sought the arrest of the dictator in our country from the rostrum of the European Parliament. I want his arrest here and now, here you want to arrest its trading influence for thousands of other nefarious things, but mostly stupidity and incompetence. So I want his arrest and he will get it! I guarantee it! In which country there is this - MEP to make a request to the national Parliament and no answer and a half? Or to the Prime Minister to the prosecution ... It's not about general matters and for inquiring about the property status of the head of Central Election Commission, the poisoning of people, land and water at Krumovgrad of Dundee Precious for abuses in the construction of roads, destruction of nature, the seizure of municipal and state lands from certain companies, with the patronage of the heads of parliamentary committees. It is a daily scandals, for which a Japanese politician would simply not responded in writing, would you have done sepuko. And it's high time people understand that government ineptitude that cost us three billion a year, or in other words 250 million per month.

You are now building the structure of the new party. What do say to the people?

I have really turned into a traveling media. I advise people to perceive things with our eyes, not ears. I advise them not to fall prey to match-fixing and changed information. I myself at matches Borisov agreed not to attend. A change in electoral law and I will want to be a major player at his writing. This law must be such as to make the biggest skeptics believe that the next elections will be true and not false, as the latter. Currently society is divided into two first PROUD, where all parties, organizations and individuals who will not give up and for fair play and the other people with GERB who had surrendered and agreed to participate in match-fixing. And this will be the test of the BSP which are controlled for whether or opposition for fair play and protect us from discrimination that we face.

And how will you ask you are not in parliament?

I'm unusual person. I will not sit in front of the door that I know will be closed and will not play by their rules. If you think so are simply wrong. If you will earn 50, 60, 100 thousand people in the street, and then see what happens. Then you can intimidate more people around proud as they do now. It happens and I explained to the European institutions that I can point people respected in the community who will confirm that they were threatened not to support me and proud. So the system works now and we can not close our eyes.

Well, you will enter the parliament and what will change?

No, I do not want to get into parliament. I want these elections to be won by only reasonable formation at the time, and it can be won with over 98 percent.

Sorry, but this is totalitarianism!

I do not want totalitarianism. I want this election to win democracy and fair play against match-fixing. I want to win people with different political views, but united by an honest game. I want to come out successful people in PROUD have different personalities, but they are united by a single desire - we have real democracy, which then pass into a reasonable state. I want this election to defeat democracy. PROUD is a political project of democracy, PROUD is not party. We must replace the system.

When will you accept that you succeeded?

For me, the system will win then when the biggest skeptics are convinced that elections are fair. Then reason will win by 98 percent. All people should have their representation and also fools - their representatives in the face of GERB. The Prime Minister himself said it: I am simple, simple, and you understand why! And proud of it. In this and many other matters, the European Union close its eyes, but now the dictator will have to be explained. Several times in Parliament they arecalling me to tell me the truth about the situation in Bulgaria. But these are steps on the road to success. For now the most important reason is to overcome stupidity.

Do you for speak the Prime Minister of Bulgaria in the European Union as a dictator?

Exactly. He was general dictator, despised figure and they are in shock. It is shocking that besides the view of GERB nothing else in the country can not be heard because it is silenced - either by pressure or by deprivation of liberty, whether civil, economic, or take your word. In the democratic world and not even respect the opinion of his other obliged to listen. Even Voltaire said "I disagree with what you say, but I would die defending your right to say it". During the 89 to us democracy was a gift, but now we have to do the second step to remove all the clichés and prejudices, and are slaves to boldly go forward with protecting the freedoms and become a truly European.

04/07/12 - BNR - Slavi Binev for archonship

Host: Now the promised interview recorded yesterday with Slavi Binev and his first position from where comes the tension over the title Archon

Slavi Binev: I explain it as a black balloon, ie as a diversionary story from the problems of society. That's my only explanation, in the State of Borisov it is easier to be gay than Archon. Even more preferably, especially for people who hang around him.

Host: Just your arhonship sparked the first decision of the Holy Synod, which declared unlawful giving of such title. Now that the Church change its position, do you feel vindicated?

Slavi Binev: I do not feel like a man whose blood was changed twice. I feel completely normal, as I have always felt. Who wants, admits something, who does want, does not recognize it. I think it is very important not to alienate people who want a change for the better, people want to become better and to demonstrate it. I want to create models in society which to be provocative and to be followed. Because it is extremely important not only to condemn things and determine what is good and what is bad.

Host: What you have done for the church, to receive the title? For what merits it was given to you ?

Slavi Binev: For the church there are things that should remain at intimate level, to call it so. I continue to do these things because I've earned the title, but I need to explain and answer the phone to all the people who ask me irrelevant questions. However, I wish everyone to do what he needs, to do in order to reveal at least some questions around himself. Not less.

Host: How do you accept comments that have links that cast doubt that these titles have certain dividends?

Slavi Binev: Well, I do not know what dividends brings to vow yourself and some of his commitments in favor of a particular diocese or even to condemn their offspring to some extent in this engagement. I think there are no dividends, but on the contrary - a commitment, obligations.

Host: In international relations do you talk about your title and do your interlocutors know about this? How do they comment the acknowledgment that you received?

Slavi Binev: It happened to talk about these issues and I think it was for good. I hope so. Again, I say, these are distracting news that benefit only those who want to distract from the major issues in our country right now. They are 13%, and electricity rises at the expense of some promises, some nonsense protests forthcoming changes in the law on forests, etc.
For me, everything that happens with the theme of archons is frivolous directly against what is happening in the country. I personally advise people who really want a change to happen to address these issues to the public as a whole.
One of the things that raises a very big question inside me is the problem with the burning Vitosha. Because many people ask whom who has the benefit from all that and if that is not a punishment for the environmentalists who rose against someone, who wants to donate it to him. These are interesting practices that are very popular in Greece and I hope this does not happen in Bulgaria at the moment.

Host: There are some comments in Bulgaria, but it is still in .....

Slavi Binev: I hope to have these comments! I hope to give them so the publicity because it becames so obvious and the things start to become violent and ugly. And look for scapegoats such as stories about archons, not around me because I have never been a victim, and I have never considered myself as a victim. They look for an ox under the calf. But usually people who are looking for ox under the calf, find something else.

Host: By the way, explaining the tradition of the archons in the final decision, | Holy Synod talked about that Archons are generally collected in fraternities, in which they operate in some way. You are participating in such archon brotherhood?

Slavi Binev: I know all the archons in Bulgaria and I think we have a good relationship. Whether this can already be seen as brotherhood or simply as a circle of friends, respectful circle ... I do not know - which, as he wants to examine it. I see them as people who I respect and who are my close friends.

Host:Probably you communicate frequently and often you are considering some joint action or ...

Slavi Binev: Well, everything that is for good, I think we consider it, unlike the government, which considers only the bad things.
24/06/12 - Television - Interview with Slavi Binev MEP, BNT Day Begins ... on Sunday

Host: The studio has Slavi Binev MEP. Hello, Mr. MEP.

Slavi Binev: Hello.

Host: Also Chairman of PROUD - civil association for real democracy. Your name was mentioned many times during the week for another topic - archonship.

Slavi Binev: It rarely happens to me.

Host: Yes. With this theme or just with the name Slavi Binev, which one?

Slavi Binev: Well, as if the two things ...

Host: How do you explain, yes, it was over, but now again aroused this topic. How do you explain the desire of the Holy Synod to legalize the title Archon.

Slavi Binev: I can not discuss the decision of the bishops. I can only think of why it was so devoted the attention as news and maybe not so much on their decision as the other post. That is very correct. You should always have a second opinion and the other opinion must be respected, whether we agree with it or not. For me, these are the so-called colored balloons to distract people's attention from real events, real problems, that the example system can be tailored so stupid, you know, the Prime Minister again eg understand that praise, not that no one has said anything about the European bank. Something that would have each country to ask whether there is something worse than folly, if there is something more frightening than stupidity, if corruption could be swallowed. Because I have to tell you here when it came to Breivik, I thought, and I must tell you - a society can deal with criminality, corruption, but not with the stupidity of people and with their idiocy.

Host: Yes.

Slavi Binev: Right, because it's nonsense. Suddenly, in fact, and I must say that in the protocol political language never, these things happen as mistakes, but neverthe institutions interfere to correct any those people who have made this mistake because ...

Host: If you want to talk about the PM, we will talk about the PM. Just ...

Slavi Binev: No, not the Prime Minister.

Host: But I do not want to leave so quickly the topic about the Archons because it was curious. There were protests outside the Synod Office, people were against it, others said - why not to have archons. Just ask ...

Slavi Binev: Yeah, society is divided.

Host: ... You're like Archon, are there any advantages to this? What are the benefits? Do you wand mantle? Do you ...

Slavi Binev: ... of each community they are different and sometimes it can not be discussed outside the context of that society. But ...

Host: That is a secret?

Slavi Binev: No, no. It is not a secret, but it just is not that exciting. More exciting is something else - that people actually need to be able to express their opinion. In every society there are Taliban, whether they are Christian, they are Muslim. There are fundamentalists, there are people who are fanatics and they sometimes see things that can not look beyond that. They always sit in the first rows of bonfires that burn books or burn advanced people, it does not matter. They are always in front. And their eyes are burning themselves.

Host: Yeah, but after 20 years they change their mind.

Slavi Binev: Sure. It is the usual practice. So one can not understand. Because they are converted. Because if someone really so wanted it to be, it can always go through the Bible or through the scriptures, etc., should only when turmoil in Bulgaria were instantly opened the Bible in Proverbs, chapter 30, and see when the earth trembles. Because it is clearly described that the earth is shaking under three, even four cases, the first of which is when the servant became king and when the stupid overeat with bread. These are cases where the ground is shaking.

Host: Alright. Very nice you have learned to speak with euphemisms and metaphors, that sounds very nice indeed ...

Slavi Binev: No. It does not sound good, it's true, and it is written ...

Host: Exactly. Quoting the Bible.

Slavi Binev: Yes. Scriptures, the Old Testament. Should the way these people really have long if you really have a position on these issues, and to become a show where it belongs. Because the quake may have been in this place not by accident.

Host: Alright. Going without characters now without metaphors and enter directly into the current conversation. Who are they? Hot Topics - politically or economically?

Slavi Binev: Economics. World has long understood that politics is actually the technology that should solve the largest problems - this is the standard of living of the people.

Host: Alright. Bulgaria has excellent economic indicators, there put us in third place in fiscal policy, right?

Slavi Binev: You saw the way they place. It is understandable how they place us. There's just people who read and understand things as they want.

Host: Exactly. One wrong. Now to whom to believe - are we good or not?

Slavi Binev: Well, look you can go wrong the first time you are lied, and if you believe the first time the liar it is a mistake to the liar. Right, it is ugly for the liar. But if you believe for a second time it is a mistake for you. Here for three years continuously changed lines and protocol slang, protocol political slang that starts and we respect, thank you, it is arranged. Right, but the government says they are ... because there is one person who is an expert in all matters. And I have to tell you that it is not necessary to do any special research on this - you're bad, you're good. On clear that we are very bad. And this is a major problem for the EU. Because nobody wants a millstone around the neck, everyone wants to have another wing, another bike. In the future, the great battle is for power centers in the world namely ... Brix, America, terrorist centers which are ...

Host: Is there a reason, Mr. Binev, to stand in front as a fighter against the Prime Minister? Why did he become your enemy number one?

Slavi Binev: No. This is one of the biggest lies that attempt to circulate and many people who actually have a reference on all the others have accepted as an axiom.

Host: ...

Slavi Binev: not proven. This is a personal battle. The battle is in the system ... He felt ...

Host: What is the system?

Slavi Binev: The system is confused. The system does not reward you for the quality as a whole or when it is ready. For example, not only by me and many others. To think rationally, to accept it with their eyes, not their ears. To go to dig into the wound and seek to heal.
Because this is the first step that needs to be done to decide on any issue, the first step is to understand that this problem exists. Then when people in a community who report problems are punished for it, not the people who become reference, the public is confused.
It is frozen. This is the biggest problem. The substitution of information because I have put questions that have no answers, whether contentious issues, etc., issues that I asked inside, questions for people that must be exciting.

Even here, when it is question about Tseko Minev, the problems surrounding environment that you are currently viewing Sunday and Precious, which also deal with a huge environmental pollution and again. ecology It's also about Medarova, who is replacing the entire system. Generally the systeme is cycling. How is tailored for elections in Bulgaria, which replaces one of the fundamental freedoms of the Bulgarians his right to vote. For Tsvetelina Borislavova, who is close to the prime minister, and everything close to him is exciting.
And it should be investigated, because in a country where people are sick, it is normal people to share their experiences, telling how he could share it with other people saying how they can make others better. School can do lot about it, to be a missionary of their actions. I think so too. And I have to tell you that when it is picked, it means that even if they do not work on the version, which will ... Because if generally my opinion on these matters is not right, I can be held accountable. Prosecuted for my words. And this is should be the number one story ...

Host: Almost beat me because every statement is an assertion, what is the reasoning behind it? What do you stand for You ...

Slavi Binev: So, in all those conversations, I have described at least a large part of the problem. And unfortunately they do not ... We can not reach the moment and talk about this issue. To really see what is actually going on. Because somehow it seemed unable at the moment for the media to get the to the end, to ask questions and get satisfactory answers. This is the most dangerous thing.
I can tell you that when you replace the statement of the problem, people can not solve it properly. If you replace the statement of the problem, the answer is quite normal to be absolutely false. And then we will have to choose people who are dealing with medicine - lawyers, people who are the fathers of the nation - people who reject their own family as the President at the moment, to be a unifier, is one nadinstitutsionalen man be a father of the nation. His own family ...
I can tell you, this is very dangerous because it really replaces teh basic fundamental decisions that must be taken by the people and now here comes the problem with the economy, because the crisis in Greece, yes - Greece is in crisis at least their crisis has nothing to do with the wonderful financial situation of Bulgaria, because all the people there and in Spain, and in all countries who currently sit under a monitor are saying "if we need to replace somehow the social status of people, to replace the social privileges, that they can be ... ... and we should be good performers of the financial framework that Europe wants. "We will not just come out of the eurozone, we will come out of the EU because we are not able to expose people to the humiliation that ones suffer in Bulgaria.

Host: Well, if you get it right, listening to what you are saing, monopolies, a subject on which you are very active, get into another dimension. So the monopoly is not a choice. The monopoly ...

Slavi Binev: monopoly freedom of speech, the monopoly of the truth. Monopoly does a ... Most dangerous is that monopolies are products of first necessity. I.e. they are not on the extras, ie on things by saying "need to be increased," they rise and no one can move.

Host: Well, Mr. Binev, however one does not quite understand. When do you know that? When I became Mr. MEP or earlier when you had nationalist see? Now, is there anything that made you change like that?

Slavi Binev: Look, just to tell you my attitudes, specifically on these issues, I've never changed them. I am a constant man. I have not changed my relationship to life in any way. I can be accused of many things but I can not be accused in life and I continue in this direction, in which the battle for truth must always tell you that I have not faced against one another tyrant.

Whether he was in the street, whether it was elsewhere, whether in the state. This is my behavior and I do not think that I somehow snaked it. As for how far I have been consistent in its policy plan I must tell you that I have never been bound to ATAKA purely politically. This was to a large extent an arrangement. We would need each other and I would never say anything bad, I hope the other side too.

Host: What was the cost for that? What was that that you gave to ATTACK, and what they gave to you? A seat in the Euroepan Parliament.

Slavi Binev: I have to tell you, is I think I blew so much energy, a very different view of things, but you should know that I am a rational person, so to speak, I gain practice. The academic preparation is only the guarantee for a good start. Sometimes one must have really ... seen laws to be experimented on himself, on democracy, market economy and everything else.

Host: What is your relationship with Volen Siderov?

Slavi Binev: Well, we have never quarreled, we havent spoke from a long for the simple reason that I hardly quarrel with the people, but it is impossible to reconcile.

Host: Did you accuse him when he supported Boyko Borisov at the beginning?

Slavi Binev: This was our unannounced break. I just went the way that I'm interested in, which was connected only to a rational policy. I can not support something that for me is irrational. Something that works against my interests. Because I have to tell you - money are as women. They like intellect, like security, like rules, like initiative, like power. And people do not like the pretending ones. They run away from them. They flee from chambered ...

Host: What about Attack in the next election?

Slavi Binev: Will Bulgaria have ... I must tell you, I can not say about ATTACK and have to tell you - I dont have a big interest in it. I think one should only interested in things that directly affect them. I care about one thing. The standard of living, the fact that man can not be rich among poors, that man can not be happy among unhappy ones, and if we happen to have all the people who see that something must be done they should all stand against the insane system that seemed to enjoy most from the humiliation under which it subjects people rather than from their successes. One must really be a voyeur and to be happy for everyone who enjoys, not not te be sadd for everything that does not affect him directly.

Host: What will do PROUD in the next elections, Mr. Binev?

Slavi Binev: I hope PROUD to participate and win them. When i am saying that...

Host: Is there too many nationalist parties?

Slavi Binev: Look, here's another cliche what intelligent people have to avoid
This is not about a nationalist party. We are talking about a party of the nationality that is not a party in the strict sense, it is a political alliance between party entities, civil society, individuals, etc. This can not be regarded as a party. This can be seen as a new revolution. People who have decided that simply replacing the information, the irrational behavior of some people, the egotism is only playing a problem in creating a society. You have to collect all the people who seek rationality, who are willing to look the truth in the eye.

Host: You have described the drivers of the revolution, so to speak, in that our 15 minute conversation.

Slavi Binev: Exactly. They have to be seen ... So I'll be happy when 90% of people stand up with PROUD because that will be people not united by a political idea, but people who want to see and to judge by what they see rather than what they hear because that will be people who have their own opinion, and not inspired by others.

Host: You gave a very brave program - 90% to stand up with PROUD.

Slavi Binev: 98, if you are asking me.

Host: 98?

Slavi Binev: Because 2% of man's madness is a pleasant one. It can be nice to people. But when a person begins to hear voices at all, whether of European banks, whether the EU institutions or begin to hear the voice of the Lord, this is very dangerous because people say - if you say something to God, it's prayer but if He begins to respond ...

Host: Things are becoming a diagnosis.

Slavi Binev: As it is in this case, yes!.

Host: Alright. Thank you. This was an interesting meeting because we really vote, as they say, to ...

Slavi Binev: Meetings are interesting with me, so maybe I'm not so popular.

Host: And no, there are many issues, but I have no more minutes. MEP Slavi Binev at the studio of BNT. Thank you for being on our show.

Slavi Binev: Thank you!

09/04/12 – “Super 19” newspaper – Slavi Binev, MEP: I am fighting against the status qua for 23 years


Mr. Binev, how does Bulgaria looks like from the eyes of the European Parliament in Brussels or Strasburg?

Bulgaria definitely looks problematic. Member State of the EU, whose citizens are looking for justice not in their own state but from the European institutions. Country about which Europe is constantly receiving complains about the undemocratic way, in which it is governed. Country, where the basic values and ideas of Europe are discredited, and all other things are function- last place as far as the standard of living is concerned and first for corruption.
The hottest political intrigue is having elections next autumn. Do you believe in that?

I believe in that that the general-lieutenant is used to play arranged games and seeing the final results, could look for extension of the natural end of the power that will befall him.
He will seek early elections, while there is still deluded people who delude themselves with his kindness. And looking back, he did not finish anything that he has started. He "escaped" from the Communist Party, and the police and deputies from his place in the NDSV and the mayor in Sofia. However, I do not think that one can escape his fate, he can only suspend it.

If there are such parliamentary elections before the regular once in June-July 2013 , are you going to participate with your own project? GORD? Would you suggest what percent the main players will receive?

I am politician, not a fortune teller. Suggestions could be made only in situations, where we have correct data. This includes: whether the Bulgarian will release from his fears whether he is ready to defend his fundamental freedoms, whether we will allow once again fraud with the vote, whether we will stand against the oligarchic and media circles, supporting Borisov and if we as a nation are going to postpone that also.
But know – we are going to be provoked by Europe in the most democratically possible way, which it has – stopping the funds or economical embargo and stopping the privileges, as well as stopping us from Schengen. We are going to be provoked, as long as there is no place for stepping back and the only way is to face our fears. If this happens really late, that would be bad for our country and for our children.
As far as the political life is concerned – of course that I will participate against the status quo and against everybody, who showed their inability to cope with the problems of the past 23 years. This will not be just participation in the elections; it would be peaceful revolution for bringing back the justice and our fundamental freedoms. This will not be elections, but fight of the citizens, who want to succeed against the one who have taken the power permanent politicians and the serving to them oligarchs.
Whom are you going to rely upon and what fresh energy you could bring in the Bulgarian politics?
I will rely only on the people who have deserved it and here I would like to clearly state that this does not depend on their financial capabilities, since person is what he is- bad or good, deserved or coward. Money is just catalizator, which underlines these qualities. Also the successful people are those who are looking for success and who do not accept failure, but instead are ready to fight for their freedoms and the future of their family.

Which are the five things, which you are going to start immediately and which must be changed in Bulgaria?

First justice, which unfortunately does not give us our justice system. Monopolies, which sniff society. Media independence and discontinuity. True transparency in the allocation of EU state funds. And most importantly: the promotion of social and public good models as the creation of a national strategy and doctrine, which provoke raising living standards of citizens.

Do you commiserate Volen Siderov, because of everything that happened to him in recent months - broken parliamentary group and broken family? All bridges are burned between you two?

I think he was a victim of the naivity and ignorance that in life there are two basic tests. These are failure and success. Then we evaluate people by their behavior. Whether because offailure you bend and break. And do not become a success arrogant and do sleazy unions. I tried to explain that when a person has a serious opponent he has to deal with them. And I hope to got it already, that bears do not eat honey ... Pardon me with a dog - Borko. But they blew up bridges .I'm just not crazy to believe that he can walk on air or to throw a sacrifice in the gap.

Do you remember sometimes Joro Iliev and are there in you any bad feelings towards him? What was the real problem between you and why, unlike the state, you were able to sue a person pretty quickly, whom Ministry of Interior then called mafia boss?

Joro can be accused of many evils, but not as miserable coward. Regarding the state and the media - no one dared neither the politicians nor journalists the brave and fearless, nor even the hope for combating criminality - General Secretary of the MoI to call Georgi Iliev mafia boss. This was only my privilege.
Intentionally or not the situation repeats. I always forgive my enemies but never forget their names. The same people who crawl at the feet of Joro and fawn around him now crawl at the feet of Borisov. Again, the same judge, whether Chochkova or Medarova, again the same threats of death, whether from criminal or political commissars brigades which held them through corruption cases. During all these years, I play the role of alpha tester for democracy. I think I will bring this to the end perhaps this most important test.
You are person of money- how important are they in reality?

Again I will repeat: one is good or bad, cowardly or courageous, and so on. Money is a catalyst and only emphasizes that. For me, money has always been means to implement my plans. They are an integral part of the material world in which we live and milestones that show our path. I always thought that the economic elite should be led by people with personalities, not people who act as support staff to make money for trading the weaknesses of another dictator.
What economic elite and what will you give an example to your children, if what you say alone with your family, and some even with yourself, you cannot tell in the eyes. Those who say one thing and do another are the most ordinary liars and rich servants. This also applies to so-called "Bulgarian political class." I always wondered if ministers like money that much to endure mockery of themselves.

In what do you believe?

I believe in my family, I believe in good in people, I believe that no one can stop the natural progression of things. I also believe that one must confront the problems and fears, because otherwise he cannot solve, but only postpone them.

What is the thought that is always leading you ahead?

In different situations I have different thoughts but as you correctly pointed out- they always lead me ahead.

Which is your biggest loss?

Unfortunately, I have lost so many things and many close people. I cannot make any ratings but I hope that I will never lose my principles.

What is your biggest achievement?

These are my children, of course, but I hope that I have my biggest achievements ahead of me.

What is unforgivable for you?

Everything could be forgiven, if you do not forgive yourself.

What would you change in yourself?

So many things, on which I am continuing to work daily and with which I have not put up.

Who you would like to be in your next life and would you repeat this one if it was possible?

To this life I do not have any claims. God sent me a a lot of tests that demonstrated that if we accept Darwin's theory of the origin of man from apes, I am dealing with it quite good.
With who of the important people in history you would like to meet and talk, if you had time machine?

With the great prophets and teachers.

Which the weakness that you can share?

I am not sure with what to start and I am also not sure that your newspaper will not end up in the hands of my wife.

What is the book that changed your life?

It was not Vinetu for sure.
When you face God, what are you going to tell him?

I hope it is going to be before God
02/04/12 - Newspaper Bulgaria Today - Slavi Binev, MEP: I am the fear of Borisov

Binev is MEP for a second term in the European Parliament elected from the party "Attack" and founder of the civil movement PROUD. Born on December 10, 1965 in Sofia, has graduated sports journalism. Binev is a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and substitute member in the Committee on Human Rights. He is married with five children and one granddaughter.

- Mr. Binev, you have repeatedly alarmed the EU about the problems of the freedom of speech in Bulgaria. Could you give specific examples.

- Examples there are as much as you want, as long as anyone can see them. Actually you should ask the appropriate one - the president of the media commission in the Parliament, to whom I sent a letter on the subject more than a year ago. Because I have not received a response so far. Reporters themselves, who assess their work, also gave a rating score "weak" for freedom of speech. "Reporters without borders" give 40th place of Hungary, which started a revolution on the question of the freedom of speech, while Bulgaria has the "honorary" 80th place. We are after many African countries. Not to mention that I am refused interviews, previously promoted by television, with the excuse that they have other issues, which means that from the highest position there is a censorship. I would add that those who do not have arguments always have other issues. Apparently the word of an MEP is not important, especially when he wants custody of the Prime Minister and the so-called circle "Forbes" around him.
Everything that has happened around me shows that I'm under a blanket of censorship. I can not show my constituents and everyone else what I am doing in the European Parliament, while there are all sorts of other news from the EP. My name is either discarded, or replaced. This is a parody, which is arranged in several folders and I can always make it available, if anyone has interest in it. It is appalling that journalism becomes the lawyer of the government and a prosecutor of those who are against it.

- Wait, how come your name will be replaced with another?
It is not possible that you have done something, which is attributed to someone ELSE.

- Well it can not be, but I have sent letters to some media, in which I clearly explain that it is not possible, but it happens.

- You have commented that there would be a committee to investigate the problems of freedom of speech in the EP. Tell us more.

- Yes, there will be a committee similar to the new committee "Anti-mafia". In EP, of course, I do not expect justice here. The Committee has not yet been formed, it is an idea, but the problems in Bulgaria make Europe to decide on these issues and not to replace the vote of citizens. I am invited to participate, the Committee is not yet constructed, so I do not know yet exactly how it would work. Look, we are managed by the interest, not by the principle. Politicians are only interested in how to bargain their influence, they want to override the rights of anyone who plays against the status quo.
We should all say - not so! People should be able to choose, otherwise we doom them. People say we choose them such, we will bear the consequences. But this is not true, people are smart enough, simply by replacing the condition of the task, they can not solve it correctly. Should be promoted all those, who will enable people to have choice, while not to offer them already made artificial rankings.

- You have commented earlier that due to the lack of freedom of speech, Boyko Borisov and his partners should be arrested. Why?

- First, freedom of speech had to be on such a high level, for example, to clarify whether it is possible the boss of the Central Electoral Committee, who is appointed by GERB and is a judge in the Sofia Court, and is not there a conflict of interest that her husband wins contracts worth millions for his companies. Is it not compromising that they put people who might be held for their throat, packed and ready for investigation, which makes them easily manipulated? This exactly suits the ruling of GERB. Another example - can an organization as PROUD with people, with whom Bulgaria has been proud of, nowhere to receive publicity, while precisely those people might be the only alternative because they do not represent the status quo. And to those who immediately said they would support GERB is given the whole tribune.

- What do you expect all of this will lead to?

- Among the people there is a belief that journalists lie and the sociologists are covering. And you will see that the next demonstrations and protests will no longer take place in front of the parliament but in front of the offices of the media who change the information. And I do not know if anyone realizes that our country is in a complex financial time, and now appears a new circle "Forbes". There was a circle "Orion", there was a circle "Olympus", now there is "Forbes". Your readers are intelligent people and they know what it is about.

- You describe the situation as if we live in "1984" on Orwell. Is that true?

- This is where we live, unfortunately, there we are, in the "Animal Farm" we also live. It is a horror! There is always someone, who goes out and behaves arrogantly, that is the biggest horror, the emanation of arrogance and trade of with others' opinions, the suppression of the freedom of speech. This government is behaves as a fire brigade, they do not have a clear view what to do nor when. There was pride in the other governments as well, but in this it became its trademark. When I say government, I mean only one man, the Lieutenant General Boyko Borisov, the flagship of democracy in Bulgarian - Communist General and head of the police. Democracy allows people to control the government through the media, but here the things have turned up side down, the government controls the people through the media and it creates its opposition also through them. If it were not so, I would have
had the whole tribune of the society because I name the faults, from which it suffers. And that made me the greatest fear of Borisov and he throws all his strength to make my voice not heard. You know, now you talk with the biggest fear of Boyko Borisov. This government gives the impression to our European partners that only failed firefighters can become good premieres in our country. The Prime Minister does not acknowledge or respect any procedure - he goes, bum, in the Madan - he changes one and puts another. I will believe in his good intentions, when he opens the treasury of the circle "Forbes" and takes the money from it. Why he does not change, as in the Madan, the head of "Dundee Precious", where citizens were striking on ecological principles? Why he does not open the banks of the circle "Forbes", check the properties of the Judge of the CEC. Why he does not give away the apartments of Tsvetan Tsvetanov to the poor people? With the letter TS are all that are referred to in this circle.

- You mention as well the banks of Tzvetan Vasilev?

- I do not put just Tzvetan Vasilev, I put along the banks of his girlfriend Tsvetelina Borislavova too. Well, give an example with the people around you, do it and you will make people believe in you, open the treasuries of the First Investment Bank, of the Corporate Commercial Bank, then I will believe in your good intentions. The worst thing is that this slave master makes people afraid. You know that lepers think when they get 100 strong, they will recover. The afraid also search for thousands of excuses not to tell the truth to people. To infect any healthy and to make him afraid like themselves.

- Tell me more about the civil movement you founded - GORD.

- There are really a lot of the iconic figures for Bulgaria, people who actually want to change the system because the problem is not "Belene" or "Kozloduy", nor Boyko Borisov. This is not the problem, he is the consequence and the proof that the system should be changed and corrected. And the media can empower people to choose what is good and what is bad. Otherwise always those who try to be the voice of the people in the media will say - but we chose them such. We will be pressured by the EU until the moment, in which we understand that our future is not in the hands of Strasbourg or Brussels, but it is in our own hands and we have to defend with honor our civil liberties. The EU only can with political means to press us once and for all to liberate and to protect our freedoms, and they will stop us from Schengen, and stop the EU funds, until we stop being slaves and start asserting our rights.
We will be challenged, until citizens do not understand that they must take the matters into their own hands.
25/03/12 – BNR – Conversation with Slavi Binev, MEP

Theme: The future of GORD?

Guest: Slavi Binev, MEP

Host: Good afternoon to the MEP, to the independent Slavi Binev in the studio in “Nedelya 150”.

Slavi Binev: Good afternoon to you and to your listeners.

Host: We are happy to see you in the studio.

Slavi Binev: And I am more and more happy when I am invited in the media.

Host: We are following your work in Brussels. Now, where is GORD, is it still called so? You had the idea to change. Otherwise, it sounds good GORD, that is why I am saying it.

Slavi Binev: No, I do not have any intention to ...

Host: Some...

Slavi Binev: No, no. These were front men of the ruling party. But since I know the methodology by which its lord work, I was ready for anything, and announced the things when they were completed.

Host: Civil association for real democracy– this is what it means.

Slavi Binev: For real democracy. Actually what is the association? Many people confuse it with a party, with a desire for some political...

Host: Association.

Slavi Binev: Association and so on. It must be completely clear that it is political formation, which has the general idea about democracy in Bulgaria because the life so far and the transition of 23 years in practice emptied the meaning of this word the same way as the meaning of the word socialism was emptied in these 45 years. We just change a word with...

Host: There is amortization.

Slavi Binev: And it turned out that the principles because of which we gave up some of the social privileges are gone for nothing. Freedom turned out to be some illusionary term.

Host: Well, the time also went for nothing, all that time.

Slavi Binev: I, personally, am not used to putting up with this. I saw that there are also many people who are not putting up.

Host: There are the names of the people, who took part in GORD.

Slavi Binev: Yes. Mostly, these are people who are successful and perhaps the most important thing for them is that they have succeeded, because everyone who has managed to survive now is successful in practice because the tests from which you have to pass the time of this government are great. But these are people who actually have not obeyed. This is perhaps the greatest success. These are people who sit high and are with upright heads; these are people who are willing to take any challenge and deal with ...

Slavi Binev: Life wants such people ...

Host: Let’s say money and power.

Slavi Binev: No, these people have never placed this issue before me. For me, it is extremely important that they are involved in the governing. Because for me this is person, who have resolved his own problems, there is an indication that he can solve also the problems of the community. Commonly in the government so far are chosen weak people, for whom I hear for the first time.

Host: I think, you called them barking. You say that you are making association against the barking in the politics.

Slavi Binev: That’s right. It is high time that these people, who have somehow showed that they can deal with the problems, should pass this experience to the society. At the moment, there is nihilism in the society, a resignation, where all rights and freedoms are being withdrawn. The most important thing now is that the pyramid of socialcontrol is reversed. Democracy means something very simple - it's the control of people over the management , this is done through the media. Currently, the management controls the people through the media. This is totally unacceptableand it can be even so…

Host: Not via this.

Slavi Binev: No, of course. Because the sole fact that I am here and that I am given the opportunity to say this, because many journalists play the role of domestic...

Host: We started the issue of journalism. I am also not happy with everything. You also want transparent financing of the media.

Slavi Binev: It is not that important anymore, because in the real world the methods are so much that it is question of subjective opinion. However, the most important thing in the real social media is the promulgation and it should not be in the hands of the editors; in the first place, there is no way to be so because in this way you impose. Second, the antimonopoly law had to be involved long ago, something that did not happen. Third, in many places in the world, especially in the small countries, the people dealing with media are isolated from the rest of the business and they do not have the right to interfere because of the simple reason that in the small countries the possibility for trading influence are high and therefore…

Host: You know these people, do they want power and money?

Host:... More than the distance of a hand.

Slavi Binev : Yes. Anyways, most importantly, it is clearly seen that neither Meglena Kuneva, nor anybody else , who claims to be the opposition has critical attitude towards the government. GORD are the only, because the people there are proud...

Host: You are not party yet.

Slavi Binev: It does not matter. This is public organization that has the idea to become coalition. This is not the problem here...

Host: You said coalition.

Slavi Binev: I will tell you why. Because in my opinion, the whole world that believes that the principles should be returned, the world should be united and they have to stand against the status quo. Because I personally think that BKP, BSP and whatever else are creating their opponents that they could later vary easily destroy; because they create the alibi, give the banks, make them generals, i.e. they create their image of heroes...

Host: This, which is called party engineering .

Slavi Binev: Exactly. In other words they create themselves opponents who of course are extremely weak personalities in order to be able to easily eliminate them as a car is repaired after a car accident, let’s take for example the last elections. The government is already used and they know it.

Host: You guarantee that you are not one of them.

Slavi Binev: I by the way in these 23 years have fought with absolute all mimicry of the control - be it the power of the street, be it government policy, be it any power. So I do not even accidentally, when I said good afternoon, I said - I am the alpha- tester of democracy. Indeed, there was no test, you know, that I am not covered.

Host: Most commonly said – of the transition.

Slavi Binev: Good. Ок. The tester of democracy. We should aim to go there. However, the truth is that someone has to hit on the table and to have uncontrolled opposition, i.e. such an opposition with which you can exchange the ball and really all the people to go out because...

Host: Is this one of GORD’s goals?

Slavi Binev: Тhis is one of GORD’s aims. One of GORD’s aims is to be known that actually we play against the status quo, against the creation of opponents and idealizing them as heroes and therefore, to exchange the ball with someone who is incompetent. I do not have anything against the dictators, especially those, who are clever. I want to be understood correctly, it turned out that there is no difference between economy and...

Host: Democracy and dictatorship are ...

Slavi Binev: Of course, as a person, I am talking only about the government. People, by the way, they are influenced by what they hear, whether they feel stable, secure, if they have money. At the moment there is no money; bear in mind that the political ideology have long ago been replaced by one doctrine, world doctrine – the standard of living.

Host: The standard of living.

Slavi Binev: It is the most important thing. People are interested in this and it is evident. Because for example in Singapore, where the democracy is illusionary, it is evident what good opportunities are there in the economy, the standard of living and so on. My idea is that what is dangerous in this case is that this part that is manipulating the society for already 23 years, which has created opponents, became slow, lazy and this is not in their favor. This game is not in their favor. I am asking myself who still believes that there is a real battle between BSP and GERB.

Host: You knew the Prime Minister once, right?

Slavi Binev: Even if we knew each other, I have always seen that we understood that we are not from one and the same kind. We are different people.

Host: You have not been on the field together ?

Slavi Binev: No, first because I think that he has never been on the field. This is the interpretation of his sports past. By the way, I think that some day he will need to check his own history. However, something else is more important, I never participate in arranged games. He only participates in such. I have never participated in such; on the contrary, I have taken part in games where the arrangement has been against me. But this battle...

Host: So, you lost then?

Slavi Binev: On the contrary. I have just participated in the battle between David and Goliath many times. And I have to tell you – the people who have read the Bible know very well how it ends. Why? For a simple reason- Goliath might look...

Host: Many people have read it, but David wins over Goliath. This is clear.

Slavi Binev: Right. Simply because, as big and strong Goliath looks...

Host: Are you making a party?

Slavi Binev: I am making ..., which is part of GORD.

Host: You are making it now?

Slavi Binev: No, it is created right now.

Host: It is not yet founded.

Slavi Binev: Indeed, it is founded. It is ...

Host: In documents ...

Slavi Binev: ...are gone.

Host: In court.

Slavi Binev: The documents are in the court, right out. This is conservative party movement of success, KPD of success, which will be part of the big idea of GORD. For me GORD is the most important idea, because the parties are the technologies, in which the political life a country should be organized. However, GORD is important, meaning that, here the civil society needs to say “BASTA”, enough; we cannot be lied for 23 years. Because, when they lie to you once ...

Host: Is there civil society in Bulgaria?

Slavi Binev: I beg your pardon?!

Host: Is there civil society in Bulgaria? I made a program, where I included many public figures. Most of them told me that we do not have civil society yet.

Slavi Binev: I also think that we are in a period of creating of civil society. I personally think that we do not have civil society.

Host: At least there are sprouts.

Slavi Binev: Exactly, there are. The biggest cynicism was yesterday, when I heard that the Prime Minister has decided to be head reporter at a seminar about the freedom of speech. Right, I just fainted. As if cannibal participating in the Vegetarian Union, right.

Host: I watched about Madan yesterday. Ok. Because later we are going to talk with representatives of the trade unions, the employees, Minister Toyu Mladenov and about the incomes. May be we can finish with that. The desperate situation. The incomes are in the fridge, even in the freezer.

Slavi Binev: Right now, I am making a report. It is about the financing of the African, not the Arab spring. There it is clearly said that the EU is not going to support totalitarians since there the big families have a lot of opportunities who just decide that that they are going to govern in the same way as the past governments. Therefore, they are sending so many people, who must certify that these money will not go for these aims- we in practice supporting the dictatorship.


Slavi Binev: I am making analogy at the moment. This reminds me that the only way in which the European Institutions could influence the introduction of the democratic system in Bulgaria, these are the funds, with which we have major problems. Despite the great information from the government, I am telling you that all money in Bulgaria is stopped or is going to be stopped. Every possibility that we join Schengen, irrespective of technical compliance are going to be limites because of the disapproval not only towards to policy of GERB but also the fact that we do not represent a democratic country. I have to say that Hungary, which is now at 40th place as far as the freedom of speech is concerned, is making so much noise...

Host: Is it democratic?

Slavi Binev: At 40th place it is supposed that it is, Europe is condemning it in regard to this questions. We are 80th in the list of “Reporters without Borders”. The truth is that we are further than this and the problems in Bulgaria are rather- recently I finished one of my speeches before the EP with the following-if the symbol of the Arab spring was a colonel, the European Spring which will take place, he would be a general. This is extremely bad because we create bad name not only EPP who are supporting GERB right now, but we are also creating bad name of the EU that is supporting the nondemocratic regime in Bulgaria.

Host: It is also not in a good form – EU. One sentence now about the nationalism. We see “Attack” is multiplying itself.

Slavi Binev: I do not know about “Attack”.

Host: You have not been member of “Attack”.

Slavi Binev: I have never been member of “Attack”. For me, there were always two nations worldwide...

Host: However, nationalism is also part of GORD, right?

Slavi Binev: I have accepted the people as two nations – the good ones and the bad. This is for me, this is how I devide my nationalism – the bad and the good, the fools and the intelligent people, the people who are hiding behind the problems and are excusing themselves in front of the people and the people who are ready to resolve them and are happy with this that life has given them this test , so that they can manage.

Host: Bulgaria to be of the good, I suppose?

Slavi Binev: I hope and I wish Bulgaria once to chose the good ones. Because I do not want when I go abroad to be ashamed but to know that the most deserved one is governing us. Because I believe that this is the least deserved among us at the moment.

Host: Slavi Binev. You will hear him again.

Slavi Binev: With pleasure. I am always at your disposal

Host: Slavi Binev, MEP and leader of GORD, right?

Slavi Binev: Yes.
14/03/12 - - Bulgaria has a criminal corruption, we are № 1 in Europe

Interview with the Independent MEP Slavi Binev
Strasbourg, 14 March 2012

- Mr. Binev, now how the situation with our accession to Schengen is developing?

We will vote tomorrow a resolution against the Netherlands, but the most annoying thing is that there will not be any debates, but only presentations of the political groups, which indicates that they are in compliance with some of the older EU members. I think the lack of debate is not correct because what happens in the Netherlands is not a problem that affects only Bulgaria; it affects the entire European construction. There are two forbidden words - one is protectionism, nationalism is the other one. Today / Wednesday / I shared to some Dutch journalists that the Dutch prime minister has made conclusions about the Bulgarians from his contact with our prime minister - Borisov, but the Bulgarians are good and nice people who should not be penalized and they are not a second class people. Unfortunately, perhaps these persumptions are based on the government in Bulgaria, which is actually discriminatory and totalitarian. It does not speak good about the EPP, that it supports such a regime. I also think that we are punished not because of the Schengen outstanding technical commitments, but because of the disapproval of the political establishment, which operates in Bulgaria. And we are punished also because we do not direct towards the real democracy and the Communist Party continues to apply the same grip, creating its opponents who it can easily liquidate - the more incompetent, the better, no matter if they are teachers in political economy, or they are both communists and generals. I advise the Prime Minister of the Netherlands direct his disapproval of the Bulgarian government towards the ordinary Bulgarians.

- Yesterday, the Netherlands expressed its willingness after future better report on Bulgaria of the EC to revise its opinion.

These are the so-called tactical movements. I think that the delay in any case is not in our favor. It should be clear that Bulgaria will get better decisions and signals from the EU when Boyko Borisov is gone or in jail. This is a solution for Bulgaria. We should not treat the symptoms but to treat the causes.

- Although implicitly the position of the Netherlands towards Bulgaria and Romania is also supported by some other countries ...

Of course. There is no doubt that the party, which currently supports the Dutch Prime Minister, does the dirty work of entire Europe. This creates the opportunity to hit the brakes on Bulgaria, punishing us that we allowed a dictator to continue to govern our state. This is the signal that gets Bulgaria. Unfortunately the media interpret it otherwise, which would mean more penalties for Bulgaria and more suspended economic reforms. By the way I prepare a report on the Arab spring and there it is clearly described the method by which the Commission can influence the democratic processes by stopping the fundings of the totalitarian regimes. That is one of the reasons why no money is flowing into Bulgaria. We must take the matter into our own hands and to move towards real democracy rather than just accepting some fakes to confuse people on the road.

- As a reason for the "brake", however, it is underlined the corruption and smuggling, as well as the unreformed judicial system.

If you observe the data from the past and the current one, you will realize that something more and more terrible than corruption is happening. The corruption in general is a privilege to the government. In Bulgaria there is not corruption, there is criminal corruption. It is always criminal, but most of the time it is an abuse of office position, mainly with documents, but here we have people killed, people began to commit suicides and to die by accident on quite random places. There is no longer just talking about abuse of office and trading power, but of something much bigger - a crime against people, against certain persons, against opponents, against people who can tell the truth. This is unacceptable.

- What is your opinion on the state of the borders; does the government deal with the reduction of the corruption, the smuggling ...?

The authorities not only did not restrict corruption at the border, but it has even increased it. Before if we had a country that was the second most corrupt in the EU, now we have a country which is on the first place. We even outran the absolute leader - Greece. We are currently number one in corruption which takes place mostly at the borders, especially with the smuggling of cigarettes, and not only cigarettes because we all know that cigarettes go along with some other substances. This is the fate of this business, or so I have heard. The situation itself speaks clearly that the government not only must fall from power, but must go to jail. They disrupt not only the European laws, but also the human laws. They therefore closed duty free shops in order to cover completely 100% of that part of the corruption, because the duty free shops have some records and some income that could revive the economy in Bulgaria.

- You mentioned the duty-free shops. Do you think their closure was a mistake?

The closure of duty-free shops was a huge mistake for several reasons. The first reason is that they are not closed to halt the smuggling, but just to overflow in another place. In duty-free trade there is still some accountability, however there is no such in the direct smuggling. If we assume that these stores are used for the so-called gray smugglinh, not there is entirely black contraband. The funniest fact is that they punish people for 5 cartons of cigarettes or 5 boxes of cigarettes, instead of letting me show them where there are sold cigarettes without excise label in master boxes in all the major cities. I can show the prime minister who are the smugglers, but he will lose much of his team for football and cards.

- There is an idea the free trade to be reestablished on our land borders. Is there any chance of this happening?

This measure is overdue. Firstly because, now even if the duty-free shops are open, they will have to be closed again soon. Note that we missed three years in which this could happen. Second, because our Prime Minister is monitored by the European institutions and he would not afford himself any more freewheeling.

- So the opening of duty-free shops in the area of illusion?

I would say that this is in the demagoguery because it could not provide the effect, it is expected to.

- What is your position regarding the entry of Turkey into the EU? Currently the oppitions are that Europe must as soon as possible to accept Turkey if it wants to find an exit from the crisis.

Turkey is the oldest candidate for an EU member. It should be clear that Turkey is not on the agenda now. Furthermore, in order Turkey to be accepted in Europe, it must meet all the criteria required by the EU. They are few and mostly related to human rights. But as Turkey itself has a very strong character, this will not happen just like that.

- How would a possible accession of Turkey affect the border areas? People express concern that this would be disastrous for cities like Svilengrad.

I do not think it would be disastrous. We have great relations with Turkey and I think that should be developed.

- Yet in one such area the main sources of income for majority of the population come from the border. If it drops, what alternatives are there for people?

I think this is very distant in time. We can think only about the things to come. Calm your fellow citizens; this case is not knocking on the EU door. I am not saying for good or bad, but just that now Europe is not facing it. The problems facing Europe are extensive and a lot of its development is frozen. It must first solve the problem in its own backyard. The main problems are not only Greece, but that we give advices to other countries - such as those from the Arab spring, where the symbol became a colonel, but we did not really see that in our own borders we have Jamahiriya - as the dictatorship in Bulgaria and an European Spring is waiting us, whose main character will become a general. These are problems that are greater than the economic ones that occur in Greece. The problem of Greece is the external debt rather than social. Bulgaria now has the largest debt. There are three types of debt and Borisov pays the worst - the social debt with the poverty, which dipped the people and with the shame, which coverd our parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no prospects for our children with the poor education, health, etc. He paid with a debt that can not be repaid with any internal or external debt. This is the worst model, which the EU is currently facing.

- How is the political development of your project GORD?

I try to return the natural processes in the country. All the freedoms are suppressed with an iron boot of the police. It hurts a lot when they kicked you with the police boots, but it hurts the most when they kick you with moccasin. I would not allowe this either for myself, or for my relatives and my children. I do not want to be by those who belong to the qoute "After all we chose them." I will not pick them or to vote for stupid people who will lead me to the failure. We will create something that would unite all decent people and people who have proven to be successful and are not bound by previous governments. GORD union will be an entity of people with different political views who want to return the democracy in Bulgaria. We will have to change the models for governance in the country to be different from Shepards, as it is the current prime minister. We create GORD to be able to give an alternative to people who want their fate to be associated with success rather than misery, excuses and transfer of "hot potato".

- Where does your project positioned in the political space?

Currently the world's political ideologies have no value. There is only one doctrine, and this is the standard of living of the people. I think that we should not be flow from left, right or center, we just need to create a new democratic system where the political parties will represent only the technology to make what should be done. We must fight with the old, whose symbols are Kostov, Stanishev and especially Boyko Borisov. We have to fight the people who come from the past, from the shadows and that have no understanding of what democracy is.

- Which approach you will use for the development of the coalition - extensive or intensive?

Yes, there is a difference between the extensive and intensive development, but I think that a combined method is extremely important. The political project GORD runs in two lines - regional clubs and committees problems. It will be a combination of issues and problems of the country and of the regions. In addition to that we will develop also an extensive approach, that we will have a representative in each location. I think that there are currently just a few people who want to be slaves of Boyko Borisov, because he behaves just like a slave-holder, even with his ministers. The freedom is an inner need and these people can never be rich even if they believe that they sold themselves well, because they are just some rich waiters. Truly wealthy people are people withcharacter who in no way sell their freedom. This division is clear - proud people, people who want to recognize the success of their creed go in GORD, those who want to be slaves to serve and go greasy join GERB. This will not be the example that I will bequeath to my children. It's not about a personal vendetta, but about personal position. I am a man who is perceive as wealthy and I could live comfortably anywhere in the world, but I chose to live in Bulgaria and I say - enough, this can no longer be like that.

Interviewed by:
Tsanislav KOLEV
13/03/12 - newspaper Class - The MEP and member of a group of independent in the European Parliament, Slavi Binev: The European Commission will soon decide on the concession of "Dundee Precious"

The only thing that matters in politics today is the living standard of people

- Mr. Binev as a MEP you referred to the European Commission on the environmental issues with the concession of "Dundee Precious" and the gold mining in Chelopech region. What is the result?

- Yes, nearly a year ago I referred to the European Commission and insisted for its solution on the question to what extent this concession is in line with the EU environmental legislation. Currently the Commission makes its research and I believe that it will see and assess the picture in detail, as indeed this is a very serious violations. I am convinced about that due to my numerous meetings with local people, due to my conversations with experts and environmentalists. It is important to know that the EC will analyze everything about this gold mining concession contract and not only for environmental but also because of the serious allegations of corruption. The problems are very serious and they are not only associated with "Dundee Precious". In this "working method" with "Dundee" seemed to reflect the overall government of the state, without any dialogue with the civil society organizations, without complying with those who have another opinion. This is extremely dangerous, and harmful, because it draws a very bad image for the government.

- You argue that the concession for the gold mining is economically unprofitable for Bulgaria. Why?

- This is a fact. The gold price went up with 5-6 times for the last 6-7 years, and the concession contracts can not remain unchanged. In 2004 one ounce of gold costs about $ 400, whereas in the last year - $ 1720. I wrote letters to the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and to the Minister of Economy Traicho Traikov and I asked them why the state has not requested a revision of the concession contract. And despite the fact that Bulgaria concession fee is twice lower than in other countries.
Furthermore there is evidence that the deposit is exploited in a barbaric manner inconsistent with environmental standards. I have a rich photographic material that proves the barbaric operation near Chelopech, which is carried out against all the environmental standards.
I sent these photos to Borisov and Traikov. But I do not believe this government; I do not think it likes the evidence, whatever they are, even if they were written on the skin of fellow, so to speak. The government of Bulgaria does not want to see the problems.

Did you get answers to your letters to the Prime Minister and to the Minister of Economy?

The only person, who is trying to contact me, is the Minister of Economy Traicho Traikov. But I am sure that he is just an executor of another's will and he does not have the power to change things. This fact is depicted by that he avoided answering some of my questions and he repeated the answer from the press centre of the prime minister. It is strange that even the letter that I received from the prime minister was not signed by him. Which shows that Borisov had no jurisdiction to answer my questions. This is not mandatory but it is required to take political and moral responsibility for what's happening near Chelopech. Lately, we see that when the society should be addressed with bad news, people who give answers and responsibility are other, not Prime Minister. At least to me that makes me a bad impression, because he seemed to avoid the most important step to solve the problems.
This approach is not new; to transfer things from the sick and aching head to the healthy one, but this practice lasts for a certain period because afterwards it backfires. The case of "Dundee Precious" will be like this. In the letter of Traikov to me it is very clearly shown that he does not speak on his behalf and that does not fulfill his own will to "Dundee Precious". I hope Traikov have appropriate written order by the prime minister because Traykov this could be his ticket for clear conscience and a ticket to clean his criminal future.

- And what is your forecast for the future of party "Ataka"? You are a MEP elected with the votes of this party. Many analysts believe that the "attack" goes to a predetermined outcome?

- Unfortunately, this is also my analysis. I was loyal to Volen Siderov, and to Kapka and to Dimitar Stoyanov, and to the owner of SKAT TV Valeri Simeonov. At the moment when they all took different paths, it is clearly understood that "Attack" is crumbling. I hope we can preserve and continue our normal relations. Furthermore, I would not put an equal sign between "Attack" and Volen Siderov, although really he was the main actor in this project. "Attack" was composed and made by many people but are now stuck on the ground only by Volen and this does not inspire optimism in people.

- You also went on your own path - you formed a movement GORD, and then the party "KDP of Success." What is the purpose?

- Yes, this is my party project - the Conservative party "Movement for success" or KDP of success. You know that the bigger political project is GORD - the Civil Alliance for real democracy. Why do I do it? Because according to the laws of Bulgaria you must have a party in order to participate in the political life and to fight for people's trust to govern and to change things. Alternatively, things go on the road of revolution, but nowadays you can still go for a change without hiding in the woods. Here I open a parenthesis to say that people should know all truths, including the unpleasant and this is one of our greatest responsibilities for the government and for the media. They must have the courage to tell the facts as they are, to show differences, including the inconvenient for the government, to indicate the possible outcomes of each situation.

- Many will ask what is your personal motivation, you suspect maybe lust for power?

- No, I feel obliged to give a personal example. Someone needs to hit the table and to say: Enough! We are alerted and intelligent people and we have been constantly lied to, and this is an insult to our intelligence, to our work, for our aspirations. Again, in normal society, the media is the fourth power, the eternal opposition, those who strike the bell for disability of the government. In our country unfortunately is not like that.

- Is KDP going to ring the bell?

- This is what I am trying to do. And to tell you even I laugh at those who ask if this project is right or left. The right and the left is the trap of sociologists, their coordinate system. But it does not serve anything other than technological orientation, what action should be taken by the parties. In fact, ideological, political doctrines have long been dead. The only thing that matters is the standard of living of the people. This is the real battle of politicians to provide a higher standard of living, as we must recognize that we live in a consumerist society.
There the leaders should be required for higher living standards, better working economy, higher GDP. People want politicians to provide them with higher living standards, greater security and prosperity. And in politics, things are as in the memorable phrase of Confucius, repeated by Mao Zedong: "It does not matter whether a cat is white or black, it is important to catch mice." There is something else - say it to overtake a common question - why among my followers there are so familiar faces. This is because we are expected to recognize and solve problems. In fact there are needed people with knowledge and experience. For how long the power in Bulgaria will learn how to govern on the back of the people and will use the "trial and error method."
My point is that first you need to send people who have proven themselves in the business who have shown that from one lev they can do two. But note - it should be a real business, not "experience" in service to the government. I am talking about the economic knowledge and skills, because not only at home but also in Europe, the world crisis continues to rage, and nobody could swear that yesterday or tomorrow is its last wave.

- Do you see a good sign in the election of Rosen Plevneliev for president? I ask you, because he comes from the business and his key messages are directed precisely to the standard of living.

- I am a little sceptical. In business, Mr. Plevneliev risked other people's money in his own name; he was representing in most of the cases, foreign companies and pursued their goals. Now things are a little repetitive because his relationship with Boyko Borisov. Not exactly how I imagine the President - unifier of the nation, the man who runs the world, opens doors and paves roads in Bulgaria. I think a lot of Bulgarians seem to have forgotten what the purpose of the elections is. They do not actually do to be won by one party or another, from one or another person, but to be chosen the best, most worthy. But in this sense - people need leaders who get carried away after them yourself, not by those who govern from his bunker in the rear or from another television studio. This replacement of the purposes of elections we rely traps ahead. So say that you must rearrange the whole system, which choose their leaders.

- Is this purpose of your both projects? And what will happen in the following months before the parliamentary elections next year?

- Yes, this is the aim and this is the way in which we have taken. There are many people who are not ready to sell their dignity and their children's future. There are a lot of proud people and they are able to pulled behind a more proud, freedom-loving and creative people. But otherwise even in the best case scenario, the situation in Bulgaria will become worse and worse: the fires will become more and more difficult to extinguish, to fill the holes will have more and deeper; PR resize increasingly hang in the air. What's more important - we will increasingly become incapable to delude Brussels.
The latest interim report on the monitoring mechanism very clearly showed that. And, of course, those in power will strive with all their strength to win the elections; the same will do those who were previously in power. I do not differentiate them because their opposition is quite imagined.

Borislav Mihailov
09/03/12 - - Slavi Binev: Boyko can make even his dog Borko a deputy

09/03/12 - - Slavi Binev: Boyko can make even his dog Borko a deputy
Two weeks ago you made a statement before the European Parliament, in which you attacked the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and EPP. Did not you overextended your assement?

- My statement was not against the EPP Rather, I tried to remind them that as custodians of the democracy, they cannot turn a blind eye to things that are done in Bulgaria. EPP should be able to clearly distinguish between the behaviors of governors in the country. Otherwise it would appear that they support system that imposes censorship in the media, restricts the freedom and does not comply with laws and is bound by a huge corruption.

- In your statement you compare Bulgaria with Jamahiriya. Aren’t you implying some personal attitude towards Borisov?

- I've always had a personal hatred for the fools, bastards and the people who seek an excuse for their own difficulties and setbacks in others. Of all the statements of the Prime Minister, it appears that we, Bulgarians, prevent him from managing and living happily. The basic rule is that one governor can make a mistake but cannot take responsibility. With regard to the Jamahiriya - see how our Borisov appointed the President! I still wonder how our society can be subjected to such hypnosis to choose a completely anonymous person. With this choice, and with others anonymous in the administration of Borisov again we are laughed at. If we make an analogy with Caligula and his horse who could have done Senator, you will have to expect soon Borko, Borisov favorite dog to become deputy. Indeed, so the average intelligence of deputies will probably rise significantly ...

- However, the people continue liking him.
People, as much as they are trusting and willing to follow every "hero, in a sobering moment they open their fridge or they get bills for payment. And here is the place to say a few words about the guilt of those media which have become servants . They should be tried as accomplices of this. I do not mean ordinary journalists who earn their living but the owners and chief editors, who are great manipulators, who are actually hiding behind the journalists. They are the people who peddle influence. Let's not forget sociologists who with a serious tone and charts give weight to this light cavalry, occupied the government. The people who will come out on the street, would geather not just in front of the Council of Ministers, but the offices and homes of those media owners who are manipulating the public opinion , in front the homes of sociologists and journalists who have replaced criminal groups such as SIC and VIS like new criminal brigades of power, which, if you are naughty, they begin. This is a machine that promotes foolishness. They think that they guide it, but they must know that at one point stupidity emancipated and begin to live its own life. They will be used. This is the fate of all who crawl in the feet of Boyko Borisov.
- Does his type of government resemble to the one of the mugs?
- His manner is more as a failed mug. Of unrealized mug. The manner is as a served mug. The people who have real character and strength, they do not behave that way. They behave gracefully. They were proved to others and themselves what they can. Only people who have not realized, they want to enjoy their childhood dreams. I am from Sofia and I'm in the soup for 30 years. I had never heard of Borisov, nor of his stated public position. I learned of its unique ability even to draw, after 2001, before that he was part of the staff of certain people.
- Which people?
- The chat on this issue is a lot, but why to go back in the past. Look what is happening now. It is said that Borisov is the richest man in Bulgaria, but for me he will always remain poor. To be rich is a state, and he uses the money to give him confidence, which he does not have, not for the realization of dreams and good.
- Most people think that at least he is not corrupt.
- I beg your pardon! You are an intelligent man and you know what this is about. The rules that apply to the rest of the world do not apply to him. He was pulled out of bracket. He cannot talk about business when he started his business when his girlfriend got a bank after he became General Secretary of the MoI. But let's not go that far back. Let's talk about corruption with an example of this. Currently we export timber, which blocks one of the few successful industries in the country. All the countries suggests that this export is controlled by GERB and in particular by Emil Dimitrov, who is not even a minister. Only they think this is a secret. For example, we will tell you that if because of export the industry in Germany any energy source stops, the Chancellor will resign at the fifteenth second. What about the story with Misho The beer? What to talk! Here people are dying who have seen trading in influence, in which the Prime Minister himself is involved and .. nothing. Quiet! Surprisingly are committed suicide witnesses of crime, which may have involved the police, in. .. still nothing. And we mention that there is no corruption. What about smuggling cigarettes? Do we take a list to see what was entered before and enter what now? What about monopolies? And not just energy. The latest example is the tourism industry. See what happens to "Ulen" FIB and park "Vitosha". We now have a monopoly in the skiing. Can the police enter and beat a family and to invade in their home for some five boxes of cigarettes, and they go there, take the 700 acre forest and tell us: "Get a life".
And the worst - a monopoly on the truth. Whatever Borisov says, that's it. And all these persons repeat after him like parrots. Don't you have a heart? Do not you feel humiliated by this behavior? Do not you feel insulted? How will you stand in front of their children and teach them morals? They will become fools like you! Claque and henchmen! Is this the way you want your children your children? I do not want this for mine!
- What you think about Tzvetan Tzvetanov?
- Florence Flores.
- What?
- Florence Flores. He is in the singing business, it's quite normal to have artistic name as Vesko the Sweat. Maybe he is not a bad person, but I do not know why he believed that he is a Minister of the Interior. Such cacophony, such mess has not been. There are confused and do not beat the one you need. Currently the police is used as a criminal brigade. They perform cleaning commitments to those inconvenient to the power. But I am far from thinking that Tsvetanov is an independent, despite any attempt to inspire us. Behind him and behind everything stands a man - Lieutenant General, Mayor, Ph.D., Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. And one more thing. Across Europe, ministers often go on foot or travel with very ordinary cars. You tell me that you have fight crime, and you travel with 16 cars! It was not even in the cloudy days. Not to mention ministers to wear as Tumba and raids. They are worn as a band , brother, six hundred people. Five cars down, two hundred on the top - what are these things, what are these people! Unrealized childhood.
- Aren’t you coming from the underground of the Transition?
- All known politicians cornering duvet over your head and did not dare to pronounce the names of people whom I am telling and I have not ever let free ride. This has been my behavior, that is what he did and I'm not waiting for the government to give me security. I did it myself. I've always had a business so this is how my life was, and I have never made allowed someone to a racketeer me.
I've never acted with a bias toward the others. This was such the other something else. For me that was wrong – end of the matter. I lost many battles, but I have never ran. Never. Anyone can say it, even my enemies. Do not back away I have not made the move. And now I will not.
- Your name has been embroiled in several scandals. This one with Ivo Karamanski ...
- I told you, I never ran and hid. None from the other, nor from my biography. Such were the circumstances then. I have not avoided meetings with anyone, as this meeting was to heavy for me. Again, I've lost battles, but I have never run away. Sometimes it is really difficult to physically fix your nose, head, ears, etc., but mentally you feel able to handle everything. And most interestingly, if you need to do an analogy with the current times, the people with whom I've argued back then, were men. Were stable. They were people to whom even you can have respect and now we are dealing with vindictive ninnies who are cruel because they know that they are nobody.
- From "Deskrim" to the European Parliament. How did this happen?
- Eeee! This is not quite the case. Just I have always been adequate to the situation in which I live. Of course, that a 25 years old man always wants to be different, but not MP. If someone then had offered me to become a MP or to go into the politics, I would laugh at him, because I have only wanted to grow my business to defend the perimeter. So that got me motivated. But with time and age the priorities change. And people say that if after ten years living you live in the same way as before - you have lived in vain. And whatever we say, I gained significant experience of any kind.
- A Archonship? Why did you need that? The serious questions here are towards the Church, but it is interesting to hear from you. What is the meaning of this title?
- I can tell you many reasons, but now I prefer not to talk much about this issue and I will focus on only one. I have an inner necessity to seek need of morality and need for instruction. Since 1989, we were in something like anemia. People thought that when you screw the other, you are a big smart ass. Your are not a big smart ass, but a big oaf. I personally suffered from this relationship because I work with people. I always wanted to be correct, but I depend on these relations. For various reasons, the Church stood aloof from the process that began with the transition. I wanted to make a provocation. To draw attention to the Church, and to help. So my ideas were, and remain rational and not distant. The Archonship is obedience to a mentor and service. I really enjoy stories that I had purchased this title ... What does ~buy~ means? Not only do I have promised, but my firstborn son, I have vowed to this service with the means of time and effort to this pledge.

- In what language do you speak in Parliament?
- I speak several languages, but I communicate mostly in English and French.

- And with politicians from which parties do you communicate?
- If you require whether there is some isolation implied on me as a nationalist or racist, there is no such thing. I always divide people into two races - the fools and the intelligent. People who can deal with problems and people who squat in front of them. I communicate with all who are worthy to respect. There are many interesting people and people who have accidentally stumbled. I respect mostly Jonathan Montaldo, the Socialist Nirj Deva, from the liberals Hannu Takkula, from EPP Mario Mauro, Jean Lambert of the greens, Jacek Wlosovich from the euroskeptics and many others.
- Why did you created GORD? Are not the parties in Bulgaria too much?
GORD is not a party. This is a political club, which brings people with different ideological and political bias, but united around one thing - democracy as a procedure. GORD is a group of fearless and non-hypnotized people in the country, those who do not allow anyone to make fun of them, let alone someone with a weak performance from them. In GORD there are people who want to awaken the public and to eliminate false democracy; we can take in real time.
Slavi Binev in an interview with Yavor Dachkov
Published in newspaper ~Galeria~
08/03/12 “Galeria” newspaper – Slavi Binev: Boyko can make his dog a deouty

Slavi Binev is a Bulgarian politician, businessman and sportsman. He graduated from the French Language School in Sofia and the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski". In the 2007 elections for Bulgarian representatives in the European Parliament he was elected from the list of "Attack". Binev is currently an independent MEP second mandate after being reelected in 2009, two weeks ago he announced the creation of civil movement "Civil Alliance for Real Democracy" (GORD).

- Two weeks ago you made a statement before the European Parliament, in which you attacked the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and EPP. Did not you overextended your assement?

- My statement was not against the EPP Rather, I tried to remind them that as custodians of the democracy, they cannot turn a blind eye to things that are done in Bulgaria. EPP should be able to clearly distinguish between the behaviors of governors in the country. Otherwise it would appear that they support system that imposes censorship in the media, restricts the freedom and does not comply with laws and is bound by a huge corruption.

- In your statement you compare Bulgaria with Jamahiriya. Aren’t you implying some personal attitude towards Borisov?

- I've always had a personal hatred for the fools, bastards and the people who seek an excuse for their own difficulties and setbacks in others. Of all the statements of the Prime Minister, it appears that we, Bulgarians, prevent him from managing and living happily. The basic rule is that one governor can make a mistake but cannot take responsibility. With regard to the Jamahiriya - see how our Borisov appointed the President! I still wonder how our society can be subjected to such hypnosis to choose a completely anonymous person. With this choice, and with others anonymous in the administration of Borisov again we are laughed at. If we make an analogy with Caligula and his horse who could have done Senator, you will have to expect soon Borko, Borisov favorite dog to become deputy. Indeed, so the average intelligence of deputies will probably rise significantly ...

- However, the people continue liking him.
People, as much as they are trusting and willing to follow every "hero, in a sobering moment they open their fridge or they get bills for payment. And here is the place to say a few words about the guilt of those media which have become servants . They should be tried as accomplices of this. I do not mean ordinary journalists who earn their living but the owners and chief editors, who are great manipulators, who are actually hiding behind the journalists. They are the people who peddle influence. Let's not forget sociologists who with a serious tone and charts give weight to this light cavalry, occupied the government. The people who will come out on the street, would geather not just in front of the Council of Ministers, but the offices and homes of those media owners who are manipulating the public opinion , in front the homes of sociologists and journalists who have replaced criminal groups such as SIC and VIS like new criminal brigades of power, which, if you are naughty, they begin. This is a machine that promotes foolishness. They think that they guide it, but they must know that at one point stupidity emancipated and begin to live its own life. They will be used. This is the fate of all who crawl in the feet of Boyko Borisov.

- Most people think that at least he is not corrupt.

- I beg your pardon! You are an intelligent man and you know what this is about. The rules that apply to the rest of the world do not apply to him. He was pulled out of bracket. He cannot talk about business when he started his business when his girlfriend got a bank after he became General Secretary of the MoI. But let's not go that far back. Let's talk about corruption with an example of this. Currently we export timber, which blocks one of the few successful industries in the country. All the countries suggests that this export is controlled by GERB and in particular by Emil Dimitrov, who is not even a minister. Only they think this is a secret. For example, we will tell you that if because of export the industry in Germany any energy source stops, the Chancellor will resign at the fifteenth second. What about the story with Misho The beer? What to talk! Here people are dying who have seen trading in influence, in which the Prime Minister himself is involved and .. nothing. Quiet! Surprisingly are committed suicide witnesses of crime, which may have involved the police, in. .. still nothing. And we mention that there is no corruption. What about smuggling cigarettes? Do we take a list to see what was entered before and enter what now? What about monopolies? And not just energy. The latest example is the tourism industry. See what happens to "Ulen" FIB and park "Vitosha". We now have a monopoly in the skiing. Can the police enter and beat a family and to invade in their home for some five boxes of cigarettes, and they go there, take the 700 acre forest and tell us: "Get a life".
And the worst - a monopoly on the truth. Whatever Borisov says, that's it. And all these persons repeat after him like parrots. Don't you have a heart? Do not you feel humiliated by this behavior? Do not you feel insulted? How will you stand in front of their children and teach them morals? They will become fools like you! Claque and henchmen! Is this the way you want your children your children? I do not want this for mine!

- What you think about Tzvetan Tzvetanov?

- Florence Flores.

- What?

- Florence Flores. He is in the singing business, it's quite normal to have artistic name as Vesko the Sweat. Maybe he is not a bad person, but I do not know why he believed that he is a Minister of the Interior. Such cacophony, such mess has not been. There are confused and do not beat the one you need. Currently the police is used as a criminal brigade. They perform cleaning commitments to those inconvenient to the power. But I am far from thinking that Tsvetanov is an independent, despite any attempt to inspire us. Behind him and behind everything stands a man - Lieutenant General, Mayor, Ph.D., Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. And one more thing. Across Europe, ministers often go on foot or travel with very ordinary cars. You tell me that you have fight crime, and you travel with 16 cars! It was not even in the cloudy days. Not to mention ministers to wear as Tumba and raids. They are worn as a band , brother, six hundred people. Five cars down, two hundred on the top - what are these things, what are these people! Unrealized childhood.

- Aren’t you coming from the underground of the Transition?

- All known politicians cornering duvet over your head and did not dare to pronounce the names of people whom I am telling and I have not ever let free ride. This has been my behavior, that is what he did and I'm not waiting for the government to give me security. I did it myself. I've always had a business so this is how my life was, and I have never made allowed someone to a racketeer me.
I've never acted with a bias toward the others. This was such the other something else. For me that was wrong – end of the matter. I lost many battles, but I have never ran. Never. Anyone can say it, even my enemies. Do not back away I have not made the move. And now I will not.

- Why did you created GORD? Are not the parties in Bulgaria too much?

GORD is not a party. This is a political club, which brings people with different ideological and political bias, but united around one thing - democracy as a procedure. GORD is a group of fearless and non-hypnotized people in the country, those who do not allow anyone to make fun of them, let alone someone with a weak performance from them. In GORD there are people who want to awaken the public and to eliminate false democracy; we can take in real time.
28/02/12 - - MEP Slavi Binev: I Am the Only Dissident in Bulgaria

Slavi Binev is a Bulgarian politician, businessman and sports competitor.
He was born on December 10, 1965, in Sofia.
Binev's grandfather, Georgi Karadzhov, was one of Bulgaria's well-known authors of children literature and of love poetry. His father, Pencho Binev, is a distinguished scholar with recognized inventions in the field of the pharmaceutical chemistry, power engineering and organic synthesis. His mother, Petranka Bineva, was a journalist and a banker.
Binev is a graduate of the French Language High School in Sofia and of the "Vasil Levski" National Sports Academy, also in the capital (1986-1990) with Master's Degree as Professional Tennis and Boxing Coach. In 1988 – 1990, he studied sports journalism at the Academy. He is currently in the process of completing a PhD in Social Psychology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
From the beginning of the 90s until 2006, Slavi Binev had been one of the main shareholders in R – System Holding AD, (formerly Royal Holding Co.). Between 1994 and 2007, he was Chairman of the Supervisory Counsel of the company, which was ranked by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 34th among the top 50 holdings, according to the maximum rate of profit for 2003. At the time, Washington Times published an editorial article, entitled "New Kids on the Eastern Block," dedicated to Slavi Binev and his business achievements.
Binev was elected first term Member of the European Parliament in 2007, and is currently a second term independent MEP, after being reelected in 2009. At the EP he is Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Deputy Member of the Subcommittee on Human Rights, Chairman of the INETGROUP of Sport, Member of the Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast INTREGROUP, and member of a number of other delegations and groups.
Binev is also deeply involved in sports – he has 5th Dan Taekwondo, and is a multiple Taekwondo champion of Bulgaria and winner in numerous international competitions – European and Balkan champion. Binev is an international Taekwondo referee, and has been coach of the Bulgarian International Taekwondo Team, Vice-president of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation, member of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, and Member of the Research Committee in the World Taekwondo Federation, among others.
In 2007, he was initiated as Archon of the Orthodox Church.
Binev is married and has five children, and a granddaughter, Niya, a child of his daughter Martina.
In February 2012, the MEP launched a new civic movement, dubbed Civic Movement for Real Democracy, GORD, (in Bulgarian the abbreviation means PROUD) and a new political party "Conservative Party Movement of Success."
The abbreviation GORD coincides with the name of another GORD, formed by dissidents from the ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS, headed by Kasim Dal.

A number of new movements and parties popped on Bulgaria's political horizon recently. How is GORD different, what change will it bring, what are its goals?

With absolute certainty and open pride, I can assert that there is no other such movement as GORD. It is the only one that has declared itself being for a full change of the dysfunctional political and State system as a whole.
What makes it different – many things, but mostly I can say what makes it different from a party with which some simpletons are attempting to compare us, only on the basis of letters that are the same. The difference is as huge as one saying "I am from GORD" and "I am from GERB." The first means "I can and I will do it," and the second "I am with this one because I am anonymous and need a cover-up to deal with things." These are different types of people – those from GORD deal with blows of life since childhood, and the others are hiding since childhood behind their mothers and say "my uncle is an officer from the Communist police (militia)." The PROUD do not want their grandchildren to blame them one day that they allowed some imbeciles to lead them and to have destroyed their future. The others don't care, because they don't even have families that appreciate them. Exactly like the first men in the country now – those from GORD are ready to fight; those from GERB have given up and are slaves of their arrogant leader – they are ashamed, but do it quietly so that no one can find out.

You have significant support from a number of prominent Bulgarians who joined GORD. How and with what did you attract them?

The prominent people are prominent because they have achieved something and did not and do not let others walk all over them, especially people with fewer qualities than them. They are not embarrassed or nervous to say Stop! Enough! when they see that the direction is wrong. There is a need to replace the leader, the system, the principles, and everything actually, and this will guarantee the right route to the goal, whatever this goal is. There is also a need to eliminate those, who, on top of it, after receiving some support from outside the country, insinuate that it is almost beneficial to those abroad to have the country being ruled by enthusiastic Komsomol apparatchiks and empty-heads. A recent example that is just proof for this was the last elections.

You also announced the founding of a new party - Conservative Party Movement of Success, CPA. How is it going to be connected to GORD and how are they different?

The connection is clear. It must be known that the Civic Movement is a place where people gather because they have common ideas, but in order for these ideas to become reality, there is a need of their political expression. CPA is a Christian conservative party, whose goal is to become one of GORD's engines and to lay the foundations of this club where there will be people who are ideologically committed to the movement, as well as people who are party members. The sense of civic movements is to be a breeding ground for ideas and for reporting problems that need to be solved at the political level. "CPA of Success" is just one of many parties, whose leaders are willing to participate in this public, civil and political club.

Are you going to form unions and coalitions with other movements and parties, such as the one of former EU Commissioner, Meglena Kuneva?

GORD is open to absolutely anyone who did not and does not represent the status quo until now because this status quo was and is a stumbling stone to the development of the country in the right direction. In fact, this status quo created people who learned to work just as politicians, or more precisely to give savvy advice without being sure if they have any brains. Meglena Kuneva, unfortunately, despite speculations about the short-term public memory, must be absolutely sure that real people, and those who tend to not forget, remember that she was one of the important factors in two of the most criticized and most unsuccessful governments of Bulgaria. Not to mention that as a person who has worked with her, I myself, have a very negative attitude to her conceit. For two years, despite numerous commitments to protect common interests of Bulgaria and despite my attempts to contact her to coordinate our actions, I was unable to meet with he even once and it was her fault. I always thought that she is a very bad media product and that her arrogance is not much different from that of Borisov; it is just more polished and refined.

Do you have political ambitions beyond the European Parliament? Are you going to run in the next general elections as party leader?

In any case, the incapacity of people, who have ruled the country until now, gives me a reason and confidence to run even for Emperor of China. Their inexperience and inability to deal with any of the problems, give me full grounds to have a much more active role in domestic politics. I am a man who has always been motivated by problems and has sought their solution. I have been happy to prove this way my qualities, and anyone who has any merit must step forward and voice a desire to solve problems, especially in the situation that had been inflicted upon our country. I think modesty is a quality only for those who have no other.
In addition, would you entrust your own money to these people, your own fate, and worse, the fate of your children? Imagine them out of power. What are they capable of - nothing! As with all the power they possess. I do not want my children, and us before that, to be fed dreams cooked with lies.

Some comment on the dispute over the abbreviation GORD with the Civil Union for Reforms in the Country, recently founded on the city of Shumen by former followers of DPS?

I do not consider this a serious question. We have followed all legal procedures so that we can make sure we can use the name. If someone decides to contest this, from a legal viewpoint, this can only end up being detrimental to them.

You were elected in the EP on the ballot of the far-right, nationalist Ataka party. You are an independent MEP now. What is the reason for the break-up with Ataka leader, Volen Siderov, and his nationalists?

I have never been a member of Ataka and have always been a civic nomination. I have tried to be of benefit to the change Siderov wanted to bring, but since the moment he threw himself in the deadly embrace of GERB and its leader, Boyko Borisov, I realized that this glimmering hope for something new will break into pieces in "commercial" interests and populism. Ataka's breaking into pieces released me from the commitment to be part of something that no longer exists.

You are a very strong critic of Boyko Borisov and his cabinet. What are their biggest mistakes?

These are not his mistakes, because this is what he is capable of. The fault is ours and we need to fix it. Borisov simply took advantage of opportunities and interpretations of democracy in our country, of the naivety of political parties in Europe, which supported him and of the opportunity to label anyone who stood or stands in his way. I think it is clear to even the most hardline supporters of GERB that this is a party of failure, a party of excuses, of a complete fiasco, of arrogance and of sick ambition that does not correspond to merits, a party of people with slave mentality who do not want to be free, a party of brownnosers and sycophantic individuals.

What do you think about the last report of the European Commission under the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism? You insist Brussels is talking. Are you going to tell us what the talk is about?

There is no need for me to say. Anyone, who reads the report carefully and understands a bit the European slang will see that the accusations are serious, and numerous, and I do not know how this time Borisov will find excuses for the mistakes of his government in some previous ones. There has never been a more critical report since I'm in the European Parliament. But it has been proven that even if a letter written in blood on the skin of a fellow countryman gets to Borisov, he will interpret it as good news.
And the media will help him. There has never been such sick ambition and such inadequate attitude to European institutions. We are seriously becoming the laughing stock with this pretense, the performance of complex tasks that are not in our power and the absolute unpreparedness to protect our own people and our own social benefits. Bulgarians were even criticized by our country leader for too many of them getting rich. This statement was based on parameters that are reported in Europe, while the truth is that people receive a monthly wage equal to the daily and even to half of the daily fee of the "Commissar," who is criticizing us. This proves one thing - we have a government that cannot articulate the problems of the country and cannot protect its own people. And how would it happen when at the EU Council of finance ministers meetings our ambassador in Brussels sits behind the plate Bulgaria, instead of the Finance Minister.

You are also a very strong critic of Bulgarian media. Why?

I understand that this is a rhetorical question; otherwise it will sound unserious on the backdrop of everything that is happening. I have no opportunity whatsoever to send a critical message to this government – my statements and words, criticizing Borisov and his rule, which I have voiced in the EP as well, never receive publicity. This puzzles me because the media themselves do not realize that to help this government they have to criticize it. This way they will enable them to not make mistakes. Otherwise, or as is in this case, media are accomplices in the government's sleaze. They become accomplices in the way everything in the country is explained - from someone, who died accidentally, through someone who accidentally killed himself in the hands of the police, all the way to no one knowing who is responsible for dams in Bulgaria. There is no way to not have punishment for the culprits when so many people died over bureaucratic negligence.

Are there any free media in Bulgaria at all? After all, you received a pretty large tribune recently?

It would be something indeed to not give a tribune to the only dissident in the country. This would be difficult to explain even for Borisov, who can explain everything. When one creates something like GORD and when such renowned personalities get involved in it, and they are joined by many new ones, both the media and the government cannot circumvent it. And I do not think I was given a large tribune; it was rather achieved by lots of technical tricks and was not easily gained. I am currently seen as exotic, as someone who is naïve, and sets on a road only with faith in victory against some wild animals that got even wilder from enormous greed. My ambition for the reconstruction of the political space is perceived as a political safari, against a much more powerful entity – the almighty dictator and it is reported in the media in the section "Exotic," under the pseudonym "David against Goliath." But those who have followed me know the final biblical end of these stories and know that it will not be the first battle in which the media have doomed me and which I will win.

What do you think about ACTA and the fact that the government first signed the agreement and later withdrew from it? Was this "street pressure"?

Boyko Borisov is famous for not knowing what the first rule of the Statesman is. The Statesman can go wrong, but can never flee from responsibility. This is the first rule. Anyone can make mistakes; no one is immune from mistakes, but they must not flee, not hide from responsibility and transfer it to someone else. The second important thing is that we should have realized from a while now that this person thinks one thing in the early morning, another before noon, third at noon, and fourth afternoon and in the evening, he says he has never heard of such thing and has nothing to do with this. And if at first this made us laugh, we should have become aware a long time ago that we pay a too high of a price for this laughter.
In the case of ACTA, the worst is that people believed that they influenced the Prime Minister in some way. And the truth is that he was influenced by Europe's attitude towards ACTA. And we should not forget that he repeatedly told us to not protest and to not go to rallies, because he will do just the opposite of what people want. Borisov cast the ACTA problem on MEPs, but mostly on the media. Even though they defend him and take care of his media image. This is an example of how Borisov rewards people who have extended a hand to him. He destroys them. The only way one can be cruelly hurt is to have somehow been helpful to this individual. This will be the fate not only of Alexey Petrov, of Misho The Beer; this will be the fate of Tsvetan Vassilev, who is attending to the Prime Minister's non-disturbance by the media and of everyone who has tried to show humanity for a man, who does not deserve it. Watching him, I understand why some animals eat their young.

You mentioned Tsvetan Vassilev and I want to ask you what is your opinion of the other media group owner – Lyubomir Pavlov? Do you think that Pavlov represents opposition media because he criticizes Tsvetan Vassilev and Corporate Commercial Bank?

Luybomir Pavlov could not be any opposition over the simple reason that he currently leads a private war, which is related to his desire to please the Prime Minister and replace Corporate Commercial Bank. His interests are a solely financial, rather than principle ones. If they were real, he would provide a platform for people who condemn errors, criticize the government and call things by their real names, and would not only concentrate on his economic enemy. He has no principled position, and is jealous of the closeness of Tsvetan Vassilev with Borisov. He is angry with him and jealous of the fact that Vassilev holds the media of those in power, not he.

You are saying that Borisov is using this for his own benefit?

Yes. It must be crystal clear that this individual is using the ruling of Bulgaria as his own retirement fund. In a populist way he is squishing the business, but conveniently forgets the fact that the business of his girlfriend skyrocketed after he became Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry.
Dogan's barbecue is demolished, while 700 decares are donated to the company Yulen. Corporate Commercial Bank continues to control most of the State money, for which, of course, it pays back through its media holding. Dundee Precious Metals, who earn billions in Bulgaria, continue to give back to the Treasury only pennies, but no one openly questions this. Important and famous people told the media that a particular company has helped them because it was recommended by Borisov. And what more evidence does one need that there is trading influence and that Borisov advises people with whom to get in touch so that they can refresh their somewhat tarnished image? These huge monopolies that feed this selfishness, this arrogance, this complacency for which we pay, must come to an end. And you'll see, soon Europe will ask us to explain about Tseko Minev, and Tsvetan Vassilev and CEZ and E.ON and the corrupt deal with Dundee Precious Metals - all monopolies. But mostly, about the monopoly on the truth that is held solely by Boyko Borisov.
19/02/12 – TEMA magazine – MEP Slavi Binev: We from GORD are against the controlled democracy.

The Chinese live with the strategy for 500 years from now, we live with the electricity bills for this month. This is the difference between Bulgaria and the countries that are doing well. The word “rich” has become a dirty word. Can you imagine – in one consumer society it has become something bad and attacked by society. And has become hateful. It is terrible that new models to be followed appear no longer.

Slavi Binev was born on 10 December 1965 in Sofia. Since the early 90s has been one of the major shareholder in the “R – System Holding” AD. The company has included over 100 joint ventures and has set the trend for long time in the area of services, entertainment, construction, investment and security. “R – System Holding” was ranked by BTPP in 34th place for maximum value of profits for 2003. In 2007 Binev was selected for MEP from ATAKA, but after the presidential elections announced, that he was going on his own political path. Apart from business and politics Binev is known in the area of sport as well. He was a multiple national champion in taekwondo and European Champion of the tournament in Slovenia in 1992.

Mr Binev, why did you decide to create another civil formation? With what GORD(Civil Alliance for Real Democracy) will be different from the others?

This is not just another civil union. First - it is different with that that in GORD are gathered people whose CVs do not begin with their political careers. GORD is not connected with their political affiliation because they are different people. They simply say: "We are tired! Basta!” They have no problem with the current socio-economic relations, their problem is with the constantly changing rules, changing game, changing truth and that we are becoming hostages to an abnormal control.
In order one person to be successful he has to be proud. Material success is somewhat correlated to the individual, it cannot be anything different. The triad of man - his intellect, soul and strength, is in fact crucial to its success. The absence of one of those three things makes him absolutely unable to cope with problems.
Therefore, these people say to those who manage: "Come on, stop at last! You insult us with your behavior, as you think of us as naive and stupid and that you can do with us whatever you want." This cannot continue any more. We are people who are successful because we do not let someone else to do with us whatever he wants. And hitting them with the same lie repeatedly for 22 years. It is clear that in the political system the same birds rotate that have the same genetic test. If someone has rubbed the ears of dictator, if another has taught his followers, if the father of a third was an associate of the previous regime, this is just the same group.

In the end what will GORD be?

- GORD is an organization that will be open to all people who are not ready to lie at the feet of the next messiah, and would approach the power with suspected and requirements. These should be people who are accustomed to require and with each non-commitment of those who decide the destiny of the country to have the audacity and to confront them. This should be an organization that is open to individuals, movements, and even parties who accept that the entire current system must be reformed. This should be the beginning of a new, call it democratic, revolution. This revolution must put an end to controlled democracy, in which we lived for 22 years. We do not need any more a mentor and someone, who interprets democracy as he pleases.
Henceforth it should be understood that in the new societies wins those who is best economically. This game should be run by people who have economic ideas. No teachers in economics - they are only part of it, but people who have experienced the system on its back, who has played on their face, form their own account, but not those who have played on their own face for our expense. The largest economic entity in our country is "Bulgaria" AD and it is led by a man who makes no distinction between church and fire brigade. In this situation you cannot become successful. I would never put for coach of a football team mason plasterer for example. It is not normal - you should find the right person who has the qualities to do some work.

A few days before GORD was founded in Shumen had been registered a movement with the same abbreviation from people dissatisfied with the DPS and Kasim Dal. Why did this happen in such a short period of time?

-I'm not fond of conspiracy, but I think this information was leaked by people with whom I've commented it. Not intentionally, just expired, and so some people have tried to make me stumbling block, because it is no secret that the founders in Shumen plan to join to GERB. And they tried to book the abbreviation of GORD. But I know the technology that the Prime Minister uses, and before I go to comment on this thing, I made reservations on behalf of both the Law for Individuals and Families and the Law on political parties. So this issue has been exhausted. Another option, which can explain this match on abbreviations, is that now all feel that what is missing in people actually is their pride.

In recent times you like to say that the this political class has been exhausted and that the end of this ideologies has come. Do you really think that this type of civil union can totally change the political map of Bulgaria?

- If we want to have no European spring by analogy with the Arab spring, this should happen. For no other reason but because we the poorest country in the EU. There are three types of cost-external debt, domestic debt and social duty. Currently, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov paid the highest price - social debt. Many people think they have decided their personal financial problems, and say: "Ah, and we will survive this as well." But it is not so.
You cannot be rich among the poor. Just there is not such a movie, whatever your will tell me. Unless you're a super freak who even is inspired by this. There are some people like this- we can see them now. Worse, they turn into PR things from which they should suffer. There is no need now to take care of people affected by flood in Haskovo, they simply should not allow it. It is not permissible in one country to lose dams, I do not understand it. It is not normal everyone who can can threaten you in any way to accidentally committed suicide or died somewhere, or someone who stood up against you, your obedient dogs - whether media, NSSI, NRA or any other system that can suppress you, that can complete you. You should see how Borisov is playing soccer or tennis, to learn how he plays in politics. Do we have falsified elections – I ask and will keep asking. This came out and the EC report on Bulgaria's progress. Not only that the whole system is designed to manipulate you, but it was not enough and the elections had to be bought and falsified. Well, will we let the things so? Can the EU take care of other democracies around the world and in Europe itself to exist a country controlled like Jamahiriya?
Finally the greatest impudence was that Borisov has accused the media that he controls for the EC report. I am sure he will wash his hands with them. This will happen to everyone who has embraced with Borisov. He uses them and then betrays them. Most responsible I can say that there will be investigation on the issue of control and replacement of information and media owners who traded in influence and became complicit in Borisov. Complicit in a great replacement and lie. Because people who did not gave correct information about the "Chernobyl", entered the prison. Now will be judged and will enter the prison those who replaced the public opinion.

Are there any legal leverage in order to be held liable for any such thing?

- Of course there is. The most important merit of democracy is the truth. You can not hide the truth from people thinking that they do not worth it. Note that it is very likely to trigger a safeguard clause for Bulgaria. And that was alluded by diplomatic means in the last report of the Commission.

Do we walk to the Hungarian model, imposed by the Prime Minister Viktor Orban?

- We have gone through this a long time ago. Compared with our problems in Hungary they are cosmetic. Just Hungarians had the strength and spirit to hit the table and say, "Enough!" And despite these frosts hundreds of thousands to come out in the streets. Bulgarian is extremely durable, but when one day he go out on the street he will not retract. And this time once again it should be seen that who lied, must pay a penalty. Can each governing to forgive the sins of the previous one? This is perfectly normal to happen because they are a criminal family. Borisov will talk to me for communists. What communists, what were you before this? You've been a communist, aren’t you? I respect them more because they have not changed their aperture. They have the dignity to say what they are. And you immediately turned in quite another direction when you saw some possibility. Even things that he should worry about and should carefully hide Borisov push forward. From this false starts everything else.
Bulgaria's biggest problem is that while we are governing by the populists we have absolutely no strategy for development. The Chinese live with the strategy for 500 years from now, we live with the electricity bills for this month. This is the difference between Bulgaria and the countries that are doing well. We have become slaves of survival rather than being dedicated to our desires and long-term strategies - to create and be proud of what we did. The word "rich" became a dirty word. Can you imagine - in a consumer society it has become a bad thing and attacked by society. And has become hateful. It is terrible that no longer normal models to follow appear.

You emphasize the words "rich" and "succeeded". Does this mean that GORD will be situated in the right political spectrum?

- Clear sociological - yes. But trust me – this is a technology. A long ago the political ideologies have left the meaning of its existence. The most important doctrine in the moment is the currently the standard of living of the people. They want to live better and be able to plan ahead, to raise their children properly, etc. People no longer want to just survive but to germ.

Protests against shale gas, the ACTA, etc., who brought to the streets many people, are they involved with what you talking about?

- Of course. These are uncontrolled outbursts of a booming volcano that will erupt any moment. If I can put it in a different way - this is the introduction of a very strong opera, which will be launched. Especially for shale gas and ACTA - even if from outside to come good ideas, but these can be seen as good and as bad, government cannot articulate them properly. Why? It first makes the decision before it is discussed at national level, then sends a parrot to question it and finally states that everything is drunk-paid and the problem is solved. And on top - after public unrest rises, Prime Minister takes the opposite position and wonder how could such a thing happen.
Borisov's favorite game is to change positions every few hours. The most dangerous is that once they surrender to the insurgent people, then they'll do the same thing, but by more refined way. They make decisions in a very haughty way, just because everything is in them and can do whatever they want. Moreover they have full control over the messages that come from the media. The reason to do so is first - because they are accustomed to working in the dark, and second - because of ignorance. They have only two ministers who I think have good management skills, and will not say names, not to begin any reprisals against them.

As an MEP have you any observations on the participation of Prime Minister Borisov in decision-making at European level? Do you think that he is adequately informed and trained in taking important commitments in the EU?

- First, he was never able to protect the interests of Bulgaria. A man who defends the interests of his country, should not have weak points in his biography. Borisov is ready for a pat on the shoulder to sacrifice the national interest. The second reason is the absolute unfamiliarity with these issues. He signed for a financial Schengen, for which Bulgaria is not ready. We are talking about fiscal discipline and new regulations that must be made. The other countries did not accept the financial discipline to the expense of their citizens. They said: "If this is the price – to close hospitals, schools, not to fulfill our social programs, we are against, because these are not the values of Europe. If we give the example of Bulgaria, do not bother us with such nonsense." Europe is willing to take on commitments that the state should guarantee you a decent life. From there you can plug in such a financial Schengen. We are not ready. Do you think a child - slightly sick and toddler should be thrown in the snow to be tempered because it expects a battle? It will simply die. This can happen as well to a very strong and resilient person, such as Germany, Scandinavia, Britain, etc. They may take such measures, but they do not want. One UK said, "Oh run away from here. How we will taxing financial transactions, which are one of our most important sectors. It is just off." After all, if such regulations are imposed on the City of London, the next day David Cameron falls from power.

Do you have some personal joke with Boyko Borisov, thatyou are so radically set against him?

- Borisov is not the problem; it is a consequence of all these problems. We should not treat the disease but its cause. The reason is called controlled democracy.

And your business before becoming an MEP - still one of the most popular night clubs in Sofia were yours- was it hurt you in some way by the management?

- I was smart enough to realize how stupid person would referrer to a smart business as a whole, and I knew what would follow. So I switched to politics and as largely sold out my business at a loss, people who know me realize that I sold it to an absolute gain. Here for business come true winter, which we all pay. And those who hate the rich pay it too, but do not know.

But before some time it was widely commenting that the current government has begun serious checks on your company and this has forced you to transfer your largest company "MIG Group" to asocial weakling ...

- This is absolute speculation. First - I've always been an investor, not a CEO. Second - these technical issues have never interested me. I myself became a victim of multiple executives who are treated casually to companies because for me the investment is the important, not control over the work itself. I've been a victim, even to people who are now a close associate of Borisov. But that never bothers me. These interpretations of their checks, etc. were for no other reason but because they know my very firm stand against him.

] Is that why you left the ATAKA - they began to be crushed by the governing? Why did not you remain in it to protect it in this difficult time?

- I have never been a member of ATAKA!

Yes, but weren’t you the leader of its leaves for European Parliament and entered the EP with its cast.

- That our paths with ATAKA have separated is perhaps largely because it has long been the strongest support for the management of Borisov. So the reason is exactly the opposite.

Was this the main mistake of Volen Siderov?

- I can not speak for any errors or correct actions. For me, ATAKA has always been common cause between Volen, Kapka, Dimitar Stoyanov and Valeri Simeonov. It just broke in front of my eyes. So I would not say that I left, just one thing when it breaks, it frees you from commitment to be counted towards it.

And has you any commitments to Kapka Geogrieva and Dimitar Stoyanov?

How do you respond to comments that GORD will be the consecutive crutch to one of the major parties at the next election?

- I've never been a crutch in your life. This is something unfamiliar to me. If it is about people who are used to be beaten with a crutch on the head and are ready to be thrown at the feet of each new master – let them walk in GERB.

At what external support can GORD rely as we know that much of the political process is decided by Brussels and Washington? Obviously, you cannot rely on the European People's Party, once there is GERB.

- First, I do not think that Boyko Borisov is a member of the EEP. The information, which comes from Europe to Bulgaria and in the opposite direction, arrives much changed. As I cannot imagine that EPP would have supported an undemocratic regime, that would bind herself to counterfeiting and purchasing choices, that would promote censorship in the media and stood behind the corruption. I do not think this is possible. I absolutely do not believe that for two or five seats more EEP tends to ignore the greatest values of Europe – freedom and democracy. Otherwise I do not worry about support. I have friends everywhere and I can count on support from many places!
13/02/12 – Nova TV – The MEP Slavi Binev, guest in "Zdravey, Bulgaria"

Host: The MEP Slavi Binev, my guest this morning in "Zdravey, Bulgaria". Good morning.

Slavi Binev: Good morning.

Host: I suggest that we start in the following way, without lieing, let me ask you – GORD, which you are making right now, is an organization, right..?

Slavi Binev: I am not making it on my own, but let’s concentrate on me.

Host: That’s right. Therefore, I am asking you– is it going to become a party, or not, without discreption, because you perfectly know that we are not going into this conversations that in order to take part in elections, it should be a party- that is the law and if you have ambitions to enter the political life of our country, it should be party...

Slavi Binev: At the moment GORD is a single thing and this is civil organization. Why – in principle we need to change the whole system. The present system is not working. Our interpretation of “democracy” is not functioning. In addition, it seems that most of the people do not understand it. The political system is not functioning and it should be totally renewed for a single reason- we cannot fight the problems for 23 years Missing are dams...

Host: No, they are there, they just not in paper.

Slavi Binev: We don’t know that. We understood that the dams of some government are missing. Other is missing something else. We had a very bad and heavy privatization, an idiotically empty element, in general the whole idea of the market economy was discredited by the people, who were making it. So, the whole system should be revived. I believe that these people, because they diferr from their political opinion, want just one single thing.

Host: Who, in your organization GORD?

Slavi Binev: Yes, of course. The people in this civil organization - many of them have different political believs, and the only thing that connects them is the fact the they cannot stand the situation anymore. It could not. On top of everything, many of these people do not want to be co-participants in what is happeneing. If yoy break the leg of a person you will go to prison or will be at least sentenced, right?

Host: Should be.

Slavi Binev: Here are dead ten people and no one bears the responsibility. The fish smells from the head.

Host: Well, we understood that the prosecution have started investigation there and it should …..

Slavi Binev: This will not be the first prosecution, which the prosecution will end with unknown perpetrator and so on.

Host: We cannt say that from now.

Slavi Binev: So, we cannot say it from now, but that is what we suggest. This exactly is the big problem of the system, we cannot fight for important things.. We also become co- participants in one case right now. Would you give your personal accounts to some of the governments that we had so far?

Host: I am doing it.

Slavi Binev: Just a moment . To the bosses, before vecoming prime ministers and what would give you the feeling that these people could handle these things? And these people are not responsible only for your money; they are also responsible for your future, for your children.

Host: Mr. Binev,such is the democration . The majority decides in the case whom and I am checking whom I am giving my money. And in this way I am asking you – are making a party to participate in the elections?

Slavi Binev: Therefore, ... It is not the system that should be changed. The media themselves also need to take part in this process.

Host: Which system?

Slavi Binev: Let me just finish, so you can understand me. It is not possible that a man who deals with the most important thing – the control over the economic means of the country to have absolutely no economical experience and to have never played on his behalf and for his account. He has playesd on his behalf for someone else’s account. We should have proof that these people can in some way take care of us They should first resolve their problems instead of we learning for their existence after they become Secretary Generals, ministers, or something else. This is my opinion on the matter. We need to have symple evidence that these people can deal with their own problems and not to resolve them through them.

Host: To be rich and successful people?

Slavi Binev: At least to be succesfull. People cannot rely on politics as a job, they cannot understand it as a method for nutritioning.

Водещ: Like what, then?

Slavi Binev: They should understand it as a person, who has resolved his problems and can resolve and has proofs that he can resolve the problems of the other people.

Host: Politics as charity?

Slavi Binev: Not as charity, but as a test, which is one level higher from resolving their own personal problems

Host: Are you the leader of GORD?

Slavi Binev: No, there are too many leaders and by the way, there are no other people there.

Host: Why in this case the flashlights are direcred to you, was it by chance?

Slavi Binev: Well, it is may be because I am the only or one of the few political figures, so it is completely normal to look at me.

Host: Who are the rest?

Slavi Binev: The other political figures?

Host: The other bright personalities there.

Slavi Binev: Well, there are no other people rather than people with bright personalities and people, who have solved their problems Bear in mind that the things are extreemly...

Host: Who are they, one-two names.

Slavi Binev: Let’s say for example Lubo Dilov, Krum Savov, Lubo Ganev, General Andreev, Prof. Svetoslav Ivanov, Prof. Vencislav Stefanov...

Host: Are you going to offer these people in the lists one day?

Slavi Binev: These people, I will just tell you the following thing, these people none of them have said that he is willing to take part in the political life later on. They have the will to reconstruct the system, to bring it to its feet. Not to be people who have given up. The things are very clear, I have to tell you and to make it clear for you. The people, who have given up and who are satisfied with the system and of what is happening are the political parties like tet’s say GERB at the moment as an emblem of that. These people, who want to catch the life with their hands, which believe in their own strength, these who cannot crow in the feed of the next dictator should just rise their hads and say I am proud. This is the only thing that has to be done and by the way…

Host: And let the prode be our only sin. I told you that before, this is what made me an impression may be it is related to your religion, you are religious person, right?

Slavi Binev: It is not bad something to be related with the religion, instead it is a pity that the other did not relied on it but they are trying to discredit it. However, I would like to tell you the following –I do not want to be coperpetrator amd I do not to be from those people that are called bad material, who are called dogs and who are told that they became rich in unfair way. Those, who are willing to accept similar attitude, no matter if they are representatives of the media or someone else – to protect the status quo. Each of these people who has obeyed the rules of the system has becaome coperpetrator in the tragedy that happened in Biser.

Host: Ok, this is something like ...

Slavi Binev: Each of these people, no matter whether he is a journalis or media owner, irrespective of the factr that he continues to approve this system, is co-particiapnt in all this that took place. To the incapacity of those people who stand in front. The incapable people must be removed. . I especially would not let him. I do not want to look outward direction as a man who wears the badge of Kim Ir Sen and saying - this is a most worthy citizen who we have.

Host: Well, it is not like that, 10 000 went protesting on Saturday against ACTA . However, we are going to talk about this later...

Slavi Binev: There are going to be a lot of protests in the future.

Host: No, you were saying – those who accept the system. Many people do not accept it and go to protest...

Slavi Binev: These things ... look, we are fighting these problems which could not have been allowed to happen. If we, also including the media, because I have not come here to be hypocritical, do not understand it as a game with you or some kind of protest, but we were not strict about the system. If we were strict, if the media were strict, if each one of us was rigorous to those, who we place in front, such tragedy would never happen.These people that believed and that were not strict enough, are noe coparticipants of this crime.

Host: Sometimes, one is not able to see the difference, Mr. Binev.

Slavi Binev: We are using it as an escuse. This led us to the situation that we are at right now. A governour can make a mistake, but he should also bear the responsibility. We should find out who is guilty about what has happened.

Host: Two things as far as the party is concenred ... Are people from “Attack” going to participate? Ok, more concretly, is Kapka Siderova going to join your organization?

Slavi Binev: I have no idea, I have not talked about this issue. This is organization open for every person who believes that the system is bad and should be changed.

Host: The deputies, those eleven of them who left...

Slavi Binev: I have not spoken with them.

Host: With no one of the them?

Slavi Binev: No, with none of them.

Host: You are just teling them now that the doors are open for….

Slavi Binev: We can ask them and you will understand that I am not lieing to you. The doors are open not only for people, but also for movements and political parties. They are open for everyone that believes that we should put end to the system. We live in a society, where the political ideologies does not matter at all.

Host: Do you know – you are tesing the groud to see whether it is going to work as an organization and at the same time nest year, you are going to say – because the people want us, we are making party.

Slavi Binev: If you are interested, I am going to tell you something that might sound as a news for you, I have made party that is going to participate in this project because I am participating politically. I do not know about the other people. I am talking as public person now. This thing must be changed. We should put a fulstop. I understand the people who have some kinds of arrangements with the government and therefore, they are pretty satisfied with them. The rest, who are ready to lay in the feed either say – well he did this, they are just making excuses ...

Host: Well, some people like the Prime- Minister

Slavi Binev: He is not a polle dancer, so that you could like him....

Host: I am just saying- certain people like the Prime- Minister
Slavi Binev: If the women like him, it is a matter of taste, a bit strange taste.

Host: The word “like” does not have only sexual meaning. They may like you, they may like Vilen Siderov not only in sexual way.

Slavi Binev: God saved me, liking me, I am not a painting. You should respect the wishes and the qualities that a person has and to like the things he does. Because, when you start explaining the success, this means that it cannot talk about itself and therefore, this person is not successful. As a society, we have to be stricter. I believe that in Bulgaria there are many people who are not ready to accept to crow in the feed of the next dictator or the next person, who has some improvisation of the word “democracy”. I believe that there are many people, who want to prodly rise their hads and say – basta, we should stop this. And they are saying it on the bases of their onw success, not on the basis of the fact that they dreamed something.

Host: GORD looks like GERB.

Slavi Binev: I have told you thousand times – I believe that at least this monopoly is not in the hands of Borisov. I sincerely hope that it is in the hands of the two borthers of Thessaloniki. The words, at least he has not reached to the words.

Host: Yes, but for example, there is the ABC and there is alos JZG.

Slavi Binev: Well, Borisov took the sincere talking, called by him bankyansko , which by the way was exchanged with big lies. What language am I supposed to think of? How I am supposed to find it? How should I call myself? IBM? No, I am talking seriously. There is something that should be put a fulstop.It is non-stop talked about the monopolies, because I just remembered this. We should end this. The monopolies are one of the decisions of the economic crisis right now. I believe that we should proveoke competition, especially in the economy. We constantly create monopolies, no matter if this is CHEZ or Toplofication or "Sofia Water", or let’s say the concessions in Krumovgrad, Chelopech and sо on. If you just … let me for a second tell you something- why in my opinion the media have duty to the society at the moment.

Host: We all have.

Slavi Binev: If at the moment, I have a car accident, this will be in all newspapers But if someone steald 10 billion leva as it was discussed yesterday, the people of BAS have described it yesterday. The things that are happening in Krumovgrad and Chelopech, neither of the media will announce them and will not make a research of the matter.

Host: No, this is not true. As long as we are informed, we will announce it.

Slavi Binev: Well, do it then. Then make a research and explain who is responsible for what is happening in Chelopech.

Host: You said- you were talking about...

Slavi Binev: Bearing that there is monopoly over the ski slopes. For the simple reason that three out of the four objects are owned of one and the same financial group. What do you think is that normal?

Host: Well, it should not be.

Slavi Binev: Well, we are constantly hiding behind the problem instead of resolve it. And this was clearly written in the report that we received.

Host: Do you want to be a Prime Minister? I am asking you because I saw an interview for radio К2, where you are saying, if I become a Prime Minister, I am promising to guarantee opportunities.

Slavi Binev: No, this was interprestation.

Host: Is that so, that was not correct?

Slavi Binev: This was the interpretation of the journalist.

Host: You will secure money, in order for the media to be more free and to ask me inconfortable questions.

Slavi Binev: We discussed in case I become a Prime Minister. It not my childhood’s dream of mine, by the way.

Host: No, I am asking about the dream of an adult, not of a child.

Slavi Binev: I am talking about people, who have not accomplished their childhoods dream and we are suffering from that. Just, if a person had the chance to play football when he was young, should do it now as he is grown up.

Host: We are talking about the aims, not about the dreams.
Slavi Binev: One can understand how someone could play in life when you see him play. Only poor people can not lose. Only they can not afford it. They are ready to disqualifications, they are ready for anything that does not happen. We can not become complicit in this and if I did something I've done for people who did not want to become accomplices in the crime. Offense to their grandchildren, who will point a finger and say - why do you assume what people are you?

Host: You go to the European Parliament, right?

Slavi Binev: Yes and not only there.

Host: That is right. I believe that you have information how the report of Brussels will sound in the next six months?

Slavi Binev: Certain issues wull definetly be included and they will be related to the freedom of speech and the monopolies.

Host: There would be a whole sentace or just a word, could you say from now whether there will be incuded the words political will or political impetus ...

Slavi Binev: No, there will be no such a thing mentioned, because only for the naïve people this that would happen could be called illusion. Or to believe at all that something good could happen. We have clear vision what has been and what wil happen. This person bears with him the unhappiness.

Host: Who is this person?

Slavi Binev: The present government, whatever happens ...

Host Several times we speak about Boiko Borisov as in this movie about Harry Potter.

Slavi Binev: The one, whose name should not be mentioned. A bit like in the story of Harry Potter, yes. Anyways.

Host: So, according to you is the report going to be negative ot no political wills will be mentioned?

Slavi Binev: 100%. There will increasingly be removed courtesy phrases and it will become increasingly clear that we were actually warned about these things. The phrases will become more and more clear.

Host: I just did not understand your aim, have you set a goal for next year- elections, party, Prime Minister, minister?

Slavi Binev: Let me just tell you something – for me the aim is the most important thing– I do not want to be ashamed that I am a coparticipant of these people. I do not to be glood to the people, who have been naïve and were part of the society which applauded the people with simple qualities. This is what is bothering me.

Host: Ok, good. I thnk you for this conversation. Have a nice day.

Slavi Binev: I thank you.

09/02/12 - - Binev: Borisov is a product of the system must change

Sofia /CROSS/ Boyko Borisov is just a product of the system. The entire political system by which our generation was fooled. That was declared for the news agency CROSS by the MEP Slavi Binev regarding the establishment of the new Civil Movement for Real Democracy - GORD (PROUD) in which he participates. Despite that he does not openly admit it, Binev is the initiator and will probably be something as an informal leader of the organization, which set its ambitious to target "the participation in the political life and government, based on the change of the political class".

CROSS: Mr. Binev how was born the idea of creating a new civil movement?

Slavi Binev: This idea is in every Bulgarian head, which has preserved at least some dignity. Constantly it is suggested that we all have to crawl in front of the genius of the government. There are people who disagree with this and expect much more. These are the things that are spoken at home, on the street, etc.

For the few politicians in the list of the members of GORD (PROUD) the MEP explained that these are people who have succeeded in their previous careers and they did not come into politics to make a living out of it. "They really believe that politics should be mature in order to improve the living of people, but the most important is to have evidence that they have first managed to cope with your own destiny. And you not to come into politics to sort out your own destiny "said Slavi Binev.

The request of GORD for a "change of the political class" is an aim which was first announced with the creation of new civil movement. There plenty of such examples - NDSV, which appeared as a National Movement "Simeon II", ABC an association of Parvanov, 21 of Tatyana Doncheva, and much more.

For that topic, the MEP said that the political class can not be changed by the people who created it. "It can not be changed by the people who created it in that way and they are trying to manipulate it. The system can be changed only by people who understand politics and life in a different way".

On the question whether GORD will be an opposition of GERD Slavi Binev explained that she is opposing the entire political class. "They have always wanted to point me as the biggest opponent of Borisov, perhaps because of that I have a constant bad attitude towards him, but I must say that he is just a product of the system. The entire system that fooled our generation. So if we have to do something, it must be for our children. Our generation was deceived so that there may be some opposition out of controlled one."

According to the MEP the current political class is a continuation of previous "I do not distinguish between Borisov, Stanishev and the previous governments because they are only part of a deal. This is evident in their attitude towards the previous system. They play a clean Putinizatsiya, accusing each other that one is worse than the other. Something like that cannot fool EU. And it is evident from the reports that arrive, which are from bad till worse".
05/02/12 - BTV - show "This Sunday" with Lora Krumova

This week it was announce the information that the European Parliament has nearly started an internal investigation, because of the large expenditures that are made by MEPs during their missions. The data was concerning about 200 million euro costs for delegations. In the top of the list of expenses were also two Bulgarian MEPs. One of them is today with me in the studio - Slavi Binev, good morning! Formal or informal way of interview?

Slavi Binev:
Informal is best.

€ 3,000 per day in Ecuador?

Slavi Binev:
Now, you said it very well in the introduction - "nearly" strarted an internal investigation. There is no such thing, no such investigation. There is a revision which is running, but it is standard and it is conducted to absolutely all payments are made in Parliament.

This is for the entire 2010

Slavi Binev:
Each payment in Parliament passes both internal and external audit. This is perhaps the only organization and institution of European scale, which simply can not make a mistake. There is just no way.

You want to say that they are making their annual audit, don't you?

Slavi Binev:
Yes, of course. There is absolutely no internal investigation; this is a usage of strong words. Now the question what is the purpose of them...

You're involved in a mission to Ecuador, where ...

Slavi Binev:
I have been to many such delegations, where ...

Where you have spent 3000 euro per day?

Slavi Binev:
This is a nonsense and manipulation. I'll explain. There is a Code of the delegations of the MEPs and it contains the following thing. To the MEP are paid 50% of the daily maintenance of MEP and between 80 and 100% of the transportation and hotels.


Slavi Binev:
A certain airplane class of tickets is taken into consideration, and if one wants higher, one is oblidged to pay the difference. I always pay extra money. And as far as t concenrs the daily expenses, I have immediately opened accounts in both Kinshasa and Ecuador - for the three days I received around 447 euro for one of the locations. And for the other I think is approximately the same amount.

For the three days?

Slavi Binev:
For the three days in total.

So where does the difference in the information come from? Because there are written clear numbers 2900 and something euro per day?

Slavi Binev:
These are things that can be verified. Thus, I explain them so clearly, simply it is not possible to happen. On each MEP are paid 150 euros per day. Of course, my bills are much larger, but the extra costs I pay them from my own pocket. Not even mentioning the assisstants. Because I am an independent MEP, I do not have budget for assistants, and when I bring my assistants with me, and this is very often, I pay them out of my pocket.

I thought that you live better during such missions?

Slavi Binev:
No, I would not say in any way, that I live badly, but this is not due to the funding.


Slavi Binev:
Another thing that is extremely important to know. Together with us are traveling a great group of political, economic advisors, guards, translators, etc.

I read that on this meeting it was discussed the global warming, the financial crisis?

Slavi Binev:
Let me just finish about where the money are spent, because according to me that is the money which is allocated to the MEPs for the administration, which travels with us. I've never used a translator for these missions, and not speaking for the security, since I am ...

With the English you are well?

Slavi Binev:
With the English, the French and the Italian ...

With the security you are good too?

Slavi Binev:
Two pistols, two bazooka, I have no problems.

And you arrive and begin with the negotiations?

Slavi Binev:
So basically, I do not need to use these "extras", if we call them such. Apparently this is what is meant by distribution of the money for people that serve us. It should be clear by the way, that I myself have raised many times the issue of the foolish spending in the EU ... By the way 200 million are given to a thing that I alerted the European institutions, but the Lisbon Treaty can not be changed. This is the trip to Strasbourg. Only the transportation of documents and etc. are spent about 180 million.

I.e. you against this?

Slavi Binev:
Absolutely, of course. There is a must to be made some reduction of these costs. Now, is raised the question why we travel?

Yes, because both the global warming issue and the financial crisis sound too common to discuss in Ecuador.

Slavi Binev:
You should consider the following thing. We travel because of variable topics, including aid. 70% of the conversations lead to large extent to the new markets, which EU has to explore. Because, this is part of combating the crisis. I.e. we are not going there just to spend money on the European taxpayers and we're going to see what real opportunities are there, to make everything possible that this crisis to be overcome on the basis of new markets, which EU opens. This is the biggest battle right now.

Is there any real thing that happens at these meetings?

Slavi Binev:
Oh, yes of course, there is. The EU understands what must be done in order to overcome this crisis. And it is related mainly with the markets.

Some gossips, on such meetings for example can you make a representative expenses? Did you bring them to parties?

Slavi Binev:
I do them and I pay them out of my pocket. People who know me well know it too.

In what respect? What are you doing? Is there any nightlife in such type of delegations?

Slavi Binev:
Well, it is not possible to join in the nightlife. Of course, if someone has a great desire one may include in it, but it is not possible to join very actively the nightlife...

I'm interested purely of the spicy side about such meetings, whether for example...

Slavi Binev:
Of course, there is informal communication, and it is really important. I must tell you that maybe this is one of my talents - I enter quickly into relations with the local population...

You manage to bridge the gap.

Slavi Binev:
And it is largely used. Whatever we talk the informal contact is especially important in the European institutions.

There was even a book, now I cannot think of its name. It came to the Bulgarian market, written by a former intellegence agent. The book was in relation to the story about "Wikileaks" and in it the author depicts in a spicy manner how large corporations and distinct politicians often use the services of paid prostitutes, elite prostitutes for such meetings and etc. Now I know that you won't tell me "yes", but is this just a myth, or..?

Slavi Binev:
Well, I've had the opportunity...

Did I surprise you?

Slavi Binev:
No, I'm not surprised; maybe this is really something that excites people. I've had the opportunity in this life to party a lot. We can say that I have lived before I enter the politics in such manner that I don't want to repeat. These things somehow have no longer an exotic value for me. Perhaps for people who have not had the opportunity to live that way, it is worth thinking on these issues ... For me, the exaltation on these issues has past away long time ago. There is something else, who needed the entire interpretation of all this? That's the question I ask myself...

This is an information that came out of the European Parliament, though?

Slavi Binev:
No, it did not come out in that way from the EP.

You think that it is an attack towards you, don't you?

Slavi Binev:
No, no, not just in that moment...

... there is also one MEP from GERB.

Slavi Binev:
According to me, simply the press now tries to show, to demonstrate that the market is not that busy and occupied by the corporate bank, in general the media market and the monopoly on the truth. This is the whole case. It is about...

You see too big conspiracy, don't you?

Slavi Binev:
Well it cannot be anything else.

And that is propably associated with your new plans?

Slavi Binev:
Even it is related to them, it does not really matter now. But the biggest scam is linked to freedom of speech. All are trying to trade this freedom.

But this information I have read it not only in one place. I mean, it was not released in one newspaper.

Slavi Binev:
It is believed that this is spicy. Incidentally, I must tell you; do you know how much is the budget The Council of miniters? It is 77 million. So when spread over time that accounts for at least 100 thousand per day to the Prime Minister for example - with security, with staff, etc. If someone really wants to investigate something, let's investigate this. But this is serious. The service of one man and his work can not be counted as his personal spending; this is simply not serious. I think I was extremely clear.

I think you were.

Slavi Binev:
Just to be even clearer with more accurate data on the issue. If someone really cares about spending, one can investigate much larger expenses. And here, you should consider the following thing; I can even be lifted up as an example because I'm probably the only one who has accumulated 100% of the European funds, to call it like that in quotes. The truth is...

What do you mean by that?

Slavi Binev:
The opportunities provided by the EU have been fulfilled only by me. I am the only person and Maria Nedelcheva, who were able to fulfill those opportunities, even to add some by ourselves.

All right. Let me ask you something that is even greater intrigue in the New Year around the "Attack". Before the New Year for the holidays we were guests in your home, and you then said one sentence, which has raised a question that you may have plans related with a new formation or that they will do something.

Slavi Binev:
No, I did not raise it, you raised it.

I raised it, and you reraised it. But there is something else. During same time last week Kapka Siderova and Mitko Stoyanov also said they will probably do something. Are you going to make new formation together, what happens?

Slavi Binev:
Well, we have not discussed these things. By the way I see the love of the country, but the patriotic idea maybe is a little different. For me the biggest patriot is the one that will lead the people out of the crisis and the one who will cope with problems rather than apologizing for them. I am a little bit different in this respect, because I see the processes and problems of the society in another way. In any case, I cannot sit with crossed hands for the simple reason that in Bulgaria there's actually a lot of proud people, decent people, people who have honor and dignity and who are not willing to be part of the serves of the gpvernment, which tries to turn...

I.e. just say it more clearly; are you going to form new party or new movement? Is it going to be with Kapka Siderova and Mitko Stoyanov?

Slavi Binev:
I think that all people who stand by their children... Leave us aside... we were fooled... our generation... But all people who stand by their children... they just need to put an ending and to clearly see that the system for more than 20 years not has changed.

You are speaking as a politicial, tell it with one sentence.

Slavi Binev:
I just want to say something also to conclude. It is extremely important. Would you give your personal money to these people who govern the state and the state funds so they can have them? Because these people have no economic experience. If they are not involved in politics, some of them should rub the ears of the next dictator, whereas others should just read lectures in the Historical Institute the Bulgarian communist party, most ot them and etc.

Now you are trying to explain the reason why you would enter in a new formation?

Slavi Binev:
The reason perhaps is the most important. I think that the people deserve and need really to understand that there are dignified and proud people of this world. I think this is the most important thing. When someone is called a dog, bad material, and finally, it was the top of the pyramid in the past two days, when they said that in fact we have deviously become rich, right? I must tell you that I was personally offended and I think that everyone should not only make a political party, but should do a holding of parties that could change the political system.

Slavi, that`s nice, but here in this case what is happening on the track of the nationalist movements...

Slavi Binev:
... to do it for our children, for people that come after us.

The question is about your drama in "Attack", outside "Attack" and around these nationalist movements...

Slavi Binev:
For all patriots it is absolutely clear that there is no difference between the Ottoman yoke and Borisov`s ego.

Did you think of that beforehand?

Slavi Binev:
It is not needed to think much, it is obvious for bare eye. By the way, there was a joke for the socialism. In which one man is distributing empty leaflets. Do you know him?

No, I do not.

Slavi Binev:
And he takes it and says: All right, but why this leaflet is empty? Well it is all clear, there is nothing to write. This is the case; everything is so clear that there is no need even newspapers to announce it.

What does that mean?

Slavi Binev:
For the media it is required to keep the same line...

On the question of five minutes ago you tell me that you would do a party or some movement?

Slavi Binev:
No, in every case I cannot agree to be part of the serfs to the current government or of the previous government. I disagree to be part of this scam, I just cannot. I cannot afford it ... I do not know how people go home, whether journalists, whether politicians, how they go home and explain to children that they should be proud and serious. How do they do that; how do they explain that they are men and they have not bow down. I cannot explain this.

To bring you back to reality. Do you do this because of the processess in "Attack"? Are the processes in "Attack" your reason for the new party or movement? So what are you going to do?

Slavi Binev:
No, I will continue...

You are avoiding the question.

Slavi Binev:
No, I am not avoiding it. I just think that I have a different meaning for patriotism. In my point of view, I will say it again; all the ideologies are a big scam - left, right, up, down, and etc. they have no value. The political ideologies are gone. They gave way for the living standards. This is the new doctrine that is what the people are interested in.

Are you saying that you are not doing this because of "Attack", right?

Slavi Binev:
But, yes, of course.

I would like a short answer to whether it will include that something that you are doing as a formation, whether it will include Kapka Siderova and Dimitar Stoyanov, or you will do something beyond that?

Slavi Binev:
The door in any case it will be open to all decent people who are in no case willing to bow in front of the Prime Minister. Because this itself compromises them. Any good idea at the moment ... So for me the alternative is not an alliance with GERB. The alternative to GERB is not union with GERB.

You think that this is what is doing... Kapka Siderova?

Slavi Binev:
No, no I'm not. I just say...

Because that is what Volen Siderov said.

Slavi Binev:
I do not know what Volen Siderov announces. I only know that for two years he supported this government absolutely imperatively, and perhaps from there emerged some of our disagreements, because I have had absolutely constant behavior to the Prime Minister, and not only towards him, but also towards the entire political system during all the time. I have never had a different opinion on this issue.

When will this thing happen, I mean the party or the formation? What in fact it will be?

Slavi Binev:
I am careful of what I am saying because I do not want to subject people to persecutions, which they probably expect, or to disqualifications, which are a common method of winning of this government. That is the reason why I am so precocious, and we must not be surprised by that, because it is clear. Besides the European media themselves have been astonished several times of how Bulgaria can enjoy and should be proud to have such a fiscal discipline. However they make a joke out of it, because it is paid with a great misery and poverty of the society. They laugh at the obedience of the public towards the counterfeitings, on which it is subjected. With this, the media do not serve the interests of society and thus the problems increase...

You are avoiding the question.

Slavi Binev:
What is the question?

I have forgotten it already, it was quite some time.

Slavi Binev:
You too?

Okay, and finally tell me.

Slavi Binev:
No, I am not avoiding the question.

I think it was, does it include Kapka Siderova? And no, when, that was the question? For Kapka Siderova you said that the door is not closed.

Slavi Binev:
Very soon, these people must be seen, they must be decent people who honour themselces, they stand by their honor and dignity, they are not willing to bow their heads. Because the Bulgarians are what are with arguments as the bowed head would not be cut by the sword, they are what they are with cross and crow on the grave. This is what should happen in Bulgaria, this is what should happen. And I think that we should not only intend to solve the problems... And in the morning they only have a headache, but there is really a need to move forward. We have a decent past and we shoulf turn it into a decent future. We owe it to their relatives.

Slavi Binev, on the topic that he will make a new political formation in the very near future. Thank you, Slavi for the visit! We could not talk about...

Slavi Binev:
There must be a change in the system. It is not just a matter of a political party or whatever some sort of a political product on the political market. Here there is a must of a change of the system.

Thank you!

25/01/12 – ”Standard” news – I am ready to build a monument of Volen

How the MEP and archon looks at the scandals with the bishops- agents? Whether the family scandals in “Attack” will continue and whether he himself will head a new patriotically party? How is he preparing for the prayers breakfast in America and what are his impressions of Barack Obama? With these questions we addressed Slavi Binev.

- Mr. Binev, for weeks we are now witnessing the scandal with the priests kings. As an archon, do you consider that the people of senior clergy should resign from their positions?

- This story is not commented in Brussels. But any "friend" could pick it up. I think the Bishops are decent people who were forced to comply with the time in which they lived. And the only reference to this - eavesdropping bills are higher than budget for the Ministry of Culture.

– Is it normal, however, that the Bishop of Varna rides a “Lincoln”?

- These are fake news aimed at distracting the people from the current issues. The Prime Minister,the President, the Ministers and the people around them ride in tuples, of which only one of the tires of cars cost as much as the Bishop's car. The problems in the church come not from the bishopsbut the fact that in January Dyankov thinks of it as a company, and Borisov for fire department.

– How are the scandals with police violence in Bulgaria commented in Brussels?

- Questions to the governors are many. But I think they got used to not being asked to take the responsibility and so, they pass them haughtily. Attacked was a family because of five boxes of cigarettes without excise label. Tomorrow, they could easily descend in your home and to ask you about an invoice of your old wardrobe. But I think that such thing could happen to you if somehow you are against the government – whether you are taking from his business with cigarette, which is said to be protected, and you are being punished as in the bads are punished the betrayer in the drug mafia, or you have web site against Boyko Borisov or something similar. And there are no serious penalties because it is very difficult to punish someone who you have sent to do the dirty work and by punishing him you risk him singing the Aria of Defamation. And there are numerous examples of police violence - a former minister who has political ambitions, instead of being called to the police to report, was lying on the ground as a defendant in a case in which it appears that he is innocent. It was not accident that he jumped out the window and kill himself. The suspected murderer captured in Pernik, who was supposed to calm the tension, was even allowed to commit suicide in peace. Many are the accidnets, but this was known even when healthy, straight man like Misho Birata died comfortably in a convenient for the Prime Minister moment. I think people will get tired and they will put full stop I have at least put it 11 years ago. Now, as far as I am concerned the doctors assured me that there is no chance that I go mad and kill myself with seven or eight bullets in the back or to attack one of my close relatives because the police could explain everything.

– Since last weekend we have new presidential couple. How Rosen Plevneliev is different from Gerogy Parvanov ?

These people render meaningless the word democracy and turned it into the meaningless word socialism. Zhivkov may him rest in peace, but if he looks us from up there, he would probably start laughing, because 22 years after the fall of his regime, it is the same. The difference is that the Prime Minister is the one who rubbed his ears, a former president - assistant of the Institute of History of the PA and the opposition and former glorious first force is the son of his friend and sapartiets Dimitar Stanishev - Sergei. We do not need a new president, albeit a serf and a bodyguard as dictator. We need a new political system that does not smell of controlled democracy and true freedom and political events at European level. The president, who seems to be deliberately chosen so as not to overshadow the simple light of the Prime Minister. With all due respect and apology to the institution and to the wise people who seriously reasoned lightly over his gestures Irish shepherdess or whatever was there he said he was in his previous life, I think to this day he does not know what is the post, they gave him.

– Is Georgy Parvanov preparing for Prime Minister and Stanishev –for permanent leader of PES

- I have no idea for what are they preparing, but all old political systems should be ready for retirement. Because despite all the mimicry, it is understandable that Borisov, Parvanov, Stanishev, and Kuneva are parts of one whole, called the failure of past governments control. It is funny when Georgi Parvanov gives advise against Borisov, as if someone else gave him the title “general”, gave him bank (sorry his girlfriend) and aligned with them. And with regard to the Prime Minister’s ambitions of Stanishev - a man without economic experience, which he has not tried on his own funds and companies should be allowed to practice them on us. People say - a poor man cannot make you rich, and the stupid cannot give you brain.

– The scandals in “Attack” are continuing. Are you personally making new political party with the deputies that left?

- I am far from these scandals. The actual breaking of the political project "Attack" allowed me to think more freely on political topics. And I've always been sure that the greatest patriot will be the one to satisfy people's desire for better and fair life. I think the problem is not whether there will be a new party, but whether someone will hire up to decrepit political life, complete with demagogy or will continue to repeat the same mistake and put the same suckers who have proven that they cannot to deal with anything. And we can only cheat and take turns with one another.

– How would you comment the words of Volen Siderov that from gratitude, you should build him a monument in the center of Sofia?

- That is true. And I will always be grateful to him. Surely he has something to thank me about, and since recently he did not have any claims for a monument. But if it will make him happy, I will talk to Chapa. The truth is that I hope we were friends and we were helpful to each other.

– Are the EU and the Euro zone moving towards destruction?

- I would advise the big political parties in Parliament, as they lead the union to examine the new members of the former Communist bloc countries. You can find among them one for which democracy is "Everyone will do what I tell them" or are masked-Muammar Kaddafi’s who confuse democracy with the Jamahiriya and hide behind the big backs of EPP and the Social Democrats.

– Austrian experts predict Eurogedon- Europe will be in long recession due to the debt crisis?

- These are forecasts. But one thing is certain, if Belgium it is crisis that they have not indexed salaries of the workers from 3000 to 3200 Euros, then here is whether we will survive crisis

– What are your impressions of Martin Schulz, the new President of the European Parliament?

It is a tough guy who, if he exceeds his political bias, could increase the power of Parliament.

– You are one of the few Bulgarians, who have been invited couple of times to prayers breakfast with Barack Obama. How do you accept this event ?

- This is a collection of people from different countries, cultures, religions, political beliefs, people gathered to show that their differences do not confront them but make their lives more colorful. Or as they say, "It's hard to hate someone you pray together with." The protocol is like any world-class event. The U.S. president raises delight with the fact that he humility allows the main character in this scene. Heroes are people who in the past year have proven themselves in one way or another. Only strong people can be modest. Weak - on the contrary, desire daily attention, sorry - every minute. Interesting are also parallel meetings that each participant has. Perhaps most important among them is the political dinner in "Capital Hill", on which I am honored to be invited again.
22/01/12 - BNR – Research of Slavi Binev about the journalistic censorship

Host: The MEP Slavi Binev is in the Studio. I would like to mention the exact reason about him being in the studio of Horizont. It is his research on the opinion of 113 journalist who admitted that there is censorship in Bulgaria. And, since this letter and this important information will be also given to important European institutions, let me mention the conclusions of this survey. From the fact that the media are nothing more than an economically dependent on charity of ministries servicing class and also the interviewed journalists talk about the direct intervention of political parties and senior personnel of the administration in the editorial policy via phone calls with guidelines for selection of news , angry phone calls to the publishers or the editor in chief by affected and even ban of reporters to ask uncomfortable questions. And Mr. Binev mentioned in his address about the case of Germany where the president, who was charged withsimilar experiences to influence the media ,was forced to apologize. How this happens in Bulgaria? Mr. Binev when you are making this announcement, you do not rely on the reaction in the interior, in Bulgaria? What needs to happen in your opinion ?

Slavi Binev: Off coursed, I am disappointed from the actions that could stimulate something good to happen in Bulgaria. I believe that this is a cause especially for Bulgaria, somehow the political elite only listens to orders from outside and norms, as a whole, that are recommended from abroad. Unfortunately, this is how it is, and I am saying it with pain in my heart. As if the correct actions could be taken in one direction after having exhausted all other absolutely inconsistent actions. I've always tried to be the alpha test of democracy in the sense that on me can be tested laws and its existence at all. So, I allowed myself to touch a subject that has always been avoided by everyone, the battle with the media. But it's not a battle with the media and it is about the battlewith the owners of the media who have become so to call them "new racketeers", people who are trying to cash in their influence due to the inability to benefit from the media themselves. As the market in Bulgaria is extremely limited, as it happenedabroad, etc. Note that the people who deal with media in general have a high recognition toprovide information with which to shape public opinion, they are forbidden to have other business ventures as it is completely normal to get into this maelstrom. This is not happening here and it happens so that the proud profession of journalists turned in. ..

Host: Servants.

Slavi Binev: ... and it looks like the proud profession of the courtesans, with similar poses. This is extremelybad and the worst is that we sit sideways namely those who enter into transactions because they are not part of the people who commit these acts, but they are no different from them, these are the owners of the media. It must be absolutely clear that the truth must come out. It cannot for example happen that the Prime Minister is booed before 12, 15 or 18 thousand people in the hall, which deserved or not is his pride, and this somehow did not come out in the media ...

Host: Via the net, via internet...

Slavi Binev: In any other way outside the street talking, outsied the talks at home , outside Internet , in any case the journalists do not dare to tell the truth. All this happens several times. The study, which ... was actually inspired by one of my previous letters, open to the Prime Minister, which also was not printed anywhere, which of coursefollowed my reaction to the European institutions, in fact this study was provokedprecisely by the European institutions, which, unfortunately, are not convinced of this,what I am saying, but were disappointed that I enjoyed very weak words, as thingscame up, I have been very careful in the way that I informed them that in Bulgaria there is censorship. Censorship is another word for dictatorship. The worst thing is that in Bulgaria there are two things that characterize the dictatorship, in which it can be recognized. First, it is reach for the freedom of speech, and secondly, the lack of money. I'll tell you why. Not because many of the dictatorships do not have it, but simply because dictators are usually greedy people who want in some way to feed their inferiority complex. Because of which, they have become dictators. This is one of the biggest problems. We now are a great sacrifice of a pathology that, unfortunately, can cost us a lot We must, and journalists and media owners must believe that Bulgarian citizens have lived to receive the truth and could held the next elections in light, not dark.

Host: Not from economically dependent, which, as you are saying, are existing only because of the goodwill of the ministers ...

Slavi Binev: Yes, the dictatorship is financial; the dictatorship is simply not with...

Host: You are making this warning because of the Hungarian Prime Minister?

Slavi Binev: Of course. It turned out that things in Bulgaria are a lot worse. See how is it that ... I could not hear before the call, but I personally think that President, who we chose as Bulgarians, now is not ready for this post. People are usually careful even when they call the tile person they check what experience does he have, how long, etc. and we hired a president who truly, maybe confused the highway with the presidency or something. All the time he was trying to explain ...
Interview with Slavi Binev

Host: Is new patriotically party emerging? This is our topic in the next couple of minutes. You know that recently there is such information, connected with the name of the MEP Slavi Binev. He is our guest now. Good afternoon! Are you going to create politucal party? Movement, union?

Slavi Binev: Apparently, the people are tired of everything that happens at the political market and this becomes clear from the fact that they already hear things that I have never told or at least I have never said ultimately in any case.
I am not a two-faced person and if I decide to do something in the direction of a political formation, it won’t be movement, it would be political party, because party means part of something, „part of” and for me, it is extremely important to be clear that if I decide to create something, it would be party. Since recently, it was not an idea, however, due to the many questions that were asked by Lora Krumova, who might have given the idea, I say Lora Krumova because, I have never said something similar and so many people arose that asked me questions in this direction and are even admiring me. As is this is something that is already said.

Host: In other words, you are considering it very seriously, aren’t you?

Slavi Binev: I am considering it, yes. I just was not expecting that there is such readiness in the people and such a desire for something new to emerge. However, as I thought and spoke with people,who are referent for me and whose opinion is important for me, I came to the conclusion that actually it is may be important that there is something important in having such a thing, which is not controlled opposition but real opposition. I.e.not have people who have changed their behavior towards the Prime Minister the whole time of his growth, but are people with constant and clear behavior. Everything else gives rise to the doubt of one controlled opposition but for one opposition that has client’s character and rises the feeling of one double of the idea Medvedev-Putin.

Host: Yes. Undoubtfully, such party should exist; however, at the moment it seems to me that there is not such serious opposition, alternative to GERB. Do you think that you can make such a union, collect such people?

Slavi Binev: I have not considered this question for the simple reason that I have looked somehow more pragmatically to life. Moreover, maybe there is the solution of the problem. Maybe because of this reason the people are expecting so much of me. Long time ago, in the political environment or in the political life in the world at all, there is no left or right, up or down, center and so on. There is a single thing, which is the most important one - this is the standard of living of the people and I am absolutely sure that every single person, who would vote, would vote for his own well-being; for the well being of his family, to have better health, his family to be more secure and the most important- not to turn in slave of the system but a person, who bravely can express his positions, even when they might be wrong. Unfortunately, at present, this is something that is absent in our society and I believe that exactly for this reason they are concentrated in me, because I have looked as a manager at the issue with politics as a whole, and maybe in the with the government as a whole.

Host: Nevertheless, at present you are not going to create such party? Let’s give the people unambiguous answer.

Slavi Binev: I have not started such…

Host: Do you consider?

Slavi Binev: Of course. I am considering it. Before New Year’s eve I was not considering such issue, however, due to the fact that in reality so many people asked me the question whether I am going to create party, I asked myself the question if there is the need for something to emerge, something serious.

Host: Patriotic-nationalistic, is this the niche, where it should be placed?

Slavi Binev: Of course the platform should be patriotic as any other party should be because we participate in the EU and it is completely normal we, as part of Bulgaria and politicians to defend mostly our country. We of course talk about nationalism in its wild appearance. For me, the best patriot is the one, who manages to resolve the current problems of the crisis, not the one who will hang the most…

Host: I mean, having in mind the situation in “Attack”, isn’t this theme, the patriotic, nationalistic…

Slavi Binev: Whether or not this is not discrediting the idea? Look! I am telling you once again, for me there is neither left, or right, nor center, neither patriotic wave, nor anything else…
Now, everybody bets most on the authority of Bulgaria abroad, and to be able to trade in the best way with its position. Unfortunately, however, our governors do not have the authority to trade it well. They are absolutely dump witnesses of absolutely every negotiations that took place around and on the questions of the crisis at the moment, because of the simple reason that they are people with no character and without enough knowledge on these questions. They think that this passes them by and they cannot in any way demand to be approved the position of discipline, which was forced at our country. Because we are paying one of the largest debts in EU and this is the social debt, since we are not able to implement neither of the social programs to our nature.

Host: It is so. This is something that we all know very well. You at the moment…

Slavi Binev: This is an extreme problem and it should be “agreed” at a very high level. Unfortunately, at the moment all eyes are looking not at our country but at Greece. This means very weak political, foreign-diplomatically role and “confident” Prime Minister and Foreign Minister as well as the economic minister and the experts, as if they cannot defend outside their political positions. Outside the protocol approval of the political slang that comes outside of the type „Yes, we respect your willingness, we respect your ambitions” from Europe we receive only punishments and nothing else.

Host: I have to ask you, however, about your relationship with “Attack”. We heard the report of Svetoslava about the protest that the party starts?

Slavi Binev: At the moment my relationship with “Attack” frozen, for the simple reason that I was looking for the leader of the party to meet with him and after all that happened in “Attack” in order to receive some firsthand information. However, instead I received nagging answer from the leader in the media- something that surprised me. However, in the end, politics sometimes also presents surprising things.

Host: However, is the party dissolving, do you have any information…

Slavi Binev: Indeed, absolutely every sociologist sais that there is a political niche. Nobody has notary act for the patriotism or for this to love your home country, so it is absolutely normal one political formation when it has played its role and it is not adequately to the situation, which is excising in the moment, to go away. The tings get destroyed.

Host: I.e. “Attack” played its role?
Слави Бинев: Мисля, че идва времето на един много по-ашладисан патриотизъм. В смисъл такъв, че има нужда не толкова от конфронтация, защото проблемите в страната с конфронтация, не се решават. Трябва да търсят по-принципни поведения и мисля, че специално патриотизмът в момента изисква концентрация върху икономическите лостове на страната, и най-вече принципно поведение на всички партии по това да бъде притисната управляващата партия в момента да сключва добри сделки, а да не сключва лоши сделки. Защото, за жалост, от предпоследно място, въпреки заявките на нашето правителство, в момента от предпоследно място по корупция, ние сме в момента на последно място, или на първо, както е класацията, за жалост.

Slavi Binev: I think that it comes the time for one new kind of patriotism. I mean, that there is no need of confrontation, as the problems in the country cannot be solved with confrontation. We should search for one more principle behavior and I think that specially the patriotism in the moment requires concentration on the county’s economic levers and moreover principle behavior of every party. By this way the governing party can be pressed to conclude good deals, not to conclude bad deals. As, unfortunately, from before last position despite the applications of our government in the moment from the before last position in corruption we are now on the last or on the first as the rating is unfortunately.

Host: You know, however, that the number of the deputies of “Attack” counts. Do you know about someone, who is going to leave? We heard such…

Slavi Binev: it may sound unbelievable but you can ask everyone from them, I have never talked in no way for their separation, devotion, disconnection or whatever else, as incredible as it may sound.

Host: These people, who pressure you to create a political party, aren’t they part of the deputies who left “Attack”?
Slavi Binev: there are lots of people. They don’t push me so much to create a party, it is as in their conscious the party is just an opportunity for forming some kind of circle around which
they can create ideas and possibility. The unstoppable impose of opinion that there is no opposition, that there is no real opposition and that on the market there is nothing but GERB makes the people to want and expect something, and it seems the I am the only one, who still has negative attitude towards the prime minister. May be this make the people to believe in this, that if actually there is disappointment it should be mastered by someone, who has a principle position on this question and has figured out his low intentions and poor possibilities before.

Host: Term elections are regularly mentioned, although Boyko Borisov denied that…
Slavi Binev: well, yes, this one of the motion of the prime minister. He has consecrated himself not on the solution of the problems, but on the technical manipulations for keep his influence in the country, so I will not exclude this motion from his side.

Host: What benefit could he has? He also has now…
Водещ: За какво говорите? ГЕРБ спечели изборите само преди няколко месеца? Спечели ли изборите?
Слави Бинев: Няма да ви казвам какво е отношението навън към този начин на печелене на изборите и Кадафи е печелил изборите многократно в Либия. Ако един човек се държи като Кадафи, е много вероятно да завърши като него.Така че нищо ново под слънцето. Мисля, че България е изправена пред много сериозни проблеми, които ще експлодират в един момент, и те няма да могат да бъдат спрени, независимо от доброто отношение на медиите, от благородното отношение на медиите. Няма да го наричам с друга дума, за да не изглежда, че провокирам нещо.
Slavi Binev: The disappointment from him is growing every day and as he has not done many of his promotions, which he has given when becoming a prime minister, major, secretary general and as a whole he concentrate on the steam whistle, rather than efficiency of the motor. Overall, I must tell you that the disappointment of the audience and the public could becomean extremely negative attitude.
Host: What you talking about? GERB won the elections only a few months ago?
Slavi Binev: I will not tell you what is the attitude to this way of winning elections and Gaddafi has repeatedly won elections in Libya. If a person behaves like Gaddafi it is very likely to finish like him. So that is nothing new under the sun. I think that Bulgaria is facing very serious problems which will explode at some point, and it wont be able to stop them, regardless of the good attitude of the media. I will not call it with another word not seem to provoke something.

Host: You think that his rating is only as a result of the media ?
Slavi Binev: One and only the media does not put questions, on which we should have answers a long time ago .They do not put on questions, which.....

Host: What are those questions that…

Slavi Binev: as we start from the flash drives, from the promises for coping with....

Host: On the contrary, they spoke for a long time about this flash drives and far a long time questions were asked.
Slavi Binev: yes, but we did not get the answers. Did you get ant answer? Can you tell me what do you ting on this question? For every thing of this in the normal European countries at least resign.

Host: I have in mind that the media did their job as far as…
Slavi Binev: Japan made its sepuko, shoot them in Korea.

Host: Yes. I agree that…
Slavi Binev: Whatever we say, this is part of an orchestrated system and of one control over many things in the country. Something that may disappoint the people who know that the greatest freedom is in fact the opportunity to confess this freedom. And she goes through the media on first place. What I know about media is that they should on the side of the opposition of the country, 90% of independent media, for the simple reason that in this way they help the government to prevent errors.

Host: Well, we for example have invited you. You for a long time, despite the fact that “Attack” was supporter of GERB and helped them four two years, you…
Slav Binev: Not me, not me...

Host: …you were not, so we have invited you also in these two years. Because we have very little time at our disposal, I would like to turn to…
Slavi Binev: I do not want in any case to blame you. Indeed, you are one of the few stands that I have lately, but this is not so important. It is important what will happen. For me, whether the media will continue to believe that people are not ready to receive the whole truth, I think that this will eventually happen, as this is how the world works. We are just slow. We sit on a slower gear, and now we should be much more active in everything, especially in the agreements with the European institutions.

Host: We have very little time, but I would like to pay attention to one topic, which I know you are following. This is the church. You are close to bishop Galaktion. How you look at this, which happened in the recent week, and the last case, that started with Konstantin Trenchev exactly about bishop Galaktion? He was the person, let me remind, who made you Archon some time ago.
Slavi Binev: Look! I actually think that there is some attack on the church and it is very unhealthy. I cannot understand, I cannot specify the genesis, but I feel it of course. I have some guesses and i think that there is an unhealthy interest. Almost all the bishops have been listed. You can tell that there is someone who thinks on the issue - how to compromise all the bishops and how can he use it, unless perhaps....

Host: Do you consider that in the synod there is someone, who is trying to discredit the others, is that right?
Slavi Binev: The church has never been attacked so seriously and that from different bishops.

Host: This comes from the bishop, right?
Slavi Binev: According to me – YES ! The strong bishops have been attacked, those, which are known to have strong positions in the Holy Synod.

Host: Let me help you. It could be someone young, from the younger ones. The youngest? Is it this…
Slavi Binev: I cannot tell. I can only have suggestions in the moment.

Host: Okay.
Slavi Binev: My idea is just for that, that father Galaktion is a very good man and even if...By the way I can tell you that I am absolutely sure that he has not such medical training to know in what exactly he has been involved. He might be thinking that he is taking part in something that has a noble event. I think so. I do not now if I have the right to speak for him, but I think he was involved in something noble, something good for the people and this led him to participate whit his name. this were his arguments I suppose. In the world very often it happens.....

Host: Many people…
Slavi Binev: ...people who have public recognition to participate in such organizations, which....

Host: Yes, however, the church denies such things
Slavi Binev: What I heard from father Gavrail yesterday, from his Eminence, is that the church blesses only acceptable from God deed. That, which is related with...

Host: Yes.
Slavi Binev: ...every woman should have the opportunity to be a mother, is righteous. Unless this is not provided by grained genetic products.

Host: Everyone heard this. You believe that there is attack against the church. Thank you. Here, we have to put full stop at this conversation.
Slavi Binev: Let’s put it.

Host: You heard Slavi Binev. Thank you very much.
10/12/11 – Standart newspaper – Men prove themselves in bed, at war and in crisis

Volen and I do not need each other anymore, said Slavi Binev

Would Slavi Binev intervene in the scandals in the "Attack?" How his relations with Volen Siderov would develop after the dramatic divorces in the party? Whom he will choose – Kapka or Volen for future partnership? Jasmine tea and. .. revelations of the MEP, who celebrates today his 46 birthday. In Slavi’s home, it is never boring. He has four daughters,one son and one granddaughter. The age difference between the largest and smallest lady is more than 20 years. His wife Maria was able to orchestrate the complex relationships between the different ages and Slavi specializes in the suppression of "life" children's conflicts. Few know that his grandfather Georgi Karadzhov is a children writer, author of love poetry, his father Pencho Binev is a respected chemist,pharmacist and his mother - a journalist and banker. Slavi, however, from young age chose taekundoto and his ambition brought him to the champion’s peak. For a long time, martial arts were his passion. Now with the same ambition, he is attached to the politics. In his home - many paintings and icons, portraits of his glorious ancestors and family photos, before which he proudly posed with his whole household.

Valeria VELEVA

- I have always wandered , Slavi, why you were tempted by the politics, what itch crawled you, after you succeeded both in the business and in the sport?
The eruption of difference. People say that if after 10 years you are still at the same place, you have not lived. One needs a change, needs to open the window to change the air around him. Life simply requires this. And sometimes you do not decide, the situation decides especially when you have to take matters into your own hands.
- Do you feel, that against you there is slight distrust as a politician , some people tell themselves: "See, a sportsperson, a martial arts person now is dealing with politics“?
- Yes, there is distrust and it is normal. Because when you play another role in life, it is hard for people to accept this change. But it is better if one was in sports, has passed through the strokes of fate, to be battered in life and with the wisdom that he has acquired, to indulge in politics.
- However, politics could hardly give you the same feeling as the one you’ve had when you were for example on the top of the ladder when the national anthem sounded in your honor. Today’s politics is more or less unthankful job.
In every moment in life, one has his preorities. When I was in sport, I needed to chose whether to be national, european or other champion or Chinese Imperor, I chose the trophey. This was my dream, this was the meaning of my life. Then, I was interested in my success in business, the game there, which no less interesting than the sport. Because in the business, there are also medals. They are evidence for your capabilities. They are the signs by which you define what you have reached, how did you fight , how did you manage to cope and to prove that you are not only in the game but that you are a good player. And now is the tird level of development- the politics. I am very ambitious about it. For me, it will always be well-payed hobby. And so it should be. In all big political organizations part took and are taking that have resolved their hygenci problems long ago.
- You were abroad in the last two or three weeks, while here the whole “Attack” scandal was blown up. Did you have man conversation with Volen Siderov?
Sadly, he is not picking up his phone, even though the first thing I did when I came back was to call him. I hope that he was bussy, not that this means deny of communication.
- What are you going to tell him after everything that happened with this party?
I and Volen, we do not each other anymore. This is as far as our realtions went. And there is no need to be in weight of eachother. He understands life in a way that is unacceptable for me. And this can be seen from his actions. I am used to judging people on their actions, not on the words they are saying. People get together, then separate; what is important is to this in European manner. For me friendship is more important than the collegial moment.
- Have you ever thought that “Attack” could reach its present condition?
No! No! I am person, who can always expect everything but this just shocked me. It was major surprise for me
- Did you call Kapka? I noticed that you keep some distance.
I have met with Kapka couple of times after that and we have spoken. I try not to judge their relationship since I will not allow anyone to interfere in my personal relations. This is very delicate issue. A while ago, I was with both of them, for me they were a whole, I had not divided them. Imagine in uncomfortable situation I am with myself, since I cannot take side. In the same time, personal emotions were mixed with technical issues, that I am getting confused sometimes. And I prefer to hide in myself and not to discuss this issue.
- If you see Volen what advice would you give him? Should he resign as Dimitar Stoyanov asked, or he should remain on his position?
I cannot advice anyone. I cannot say how I would react in a similar situation. In order to solve any problem, the first step is the understanding that it exists. If you do not announce it and say that, it exist, than you do not proceed to its solution. At this elections, although they were bought, “Attack” achieved bad results. However, today Volen cannot speak that the elections were unfair after two years he was in Borisov’s lap. Now, it is of him to say: “I did not do right, this means that I am exhausted as a leader.” The choice is his. I do not have the right to say on this manner because I am not in this train.
- Yet another myth in the politics was ruined and yet another politician did not manage to accept his failure.
Valeria, there are two big tests in life, which man either fails or passes: failure and success; having and not having. Men, including politicians, can be seen how much do they cost in bed, at war, in high-pressure situations and in crisis. I know the following, when you face the failure with dignity; it is no difference than success. You need to have cool brain, to admit the failure, the fault and to take the responsibility. This is male position.
- The hardest battle you had?
Ohh, my hardest battle has always been with the fools. My mother used to say “Be beaten by a smart, instead of be caressed by a fool” She died eleven years ago and she had very high expectations of me, which did not cover with my activities on the road that I was walking. If she can see me now, she would probably be very happy. Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity to see that I can change, that a transformation is possible, the one you were talking about. And hopefully, as it is said, she is looking from above and to feel this motherly joy, which I wish to every mother, to every parent, when his child has succeded.
- You were Bohemian, you were the playboy of Sofia...
Yes, there were such moments, but since I am with my wife, and this for a long time- I am not interested in this anymore. Before, I have always wanted to be next to the women that I loved, but when they were not around me, I have loved those that were around me.
- You have five children and only three of them are from your wife. Why you skipped the wedding ring with the others?
First, man should fill ripe in order for something in order to do it. Second, I will never say that these are mistakes-I was too young, my aims were different. For me, marriage is something very responsible, very serious and when I felt ready, I did it. Maybe because I had family example which was not good. My mother had married and divorced couple of times, two of them for my father. There is no way that this did not affect me. I have always wanted to have real family in the full sense of the word. Of course, I loved my parents very much, but when they were not together, I was with my grandmother, in order not to be included in their personal life. I have respected the people with whom they lived, with whom they had passion, relationships, but nothing more.
- It is strange, that you are taking care of your children and that your wife has accepted the children from other women. How did you achieved this?
Bubata is extremely responsible person.
- Responsible, good, but here we are not talking about emotional perception .
We have always lived like that. Love comes with the mutual life.
- She is young, beautiful, are not you jealous?
Jealousy comes with love. Sadly, it not always goes with it. Probably, there were moment, where something hurt me, but she never gave me the feeling that it was real jealous, for which I am extremely thankful to her. She created the coziness at home, here she is more than me. There is one very interesting Caucasian saying: the man is dealing with the big things in life, with geopolitics, wars, the relations in the word, for everything else at home responsible is the wife. The whole manhood of those nations was until the doorstep. And I have always complied with that.
- Have you ever cried on the shoulder of your wife?
Ohh, God forbid! God forbid, because this will be very hard moment. She is more firm than I am. My wife gives me stability; she guarantees my back, which is very important. Because I never look back. I have always looked forward. This is my style of work both in business and in sport. As they say, in order to lead people, you need to turn your back at them. I have never turned back, even when I have been backstabbed.
- And what about the unsettled business?
I do not have unsettled business. There are people that have unsettled business with me.
- Are you going to settle it?
No. The most important is person to settle the business with himself first, to sign a contract with himself, to know what he wants, to know how to do it and to be ready to pay the price.
- I see on the wall in the living room a picture – copy of Van Cog. Where is it from?
This is a counterfeit of Van Gog , made of exactly the same materials of the time of Van Gog and is painted before the introduction of the requirement that the paintings to have differences. This is a complete copy of Vah Gog, it is a present from Lyubo Dilov, he is very sound. He makes gestures that not many people could afford. He gave me another famous painting-“Partizani”. When he brought it, he told me: Look at the faces, what faces, real fighters, I am giving it to you. I have put it in my office, behind the desk.
- You are saying – I have had many meeting with the devil. What about the devil in you?
The devil in me? There were moments in my life, when for win, for honor, you are ready to make a deal with the devil. And thank Good, faith have always helped me to avoid this. However, I have met the devil in his various forms, even in politics. I hope that the good wins; because the devil lies and always changes his behavior. The devil is charismatic, this how he is described in the Bible and the weak people break under his pressure, and the strong fight with him. There is nothing more dangerous than the bigheaded person is. Even the biggest bandit is twice forgiven compared to the bigheaded person. These are the most punishable “offences”.

- And you are not bighead? Be critical towards yourself.
Ohh, I am my biggest critic!
- Why it was necessary for you to become an archon? You collected so many negativism..
This is my faith- to attract negativism towards me. This is a talent of mine, I cannot get rid of , I cannot remove it. If the mantle of archonship created me discomfort here, abroad it opened me many doors. And this helps me a lot in my work.
- I thought that you are buying your sins?
No! If you think that this is some kind of repay and that man wants to save his soul in this way-no. The church or the noble sans cannot save your soul. They can be used in your work if they are any help. This what will save our souls and us as people , this is the feeling whether we have lived well or bad, whether we opposed the tyranns, whether we have became their slaves or remain true to our dignity and honor.
- You are very broad-minded as a person, you do not fit into the frame, you even admit that you are man of the poles, is it some pose or that is your nature ?
This is how my life went. Sometimes man provokes his destiny, sometimes, it provokes him. It’s a dance. One should recognize the lighthouses in his life and to know when to go and when to stop. I have tried to provoke both with my life and with my behavior, with my way of understanding and my way of life. I have run out the fast train. The battle, the participation in the game is that what made me excited and made me feel alive. I was never moved by los and win.
- Is there something that you regret?
I regret that I did not listened more to the advices that my mother gave me, to which I returned years later. She used to tell me: “You will be a father too, you will see what you are causing yourself, and what you are causing me.” Mother’s vows reach you. If I have listed to her, I would be more disciplined in my behavior and more dedicated to the things, which I did.
- Your most expensive mistake?
Every mistake left mark behind me and I have tried to make it a victory. Good decision depends on the mistakes you have made. This is why from the level of our age, we can give good advices, because we cannot give bad examples.
- Whom are you asking for forgiveness?
From everybody whom I did wrong or have insulted. I've done it. Even my children. You know, many times the culture of my behavior, my self-criticism have driven people to think I'm stupid and weak, not that I do something from my heart. It is debt of each of us to recognize his mistakes and ask for forgiveness
- Your formula about good and bad?
For me good is adequate attitude..I am a bit old-sheltered. Important for me always was- eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. As Confucius used to say: good with good, bad with conscience. . One must know well if his conscience allows him to resist his badness, or he must accept it.
- When did you built this philosophy?
In life, the books I've read. With my friends and enemies. They have all forged something of my character. Even enemies have worked more on me, because whatever we say, with friends we only became fatter, while it is the enemies that keep us in shape.

- You are coming back from a big tour, for two weeks as a MEP you managed to go on four continents. And all you talked about was the crisis. Your fears?
Many people compare today's economic crisi with a Third World War. It is let without tanks and Kalashnikovs, but with financial resources. Unfortunately, those responsible for this "event" are virtual money, which hit the real sector. To conceal traces of economic fraud, the financial world now will go with them even greater. In environments in which I, say that these traces can no longer be deleted by seeming economic war and that the world is facing a real war for reallocation of markets. This is a serious warning! Nobody wants war. We live in a consumer society, which is quite conformist, people have nothing to lose and would not allow that to happen. I am extremely impressed by the ministers in Saudi Arabia. So intelligent, academically trained and wise people I have not seen. You talk to people with iron psyche and inner strength, which can put their questions and to defend them with all the power of knowledge. These are multimillionaires who long ago decided hygiene problems and can champion. I turned my perception of this culture - these are people who beat their foreheads into the ground to pray, and people who think. I saw another class that struck me. I know many rich people in the world, but what I saw in Saudi Arabia, made me think whether I really had idea what wealth means.
25/11 - 01/12/11 - newspaper Retro - MEP Slavi Binev Boyko and Dogan play together

What is happening to "Attack", Mr. Binev? For a week now the public is dealing with some problems within the Siderov's family.

- I was really confused by his 180-degree turns. We will need to talk, but not through the media. I believe that when two people do not look in one direction, they do not build common future plans and it is better to separate - but as Europeans, rather than with scandals.

- In 2007, when you were candidate-mayor of Sofia, raised by"Attack", Siderov stated that Boiko Borisov could not be trusted neither politically, nor personally. What changed between them, so that later Siderov became his most true supporter?

- Whatever it is, it does not look good. And now - even less. For me, the vile and deadly embrace of Boyko Borisov has never been secret. It stifles all who are berthed and have work for him, and he refers to them as serfs. So, I have no illusions how this friendship will end.

- Recently, you alerted in the European Parliament that the Prime-Minister is exercising total control over the media in Bulgaria and the freedom of speech is fiction in our country. Is not this a bit exaggerated?

-It is not an exaggeration, because freedom and freedom of speech are the foundation of a democracy. Without them it can not be called democratic country. The situation in Bulgaria is currently the following - media and media censorship have become a criminal brigade and used to attack anyone who dares to oppose the government of Boyko Borisov. After my speech in the Parliament many journalists jumped around me questioning what and whom I had in mind, as if proof had to take a journalist, gagged and tied personally by Boyko Borisov. At the same time, I do not try to divert my attention in another direction, so not to continue to talk about censorship and criminal pressure on the freedom of speech. And although the media are not a court that seek evidence, but must provide a platform for honest opinion, I brought a lot of evidence about the silence and manipulation of the media. Beginning from the flash drives with recordings of Boiko Borisov, the case of Tsar Kiro and the blasted car of Sasho Dikov and get to the open letter sent to the Prime Minister Borisov with a copy to the media, which was never published. And I never got an answer. Also, with arrogant behavior of the Prime Minister told the media that the media themselves admitted. Do not forget those media which attacked me immediately after my speech, which proved the correctness and of my words. All this I speaks clearly enough that there is complete reduction of the information that reaches the people, and which I will submit to the European institutions. However, I want to clarify - it is not my job to deal with the media policy, but it is my job as a politician to appreciate the situation in the country. I think one of the most important and fundamental issues that need to be placed on the front pages of newspapers and the early news is the people's livelihood. In our country, it is lowest in the EU. At the same time, the government demonstrates complete impotency to deal with economic problems. You get people to be more demanding to run them, and this is the job of the media and trade unions, which should be the forefront of the protest. They unfortunately did not raise these issues and we Bulgarians pay the social cost of all this. I think the government should not ever complain, but to deal with problems. If not, to go, and not to behave like a drowning man at a straw for power.

- What was the reaction of the other MEPs after your speech in the Parliament?

- The initial reaction of my colleagues was, of course, to greet me the courage to say out loud what is happening in Bulgaria. They had their fingers crossed for my success because they know that against me I have bitter and vindictive man with many state powers. But of course, I will not fail. As it is said: "I've played this game and I have played it for a long time." There are many cases where I have faced the so-called strengths of the day, people whose names were almost forbidden to pronounce something like David against Goliath. I never gave up and I have not cheated on myself. This is something like my fate to stand and fight against the tyrants and their minions and accomplices.

- How do you explain the full turn towards Boiko Borisov of the media empire of Delian Peevski?
- This is an attempt to conceal something that is clearly visible with the naked eye, namely that Boyko and DPS are together. There is no way that the economic and financial interests of two parties intersect in a bank, while they are enemies in politics. To such arrangements in the dark and attempts to conceal with lies and manipulations, we must say "basta".

- Couple of months ago you threatened that you will also address the Parliament about the outrage of "Dundee Precious Metal", which poisons and destroys the region of Chelopech

- I seized the European institutions on the issue of the concession of "Dundee" in Krumovgrad, and recently, I also made a signal about Chelopech. Unlike the competent Bulgarian institutions, in Europe each signal violation is considered in detail and the relevant checks are undertaken. The bad thing is that we are not united as Bulgarians to fight against a foreign oppressor, because we do not believe that he is an investor, don't we?
While I draw the attention of Europe to an absolutely corrupt transaction, which is any transaction "Dundee", Minister Nona Karadzhova, together with Traicho Traikov (as domestic lawyers of other offenders), will speak in Brussels on 29 this month about how wonderful are investors in the mining industry in our country. Let's see if we convince them. I would like to be clear that I am not against those who eat pie, but against those who give it to him. And this one is the government. This is what your support over the years. Keep your face even with a special cream that I have from Vienna, but that is all of Bulgaria.

- Then, you announced that you will create a website for major corruption scandals. Is there such a site, yet?
- The site is already working. However, most people are afraid to report their names and we keep mostly anonymous correspondence, but it provides me with a lot of information

- Which do you think is the biggest corruption scandal of the governance of Boiko Borisov- also including the time when he was mayor of the capital?

-It is hard for me to determine which is the biggest one, for the simple reason that Borisov has no other transactions than corruption. Somehow left off, remained the fact that along with his girlfriend Borisov received bank just after he was appointed as Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior He then declared himself a fighter against crime, but only when he put epaulets and was assigned security. Before that, I have not heard of his social position, and for the general public, he was completely anonymous.
Not to mention the deals with "Ulen" BTC, with Chelopech and many, many similar examples, which are silent, and you will not have enough space in the newspaper.

- Today, where is Bulgaria on the European map, two years after GERB's governance?

- I thought it could not get any worse than the governance of the triple coalition, but Boyko Borisov has all records. Two years ago, we were at the end and now we are finally in the bottom according to all economic and social indicators. With only one thing we are ahead of everybody - and that is corruption. Here, I find the blame in the media, as well because they are accomplices of the Prime Minister in his interpretations of where Bulgaria is. We are not winners of the EU, we are appendices which Borisov inflamed, and which can be removed any time. And I suspect that this is the purpose of the Prime Minister to pull us out of the EU and to make his own Jamahiriya.

- Since, you have entered the politics, I have the feeling that your number 1 enemy has been Boiko Borisov. Where does this hatred come from?

- I have always hated the fools, because they are enemy number one of the public. But the most dangerous are the ambitious and the pretentious fools; they are more devious and vindictive. And it is not Borisov but his way of "governance" that irritates me and which I hate. And against which, I can not stay indifferent.

- Pyrrhic or deserved was the victory of Rosen Plevneliev and why Ivailo Kalfin did not win, even after DPS supported him?

- Stupid victory for Borisov and a huge loss. In this way, I can define the outcome of presidential elections. In my opinion, Kalfin was the candidate who could represent Bulgaria a lot better than Plevneliev would. And having said Kalfin, I do not mean BSP because BSP was not much different from Boyko Borisov when they were in power. About DPS I think they supported Plevneliev, but in a sharp way that makes all the sane people asking: how long they will be victims of lies and sweeping arrangements between politicians in the dark. This insults me double, because we they think that we are naive.

- You are member of the Monetary and Economic Committee in the European Parliament. Are these 4 billion leva in the Bulgarian budget for the upcoming year, which should be utilized from the European Union, real?

- They will need much optimism since now, they cannot resolve anything. They have neither the vision, nor a strategy how to govern Bulgaria, and instead just repeating such as mantra "European Union, European values" will not lead to anything. My opinion is that at least once; we must "liberate" ourselves and try to fix the situation in our country. It may begin with clearing and restoration of our own dignity and the elimination of incompetent governance.

- What gave you and took from you those four years as Member of the European Parliament?

- Four years as an MEP gave me many opportunities to understand that politics is a simple game for intelligent people. Political ideologies are left in the past and important now are the economic interests and the standard of living. I do not have my illusions anymore and this is why I'm much more demanding to the government. This is what I want to convey to all voters. As for my crowded family, they bring me much trouble and care, but also much joy. My granddaughter Nia - of my oldest daughter Martina, barely speaks Bulgarian, which pisses me off. My daughter Miroslava stopped with gymnastics since she is expecting surgery on her back, but I believe that everything will be fine. Elena is as always - very disciplined. And my son Kaloyan - he is already firmly shook by puberty. Victoria, the youngest one - is an outstanding artist and this often prevents me from showing her the right way. But with all those cares at home, I still manage to rest from those issues that are outside my home and which are much worse.
22/11/11 - newspaper Novinar - Slavi Binev: We are all guilty for the murderous embrace between Siderov and Boyko Borisov

The family element in the scandal in "Attack" is part of its evil way, says the MEP

Slavi Binev MEP is party "Attack", but he is not a member. He is one of the most active Bulgarian representatives in Brussels. Since the early 90s until 2006, is among the major shareholders of the R-System Holding SA. The company includes over 100 companies which work in the services, entertainment, construction, investment and security. Binev is a multiple champion in taekwondo. He is married with 5 children. We asked him for an opinion on the scandal in the party after the stepson of Volen Siderov - Dimitar Stoyanov, called for the resignation of the leader of "Ataka" on a reason for the worst election result.

- Mr. Binev, you're a little off the scandal in "Attack", but when it made you an impression that relations within the party are strained?

- I must tell you that the relationships in "Attack" have always neen straining and then relaxing. But apparently now there is something more important than them, and these are the results of elections that are extremely bad. It is quite normal people who participate in this party, to put these issues. If anyone really perceives these questions as awkward, then one should not do things that lead to the raise of such tough questions. This is what I think.

- In your opinion, who is responsible for these deplorable results of the elections - is it only Volen Siderov?

- I think that everyone is guilty, because noone hit the table and said that this deadly embrace with Boyko Borisov will be deadly both for Siderov and for the party. I think changeable policy first with hugging and then with the hatred also led to some extent to this low score. More importantly, there is noone who has embraced with Boyko Borisov and who did not be burned in his fiery embrace. Whoever this is - no matter whether this is media or political parties - everyone who has touched him, one was disappointed and this can be observed with the naked eye.

- Did you share your views for this deadly fiery embrace with Siderov himself, did you alert him?

- Many times I've talked with him on these issues and he is familiar with my attitude towards the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. I never hid it, even when they were embracing, so then he was defending his own logic, and I did not insisted strongly for the simple reason that it was his party, and I am invited there it is completely normal to behave.

- What did he say when you put the question of embracing - that it is needed for the party or something else?

- Yes, he said that there is almost no other alternative. This is something I disagree. Currently there are no alternatives, because the media simply does not allow many alternatives, not one. I continue to believe that Bulgaria has seven and a half million alternatives. Because I have not seen more incompetent people, than the ruling elite. But the worst is that they are pretentious and incompetent - people who love them a pat on the shoulder. This is even more dangerous than to a simple mutt.

- Were there people who supported the fiery embrace and who were they?

- I can not exactly answer this question because I avoid the party affairs. It was never my job. My job is to be in the European Parliament, where I can try in any way to tell the Bulgarians what happens there and what are the possibilities. Because there one can understand what opportunities are missed for Bulgaria. What is the image of our country there something in us must be told very clearly and loudly. Bulgaria is the worst, poorest country and its image is the worst. We are the worst standing state in the European institutions. This is what must be said. I always run away from these political struggles, because my people are not divided into left and right, but indeed they are divided to those who can and those who can not. To people who deal with the problems and those who complain about them. Naive or stupid. Intentioned and malicious.

- According to you do the family wars facilitate the destruction of the "Attack"?

- No, I think that the inconsistent policy of the party is about to destroy the "Attack". This is what I can say as an observer. I think the family element is part of the problems together with the bad road and the bad strategy. I think the problematic issue are the principles. It is quite normal when a person receives six times weaker results, the closest people to ask questions about whether he has the strength to continue in the right direction. For now Siderov leads us in the wrong direction.

- You have talked about this embrace with Boyko Borisov, but now he blames his wife Kapka in concert with the Prime Minister against him?

- I have not attended such talks. From the platform of the National Assembly I have listened to Mr. Siderov´s intentions to support Boyko Borisov. To support him unconditionally and categorically.

- Why does he now turn against his wife, is this part of the nature of Siderov?

- I can not talk about personalities. I am not so adept in these matters. The problems in my view are fundamental. They are associated with poor results and that the party's strategy seems not profitable, and all want their leaders to be winners.

- Is it possible Mr. Siderov to be called the motor of the party currently?

- I do not know, but definitely Boyko Borisov could not be called the engine of Bulgaria. Because this bike sent us on the last place. I think that the problems of "Ataka" are really just the same as those that are for Bulgaria, only multiplied many times over. For me it is more important how our children live in what environment they grow and how they learn. And also is there someone to show the right way so that we can feel as real people in a real country. I am interested is it possible for us to feel worthy and happy and to know that what is ahead will be the best for us.

- Is it really such a bad image of Bulgaria in Europe, as you describe it?

- If it was not so bad, it won't be constantly be suggesting that it is not so bad. People should get used to believe the media -which should be at the front, media must be the spike of resistance and news. But now the media does not possess these features. Bulgaria's image is such and people should not believe their ears, but to believe their eyes, to believe on this what happens to them. All our possibilities and opportunities have been cut. Those for Schengen and the economic opportunities also. All measures that the government undertook prove wrong. To understand once and for all that everything is part of the well-mannered tone that Europe's politicians express, not a personal respect. This is just part of the bon ton and should be clearly understood by the Bulgarians. The Bulgarian must believe on one´s social benefits, not to believe on what one is suggested to - by the servants of Boyko Borisov.

- Would you call Siderov´s attitude towards Boyko Borisov as a servant one?

- Just out of respect I would not call it so. But just out of respect.

- Were you surprised by this inconsistency by the leader of "Attack"?

- I was listening to his voluntary surrender of GERB, I just do not see the option, in which he will be off and will stop the support of this party. He did this so declaratively that I just do not see an option in which he could give up their words. What followed was a real surprise to me.

- Was it a surprise for you that he requested to exclude his step Dimitar Stoyanov from the party?

- It was a surprise indeed. Because Mitko gave the most for the "Attack" after its leader. It is normal that Mitko expresses an opinion and it is not proper to be excluded. Many people went away from "Attack", offended and disappointed. One must look into oneself.

- Was only Siderov the problem, it was said that it keeps his people thigh with signed declarations of thousands of euros?

- - I've tried not to give ear to these claims because they are political and personal commitments. The Indians say they clap with two hands. So the problems always come from both sides. But the leader is one who has to listen to everyone to take the right decision. Mitko is a very decent guy and he would never go to seek support from me or to lean his head on my shoulder. He has exceptional qualities and I think that he would still have many opportunities to show them. We must not forget that he carries the gene for Radoy Ralin. Selfpreparation is part of his life.

- It the gene of Mitko compatible with the character of Siderov?

- He is a tough guy. He is self-disciplined. It is quite normal to be part of his annealing.

- Will he continue to exist with the party leader Volen Siderov?

- I cannot give party advices. I can give advice only on those who are willing to get involved. At the moment I am not ready to join in parti issues for the simple reason that we have fundamentally different views, and mostly on the question of incompetent and destructive government in Bulgaria. I will support the one who listens to my voice.
22/11/11 - newspaper "Minaha godini" - I gave to the court the boss of VIS George Iliev, and they justified him

The eccentric MEP from ATTACK Slavi Binev is a politician, businessman, vice president of the Bulgarian Olympic Taekwondo Federation and an European champion "Slovenia '92." For his merits before our Orthodox Church he was awarded with the inherited title of "Archon".

-You are a father of four daughters and a son; this is something very rare for Bulgaria these days. How you decide to have such a large family?

- I think that your readers are at age when they know why this is so. However, the fact that the daughters are four is probably because Lord wants to check whether I am responsible enough. My son on the other hand is giving me back all the troubles that I did to my parents. Moreover, I have also a granddaughter who is six. That fact brings me directly into the club of our readers.

- It is certain that you did not become well-off by child allowances. How did it happen that eight years ago the American issue of "Washington times" honoured you as a businessman with an article?

- For many years I have been at the forefront of the corporate business in Bulgaria. In the ranking of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce in 2003 I was ranked 34th in size of the profit. My investments have always been a guarantee for success both in finance and in construction sector, public service and security. But what has always interested the foreign journalists is the "contradiction" how did a boy, who is prepared for an academic career, disappointed his parents and did a career in sports, and then he passes into the business sector.

- You are an European champion in taekwondo. Why did you let yourself to be slapped publicly by the boss of VIS-2 George Iliev?

- The business back then was young and aggressive and thus we were obliged to guarantee our security with guards. However, then the interior ministers wanted to stop these demonstrations. Then me as an executive and may be a bit naive man, I was the only one who fulfilled the recommendations. That made me vulnerable to all who have seen in my face competition or were just jealous of me. Just there are people who do not miss such opportunities, when they are heavily armed with 20-30 guards. The last thing that can make me bother is a hit on me. As a champion in taekwondo I ate punches and kicks for several lifetimes. Nevertheless, it was important for me to check how the justice system in the country works and thus I gave George Iliev to court. And there the disappointment was tremendous, because it turns out that the declarations of the past governments, head secretaries, head prosecutors, haven't been anything different but a pre-election campaign lies.
I wrote letters to Ivan Kostov, Ognyan Gerdjikov, Nikola Filchev, Simeon Sakskoburggotski, Boyko Borissov - they all hid from public and political commitment. The judicial system even after the trial raised judge Chochkova that exculpate the perpetrator of the offense. And then they wonder why there are so many comments from the European Commission for the reforms of the judicial system ... The media were also totally on the side of Iliev and it announced him for the biggest criminal only after his death.

- What is that you did to deserve the title Archon from our Orthodox Church? Archons were our rulers such as Boris the Baptist for instance...

- The adoption of this title obliged me to help more the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and to serve more actively in the dialogue between the religions and the ecclesiastical diplomacy. The exact translation of the word "Archon" is "ruler" but my life has turned so that even before the democracy I was always called "boss" or "chief" - first as head of the taekwondo in Bulgaria, the largest federation (about 50 thousand members), and after my entering in the business I have had between 3 and 5 thousand employees as much as the residents of a small town. So I do not feel uncomfortable, even I would say that this makes me be even more demanding to myself and to my son, who will inherit the titles as both to be more worthy for it.

- As MEP you are perpetual and tireless - today in the Westminster Cathedral, tomorrow on sport competitions in Azerbaijan... What are the benefits for Bulgaria of all this?

- The executives have never used my talents - quickly integrate into the situations and to develop good friendships - even they are jealous of that. This shows their shortsightedness and prejudice, and perhaps the fact that noone has ever had any goals
beyond his personal interests. Managers who do not have a long-term vision for Bulgaria, they are not comfortable my energy and goodwill.

- When our political giants end up overseas they suddenly become Lilliputian. Are all like this?

- Unfortunately this is true. Many of them are like this. Moreover, even in the current moment. However, the worse is that when they realize their situation, they acquire a great deal of complexes and then treat the Bulgarians with supercilious and arrogant attitude. According to me the prime minister resembles to such a man who is ill-treated in the office and in the neighbourhood, and finally when he goes back home he beats his wife and kids - just for confidence. The role of woman is played by the cabinet and by those close to the prime minister because it seems that they have surrendered in the name of their existing interest. And all this is because we allow them to behave in this way - not to show character and confidence abroad. I think it's high time to revise our behaviour.

- The Commissioners from Brussels are perceived as Gods not only by the politicians, but also by the Bulgarian media. It is true that there is no simplicity and eloquence there?

- I think that now we do not have free media or at least greater part of them is not. Thus the awareness and the information for the European institutions are incomplete and distorted. On the part of the simplicity and the eloquence - they really are everywhere and they do not have borders or no Schengen area. There are plenty of examples, but the greater intrigue is that our children are smart, active, resourceful, and the choice we make is always bad worse. This is probably because the intelligent people have left all the choices to be taken by those who do not care as long as there is a scam, even if it is only 100 levs. This is - the Americans have drreams, and we sell ours for 100-200 levs. In Western Europe years ago the voice of an intellectual was counted for three voices - it is guaranteed that the choice is reasonable.

- And now where - your restless spirit?

- This is it - I'm restless spirit and I am forever in motion, in the literal and figurative sense. Many of the goals I have carried out, but now I'm about to enter in the most serious battle - to bring the freedom of speech in Bulgaria and the freedom of the media and of the state. The most important of all is to bring back the freedom of the spirit and thought, to prove that democracy demands the system and governance to work properly, and not one person to decide what is good and what is bad for the country.
- You are a MEP from "Attack", but your relationship with Volen Siderov is not quite idyllic ...[/ b]
- I'm very consistent in my relationships with people and I do not change my enemies and friends. It was very difficult for me to accept this support to the government, which he gave. I think that the last elections show that this choice was not correct. On the other hand the follow-up return to criticism really confused me and made me think that either there is inconsistency in opinions, or something else. I plan to meet soon with Mr. Siderov and to clarify these issues. I think I'm no longer useful for him and it would be best for everyone to continue on his way. I hope we manage to do it as an example that people in Bulgaria can separate elegantly without the hassle of the Italian and as gentlemen to preserve their relationships. In other words, when people do not look in one direction, they cut out floor plans.

- Your comment for the recently executed elections in our country?

- The prime minister played on these elections as he is playing soccer and tennis, ie in rude and pretentious manner. During the time when I was in the sport such people were chased from the ground. The worst is that fens in politics is a dangerous thing, and if is continues, could lead to the "Arab Spring", but here in Europe, in an European Union country. Hopefully still the reason to prevail over ego and vanity.
17-23/11/11 – "Tornado" newspaper – The two mandates of Georgi Parvanov turned him into the Bulgarian Brezhnev

Vasil Vasilev

"Bulgaria looks, to put it mildly, strange outside. As someone who has the chance to meet with members of the European Parliament, I must tell you that when I am watching everything that is happening here, it is quite different from the fogy information that the media presents us with" commented before" Tornado " the Bulgarian MEP Slavi Binev about what was happening in our country over the past two years". Just because of the cases with flash drives and the Prime Minister of Japan will make seppuku, and in Korea they will be shot and in the United States- put into prison, and in Europe, they will at least resign. Unfortunately, we did not see similar phenomenon in Bulgaria during the last 15 years. People outside are wondering how we do allow such things happening to us, and why the media in Bulgaria are silent and present any information only in convenient for the government way, and it's mildly said, forcing the people to make choices in the dark by changing the terms of the task, which does not lead to the correct solution. In my opinion, this elegantly organized censorship is the biggest problem in Bulgaria, because the freedom always begins with the right to speak and to express your views freely. I am not talking about censorship with flails and guns; but about journalists and commentators who daily suggest to us that there is no alternative, that if we voted for someone else, except for GERD, it will get worse, etc. Within the Bonn tons of policy is quite normal when you go somewhere, talking about the country, where you are guest. This is immediately covered by the media and we are given the impression that only we do not realize how good our standard of living is. From the media, we receive elegantly manipulated information. Even more dangerous is the fact that intelligent people are disgusted with politics and have left the choice to come on its own and I do not think that there is any conspiracy. Above all, intelligent person wants to have a patron. But the time of socialism left it genetic footprint in Bulgaria, for 22 years we could not get rid of the constant desire to be punished, to give us subsidies and to tell us what is wrong and what is good. And this was supposed to be the true role of the media to show the public what is right and wrong; to explain what it means to be truly let by leaders. I have been in the role of patron for many people. When I had the opportunity, I dismissed people who came to me with very good ideas. I have become a victim of fraud, because I don't have a scanner to check what is in people's heads," Slavi Binev said.

Group of theologians privatized God and are dealing only with me being an archon

- Do you remember where were you on 10 November 1989?
- Yes, I was in Munich and I learned from a friend about the events in Bulgaria. I was 23 years old and was devoted to sport. I saw absolutely pragmatic things. The first thing that went through my mind was that there will be more Coca Cola. Immediately after that , I returned. I remember that the President of the Martial Arts Union Krasimir Kodzhabashev helped with the creation of UDF. Krassimir Kodzhabashev went to the first meeting of the Democrats and told them that they need to create a Union. We started to guard at all rallies and there was not way in which the romantic wave could not grab me. There is no way that the young did not participate in the revolution, but it failed at the beginning because everything was happening abroad, here we had no merit. Our problem is that we are always given the freedom in exchange of our slave work, instead of fighting for it with our blood.

- What are your biggest mistakes?

I have not done any big mistakes. When I was 25, I considered as a mistake that I missed some girlfriend. Mistakes have evolution. The truth is that God always gives a second chance, for which you must be prepared.

- Why did you become an archon?
The archonship opened many doors for me. All this is very useful for me as a politician. The Archonships won't save my soul, as some people are fooling themselves. Our souls will be saved by our own actions. There are some people who have privatized God and speak on His behalf. If no archonship exists, than why are people talking about it? Would you talk about something that does not exist?

- Do you meet with the other archons and what are your relations with them?

We meet and we are concentrating our powers in helping people. Before I became archon, the church had almost abandoned the people. Sects have displaced the Orthodox Christianity. Before there was a socialist morality, but after 10November, the church did not intervene in order to replace this gap. Everyone had to judge on their own what is good and what is bad. Moreover, the language of the church should be updated to be read in understandable Bulgarian language so that the words of God reach the people. These ideas however are not discuss the show of Goran Blagoev, who deals with my archonship I suspect that he also participates in the election of archons so that after that there is information that he could use in his show.
- Are you superstitious?
-No, I'm a believer. I believe that if a person does not want to get drunk, then he or she should not drink; and if he/she wants to be a good athlete, they should not buy the judge, instead, they should practice.

- Are there any people of which you are afraid?
-Ambitious fools.

The Netherlands and Finland are doing the dirty work of the whole European Union

I and Boyko Borisov should know each other from the 80s. He was 20, I was 15 years old and there was a big difference in the understanding, in the company, everything. When he started training karate, I switched to taekwondo. Perhaps we have seen each other at some training, but not in sport. At least I have not seen him in competitions, and later we were not close. Rolling back to the mayoral election in which I participated, perhaps I went there a naively, but I have never shown the naivety of other politicians. They even have experience in trying to help the Prime Minister. Everyone who has tried to help Boyko Borisov then had a conflict with him. He divided the people without any sentimentality. I personally recommend to the Prime Minister to stop acting like Gaddafi, because in the European Parliament, the MEPs tell me that we are going in the direction of Arab spring. A true leader must be able to recognize his mistakes and not blame his subordinates. With his behavior to me Borisov has shown that he is feeling insecure. Before the elections continuously are coming important people from the EPP, who patted his shoulder. If you are sure that people will choose you, you do not need external support, and do not believe that people who met with Prime Minister are completely honest with him. Who are his friends Angela Merkel and Nicola Sarkozy, who are the most powerful figures in the EU? You are supposed to have met the requirements for Schengen, but still they do not accept us? This is nothing but a political sanction. We are punished on political reasons, because Europe has no confidence in the governance of Borisov. It is not true that only the Netherlands and Finland were against our accession there. They just did the dirty work. Borisov is not naive, but he thinks we are naive. He is simply dependent on these influential people and wants to make Jamahiriya in Bulgaria. I do not exclude our exit from the EU for this purpose.

I have never argued with Volen Siderov

When two people are not looking in the same direction, it is normal to divide. If I and Volen see that we do not need each other, we will divide. The constant change of Siderov's behavior to Borisov confuses me. As to the last elections, as someone who is not a member of "Ataka", I believe that the results of the party are the result of the relations with Boyko Borisov. Each of his embraces is suffocating him. In Bulgaria there is no one-party rule but a single. To Boyko Borisov there is always someone who is wrong, while at the same time he has ministers who are not qualified enough to be ministers and even to perform the job of secretaries in their work field. The Prime Minister must understand that a gram of bragging can break tones of dignity but saying that, I think I'm very optimistic. You need to stop the division of the left, or right-wing nationalists. The new doctrine should be the standard of living of the Bulgarians, and their dignity.

Luytvi Mestan have not mistaken the houses in Boyana the night after the elections

I think that Lyutvi was purposely misled. Mestan after the election's night. He was not with the security newly formed thug but people from NSS. I know people who work there and how they have been prepared. Such errors can not happen. I think there are some hot links that run between the MRF and GERB Georgi Parvanov, who Mestan so quickly wanted to meet. The 10 years of Georgi Parvanov's governance will be remembered only as resembling the totalitarian regime of the time of Brezhnev's ruling. And then, there was constantly some intrigue knitting, but in SIV and the Warsaw Pact. I will remember Parvanov with his backstage games that gradually came to light At the same time, he had a position on any important issue. Where he was during the last 10 years and only now, he finally came to talk about the problems in our society. The explanation that he was puppeteer, is not seriously. Only weak people find such a logical justification. Georgi Parvanov might have had a desire to be a puppeteer. I do not know him personally, but to be hones, he lacks a lot. Usually puppeteers are charismatic people who are compassionate and have condemned this.
5/09/11 - Galleria newspaper – Kuneva can be president only at herself

Slavi Binev is MEP from "Attack", one of the most active Bulgarian representatives in Brussels. Since the early 90s until 2006 he was among the major shareholders of the R-System Holding SA. The company includes more than 100 companies operating in services, entertainment, construction, investment and security. Binev is a multiple champion in taekwondo. He is married with 5 children .

- Mr. Binev did you got response to your open letter to the Prime Minister for the actions of the company, "Balkan Mineral and Mining" in Chelopech and Krumovgrad, where people's homes are crumbling due to daily explosions in mines? ?
- No, and in the European protocol, the failure to response is a sign of approval and agreement with the facts. This makes me believe that the government had agreed with my charges against them. I think that despite their silent consent, I will use all possible opportunities in the European Parliament and other EU institutions for this cowardly behavior. We will also introduce the problem "Transparency International" and "Reporters without borders". I will introduce them to a very important issue that arose during this time, the arrest of Bulgarian sailors in Greece, which places many questions about smuggling and who is behind it.
- Well, why did not the Prime Minister answer you? ?
- It is understandable that at my questions the Prime Minister is being silent with bowed head. Boyko Borisov and his subordinates are accustomed never to answer uncomfortable questions, because it is part of their mentality, they try to look like his boss. Having failed to respond to one MEP, to whom they are obliged to respond within their job description, let alone to answer questions of ordinary Bulgarian citizen. We all know what the manner of action of the Prime Minister is, if it can not discredit and repress his critics, - he is grimly silent.
- You announced that you are starting public campaign against corruption. What is it going to contain??
- First, we are going to launch the site, which will be financed by the EU and to some extent ordered by the European factors. It is time for the biggest corruption scandals to come into the public agenda. I think that there is eclipse has on these issues - licenses, funds, conflicts of interest, economic and political racketeering, privatization of the banking, telecommunications and energy sectors, local practices and trading in influence. Chelopech and Krumovgrad, of course, will be high on the list but I will not miss Bansko and "Ulen" , the airport of Balchik, the circle of the Cats, Sasho Staliyski, BTC, "Sofia Water", EDC's, many municipal transactions , smuggling. I will look for those who have allowed this robbery because we should not did not blame those who eat the pie, but the one that gives it to the people. This is abuse of office and nothing can scare me. These days "helpful friends" warned me that my resistance was futile and I'm buried in things at a global conspiracy level. Immediately after that, I spoke with representatives of the European institutions who laughed out loud. They said that this is not normal behaviour, and I added that there is no greater ambassador for a country that spoke to me and said - "Turning a blind eye to offenses is return for lobbying." People will be able to report at the website and also to add documents and disclosures.
- The government has however said that we will enter the Schengen Zone. ?
- These are the wet dreams of the government. In the EU have a much longer memory than the one of the Bulgarian voters. I still remember Micho, the Beer, "Wikileaks" and the empty shares of government, which showed that double standards are used for political and economic extortion.
- What is making you think that Bulgaria will be cut off? ?
- At the last summit of the EU, the Netherlands failed to pass a requirement that no one here analyzed. The criterion states that all countries that fall under the European monitoring, can not claim to be accepted into the Schengen area. In practice, the Netherlands put us a black stamp for Schengen. This is a direct attack against the Prime-Minister.
- What are you expecting from the campaign for presidential elections? ?
- At these elections we should also expect foreign observers, which will bring us back years ago. This expresses suspicion that in the country may be held fair and democratic elections. They will equate us with some African countries, where we are going to check the elections. We have a problem with the so-called "dead souls", with the voting of gypsies, the characteristics of the MRF, vote-buying, to with the obligation to vote according positions. This is completely different from the American dream we had. Americans have a dream and follow it, and we sell our dreams for 100 leva or a packet of drugs in certain neighborhoods. We are selling our souls for penny.
- Why are you so critical towards the government? ?

- My attitude towards the government is extremely negative and I think it's a fair position; because the payback with the triple coalition which Borisov promised to his voters did not take place. The only "payback" is destroying the barbecue of Dogan. At the same time we want to validate 700 acres in National Park "Pirin", ignoring the law. We want to accept the law, "Popova", with which we will catch the small criminals and then we close our eyes before the privatization of "Kremikovtzi", EDC's, "Balkan", BTC, banking and insurance sectors. We pretend that we do not see the Cats and Sasho Staliyski. But there is actually a good thing. Sometimes you have to get to the bottom in order to successfully defeat.
- Two of your colleagues from the Parliament ran into the presidential elections – Meglena Kuneva and Ivailo Kalfin. Is their presence in Brussels advantage or disadvantage?
- Visits and contacts in Brussels with European politicians are naturally an advantage for everyone. This was expected to elevate Bulgarian politics. Only that for me Meglena Kuneva is the only candidate that would be worse President then Boyko Borisov, if he was running for the post. I am speaking as someone who should have working and collegial relationship with former EU Commissioner. This woman is a marketing project. People will vote for something you do not know, and then, the will regret this. Kuneva can only be president of himself, not of the country. She hates and despises Bulgaria. She hated us, the Bulgarian MEPs. She acted proudly towards all of us. If they choose Kuneva, we simply will not have president. We will have a selfish woman who, if we lived in earlier times, would probably bathe in the blood of her slaves. It's the worst thing that can happen to the country. Ivailo Kalfin is the absolute antithesis of Boyko Borisov. He is calm, diplomatic, balanced, intelligent, very good command of foreign languages ​​and a sense of humour. The only bad thing about him is that he was part of the government of the triple that behaved in the same way as the present. Just not to be another mimicry - that is my only concern.
25/08/11 – newspaper Bulgaria Today (Bulgaria Dnes) – Boyko is the consecutive Joro Iliev

Mr. Binev, how do you accept the results of the raitings of the top three of the country?

I accept this list only in the part concerning Kristalina Georgieva, who is a real hit and differs from GERB party, which could easily be called "Boyko Borisov." In GERB are selected anonyms for which we have learned how "useful" they are only after the elections. Sycophants, who demagogically explain us how the party is functioning, while Boyko explains how he moves for his works only.
Kristalina definitely differs radically from the serfs in GERB. The rest of the list for which you asking me proves two things- either the sociology is paid, or the mainstream media thinks that Bulgarians are not ripe enough for truth and therefore they replace it, and it can only be noticed in the firmly opposition media.

And what is your assessment for the work of the government?

I think that there is no such term as "government". We have only one person - Mr. General-lieutenant Boyko Borisov. All others can only be secretaries. Deliberately I am not using the masculine form of the word because they are obviously people who have surrendered and in the name of power and money, are willing to be treated in every way; and he does it with pleasure.
Regarding the question itself I think it is a rhetorical- as it should be accepted by every person with dignity- because what should be the assessment of a person who has not fulfilled his campaign promises to expose a thieving governments so far; a person that is complaining about the judiciary but does not show a legislative initiative to change it; a person who wants to pass a law "Popova" for confiscation of assets acquired from criminal activity, while in the same time is holding the concession at Chelopech, which robs the whole Bulgaria, and wants to create new one in Krumovgrad, in order to rob the gold of Bulgaria. With his help the monopoly of the "Sofia Water", EON, CEZ, etc. is maintained.
Boyko explains how enhanced the human welfare is, without being aware that more than 60% of the business is before or in de facto bankruptcy; selectively checks companies, but not those of his novices as Sasho Staliyski, the Cats and the people around them; while playing circus with "Lukoil", on which he thinks that we should believe; while constantly suggesting that there are no alternatives and the media is constructed for criticism towards him, which suggests that he is the darling of Europe and all those who work for the European institutions know that there he is accepted like ... well directly they do not perceive him , who perceive the protocol attitude to his position as personal approval, etc.
This person has no proper self-evaluation and lives in a parallel world. But being incompetent is not so bad compared to being together the ambitious and incompetent one. What is worse is that he does not realize that politicians are role models, especially for the young one. This is dangerous because it imposes fashion of crouching, and the slave-build people, and the ones with macho-behavior that want victory at any cost, without being interesting whether they are mature enough for it and whether it is beautiful and which will want to grow even Lieutenant General without being interested whether you are worthy for this. I do not want my son to be like that, what about you?

Why do you hate Borisov so much, can't you see some positive sides in his activities?

There is no hatred, but general conduct. This is in my nature. I've done it since I was little and I have stood against every arrogant oppressor. In many cases, I have paid the price for this pleasure with much blood. I have always considered it normal and the question before me is why others who consider themselves worthy, don't do it. For me he is nothing more than another Joro Iliev.

Your opinion about Tsvetan Tsvetanov?

Sometimes I feel sorry for Tsvetanov, because he often had to accept the battle in his field, announcing it for his. Surely, from pure male prospective, it is difficult for him to imagine that he is doomed to another's will.

Yes but during Tsvetanov's term of office, the kidnappings and the contracted murders were stopped. Don't you think that the government counteracted successfully to the mafia?

The fight against crime has long ago become a dispute with the citizens and retribution with the opponents. The fight against criminality and the informal economy is selective, and the word itself "organized crime" is the more acceptable European crime phrase, protects by the government.

Why the origin of the money of the indicated for main bosses like let's say Madzho is not being inspected?

The law is being selectively applied. Many others are not being inspected. Examples many- Sasho Staliyski, the Cats-none talks about them. But it's not important whether they are checked because it is like you checking yourself; like for example when the Ministry of Transport checked luggage, which regularly disappear at Sofia airport; like the flash drives with conversations of Boyko, for which every prime minister in the world would fall from power, and in the East, he would go in prison, or would do seppuku to avoid it. Boyko gave the recordings for inspection at the Institute of Criminology, of which he by accident is the supreme boss, etc. - I could give hundreds of examples in the same direction.

Who is going to be the next President?

I am Member of the Parliament, not a soothsayer, but in any case I do not think that it should be the candidate of GERB, because otherwise it would smell of masochism.

Ok, then what do you think about Volen Siderov, Meglena Kuneva, Ivailo Kalfin and Alexei Petrov - the rest of the candidates?

I think that the support for this government takes from Volen Siderov many of his trademarks - his acuity and criticality but I wish him success. As far as Kuneva is concerned, if with Boyko Borisov the whole world would laugh at us, and then with her, we the Bulgarians will not have a President. She will be president of her ego and her ambition and a small group of confused, who naively chose her for weapon in their disapproval towards Boyko. Alexei Petrov must enter this battle as a proof that his arrest was political, not criminal. Kalfin is an expert, diplomatic and with sense of humor, speaks languages. He is total antipode of Boyko Borisov, which makes him closer to perfection. His only problem is that he is representative of the Socialist Party, which behaved in the same arrogant manner as GERB, when they were in office and if it wasn't the incompetent management Borisov, it would not be able for them to revive ever, which makes me believe in the conspiracy and to think that Boyko has thrown away his party's ticket, but the big red star has remained in his little shrunken heart.

Is it true that you are inviting the chess legend Garry Kasparov to Brussels?

Yes. In mid-September, I am meeting Garry Kasparov for announcing his program for chess classes at school. At the beginning of the session of the European Parliament, I will introduce my colleagues to one very suspicious question- the detention of Bulgarian sailors in Greece, incompetent governmental actions and the complete inactivity of the consular service in this matter.

Where did our authorities make a mistake about the sailors?

They did not find the owner of the company who made the smuggling. Imagine- he explained that he was executing an important governmental task. The vessel was stopped with 3000 master boxes of cigarettes; the public, however, was not informed about this. At the same time in the media are shown the heroic actions of MoI, which have detained a big smuggler with 99 cartons of cigarettes. This raises the suspicion for veiling the smuggling and the end sponsor. I will also introduce my colleagues to the open letter and the silence of the Bulgarian government and media. I will continue to fight and I am not complaining; I am doing it with pleasure.
17/08/11 - - Slavi Binev: The outside image of Bulgaria does not have anything in common with that announced in the news

Stefan Sofianski is one of the most dialogical politicians in the history of the Bulgarian transition, says the MEP

Slavi Binev was born on 10 December 1965 in Sofia. He is second term Member of the European Parliament; he is a member of the Economic and Monetary Committee and deputy- member of the Human Rights Committee. Since 2006, he is archon of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

- Mr. Binev, at the last elections you were the candidate- mayor of Ataka against Boiko Borisov. What are your expectations for this election campaingn?

- You could say that on the previous local elections, I did something like self-sacrifice. I just owed it to people who had believed in me. There was, of course, a great deal of political naivety, since only three months before I came into politics. The sad thing is that now look like - the problems that I placed in my campaign, then; are now even more actual. The people could not see them, blinded by the "charisma" of Boyko.

- Today's support for Boiko is nearly the same as it was then.
- I understand the middle-aged ladies who fall for the raw charm of the prime minister, but for men- I still wonder - should not they be influenced by the charisma of Angelina Jolie? The aim of Boyko Borisov is to win every race, in which he participated - whether it's tennis, politics, or to participate in "Miss" contest, increasingly makes him seems like Evita Peron. This perhaps explains the vote of the Bulgarian man for him, but Evita is a good character only in musicals ... Maybe it is time for Mr. Borisov to understand a lesson that I have been trying to teach him for a while, but there is no good ground for its perception - if you meet failure with dignity, it is not different from success.

- Nevertheless, what are you expectations from the elections?
I expect that this election will be under the patronage of political party GERB, like everything important in the State. Anyways, the Minister of Interior is head of the election headquarters - something that brings tears of emotion among the European observers. GERB party itself will concentrate on the only according to them opponent - BSP, and support the theory that there is no alternative to their management for two reasons. The first is that the BSP have no moral right to speak, because they were in control and the second - only bigger duffer Stanishev of the BSP may return to power. In technological terms the elections will resemble a game of tennis Boyko, and football cards. And all that his partner will prehlasvat of merit and applauded. Unfortunately, most journalists and media owners are the first among the claque.
- According to the last survey of "NOEMA ” half of the citizens of the capital want change in the management of the city, at the same time Boiko Borisov grades himself as the most successful mayor in the history of the capital, which is paradoxical. Who in your opinion is the most successful major of the capital, if there is such, of course?
- Boyko Borisov is an experiment about the power of media and test that the foreign intelligence did. The fourth power demonstrated its tremendous strength by pulling an anonymous person with no own opinion and public recognition, before becoming secretary general, a person with very simple features and a very troubled background. The media turned these features in qualities before the audience, turning the news into newsreel of thirty years ago, where just Todor Zhivkov is replaced by Boyko Borisov. Borisov's success results for another reason - he fleeced, cutting ribbons, without even thanking, the garden planted, cultivated and watered by Stefan Sofianski. There may also have been weeds, but such a wonder, as is the time of Boyko, never has been. When Borisov was mayor, he counted residents of Sofia as Sofia feudal property and still continues to speak in first person singular, sadly now for Bulgaria and Bulgarians. For me in the most recent history of Sofia, Sofianski will remain the best mayor and not just because his name fits, but also because three times in a raw Sofians trusted him. He appeared in a really difficult time for Sofia - 1995, and managed to keep the city with continuously rising incomes, strengthening middle class and the lowest unemployment during whole decade. Stefan is one of the most dialogical politicians in the history of the Bulgarian transition.
- And what do you mean by " foreign intelligence test”?
- They just checked how much the Bulgarians can endure one man to suppress them, to mock them, insult them publicly, comparing them with dogs, to be an absolute monarch in a republic ... I think the results of their inspection is to put it mildly, unfaltering for us. And the most amusing thing is that what for the Western politicians is a protocol courtesy, here it is flourished as personal approval for their qualities and their policies.
- You are not saying anything about the candidate-major of Ataka- Nikolay Pehlivanov?
- I think there is a mistake - we, the Sofians are importing sea fish only, not mayors (the candidate of "Ataka" was born in Burgas - Ed.).
- "Ataka" was partner of the government however you are not saving your critics towards the government. What are the biggest errors of the government?
- There are many, but the biggest sin is the usurpation of power by one person. I was outraged when I learned that even media identifying themselves as opposition, days ago went to him for justice, not in the courts or the Commission for Protection of Competition! And the prime minister personally ordered the Commission to start working and to check the competitive environment at the newspaper market. I do not know if you realize at all how this looks in the eyes of an observer from a civilized European country? I personally wonder whether to cry or to laugh.
- Are there any ministers that you would congratulate for their work?
I would greet them all at goodbye with "Many health to you"

- But you are still a MEP from Ataka. What is your relationship with Siderov and why the party "broke up" with GERB?
- I can not speak on issues concerning the party, because I am not a party member. Regarding our relations within the party - they are friendly and collegial.

- As a second term MEP, for a long time you are communicating very actively with number of European leaders. Lately, what is the image of Bulgaria in Brussels, how are they looking at the government and of the country from there? Does anything change in the last years?
- The image of Bulgaria has nothing to do with the one announced in the news; for Europe, Bulgarians are serfs of Boyko Borisov and there is great surprise that we still tolerate this. For them, the leader must be a leader, not a model, not a sheppard with vulgar behaviour that lies behind the flock of the faithful and throw their dogs prey (read: millions) not to allow anyone to poke neck (meaning other than their opinion).

- Recently the U.S. experienced difficult times - breakdown of the financial markets, lowered credit rating. The European leaders are also concerned not only because of Greece; however our Prime -Minister contends that these processes in no way will affect Bulgaria. Your opinion?
There are not any global processes that can not affect us and this is known even by small children, in the family quarrel even the dogs are included. Bulgarian workers and entrepreneurs have been groaning from it for a long time. Also, despite the pride of the Prime Minister that we are in excellent economic performance, it is not merit; but undue reproaching to Brussels because Greece is in crisis, but the Greeks are not, while in Bulgaria it is the opposite. Perhaps this is seen most striking in the fact that Bulgarians continue to prefer living and working in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland to their own country. The pressure, now the Bulgarian government has on business - ostensibly to better tax collection - is deadly. During crisis the businesses should be allowed to breathe and not to clench its throat. Nobody throws a sick in the cold to temper him, this is done in health times and by wise men, and while saying "wise ", I thought of an Eastern proverb, "Caliphs guide people and wise men guide the Caliphs! "

- In the latest monitoring report of the EU, once again there were critics related to the inability to fight corruption at high levels. You announced the creation of anti- corruption portal. What will you be doing and what concretely it could change?
- I am getting many alerts since the beginning of my mandate and that made me create the site, which is in beta version now and will actually start working in September. There, all affected by government policy, politicians in general and the court can declare signals and I will try to solve the problems here first, then at the European institutions. Understanding and realizing that here there could be no answer, because to my open letter, which was sent in my capacity as an MEP, no one answers, which is the responsibility of the job description of the civil servant and I accept it as an agreement in principle with my charges. Such behaviour everywhere in the civilized world is taken as an admission of guilt. Because I am a positive minded person, I hope that these days those responsible for the Krumovgrad's concession to arrest themselves.

- You have sent letters to the Prime- Minister, the minister and the chief prosecutor in relation to the violations of Dundee in Chelopech. Do you have an answer from any of them and what are yours next steps going to be, if our own country refuses to deal with the problem?

-I received a phone call from the chief prosecutor, who promised assistance within his powers. All the others are guilty silent; apparently motivated by the rising price of gold at the world markets and that they and their families do not live in these poisons. The situation reminds me of the story from the movie Zorro, where Baron actually wanted to buy his own country and with its gold; you just need to check whether with our own gold it is not paid for the silence in the media. But I must emphasize that this letter is not just about the concession and Krumovgrad. It is about the common atmosphere of corruption, impunity, the identity management and complete lack of transparency and accountability. So, tacit agreement with my findings is a form of self-conviction. That is why I wonder they haven't self-arrest themselves yet.

- What is ahead of you - events, travels, meetings?

- Now I am going to Ukraine for meeting with the President of the Parliament, the Foreign Minister and the President. Immediately afterwards, the Parliament starts work in Brussels and alongside with my work in sessions, committees and delegations, I will introduce my colleagues to my open letter and coverage of the "free Bulgarian media", and many of the bad practices of the government, and an issue that has raised many questions, but there was no public impact. While the Interior Minister captures the "big smuggler" with 99 cartons of cigarettes, in Greece was captured by a vassal with Bulgarian crew and the sailors were detained on the ship with three thousand master boxes of smuggled cigarettes. The government and consular services acted negligently and wrongfully, which demonstrates some commitment. At the same time the owner, who really should be held responsible, says that he is performing important state matters and is not "committed" by the Bulgarian government, which shows that smuggling is designed precisely by high circles.
Then is my forthcoming trip to China, where I am moderator at an economic forum on foreign investments, known as Eastern Davos. From there I will go to Belgrade for the first meeting at parliamentary level, under the patronage of Boris Tadic; On 20 September I am meeting Garry Kasparov, who will introduce at the European Parliament his program "Chess in School", and then I am going to congratulate my colleagues for the 20th anniversary of the independence of Azerbaijan in Baku. I will participate in the information forum in Krakow, then fly to London for the annual economic meeting, but in early October with some of my colleagues and with the help of "Standard" newspaper and its editor-in chief Slavka Bozukova and professor Ovcharov, we will present in Brussels the wonders of Bulgaria. Until the beginning of October so, that I can take it slowly but I think to hasten very seriously, because I'm sure for the expectations and I think that Bulgaria will receive EU pressure for serious political change.
28/07/11 - – Slavi Binev: NS is nothing compared to the policing governance and humiliation that was brought by the government "Borisov"

Monopoly on the truth and manipulating the truth is held by Prime Minister Borisov. There is no cabinet Borisov and no cabinet GERB. There is only General Lieutenant Boyko Borisov. The Prime Minister has done, creating on his own images and role models, something that none criminal group could not do. Boyko turned his followers in the jerks and frankly called them dogs, who in the name of power and money are ready for anything. I'm sure that later one will be made a lustration law, with which the people, who have worked for and were applauding Boyko Borisov will be shunned because they carry the plague of voluntary slavery and slave spirit.

- Mr. Binev, do you have the feeling that Bulgarian media do not show the necessary interest towards the work of our MEPs? They sliding only on the official information, which is being disseminated and promoted and as a result the unspoiled positions remain in the background. Are there important things from the positions of the EU for the condition of our country that remain hided from the Bulgarian public? I am mostly interested in the true reality, not evaluations like "keep smiling" or diplomatic "bon ton"?

- They are rather exhibiting election interest. Any item that may affect or cast a shadow over the government, especially on the Prime Minister simply disappears from the lens and the pages of newspapers. In this case, it may be considered that some Bulgarian journalists are either unprepared or prohibited by the owners and publishers to write freely and without censorship. For me there is simply no other explanation for this information curtain. European Parliament as an institution has much more significance for Bulgaria than the national parliament, which votes to save the country's government and to reapprove laws voted by the European Parliament, other functions are limited or are directly related to EU legislation and European institutions. But here, of course, stands the question why the media censor themselves - whether from fear, whether of clientelistic interests, or just their enjoy being humiliated by arrogant bastards. We continually suggested the idea that Bulgarians are not ripe enough for the truth, and in this respect I can say that in fact the monopoly on truth and the manipulation of truth is held by Prime Minister Borisov.

We are facing information certain of the time of socialism and the world knows that. It is no wonder that this method has been applied; however, this is the precise example that Borisov have seen for years from the firs row. The Prime Minister confused the European "bon ton" Protocol and neglected the observations coming from outside because he only recognizes and knows the word "Congratulations". To the other bureaucratic Party BSP, and the triple coalition, of course the floor is given; but unfortunately they do not have the moral right to speak, because they were sick of the same disease, from which GERB is currently ill - arrogance, garnished with a high temperature corruption; as by the way every government that we had so far.

-I know that you are a figure, who has contacts with legal persons with influence in the European Union! What is their position for what is happening in Bulgaria? Is the government succeeding to lie Brussels that everything in the country is running smoothly?

- Of course they can neither deceive nor roused Brussels or someone out; because if in Bulgaria the arrogant behaviour stresses the media and the opposition, then outside Bulgaria such behaviour is absolutely reprehensible. Once I told my colleagues in the EU, that it is normal for the opposition to be subjected to censorship or critics, or ever be censored, but in response many of my respected colleagues said: "Mr. Binev, we hold on you and respect you, but you are talking total nonsense. The media in our countries are presumably on the side of the opposition of the country and in this way they show the errors of the government, preventing these errors to be realized. So they support the government, by protecting them from making wrong moves."

- What is your assessment for the governance of the cabinet of Boiko Borisov?
- There is no cabinet Borisov and GERB cabinet. There is only General Lieutenant Boyko Borisov. And my comments to it are many. In the first place - that nobody pays attention to the remarks, which is critical, but it may be constructive. There is nothing worse than a selfish fool. Even the selfish friend is worse than the biggest criminal. My remarks are starting with arrogance and ridicule to discredit critics and critics as an argument, the lack of clarity and openness in contracts, concessions and funds, the application of double standards, censorship or self-censorship caused by fear or clienteles, stuck economy , fighting crimes turned into a battle with opponents and citizens / even elimination of opponents /, constantly raising complains of problems rather than solving them, the judiciary is used to complain about it, but do not take any legislative initiative to change. We should not forget dysfunctional and unwieldy administration, but this is nothing compared to what the Prime Minister is doing, forming a picture image and role model, something that none criminal band could do.
Boyko turned his followers in jerks and frankly called them dogs, who in the name of power and money are ready for anything. I doubt that every night when these people go home to their wives, can become husbands again, forgetting that during the day they were subjected to humiliation. There is no way to be a complete a man in such situation.

-You are a strong-willed person, who knows how to look for and to be partner with the risk; you know Boiko Borisov very well. Is he a fearful person? What is hiding under the facade of the intrusive demonstration of "the macho"?

- I would not say that I know Boyko Borisov well; even I don't want to know him better. Many of his relatives, I mean those who know him as far as I know, paid and voluntary self-abasement and with self-robbery a lot things more valuable than money, such as family relationships, dignity, etc. As far as his demonstrations are concerned, my personal experience has shown that those who are puffing up the most, run first when there is a real threat, but opposite to do not sit their young children, socially inexperienced people, or girls. Sun Tzu said: "You can recognize the strong, because when he entered the room, he does not bring fear and nervousness, but security and peace."

The fact that Borisov is so eager to express himself and win / though gifted win / makes me feel sorry fro him, because it shows that bad things had happened to him when he was young.

Boris Becker also disagreed to be used to satisfy the ego of the Prime-Minister and he was angry with him. This indicates an abnormally high self-esteem and lack of personal tactfulness. His male ego pretends to be so strong and comprehensive, while at the same time it is more fragile than the most vulnerable female soul. Empty soul and the lack of real, self-confidence, make complexed people to surround themselves with sycophants. These people, besides seeking sycophants as their entourage, usually seek the company of famous people, stars, because they need more light. This image is described in psychology, and if it reminds you of the image of our political life, I can only say that we probably live in psychological facility. But I do not agree to be his psychiatric or part the medication, with which is to alleviate the suffering.

- Is the governance of the country dangerous?

- Learning without thinking, is unnecessary. To think, without being taught, is dangerous. I think for us this governance it is very dangerous, but it is twice as dangerous for him and the people around him because the NS is certainly nothing compared to the policing and the humiliation that this government has brought to our society.

I'm sure, that later on a lustration law will be passed; according to which people who have worked for and were applauding Boyko Borisov will be shunned because they carry the plague of voluntary slavery and slave spirit.

- You are MEP from "Ataka". Lately, I have been observing that as if you are distanced from the position of Volen Siderov. Siderov is unquestioningly supporting Borisov and although the attempts of critics, they do not sound hair dressed at all. What is your discrepancy with Volen Siderov?
- For a second year now, Volen Siderov believes in the miracle that Boyko Borisov will change for the better, while I'm sure it will get worse. My logic is simple - in stress situations, good people become better, villains more devious, the incompetent more incompetent, etc. Governing is stress. I do not believe in miracles and boasting, but just in my eyes.

-What is your forecast about the situation in Bulgaria?
Are moving towards early elections? There is information that powerful external circles have come to the conclusion that the situation is becoming unsalvageable. Will Borisov manage to hold the power?

- It is in his nature to complete nothing. But this time, we need to let him escape. We are strong people, we dealt with 300 years of Byzantine rule, 500 years Turkish, as it is said-we will also survive him.
My recommendation to all is to be more demanding to those whom we choose and when we are frustrated to act faster. And if the media does not respond, then let all proud and dignified people go out and say "This is not the democracy and success to which we sought."

-What is your opinion about the fight between Boiko Borisov and Alexei Petrov, if off course this could be called battle?

-Only Boyko Borisov is fighting battles. This is typical of people who have not participated in battles when they were little, and have not understood the meaning is to grow with the opponent not to kill him; furthermore, they have a different methodologies / still one is the Prime Minister and the other- accused /. If it can be called a battle, it is the battle of David and Goliath.
Yes, Goliath is the Prime Minister both according to claims, and vision, but if he had read more from "Vinetu", he would know that the Bible just describes the simple truth and it is always David who beats. I'm sure of the ending, because I've played this parable many times.

-Why there is no civil society in Bulgaria? Why the Bulgarian always wait for somebody else to take the risk and not even stands behind him, and usually betrays him/her?

- I'm sure there will be civil society, because if it does not happen, Bulgaria will disappear, it will remain just concept in history. But in this civil society the media, churches, and all honest and decent people should be very actively included, because politicians will always want to say as a last resort what is good and what is bad. And this is the right of citizens, not politicians.

-You are a person, who is never afraid to show his face and position. Which is your next battle and are you alone?

-First of all, we should liberate people from Borisov's ruling, part of media demagoguery, but most importantly, Bulgaria to have strategy and plan for its future, without being ashamed and without apologizing to the world, and only begging from the EU because we are economically and mentally retarded. We should reach the level at which we can be proud and to help others who need help. We must not allow the media to serve the government, they must correct them. We should not believe the next messiah, who will lie us; and as a mantra to quote his name and he is enchanted; however, we must believe in a fair system that we will create together. And as to whether I will feel alone, there is no way I can be alone, because, unlike the Prime Minister, I have always had many friends in good and bad, not friends just on the top.

-If we accept that I have come to you for a first taekwondo lesson, what it would be your first advice?

-To have fun whatever you do. But if it must be in the context of what I have said so far, I would advise you to love and care for the growth of your opponent because he is your mirror.

Interview taken by Veselina Tomova
19/07/11 - Newspaper Standard - I make Wikileaks for the corruption in Bulgaria

We sell our souls and votes for pennies.
I will send Chelopech in Brussels, threatens the MEP Slavi Binev.

"Standard" revealed the serious damage that the gold mining inflicts on Chelopech. MEP Slavi Binev took to heart the drama of the people in the Bulgarian Klondike. How and who should help Chelopech? Should the investors in our country be sacred cows? Why do we need Wikileaks for the corruption? Will a finger be brandished at us from Brussels in the report on justice and home affairs? And who should sit on the chair on "Dondukov" 2? Slavi Binev gives the answers.

- Mr. Binev, the underground explosions in the gold mine in Chelopech destroy people's homes. For years they are complaining without success, while in response the company pulls out an expertise and proves that their houses collapse due to their bad construction. What do you think about that?
- I still can not believe that people allow the information to be replaced and the truth hidden from them. When the problems affect the lives and health, the experts should not be paid by companies, which need a convenient position. We should put an end to the manipulation once and for all.

- From the tailing ground of "Chelopech Mining" is released water with high content of arsenic and heavy metals into river Topolnitsa...
- For this outrage must be held accountable not only "Dundee". It is not to blame the one who eats the cabbage, but the one who gives it to him. The answers should be given by the previous governments, as well as by the prime minister and the other responsible ministers. There is no doubt that in Chelopech there is a pure robbery. When a person enters your house, breaks the walls everywhere, breaks the furniture, spreads randomly acids, poisons, etc., takes everything and at the end leaves 1% or 4% (as is the annual concession fee for gold mining) - for me this is not an investor, but a seedy thief. And here everyone should be investigated - and the public organizations that remained with crossed hands. And absolutely all municipal and state institutions that are involved. They are slaves, who do not care about the genocide over their brethren.

- Why did no one warn the people in the region Sredna Gora that poisons are released?
- There are two possibilities - either they are absolutely incompetent and fools, or they are extremely cruel and corrupt people. Actually there is a third possibility, which is a combination of the previous two - they are not only stupid but corrupt as well.
We need a thorough examination by doctors - and these medical experts must be independent. But then those responsible should pay for treating the sick people and cleansing the poisoned nature. The lives of our children and grandchildren and the health of the people in Sredna Gora could not be threatened by someone's greed.

- "Standard" revealed that from the 11 councilors in Chelopech, 10 are linked financially with the mine...
- Firstly, this is an abuse of office and serious conflict of interests. There is also abuse of power, either way they can be held responsible on different articles of the Penal Code. I think immediately should start an investigation over the managers of Chelopech. And they should be brought to justice for their wrong doings.
These days some people warn me that my resistance to the gold mining is meaningless and that I have buried myself in things at the level of global conspiracy because "Dundee" has protection on the highest level. I spoke immediately about that with representatives of the European institutions, who laughed out loud. They said this is not a normal behavior. There is no ambassador of a country that spoke to me and said "turning a blind eye to the offenses is in return for the lobbying". They said: "Many of your governments have used this excuse to cover up their thefts". We should not become victims of some conspiracies. We must not allow such outrageous things to happen in our house. Otherwise, for life we will look for excuses that we have not taken the appropriate actions. I'm sure the shareholders of "Dundee" are not aware of the obvious thefts in Bulgaria, because this is the job of CEOs of the company.

- What you will initiate to protect the suffering people in Sredna Gora?
- By the end of the week I will send an open letter to the Prime Minister, the responsible ministers, the Prosecutor General and the media about the violations of "Dundee" in Chelopech. If I do not see real actions on the matter within two weeks, I will initiate all my abilities in the European Parliament and the other EU institutions for this cowardly behavior. I will also introduce this problem to "Transparency International" and "Reporters without borders".

- You announced that you are launching a public campaign against corruption. What it will consist of?
- First we will launch a website, which will be financed by the EU and to some extent is ordered by the European factors, for all our weaknesses we are facing constantly. It is time for the biggest corruption scandals to come onto the public agenda. I think there is a shadow over these issues - licenses, funds, conflicts of interests, economic and political racketeering, the privatization of the banking, telecommunications and energy sectors, local government's bad practices and trading with influence. Chelopech and Krumovgrad, of course, will be on the top of the list but I will not miss the airport in Balchik, the EDC's, many municipal transactions, smuggling. I will try to get to the truth in these cases and to pressure the institutions to do their job. People will be able to report on the website and as well to add documents and disclosures.

- By the end of the month will come the other monitoring report of the European Commission on the internal policy and justice. What to expect from it?
- One of the major criticisms in the report will be on the discredited public procurement, which will be dealt with on my website as well, the lack of transparency of the euro-funds, the corruption and the organized crime in general. The insufficient reform in the executive power will be also highlighted.

- "Ataka" already announced its presidential couple - Volen Siderov and Pavel Shopov. Which will be the main difficulties they will face?
- They have against them very strong opponents. And in such case one has first defeat himself.

- What do you expect from the ongoing campaign for local and presidential vote?
- At these elections we should expect foreign observers as well, which will bring us years back. This means lack of confidence that in our country may be held fair and democratic elections. This will level us to some African country, in which we go to check the elections. We have a problem with the dead people, with the Gypsy vote, with the specificity of the DPS, with the vote-buying, with the obligation to vote in office. This is completely different from the American dream we had. In the U.S. they have a dream and follow it. We on the other hand sell our dreams for BGN 100 or for a packet of drugs in certain neighborhoods. We sell our souls for pennies.

- There will be a vote of no confidence towards the cabinet. "Ataka" decided not to support it...
- I can not speak for "Ataka". I have always said that there are two types of parties and people - smart and stupid, weak and strong, skilled and incompetent. I divide people like this, not based on nationality or party affiliation. My attitude towards the Government is negative because the dealing with the Triple Coalition did not happen, which they promised to do. The only payback is the leveling down the barbecue of Dogan. We see the small bandits who run on the street, while we do not see the big bandits.

- Two of your colleagues from the EP embarked on the presidential race - Meglena Kuneva and Ivaylo Kalfin? Their presence in Brussels is an advantage or disadvantage?
- The visits in Brussels and the contacts with the European politicians are naturally an advantage for everyone. It was expected this to improve the Bulgarian politics. Meglena Kuneva is a marketing project that people do not know. They will vote for something they do not know and then they will regret. This woman can be a president only of herself, not of the country. She hates and despises Bulgaria. She hated us, the Bulgarian MEPs. She spoke proudly to all of us. Ivaylo Kalfin is on the other hand calm, diplomatic, balanced, intelligent, has very good command of foreign languages and has a sense of humor. The only bad thing about him is that he was in the Government of the Triple coalition. Just I hope he will not be another mimicry - that is my only request to God.

Ruslan Yordanov
31/05/11 - - Binev: The problems of the country are important, but not whether I am leaving Ataka

the melee in front of the mosque in Sofia - manipulation of Boyko Borisov

Sofia /CROSS/ More important is not whether I am parting with "Ataka", but the problems in the country. MEP Slavi Binev told the News Agency CROSS. Earlier today, the former member of Ataka, who left the party group in the parliament, Valentin Nikolov said that Binev is considering leaving Ataka. "I do not know how he reached to this conclusion. With him I have not discussed these things. Wonder how this could happen, this is his logical connection. Maybe he saw my displeasure with the work of the government" Binev commented the statement of Nikolov. "The biggest problem in Bulgaria is not the one between Christians and Muslims, but the mismanagement of the country, which is not little", he was explicit.
The MEP said the protest of "Ataka" in front of the central metropolitan mosque Banya Basha, which resulted in a clash, was not due to an agreement between the party of Volen Siderov and DPS, but a manipulation by Boyko Borisov. "He lost the confidence of the people. He has to deal with poverty, unemployment. He must find a new refuge. Again to become a judge and a savior, to be a father, who guarantees the peace", said Binev.
"The civil services use other methods that can manipulate people to introduce them in battles that need to divert the attention from the problems they must solve. Therefore they are not so popular when you have to run a country", added the MEP and said the country tyran is Boyko Borisov.
According to Binev, the calls to ban "Atak" and DPS are probably related to the elections. "The prohibitions are associated with totalitarian societies and with the time, when we were young. People who use the word "forbid", typically want to replace the old word "socialism" with the new "democracy" and to deprive it from its content. There should be equality before the law. I'm not against political parties and anyone who wants to express his opinions freely", he said.
/CG /
31/05/11 - - MEP from "Ataka" Slavi Binev

I am not bound to the party, there is no way I can cancel a membership that does not exist

Mr. Binev, the former MP from "Ataka" and currently an independent MP Valentin Nikolov said today that you are considering leaving the party. Is it true?

Firstly, I am not bound to the party. Secondly, these are some of his deductions. It is me, who decides what to do. I'm an open person. Usually, if there is something - bad or good - I will announce it myself first.

What does it mean that you are not bound to the party?

I've never been a member of "Ataka". There is no way to cancel a membership that does not exist.

Yes, but you were elected an MEP from the list of "Ataka".

Exactly, but this does not mean that I am a member of "Ataka".

Maybe he meant that you will publicly distance yourself from this party.

It's very difficult for me to explain, who has what in his head. If I have something to say, I'll say it. At present there is no such situation. This is not serious.

Valentin Nikolov again said that Volen Siderov keeps his deputies with guarantee contracts in favor of offshore companies worth € 150,000. Do you know of such a thing?

With me such a thing has never happened. I can speak for myself.

What do you think of the decision of Nikolov, Kiril Gumnerov and Ognyan Peichev to leave "Ataka" and their motives?

It is their personal decision. I have always had a more distant attitude towards domestic politics for the simple reason that I work for Bulgaria in the European Parliament. Besides, everyone knows about my attitude concerning the support given to the cabinet, which is definitely not in line with the attitude of "Ataka". At the same time this keeps me from speaking out on this issue, but simply to distance myself. I am extremely frugal in the critics towards the government for that reason alone - not to appear as a stumbling block in the relations between "Ataka" and the government.

Does your personal position that you defend, create any tension between you and the management of "Ataka" or you have "green light" to talk about what you consider right?

There can be no question of applying for permission. This is something that one feels alone and knows how far he can go. Currently I am very frugal in my criticism. They might be accepted as friendly and constructive.

Will you be able to remain so "frugal" at times of the looming very violent election campaign?

Each campaign becomes more acute, so we expect much more acute campaigns. I think that in this campaign there should be tackled the most important problems. Bulgaria ranks at the bottom of all statistics in the European Union. At the same time the most important things seem to be forgotten - the center has shifted from the endless problems in the economy, poverty, social problems, lack of strategy in the battle to defend our own religion. I think we should focus primarily on the problems that are being faced by our country. We are at the bottom of all rankings, whether it is about criminality, corruption, GDP, economic policy of the government. I hear only complaints from the Prime Minister. I do not see a man, who loves Bulgaria and wants to cope with its problems, and not just to hide himself behind them.

In this case, do you see a reason for the confidence vote, which BSP said it would initiate?

No matter who will initiate it. All people who have some common sense, all people who really want this country to develop are obliged to say: "This was it! Stop it!" We start not believing in what we see, but in what we are told. This is not normal. They turned us into serfs who depend solely on the will of one man. I do not accept this. I have always been freedom-loving, I've argued with thousands tyrants. I can not imagine that now I have to be very careful in processing my sentences of criticism of the Prime Minister, who according to me is very weak and this is the softest word I can use. Do you think this is the most decent man in Bulgaria?
13/05/11 - NTV - Hello, Bulgaria - Interview with Slavi Binev

Moderator: Slavi Binev, the MEP from Ataka is my guest in the studio. Good morning.
Slavi Binev: Good morning.

Moderator: How long have you been an MP, MEP? 2007?
Slavi Binev: It will be 4 years

Moderator: 4 years have become. You have made a full mandate in two halves?
Slavi Binev: No, the European mandate is 5 years

Moderator: 5 years
Slavi Binev: Yes.

Moderator: Well, then, almost a full mandate?
Slavi Binev: Almost full mandate.

Moderator: And how do you feel as an MEP?
Slavi Binev: I've always felt well.

Moderator: Is the work interesting?
Slavi Binev: I cannot deal with something that does not bring me pleasure, and I think there's a great combination of satisfaction to do what you believe is right and at the same time the MEPs are perhaps part of the most important political event since al...

Moderator: More important than here an MP? In the Bulgarian Parliament?
Slavi Binev: Sure, because absolutely all laws, directives, are voted in the EU. You see now Schengen, which in fact largely depends on the EP and the European institutions.

Moderator: What it does? Here the deputies go to work at 9am on Wednesday. Leave at 2. Possibly there is work in the committees afterwards. Monday and Tuesday there are again committees. What an MEP does?
Slavi Binev: Look! We also go on committees and delegations, political groups, those who have. But very important are the personal relationships that people have in the EP, because sometimes they are decisive, sometimes even more than the political decisions, which are taken and here it is extremely important to know that there are moments when the Bulgarian MEPs do not divide on rulling and opposition, without having, even to coordinate their actions, they start to...

Moderator: For your own countries?

Slavi Binev: Not just for their own countries. With their own political groups with their own personal contacts, which are sometimes very important.

Moderator: You how, how much was the salary of an MEP? You remember?
Slavi Binev: This is uncultured issue in Europe. It's like someone will ask you about your salary and how much you get in Nova TV?

Moderator: Oh, no, not so. This is official office.
Slavi Binev: Of course, everyone knows very well. We receive 6000 euros. After the...

Moderator: 6000 euros with taxes?
Slavi Binev: But see, that I, if you ask me...

Moderator: Yes.
Slavi Binev: If a person should really represent his country, to behave in a way that does not expose him, to always be responsible for the accounts of others, that's...

Moderator: They cut the benefits, by the way? There was one...
Slavi Binev: Many cuts, especially from traveling, but I think this is not fatal.

Moderator: OK. How often do you go back to Bulgaria?
Slavi Binev: Lately it was not often.

Moderator: And do you have insight into the politics here?
Slavi Binev: I am trying to keep in touch with politics here, but it still passes through some media and through any ...

Moderator: What do you think of what is happening in your party Ataka and the coalition relations, which it has with GERB?

Slavi Binev: No, I cannot answer this. I have no mandate to speak on behalf of Ataka.

Moderator: But you belong to this party?
Slavi Binev: No, I'm not attached to the party. Therefore, I will only say the following thing.

Moderator: Yes.
Slavi Binev: For me, people are not divided into parties. For me there were two parties and this are the people. There are smart and stupid people, good and bad, those who complain, when they cannot achieve something and those who are excited by the privilege to deal with a difficult problem. This is how it looks like for me. I have never divided people as nationalists or democrats, in fact, many people drained the word democracy. They turned it into socialism.

Moderator: No, the question is whether the word nationalism is empty already?
Slavi Binev: Well, see...

Moderator: Patriotism, lets say!
Slavi Binev: Let's call it patriotism. For better or worse, it is becoming more acute lately for many reasons. The expansive development of Europe cannot but suggest the development of stronger internal links, because despite the ban on the use of these two words in the EP - nationalism and protectionism - you are afterall chosen in your own country. That is why the new idea, which I do not see how it will persist in this and the next term: MEPs to be selected at European level.

Moderator: And exactly you were chosen as a representative of Ataka there?
Slavi Binev: Exactly.

Moderator: It was like this. For this reason we are very curious of your opinion on what is really happening between "Ataka" and "GERB"?
Slavi Binev: No, that is why I travel so much.

Moderator: Do you pay attention to the positions of "Ataka", did it change?
Slavi Binev: No. I again repeat I cannot speak on behalf of "Ataka". Moreover, I can talk about European politics in general.

Moderator: OK. Did your positions change towards GERB?
Slavi Binev: They are not different from before.

Moderator: And are they different from the ones of "Ataka"?
Slavi Binev: I would not say that they are different. I just start believing faster that the credit of trust, which was granted, was granted unfairly, according to me.

Moderator: The credit of trust from the party towards GERB
Slavi Binev: So I feel. Again I say, I have no mandate to speak on behalf of "Ataka". Look, for me, each party starts as an idea. You can say as an association, as one big general meeting. Later after some restructuring, it becomes an organisation-company. Afterwards, of course, sadly...

Moderator: Is it with all parties like this?
Slavi Binev: All parties experience afterwards from an organisation becoming a "single merchant", but the big problem is that in GERB in general there was no question about single party, they have single one man management. There are no ministers or what so ever. There, in the best case there are under deputy substitute ministers, who are receiving elbows, kicks, and such sort of things. I am calling you. You are button # 6. I am button # 2. Just think how much you must love power and money, in order to allow to be treated like this. I would not admit it in any way. So I think for myself.

Moderator: Well, the party through which lists you became an MEP, gives unconditional support to the other, about which you spoke so far?
Slavi Binev: Look, I told you, I travel more, because it is not correct to question the attitude of the man who has trusted me.

Moderator: There is one. Google does incredible work. I do not know whether, but I read an interview from February 10, 2008.
Question: Years ago have you been friends with the Mayor of Sofia?

Answer: Friends? Boyko and friends. Once we knew each other. Now I do not know if this is the same person. Well, we are not in conflict, just I expect the fraud to occur. He is a man, unstable in his words, he turns on 1500 degrees. He even does not remember what he is talking about. What is this?
Slavi Binev: I said it very well. I said it very precisely. And as it seems the time confirms this. It's in his nature. He did not finish any initiated work and he escaped from a process he commenced, so there is nothing that I cannot think about.

Moderator: I cannot understand...

Slavi Binev: What is different?

Moderator: How, when you think these things, you're OK to represent "Ataka", who has different positions? Towards Boyko Borisov? There was something else. There were Turkish Bashi bozuk. In your speech and a number of things that better not to...
Slavi Binev: Look, I'll just tell you the following thing... Slave mentality of people was hardly raised by the Turks, but rather created by people who made this Stockholm complex. So much they strive for respect, for approval, for applause, for a victory that you begin to wonder, oh my God, what has happened to his man in his childhood. Otherwise, I am saying it purely as a psychologist. Do you understand?

Moderator: Yes.
Slavi Binev: Maybe the whole case is for a psychiatrist. I cannot say, but a man over 50 years, to have such a desire for approval and victory, means something must has happened in his youth. I do not know...

Moderator: In this sense, will there be an intrigue during the presidential election this year or there will not be?
Slavi Binev: For me, there has never been an intrigue. For me, everything has always been marginal, but... What can I tell you? For me, there is no intrigue. For me...

Moderator: We understood now that Boyko Borisov is one of the names invoked that will run for president? He said that today he had much fun to torture the other parties...
Slavi Binev: I will tell you only, the presidential election... I just said it, no matter where. The presidential elections look like the elections of the boss of Cosa Nostra. So, everything is wrapped in a fog, in some darkness. Absolutely nothing is clear. They are invoking some names. So when they are electing a president in a country like the U.S., already he is known for 2 years.

Moderator: And why is he known for 2 years?
Slavi Binev: Well, because to know it, to be in a stressful situation to be checked. In any way the elections are a stressful situation.

Moderator: Yes.
Slavi Binev: He must be be checked in any situation. He will be attacked. dis...

Moderator: discredited...
Slavi Binev: There will be media that will praise him. To see how he reacts to this stress situation. To see how he reacts when he is told that he is a great man, how come he was not found so far and now how he will react to things about himself that he did not suspect.

Moderator: So what will happen for example, we have so far...
Slavi Binev: I... The society should not allow someone to constantly think of new rules. Someone to invent new rules. I will now do so and so. All must be able to run fairly and clearly to the public, on any dialogues, on any talks, in order for a person to be really able to demonstrate his political platform. He should not run away from any of his meetings.

Moderator: Who will win, when it is Boyko Borisov and Volen Siderov? Volen Siderov, we already know, is the official candidate of Ataka, what do you think?
Slavi Binev: In my opinion, Boyko...

Moderator: According to you, does Volen stands any chance?
Slavi Binev: Excuse me?

Moderator: Does Volen has a chance against Boyko?
Slavi Binev: I think Boyko has no chance. The question is wrong. First, Volen is a very verbal person. Second, it is... and there is something else in the whole thing, the man who must be chosen for president, must represent the state at the top. He has two priorities, right. He has representative duties and is responsible for foreign policy and security.

Moderator: So.
Slavi Binev: For security, we are attacked by Europol, it became clear what is all about. For the organized crime, the organized crime is the other name for a crime that is under the umbrella of the management.

Moderator: This is an umbrella...
Slavi Binev: The umbrella has not yet been so civil. So, in any case, this is the other name, the civilised name. Right, so .. These are the critiques. We know we have 8 points from Europol, which by the way absolutely accidentally coincided with our entry into Schengen and etc. There are as well other circumstances.

Moderator: What this has to do with the clash between Boyko Borisov and Volen Siderov on these elections?
Slavi Binev: This job of the president. The president must ensure the security in the state, and it appears that we are being attack exactly in this very thing... This is one of the fields. The second field is the representativeness of Bulgaria. In what language our dear Prime Minister will represent Bulgaria? On slang from Bankya?

Moderator: He was learning English lately.
Slavi Binev: Yes. Well, just with "congratulations" is not possible. That's probably precisely the case why the personal relations broke, which are sometimes very important.

Moderator: And will he run for president, according to you, really?
Slavi Binev: Well, look! This is in his nature. When he cannot finish one thing, he runs away from it. When he cannot finish it...

Moderator: In the presidential mandate there is no power. Why he will be up to this?
Slavi Binev: Yes, but he has a frantic thirst for approval and victory and for applauses, something that the prime minister mandate cannot...

Moderator: What...
Slavi Binev: Is unable to secure him. Yet, probably we will be the first country to follow the African spring. Probably at us it will be the African autumn.

Moderator: Yes, but with the party GERB what will happen? Can there be party GERB without Boyko Borisov?
Slavi Binev: What party? So, please.

Moderator: There is such. It manages in the moment 117 MPs.
Slavi Binev: I think it as kind of a business operation, but he is the absolute charmer...

Moderator: OK. And how...
Slavi Binev: He, he...

Moderator: And in "Ataka", are the things different? Is "Ataka" the leadership type?
Slavi Binev: Look, again I tell you, all parties in Bulgaria, this is the way they are made. Perhaps the only democratic party, for fear and horror, for me as well, is the Bulgarian Socialist Party. Perhaps because it has the longest history.

Moderator: The most democratic?
Slavi Binev: Right, you see that there it does not depend so much on...

Moderator: Because the same question of GERB stands for Ataka. If Volen Siderov becomes a president, what will happen to Ataka? For example...
Slavi Binev: I cannot tell you. I told you, I'm not attached to a party and I'm not so active.

Moderator: And would you be bound?
Slavi Binev: See, this would you? For me if it is not. For me everything is very different. I tell you again, for me the things have never been like this. For me there is no DPS, "Ataka", GERB, BSP or whatever else. I have always divided people on those, who can deal with problems and those who mumble. This is the situation.

Moderator: And are there many who mumble?
Slavi Binev: Many.

Moderator: OK.
Slavi Binev: From morning to night we are only listening to it.

Moderator: OK.
Slavi Binev: The only thing to do is a person to start and manage to do the things. Here look, how insane is the whole situation. And to tell you why I'm objective is this reasoning. I expect by the way, after the huge mistake of Krasi Velchev, he to apologize officially, for that he attacked Iliana and... Look, this is not happening.

Moderator: Yes.
Slavi Binev: This is something that touches me extremely.

Moderator: It is about the fact that they voted abstain on the report about...
Slavi Binev: They voted against their own party...

Moderator: The MEP Coelho...
Slavi Binev: However, a very worthy man voted against his own party, just to protect Bulgaria. And instead of honoring him, rather to thank him. This behavior of him indicates that there is no opposition and no rulling.

Moderator: We must be ending, however.
Slavi Binev: This is what should happen. And by the way, Boyko really needs to investigate and see who has misled on this issue GERB, as they say always, we must punish the guilty.

Moderator: OK.
Slavi Binev: Not to happen that he will resign, because with the recordings, which came out, he had to arrest himself.

Moderator: OK. We put the point here. Thank you.
09/05/11 - Newspaper Standart - False information harms our country

Slavi Binev
MEP from "Ataka"

- Mr. Binev, how do you evaluate your work as an MEP, did you manage to achieve everything you wanted to?
- As an MEP I have always tried to avoid demagoguery. In this sense, I tried to give clear and accurate picture of the situation in the country. Moreover, with a hand on heart I can say that I have not lied nor misled the people who have supported me. I've tried to give a precise outline of the situation in the country. I think this is extremely important, because sometimes the false information about Bulgaria is actually much demagoguery. Many people think that like this they help the country and they defend its interests. But thus we do not work for Bulgaria, but against it. This brings us away from solving problems. One of the most important things for the European institutions was to discipline Bulgaria. Unfortunately, our leaders rushed to discipline people, but they themselves remained undisciplined in some respects.
We must do everything possible for this not to happen. Most of the penalties and bad treatment towards our country are because of they are precisely part of this false information given to the European institutions. In the EU, regardless of how they start their phrases or letters, they are aware of the true parameters of the problems.

- How does Bulgaria look like from outside?
- I wish I could sound optimistic, but unfortunately it looks like a severe problem. Not only because of the Roma population, not only because of failure to comply with the laws. As if there is a refusal on the part of GERB to change the laws.

Milena Mincheva
22/03/11 - Newspaper Monitor - there should not be made a link between NPP Belene and Japan

Binev Slavi , MEP Ataka

Born on 10 December 1965.
PhD student at the Institute of Psychology of BAS
He was coach of the national taekwondo team
MEP since 2007.

Mr. Binev, as an MEP how would you comment the situation in Libya and according to you is the operation against Qaddafi delayed?

We must admit that even NATO is divided on whether the operation against Libya is overdue. Still it is being discussed whether the border has not been crossed. The idea was actually to protect the citizens. As they say, our country must be satisfied with that, but we must not forget that the commitment to our international partners must be respected as well. You know that the UN wants to see a dictator who has lost the confidence of the people to fall from power. In my opinion, it will be good if the war finishes very quickly, because otherwise people will be left with the impression that this war is being fought as a response to the crisis. The situation in Libya is very dynamic. It is true that among the Bulgarians there is a certain tension about it. Another point, which should be given special consideration, was the request of the Libyan government to accept the refugees, and this can be a very serious problem. Our problems with the minorities in the country are completely different, regardless of our experiences with them. We have not been able to solve them, and even the strong France was unable to cope with 500 Roma, and we lightly decide to accept 2000-2500 immigrants from North Africa, forgetting that emigration is a source of criminality. So let's not put too much emotion to meet our European obligations and to overdo them.

Already comments were heard that this battle will last 90 days. What is your opinion?

Yes, according to some, this operation can last long time, which makes me believe that there is need to strengthen the military industry. However, the main purpose is, first to take down the dictator Gaddafi and second - to rescue the civilians. As I said, it would be better if it ends quickly.

The tragedy in Japan raised again the questions about the future of nuclear power plant Belene. Should this project be realized?

I think an analogy with the case in Japan should not be made. Overall, I am in favor of nuclear power, especially for our region. Of course, all necessary safety measures should be made, but I believe that nuclear power has a future. If it was not the case, many countries like Germany and France would not have used it. The situation in Japan, however, raised another question, much more important for me. It is about the spirit of the people, for their social commitment to their country. So let's learn from the Japanese. Despite the tragedy, they met the difficulties with high raised brow and I am sure they will become even stronger after this experience.

You are a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs in the European Parliament. What are your new legislative initiatives?

For me my work in ECON is essential because it is the committee, which discusses the most worrying problems for the society - the crisis, the economic stability and the financial problems. This is a huge opportunity for me to meet and exchange ideas and opinions with the world gurus of financial policy and the economy in general. Of course, now most often the topics discussed in the committee are related to the economic crisis, irresponsible fiscal policy, with missed opportunities for utilizing resources provided by EU funds, for replacement of data in the financial reports of certain countries, for solidarity in the decisions in the fight against poverty, and the weaknesses in the rulling of some leaders and much more.

As a member of the Economic Committee, I was chief reporter in preparing the text for the authentication of euro coins, and in preparing the report on energy stocks. I am pleased that my reports were approved by the Commission and the EP virtually unanimous. This showed that for the technical issues there are no politics, and if you did your job well, you are evaluated positively. I am proud that the European Anti-Fraud Office and the Commission repeatedly praised my team, which until the last moment in the preparation of the reports, took into consideration each recommendation and worked in perfect synchronization.

Membership in ECON is often accompanied by numerous sessions and meetings with proven names in European politics. For example, recently we discussed the issues of the economic and financial situation in the EU with one of the most successful commissioners in the history of the EU - Mr Jacques Delors, and with the president of the European Council Rampoy. Politicians of this magnitude appreciate the views of their colleagues and the weekly meetings are in close connection with their activities. I want to emphasize that it will be good if in Bulgaria our views are being heard, because in the EP, accusations against our country are not limited to corruption and the judiciary, but as well that we continue to be the poorest country in the EU.

The EP called on Canada to cancel visas for Bulgarians. When should we expect this to happen?

Yes, the European Parliament adopted a declaration calling on Canada to determine the earliest possible date for elimination of visa requirements for Czech citizens, and to end violations of reciprocity on visa regime for citizens from Bulgaria and Romania. If this violation is not resolved soon, the EU should impose further retaliatory measures, namely, if a third party breaches visa reciprocity, all Member States shall immediately put visa regime for nationals of the breaching country. This gives me a reason to think that the issue will be resolved soon, but also we must not forget that the most affected are the Czech, which had their visa regime returned in July 2009

The coming of the elections commenced a scandal war. How long it will be part of our political life?

Scandal wars are part of the political life. Always the ones in power were targeted and it is normal because only they have the levers to use the power. But I think the current rulers have no problem with the scandals, but with accepting the reality. The economic and financial situation in Bulgaria is not good. So I wish the prime minister to make conclusions in time. For him it is important to understand that success must not be explained to us, but successes should speak for themselves. Meanwhile, let's assume that the opposition is generally unhappy, that people want policy makers to demonstrate that they can cope with the difficulties. Citizens would forgive everything if the leader could solve their problems. As for the scandals themselves, I believe that in most cases they turn against those who use them. I am pleased that the party leader Volen Siderov, who by announcing his candidacy for president first, showed that he is not afraid from scandals and from hits below the belt. He knew that he will activate all forces that will try to divide and to rule, but he accepted it, knowing that his enemies will use every opportunity to magnify problems around him and the party. This is a dignified behavior.
16 - 22/03/11 – Show magazine – Slavi Binev: It is not true that I was going to depose Volen Siderov

- “Ataka” parliamentary group is about to split because of uncompleted written declarations of loyalty, which bring also an obligation of 300 000 BLV for the signatories?
- Nobody has ever made me sign such documents. If there is signatories of such a declaration, they should discuss it seriously with the party’s leaders. I think that this scenario has been fabricated because we already announced who our Presidential Candidate is going to be. While the other people quibble and say that it was not the time for them to announce their candidates yet, Volen had the courage to say, before anybody else, that he was going to candidate for this leading position. All the assaults on the party came after that.

- According to some nationalists in the Parliament, the “Blue Coalition” has invented the declarations scenario?
- Yes, it is pretty much possible. As Churchill had said – “When I see something that walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, I call that thing a duck.” UDF and DSB have both lost their parties’ doctrines. The old political parties are afflicted with jealousy and try their best to divert others from their path. But there is no way for them to divert the nationalists, because the democratic market itself would not allow it. By these actions they make us more united.

- There is a hypothesis, though, that you prepare to depose Volen Siderov from his leading position. Rumours say that with the help of the Templar movement and Israel you have started preparing a secret coup against Volen?
- I am a person who clearly realizes what being a party leader means and what responsibilities they have. I define myself as a person, who is still seeking, a latitudinarian, who does not accept frameworks, not to mention that cannot impose any. I myself cannot stand frameworks. And for this reason I cannot be a leader.
I am simply not able to be one.
Last but not least I want to remind everyone that Volen and I are very good friends, and I do respect the meaning of this word. Our enemies very clearly understand that a lie, being repeated a hundred times, can be taken as a truth, and that is why they take such an action. There are great attacks against us, in this regard. No matter how good the friendship between people is, it is normal for some doubts to appear, when so much mud has been thrown on. Nobody can assume Volen’s party because he created it himself. It suits his character the most. There is no intrigue in the relations between Volen and me, nor I have the ambition for being a leader of “Ataka”.

- Do not you think that “Ataka” party lost much of the country’s leaders’ unreserved support?
- We have never experienced an unreserved support. It has always been just one of principle. We wish for some definite principles to be initiated or changed. If it does not happen, then…
Time clearly shows that the program, under these management principles, is not being implemented as we expected. It is the time for GERB to understand that the leading thing in politics is Economy. All politicians should have the management skills and experience, in order to lead to a prosperity. Unfortunately, reforms are being made too slowly. The most important thing for the nationalists, however, is to stand for the ideas of 400,000 Bulgarians, who, by their votes, set us in power. We supported GERB because they promised to deal with organized crimes and corruption, to show success in the EU funds absorption, to struggle against monopolies, and to help the Bulgarian national business.
We have our own principles, too - for example, we want to discontinue news broadcasting in Turkish. GERB members have to support our request – not only as a gesture to “Ataka”, but also because it is the usual European convention. Such news should be broadcasted only by regional TV centers, and so it should be in Bulgaria, too. Great policy should be pursued by large coalitions, and this is my main criticism on Boyko Borisov. Reforms are unpopular all over the world and great support is needed, in order for them to be possible. And the people, who supported Boyko, now wage a polygonal war between each other. They cannot make an agreement between each other, not to mention making an agreement with other people. At the beginning four parties gave their support. Anyway, a leader’s task is to tame the feelings and to come into line with them, so that his reforms would be adopted by everyone.

- What is your opinion about Boyko Borisov?
- There are too many things that distinguish us from one another and that part us. It is not only the past, that keeps us apart, but it is mostly our views about life in the present, that do it. It is not possible for us all to like each other, nor we can all like the Prime Minister. Yes, I express my criticism to Boyko, but we do not have personal conflicts, and we don’t wage a battle between each other. I try to express my criticism in a constructive way, and not in a nagging one. Borisov has a powerful individuality, this is how his character is, he runs the country on his own, and that is how he chose it to be.

- “Ataka” supports the idea that Borisov should detach from Tsvetanov. What is your opinion about it? Do you think that the Prime Minister could deal with criminality and corruption, since he was implicated in a scandal, concerning his family’s properties?
At first I believed in the actions of police under Minister Tsvetanov’s leadership, and I was very encouraged by them. I thought that at least the direction was correct, but now I see that in this case ambitions are greater than abilities. Yes, he dealt with kidnapping, but the facts show that no criminals have been convicted. I am very worried, because of the control, exerted over the society by the so-called eavesdropping, which reached to the European Parliament. The most important thing is for MI to guarantee the security and the privacy of citizens’ personal lives. Everything else, such as persecution, bombs setting, is simply a step back. History has proven that it has usually discarded leaders, who pulled life back rather than leading it forward. In his case I do not know whether he will be discarded or not, but I know that the Prime Minister should ponder and let the other ministers think separatedly.

Interviewed by Iva OPRIKOVA
13/03/11 - NovaTV - Interview with MEP Slavi Binev on current topics, New television, On four eyes

Interview with MEP Slavi Binev on current topics

New television, On four eyes

Host: Hello, the MEP from Ataka Slavi Binev is here. Welcome Mr. Binev.

Slavi Binev: Welcome.

Host: I will start straight away with the hottest issue because I do not know whether we realize how important this is for us. But according to you, do you think the EU should be involved in what is happening in Libya?

Slavi Binev: Whole Europe is split on this issue, and indeed how far the intervention should go. If you ask all Bulgarians, all will immediately say to go there and arrest or at least torture Gaddafi. But the truth is that until now, the decision taken by the EU is not in any way to participate in military action against Libya. To intervene only on a humanitarian level, humanitarian aid and only if there is approval by the UN, then there may be some armed intervention, but we must have the Arab League approving as well, otherwise ...

Host: And the Security Council, possibly, it is just not ...

Slavi Binev: No, according to me they want the approval of the Arab League, for one reason only, not to sound like a crusade. Christians against Muslims you will think, this is a very odd topic, a taboo in all international relations. Although this concerns the removal of a dictator who is present for so many years and by whom we are the ones worst affected.

Host: That is right, but I think, as it is in this case, that we always land on some military wing, as I have felt in politics until now. But for me , Prime Minister Borisov took a very reasonable position, being strongly against any military intervention and I think that's a pretty right position because ...

Slavi Binev: For me his position also sounds correct. I have often criticized the Prime Minister, but particularly on this issue.

Host: We are talking specifically about this issue.

Slavi Binev: I totally agree with him, because the opposition also participated in the suffering of our doctors and nurses and we cannot divide them into good and bad torturers. It is clear that all depends on Gaddafi and depended on Gaddafi. But the truth is that it is their local problem. They are a sovereign country and have to solve the problem between themselves.

Host: Yes, also there is a high risk to have what happened in Iraq. I have friends Iraqis who are refugees from Sedan, who loathed him for years and I listened to their complains and they are now very, very against the military intervention that took place there, because they keep in touch with their beloved ones and say that currently the situation there is terrible!

Slavi Binev: Well, the President of the EU, Herman Van Rompuy united the general opinion and said that he was absolutely opposed to a military intervention by the EU and that this is the decision, which was taken because you know that England and France had quite a different position on that issue, especially England. Like England, David /.../ particularly pressed to make restrictions especially on the oil exports from Iraq. Which is extremely important ...

Host: And Sarkozy is not more moderate in my opinion, not to say that he was the first to recognize the legitimacy of the opposition and to decide to talk with it?

Slavi Binev: Sarkozy has often had some very interesting actions, many controversial ones.

Host: Yes, he is an extremely interesting politician, he is eccentric!

Slavi Binev: He is even looking for them, he is looking for them ... eccentric, right, this is the word. And it is like he is looking for them, but I think this does not serve him well, it does no good for the simple reason that now there will be elections, and the sociology indicates that he will loose against Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Host: But he will loose against the daughter of Le Pen! The nationalist Le Pen.

Slavi Binev: The daughter of Le Pen, who is our colleague and who is extremely intelligent woman with an extremely serious charisma. And maybe she will return for his father, because in the end ... with the words of Le Pen, they are just made on behalf of a party that is more accepted!

Host: Well, I ...

Slavi Binev: This she said /.../ as well in relation towards the party?!

Host: Why?

Slavi Binev: Because it seems like the entire EU, sometimes join forces against people who are patriotic or national ... let's call them by another name - the nationalist world. For no other reason because the tremendous development of Europe practically gave rise to other forces, nationalist tensions that are extremely fashionable at the moment and which rob largely the usual parties. I mean the socialist and democratic parties, which made meaningless the words such as democracy and freedom. An example, the Democrats said that "We are all for democracy and we will kill anyone who is against it, in a particularly cruel manner." Practically, what is actually against the idea of democracy, we have to accept all people, who in one way or another see differently and in another way how the state is assembled.

Host: Well that is why I wanted to ask you. How it is to be an MP from Ataka in the EP?

Slavi Binev: Well there are many advantages, first there is no such ...

Host: There are advantages, you say?

Slavi Binev: There are but I will them later, but there is no such thing as "MP from Ataka", we are independent MEP and elected by "Ataka"...

Host: You understood me very well, what I ask you Mr. Binev?

Slavi Binev: Yes, I did understand. You meant as part of say that patriotic world right which is divided into several...

Host: You call it patriotic, but many call it nationalistic?

Slavi Binev: It is a question of words, who will use which.

Host: Yes, we are specifying for our viewers.

Slavi Binev: I think it is more modern, better sits at the moment because the other one somehow carries a peculiar sense. One particular sense, but the truth is why we are such, why this has pros? First of all, because we do not have to keep any party discipline, sometimes one has to ignore the idea for which he was sent there as a defender of his country. We are quite free to do and always to safeguard the one thing for which we were chosen, i.e. to defend the position of our country. For us it is much easier and much lighter.

Host: Okay, but do they not look at the two great families of the Socialists and the Right ...

Slavi Binev: Yes, yes it is normal, there is jealousy, there is jealousy of course?!

Host: But what jealousy, do they not look at it with no acceptance of such extreme views?

Slavi Binev: No, no, these are absolutely interpretations, their goal is only one, to discredit these parties because they consider it their territory! Generally they consider politics as their territory. They have often said "Why did you become good, you were so bad". In this sense that being bad is to suffer. Somehow that territory of the good is reserved for us. You should be bad! We need you. By the way I noticed the English because they were mentioned in the beginning. There is no such attitude towards each other, what I mean, for example Nigel Farige, who is one of the most extravagant MEPs, I have seen often talking and agreeing with his counterparts from other countries, because such the relationship should be. The other parties should not in always say "From Ataka they are bad" or something else, because we are in a way very important, as a group, the Bulgarian group should be together.

Host: Why you are important?

Slavi Binev: Because there are things, which you can say, the English sometimes, in those parties which are more unacceptable, nationalistic or patriotic, whatever you call them, sometimes do the ugly job and say things boldly. They say the things more boldly, more aggressively. Which afterwards will be taken as arms from the EPP, very often. Whatever we speak now, the way EPP corresponds with its electorate at the moment is the way you were doing so with unacceptable words of nationalistic formulations some time ago. I'm talking about the 60s, 70s.

Host: Okay, but say really isn't there ...

Slavi Binev: Sarkozy became what he is with the way Le Pen talked 15 years ago?!

Host: This is undisputed, it is clear that this was part of his ideology, tempered and decorated!

Slavi Binev: No, rather not, the contrary ...

Host: Decorated!

Slavi Binev: He is aggressive, decorated exactly! This is the correct word.

Host: To me his campaign was very interesting and that is why I have direct impressions! Anyway, the question is are you going to deny, but many suspect that the EPP look with suspicion that Ataka is the main partner, the main supporter of the Office of GERB, which are part of the EPP?

Slavi Binev: No, all disaprovals /.../ from largely from the Socialist Party. Mostly from PES, socialists and democrats who are now, they are forced now, are not PES,but socialists and democrats. From there all the notes to the EPP and the institutions are coming, they are /.../ from our colleagues.

Host: From where?

Slavi Binev: They are probably /.../ from our colleagues and I do not argue about it. Because they must listen to their political leaders and probably they are quite uncomfortable because they are very aware of the need of us. At least once! And they have nothing to do, they just have to listen to their leaders.

Host: The point is did GERB compromise themeselves due to your support?

Slavi Binev: Well no, not ...

Host: Tell me now, it is very complicated situation for me. You are part of Ataka ...

Slavi Binev: I think if someone is compromised, he can be jeopardized by ... any records or any memory sticks or anything that should be explained to the people. But we are hardly the ones who can compromise them...

Host: Okay, But ...

Slavi Binev: On the contrary, there are, whatever we talk here, a revival of all patriotic and nationalist movements in the Netherlands and Brussels, and Belgium and the Czech Republic and Poland and Hungary. And largely they are courting the union and the many of the rightist parties.

Host: That is, you are right, the daughter of Le Pen is currently leading in all opinion polls in France ...

Slavi Binev: Of course, no, no in Italy you remember that actually the nationalists split from Berlusconi, not he from them. I.e. they saw that they are now on the rise and that he currently burdens them.

Host: Well, the question is whether the support given by Ataka for the Cabinet of GERB, now is not strongly vulnerable? Tell me honestly!

Slavi Binev: Well ...

Host: I know you're an MEP, you're not in the Bulgarian Parliament, but I hope you have direct view and opinion about what your party plans ...

Slavi Binev: ... I am following the things I do not know if it is vulnerable because the man who actually makes the decisions for us, nevertheless is Volen Siderov.

Host: So how, alone?

Slavi Binev: No, the point is not whether he takes them alone, but the matter is that he leads these discussions and this is completely normal. But for me, I think they are a pure principle. In support. Here someone somehow will mention any words, unquestioned support and any other things.

Host: Well it was one Mr. Binev?

Slavi Binev: No, so according to me it was purely principled and here is just talking ... had to be respected ... actually we are united around certain events that had to be done by the state. This is the fight with...

Host: With ...

Slavi Binev: Well, of course, with the criminals in defense of the Bulgarian business. The fight against monopolies, the fight against corruption. I can single out many other things, but it was not little. Unfortunately, it seems like they are now more concerned to safe their image, but they may lose their asses! But sometimes they are more engaged with themselve at that moment than with what actually brought us together.

Host: What separates you now?

Slavi Binev: The implementation of these principles that actually brought us together. So it had to be ... after all, all major reforms require broad coalitions. They want a great approval.

Host: It is so?!

Slavi Binev: There should be definitely a required strategy, a national strategy that should be absolutely incontestable within the whole range of political parties. Nobody can say the white to be black! I.e. things that are placed should not divide us between white and black, and on the opposition and the ruling, they had to be clear and compelling to the problems. We all know we should be overcome the criminality. Isn't it so?!

Host: So it is, we did start!

Slavi Binev: We did start, but in the end, we started struggling, as our ambitions go ahead of our abilities.

Host: Is it a question of ambition and opportunity everything?

Slavi Binev: Well according to me yes, because it had, what went from the beginning. There is something else and it should be known very clearly. In fact, the crisis is burdening another crisis, which we had. The crisis in parting with Todor Zhivkov, the crisis to understand what is good and what is bad! And it should be clear that when people are poor, this is breeding ground for criminality. The most important thing, that once and for all, all politicians should explain this. Their job is not to keep very good political speeches but to deal with and make people live better. To feel better! They should not ever put emblems of money, labels on their parties, like ... I did this, but I did such and such things. This does not mean that everyone who enters has to do his best. I.e. this must be managers with respect to the means, to the people and who care about the people!

Host: Well, can you now summarize the rulling of Borisov from your perspective?

Slavi Binev: Well it is difficult to summarize because the movement ...

Host: Why it is difficult?

Slavi Binev: The movement forward, backward, to the side on the left, on the right, it is not constant. So for me this is the most important thing. As people sometimes not only change the rules of the game, but they change the entire game. And these turns of 180 degrees, often happen!

Host: Say for which turns you speak?

Slavi Binev: For me ... Many times for example, the Prime Minister has rebutted himself.

Principal: For example?

Slavi Binev: So for one, one manager, he can make mistakes, but he cannot accept responsibility. Many times it happened of him to dismiss one in the morning and to return the one after lunch. If today we say something, tomorrow after the talks with the European institutions, we say the opposite. I.e. It makes us ...

Host: Like what, say what you ... for dismissal I could have guessed, however, another, say something else...

Slavi Binev: No, this practice is so great that even very often you've seen that most importantly for us is to join Schengen, then it appears that is not Schengen, but to get out of the crisis. I.e. no clarity of priorities, this is an extremely important thing for me, especially. Makes people somehow to understand the strategy better and it should be very clearly explained what's next. And to have a clear strategy for what we actually fight, what we want to happen!

Host: Okay, now we are getting out from the economic crisis according to you, according to statistics we are raising from the bottom?

Slavi Binev: On the contrary, statistics show the opposite. When unemployment rises, GDP is reduced and when the purchasing power of funds received by one ...

Host: You, Djankov and Traykov read different statistics?

Slavi Binev: Well ...

Host: So come tand ell me your statistics anyway I've invited you?!

Slavi Binev: So the statistics that I know in the moment isthat Gthe DP falls, unemployment rises and the purchasing power of money is generally reduced, at least due to the lifting oil prices, grains, bread, etc. Something that is not the absorption of funds. There, by the way ...

Host: How not used, how many times our ministers say that they have increased the absorption of EU funds, compared to before?

Slavi Binev: So it is... there are so many errors in the negotiations for funds as a whole ...

Host: Why?

Slavi Binev: Because...

Host: Say, it's interesting, you are in the EP and you should know more?

Slavi Binev: Well ok, I'll give you an example, which is actually here right here, because there is great not synchronization of the problem. The funds were not negotiated by sector, particularly in the agriculture. But they are negotiated per hectare! This immediately favours the eligible people from Dobrudja, while the people from Plovdiv suffer, because they deal with tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. There cannot be per hectare for them, there must be ...

Host: Who was negotiating this?

Slavi Binev: Well this were ...

Host: The current government, or the one before? No, let's talk ...

Slavi Binev: This is a process by the way, you cannot say, it's up to here, everyone is guilty ... there were times when this could have been done in motion, right. There are moments of course ...

Host: Yeah, it could have been changed by the Office of Borisov, right?!

Slavi Binev: Could have been, but in the end it did not happen. And the most idiotic in the whole story, in fact precisely those who take on hectares, they actually take the most money from the funds, mainly the grain bosses. So what happens now, instead of reducing the price of bread, it rose for just six months with 40 cents!

Host: Yeah, but there will be repressions on the price increases, didn't you hear how the Prime Minister wants to deal with this, with repressions?

Slavi Binev: No, so that with the repressions /.../ these are repression with him. So it is not going to be, where they should not be spontaneous, they should be a principle strategy! It should be known that the fight against speculation must be kept at proper laws and not corrupted administration. These are the two moments, on which this war could be led. And in this case...

Host: But the repression against speculators?

Slavi Binev: This could not be a fight against speculators that we start tomorrow. This is a daily process, it must be fought at all levels and continuously. And I say how it should be led - with laws and regular and honest administration?!

Host: Do we have them, do we have good laws and a honest uncorrupt administration?

Slavi Binev: Well I think both things are insufficient.

Host: There are different explanations ...

Slavi Binev: I will express myse lf more elegant ...

Host: Come on, go not so gracefully, why they do not have enough?

Slavi Binev: Well, first the laws of one country are many, they are not associated with one or other laws. So I have many disagreements,the least, the business now suffers severely. That's it..

Host: It suffers?

Slavi Binev: Oh, sure!

Host: From what is suffering?

Slavi Binev: It suffers from many things. First, that it must be cleaned but the cleaning should be not only on the highways but on the streets. There are, inter alia, roads between financial paths that are much more important. So there are uncleaned debts, the internal debt obligations is somewhere around a billion. It was recently said to be between 2 and 4 billion, now we do not know how much is it, because there are no statistics for it. There are many, many debts that simply cannot be declared. Here was precisely the power, the people who had to take money from the state or the municipalities, to make... obligations to pay the state accordingly. Such as fees, taxes, etc. This cannot happen now. We need to light these roads and to make this happen as quickly as possible. Because in fact, the rotating speed of money is extremely important. Speed! That is what we can compensate for the lack of funds.

Host: Okay, I will ask you some specific questions to see your personal position, the position of "Ataka" maybe. Are you for the construction of Belene NPP?

Slavi Binev: I think NPP Belene should be definitely build. Of course, the price is very important as well, but I think it is absolutely necessary.

Host: Why should it be mandatory?

Slavi Binev: Well, nuclear energy is frankly, perhaps the safest and the cheapest ...

Host: This we say today, when in Japan there are talks about leaking radiation over a thousand times and I do not know, the tolerance level and people are in panic?

Slavi Binev: So Japan is an earthquake zone. Japan, it certainly has many other advantages for general storage, etc. It cannot be given as the exact best example. But whatever we talk, atomic energy was something that gave us, we had the opportunity to export electricity from Bulgaria, some time ago.

Host: Well, we still export it, export, export, we continue to export?!

Slavi Binev: For where do we export to Turkey ...

Host: To where they want it ... if nobody wants, how to export?

Slavi Binev: Yes. On the contrary, wants there ... this is very complex system to talk about.

Host: The next thing. Yes because it's not exactly your ...

Slavi Binev: Yes, we went in technology, it is so.

Host: Yes, it is not exactly your portfolio. I want you to give me an estimate for the work of Tsvetanov, from your perspective?

Slavi Binev: Well at first I was hopeful because he solved some problems with the kidnappings. But the truth is as it seems, yet again, it seems that the ambitions exceeded the capacity. We are dealing with more explanations on a personal level, than with the work itself. And the other thing which seems like, the monitoring we receive, shows me that we continue to be dissatisfied with the judicial system, which largely requires things to be done. We do not have convicted criminals.

Host: Unfortunately not!

Slavi Binev: Huge problem. So here now there should have been. ..

Host: There must be some minor, but in a way to please the public opinion ...

Slavi Binev: So it started very seriously and see that in the end all ...

Host: In your opinion it is not happening because they cannot. ..

Slavi Binev: We do not have the legislative initiative, we do not have...

Host: ... and because it is not sincere or because what? So how can we not have, Special Court is made, changes in NPC, now they will seize our property in the easiest way?

Slavi Binev: Yes, the facts speak otherwise, we do not have convicted criminals. Rather, it is considered as it seems ...

Host: it will ...

Slavi Binev: It is believed that these things will be rather used as a repressive apparatus than anything else!

Host: And how do you think?

Slavi Binev: Because ... well I'm worried for many reasons, because we see the desire to control society, if things continue, you see they will become victims of themselves. On his own distrust, on his own investigation and the restriction of freedoms. This is a thing unacceptable for me. Right ...

Host: You mean the memory sticks, the distribution of converstations from the sticks?

Slavi Binev: Well, yes. Whatever we speak, I think in no case should be allowed to limit the freedom of people! One of the fathers of America said that "Anyone who is willing to release some of his freedoms for the sake of security, sooner or later he will loose both". There are ways not to do this in such ...

Host: I realized that I wanted to ask you, are there any ways?

Slavi Binev: There is a difference between cops-like and control. There is a huge difference.

Host: Now what is it?

Slavi Binev: So we kept ... Well I think there is a replay of the story with the cops. Such is the psychology according me.

Host: What would you advice Borisov, to change Tsvetanov or not?

Slavi Binev: Oh, no, no, God forgive me to give advice to ...

Host: Why, you're in a party that supports him now?

Slavi Binev: I will refrain for now, first of all for whom? Right. I think the problem sometimes when there is unsolvable problem, you should also look whether the problem is not in you. Because ultimately we all very well know that with Boyko, with Boyko there are no ministers, in the best case there are vice ministers. Right ... he is too, too, by force or his serious presence to admit that someone ...

Host: To have ministers?

Slavi Binev: To feel like a minister! So I personally think that sometimes one has to look for the problems whether they are not in him.

Host: And when you look, what do you see?

Slavi Binev: Well, I still think we should be more demanding of the people we choose and to which we delegate the opportunity to rule, we should be demanding?

Host: You recently said that there is a return to the 90s. What did you mean? Criminal situation, right?

Slavi Binev: Well yes, when there are again people being kidnapped...

Host: Who was kidnapped?

Slavi Binev: Including the grandson of a minister.

Host: Oh, this was a car theft. Unfortunately this is not a kidnapping or is it in your opinion? I have heard of other cases that a car is stolen together with a child inside?

Slavi Binev: F. Well, it's unacceptable to me. Already. ..

Host: Nowhere in the world cars are not being stolen, right?

Slavi Binev: So in the time we live in it is unacceptable to me. So now, recently there were again murders, there were shots, bombs. On your colleagues as well. So it is unacceptable to me, whatever excuses there are for this question. It always like this, he himself put it, this one I killed, I do not know what else etc. So for me this is unacceptable and we must all unite around that we should be more demanding, not to allow to be lied twice! I think so.

Host: Since you mentioned about ...

Slavi Binev: That criminality it seems becomes /.../. Ultimately the criminality is not a privilege only, so to be involved only police or customs officers, even politicians, etc. It is part of society, there are as well journalists and artists. Right i.e. this is a disease of society. And it's not selective, it is like a flu going around. There are people who actually put themselves in the service of others who do not have the qualities to cope with the tasks that face them. Because for me the most important fact is not to apologize for the problems, but to die with pride that we have solved them in the smartest way.

Host: Actually is there a real will to fight crime, according to you, because for me this is important? Real or not real, from your point of view of course!

Slavi Binev: Well, I cannot say is ... to me when there is a crisis ...

Host: How it looks to you?

Slavi Binev: The crisis itself is the breeding ground for criminality. Whenever there is a crisis, then people say yes!

Host: Yes, the crime increased.

Slavi Binev: The bread and hunger is stronger than the electricity. I.e. people sometimes become more diverse and we need to have this in mind. Clean as social and political decisions.

Host: You know Aleksey Petrov?

Slavi Binev: We have seen each other many years ago. For sure we are not friends!

Host: What do you think about him?

Slavi Binev: Well, I have not thought much about him!

Host: Why?

Slavi Binev: Well, I had many other things to devote my time to. But ...

Host: Well you thought about the fight which is against him?

Slavi Binev: Well, I must tell you that I did not realize why he was caught, why all this happened! I could not believe and I could not get the proof for myself that all this that collapsed on his head, he deserved. I'm not sure in this, at least for myself.

Host: So for you he is more positive ...

Slavi Binev: No, I cannot say that, I just expected when doing such activities, they to be topped with much more evidence or something of this sort. So I think I cannot tell you. I must tell you that this battle remained unclear for me. All might suspect that I am very well aware of how and what is the conspiracy ...

Host: I'll tell you why I suspect! I heard recently Tatyana Doncheva saying that you have something in common and you're like the three characters, and so I decided to tell you something ...

Slavi Binev: No no, so for Tatyana all men look alike. So maybe this is what grouped us together. But I cannot tell you the principle she puts us together. There is definitely a rivalry among us, we cannot be together. Right, how to be together?

Host: What separates you?

Slavi Binev: Well generaly how one views life, in my opinion, many things divide us. Many things! I ...

Host: past or present?

Slavi Binev: I think what separates more is the present. The attitude towards life.

Host: Do you know why I asked you about Petrov! Because they speak for him as the "Octopus". And I came across an article in Rocknews which said "Boyko is hitting Slavi Binev with Octopus 2". Have you read this article?

Slavi Binev: I've read it, I've read many such things. I incidentally had ...

Host: Therefore I decided to begin with Octopus 1 to see ...

Slavi Binev: At one time there was one, someone, somewhere had invented something. Or maybe someone has done something to us to put extra oil on the fire. But there was such a moment.

Host: Because he knows that you do not like each other or at least you do not like Borisov? This is an old ...

Slavi Binev: So, in no case our relationship is personal, just based on principles. Completely normal, can not be liked by everyone.

Host: Certainly.

Slavi Binev: And that's it ..

Host: And you think someone poures oil on the fire?

Slavi Binev: Maybe there was ... I just did not ask questions, but there was definitely a campaign on this issue. For example four or five newspapers and one transmission went out and reheated some old soup, which put me on a conscious level that something might happen. I of course immediately took measures on this issue...

Host: What measures?

Slavi Binev: At least I informed some of the organizations in the EU. ..

Host: Are you serious?

Slavi Binev: Of course. There is no ...

Host: What, you tell some European institutions, that according to some articles, someone here prepares something...

Slavi Binev: I do not want to go into details because these are very delicate details. But the fact is that very quickly after that, things somehow subsided.

Host: What subsided? The media noise or something else you know?

Slavi Binev: Well I could not unknot this case to the end, and in fact there i did not desire to do so.

Host: And did you speak with Borisov?

Slavi Binev: I have not spoken to, for about a week the things grew so much that I'm suspicious person and quickly react to such things?!

Host: You think you have put this down?

Slavi Binev: Oh, no, no, I do not know if I have suppress. I ...

Host: And are you afraid of something Mr. Binev?

Slavi Binev: Somehow I hid my fears in the back pocket, I do not know. Everyone is afraid. Not to be afraid, probably only the fools are not afraid. But according to me, I manage to control my fears, definitely.

Host: Then why did you warn the European institutions?

Slavi Binev: Just because we must at least inform about what might happen to us!

Host: What do you think can happen to you?

Slavi Binev: I do notknow I still ...

Host: In your fantasies, what may be ahead?

Slavi Binev: Anything can, someone just wants to clears his way etc. Something that is extremely ...

Host: To where, who you block?

Slavi Binev: Well, to tell you now there are many roads that are uncleaned, not reconstructed, etc. So maybe someone is going on his way and believes that I cross his.

Host: Do you cross someone's path?

Slavi Binev: Well, I've always tried to give on anything that happens my own vision, which is not small. Because as it seems... I have never accepted the mad joy of the people in one thing or another, as well as their anger towards this afterwards. Because the great love always turns into to great hatred! When a person already has the tranquility to ...

Host: Apparently you visualise the love for Borisov?

Slavi Binev: Well, there is no way, sooner or later it will be exhausted!

Host: You say that Boyko is not the only or decent ... I mean to Bulgaria?

Slavi Binev: Well yes... At one moment it seems, we must have the right to choose between Boyko 1, Boyko 2, Boyko 3, Boyko 8 etc. So for me this is incorrect, only in totalitarian states there is no choice. In all either the choice is discredited or killed, or so forth. So I believe that in Bulgaria there are decent people! And do not believe that I make suggestions for myself, I do not have any other ambitions beyond being MEP! Because there I feel exclusively, I feel there like in own waters, for the simple reason that I am able to quickly break the ice in a relationship. And this is of great importance in the European institutions.

Host: You say there is no alternative, but I watch regularly all opinion polls, including the last that came out today on "Media". Even though the credibility to GERB falls, they remain the first political force?

Slavi Binev: Well, there is a need to do something...

Host: What is the alternative you talk about...

Slavi Binev: I think this is not appropriate for GERB itself. For each player, because here, the three people you mentioned, we were former athletes who very well know that without opponents you can not grow in your career! You just have to have an opponent and not to kill him because many times it happened to me with such complexed people that they want to get rid of you and not to grow together in life. It is not the opponent that you hate and want to destroy at any cost, even at the cost of your life, but an opponents with whom together to...

Host: /.../

Slavi Binev: But with an opponents with whom together to move forward and to grow in what you do. To fight. And the quality opponent here is extremely important.

Host: Final question! Who will win more votes in the presidential elections, Meglena Kuneva, Volen Siderov or Petrov? I do not ask for others, because these are the known!

Slavi Binev: So here the list is not structured properly! Volen is not placed in the right group, Volen can be introduced into the group of Boyko Borisov and Sergey Stanishev.

Host: Stanishev will be the candidate of the Socialist Party, according to you.

Slavi Binev: No, I do not have any idea. Incidentally, for no other reason but because only Volen ...

Host: I mentioned Borisov because I followed one of his last interviews ...

Slavi Binev: Only Volen adopted a battle of blows below the belt, and became sure first. Because among other things, we all know that already then various conspiratorial actions to hit below the belt start in order to discredit the candidate. Therefore they no longer announce their candidates. At the same time they do not want it to be too late so to be sufficiently recognizable.

Host: However, according to you, who will be the winner then, Let's ask the question more general?

Slavi Binev: But I told you already. They have no correspondence ...

Host: No, in general?

Slavi Binev: I hope Volen for the simple reason that all others could not show what they have done so far. At least when he wins there is a chance to happen something good. Others have shown that it is not possible.

Host: Many thanks for this conversation, Mr. Binev.

Slavi Binev: And I thank you.

Principal: You stay with us after the ads, because immediately afterwards we will visit the host of "Hot", Veneta Raykova.
08/03/11 - Ataka Newspaper - Slavi Binev, ATAKA MEP: EC does not give money to Libya - they don't know who will spend it

Ataka's support of GERB was never uncritical - we insist commitments to be met
Slavi Binev was born on 10.12.1965 in Sofia. He graduates the French School and NSA specialty tennis and boxing. His second major is journalism. He is multiple Taekwondo Champion of Bulgaria - 1992 European champion. As of 2005 he was elected member of the Executive Bureau of the BOC. Since 2006 he is Chairman of the Fund "Acknowledgment" to assist Bulgarian athletes and coaches. He is a member of the management of the World Taekwondo Federation. He is archon of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. MEP of Ataka for two terms - from 2007 and 2009. Speaks French, English, Italian and Russian. He is married and father of 5 children, with one grandchild.
- Mr. Binev in the European Parliament do you speak for more spectacular aid to Libya, organized by all countries?

- On March 10 there will be a gathering of foreign ministers of EU member states to prepare a summit of presidents and prime ministers, which will be held on March 11. On this meeting will be taken the most basic measures that must be made with all the refugees that are expected from this part of the world. The problem is extremely serious and there must be synchronization of actions.
- That is precisely what Kristalina Georgieva makes, isn't it?
- Yes, and precisely for that reason we largely play a fundamental role in all these actions. Last year, Gadhafi announced that Europe should pay him 5 billion to keep it free from refugees, especially from illegal immigration.
- Still there are no negotiating with the official government of Moammar Gadhafi.
- This is actually one of the biggest problems. In Libya there is no access for the humanitarian organizations. This is a question which I think will be decided on March 10 because actually we do not know with whom to lead the negotiations. The European Commission is currently refusing any subsidies to the refugees for the simple reason that no one knows who will be responsible for that money, who will spend it and how it will be spent. For the moment we have refused any money to be spent by the commission. See what happens - Egypt, and Libya, and Tunisia. I do not know how the estimated 32 million aids will be sufficient; I assume that it will take billions.
- Mr. Binev, what does a MEP work, besides that he gets an enviable salary according to Bulgarians?
- Following the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty the role of MEP is more significant because we are able to control much more direct the action in the moment. This is extremely important and engaging. Not to mention that we adopt almost all laws which shall be discussed in Parliament and they become laws of each Member State of the Union. In European Parliament we are voting laws, but also talk to people. Do not get it wrong after the superficial insight into the work of the European Parliament. All colleagues who I know are committed to what they do, each in own way. Most important is the work of the commissions. I'm in the ECON Committee, which is perhaps one of the most important committees. This is the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. My committee is largely linked to all others because it actually gives money to the budget and spending.
- One of the main accusations against the Bulgarian MEPs, is that they do not hold on Bulgarian territory interparty problems and carry them to the European stage. It makes a bad impression. We make bad impression before the foreigners.
- Yes, last row, which was carried in the European Parliament, was about surveillance and NMSS started it. I can not say whether it had to be explained to the European level, but we did not get clear answers on this scandal. Especially for me, this topic remains somewhat shrouded in darkness.
- How do Ataka voters receive the total lack of criticism from your party to the ruling?
- Ataka is not uncritical. We supported the principles set out in GERB, which Volen Siderov very clearly said that if they are not respected, having made commitments to society, our support will not be unconditional.
- Do you have a problem with Volen Siderov with regard to the support for the government?
- Not at all. Publications on this theme are on the principle "Divide and conquer." We have great friendship, we have always been friends. But the ambitious agenda, which GERB set, I think it will be difficult to be performed because we see that 2 years now it is difficult to carry out their ambition to fight crime. We have a problem with corruption at the highest levels. We have problems with crime, we have a return to 1990s - bombs again, kidnapping, shootings, drunken people. When you make major reforms, there must be large coalitions. I.e. there must be the approval of a much larger range of people, which to be united around a national strategy to address any problems that exist - beginning with criminal activities and ending with healthcare.
- I.e. you offer more transparency.
- Much greater transparency is needed especially in the system of funds. My information office is working on this issue. We are constantly contacting people and I see that there is absolutely no skills in these matters, they are not aware of what is coming, what ends and what are the principles on which one can apply.
* Interview on BTV in the show "This Morning"
19/02/11 - Banker Newspaper - IN THE BEGINNING I WAS POLITICAL SILLY - Slavi Binev, Ataka MEP told Banker Newspaper

Slavi Binev was born on December 10, 1965. He graduated of a 9-French Language School "Alphonse de Lamartine in Sofia in 1984. Has a diploma from the National Sports Academy " Vasil Levski ", Sofia {1990.) . He has a doctorate in psychology at the Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2004-2009). On the elections in 2007 and 2009 was representative of Ataka in the European Parliament.
He is a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, the Delegation for relations with Central America and the Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly.

Mr. Binev, according to recent statements by Volen Siderov Ataka would withdraw their support for the government only if it made a turn in the wrong direction. What could be that turn and don't you think that GERB has already done many such bends?

- I obliged to support the leader of Ataka party and I think he should explain the decision.

Does this mean that you approve the financial policy of the government?

- I have comments in this area. Several times I have said that the most important steps in this area are not being taken. Certainly the construction of highways is important, but financial roads should not be underestimated. I think it is precisely the time these roads to be cleaned because legally there is a huge legal problem with unpaid obligations of the state and municipalities to business. The business also has obligations, but unlike the country the business must pay interest. Not to mention the bargaining that flows to reduce the obligations of the state, which further complicates matters. Force equals mass under acceleration, i.e. if we do not have a large mass of money, we need to accelerate the traffic. And we do just the opposite - we do not give the opportunity to increase the speed, though excellent to know that the volumes of funds in Bulgaria are not competing.

What should we do?

- Financiers should make a law to clean up the mutual commitments business-state. Anywhere in the world they act this way.

Djankov pledged on Easter (last year) the state to emerge from the crisis, and then said till Dimitrovden the crisis will leave, and will probably continue to send it back on words. What are the chances of Bulgaria soon to emerge from the crisis?

- I can not give answer on behalf of Djankov, to whom I have much criticism. I expected the minister as a young man to be fan of innovation and use them for speeding of financial flows in the country. Another issue is that the optimistic statements can not replace truth. Businesses prefer to know the truth, to be able to respond adequately. And BSP gave positive messages, which was their biggest mistake. They seem to think that with positive messages the crisis is avoidable.
I'm not sure and that we must be as precise as to the budget deficit, although this theme is related to the euro area. However, we must judge whether it is worth to be excellent students of Europe in regard to the deficit, while the people suffer, or better not to be excellent, but the Bulgarians to breathe more freely.

And is there a danger for Europe to punish us if we are not so strict?

- It turns out that Europe not only did not penalize offenders, but helps them continuously. Greece, one of the worst offenders. Not to mention the Celtic Tiger - Ireland, for Cyprus, which is expected any time together with Portugal to explode. These countries would become heavy EU, but not so much as Spain - things are much more serious there. And so they do everything possible in Spain to avoid failure. For Bulgaria there is no such danger!
Indeed, the crisis has two aspects - the first example is Greece, where the country is in crisis, and the Greeks are not. In Bulgaria, the exact opposite - the state has an excellent implementation of financial commitments to the EU, but people are trampled and suffer from the crisis. These are both manifestations of the crisis.

Borissov won the elections with two priorities - tackling corruption and organized crime. Europe signalled that it has not being done.

-This is very dangerous; we must all keep our fingers crossed on the government to cope with the situation because that this directly affect us. Interior Ministry must clear any doubts and to deal with problems. We can not get back to the early 90's.

Can Tsvetanov solve problems of the system after he became part of the problems of this system?

- I could not say. Tsvetanov is in a very difficult situation now and I'm not used to criticize people in this situation. I help them. But Tsvetanov, of course, does not need my help. Most importantly the Ministry should ensure the security and privacy of citizens. Everything else, such as persecution, setting bombs and theft of personal property is going back, and history proved that discards drivers who pulled the life rather than pushing him forward.

Why you in Ataka believe that Borisov should not abandon Tsvetanov?

-I could not speak on behalf of Ataka. I think this issue should be discussed with Volen Siderov.
Eavesdropping in Bulgaria became a topic at a meeting of the European Parliament. What are the comments among your colleagues relating to the unauthorized use of the eavesdropping?

- And so far I don't have satisfactorily answers to the most important issues. What they suggest that the records were manipulated, is not an answer. More proper sounds "I told him," "I did not". "There is one language and one bon ton and it should not be overlooked by the man who should be the model for behaviour - the Prime Minister. If a mistake occurred, he must bear responsibility.

Will you go to a hearing in the European Parliament of Tsvetanov and were there such precedent?

-I do not remember such. It's pulling ears. I think the level is the prime minister to be summoned to a hearing. Hardly the EU would speak with a lower level, except informally, of course. I am convinced that ultimately the truth must come out - who has spoken, what is spoken.

Don't you think that Ataka lost because of the wholehearted support of the management?

-I do not think the support of the "Ataka" is unconditional. It is a selfless and principled. Unreserved is not the correct word. We have mandated them in order to be able to change certain principles in the management of the country and if this does not happen I am sure that our support will not be unquestioning. Politics is a very dynamic event.

Are you worried that the EPP is not especially happy about the support for the government by a nationalist party?

- These are interpretations of politically jealous people who consider the right to be their reserved space. There are people who put an equal sign between politics and their self. Formal political players do not accept the new. There is a dose demagogy to nationalist formations. Europe is very expansive. In the heart of Europe where we gather, the local divide as Flemings and Walloons and want to split the city in the middle. These are the follies of which European politicians are worried like hell. And when political players juggle with labels such as nationalists and xenophobes, they thus try to preserve their political monopoly. And because they have no doctrine by which to mobilize and exalt the people, for them remains only to play unfairly.

What causes "Ataka" still not to have European legitimation?

-Probably many. One is that any illegal moves are being used, so that we can be ostracized of bureaucratic politics.
The second is inclusion, but at what cost? We should carefully consider what compromises we could do without retreating from our core values and messages.

Lastly where you are looking for your place?

-There are signals from different locations. We do not accepted the invitation for the integration in one European party.
Which is?

- "Freedom and democracy." Although informal conversations that we had, we do not accept, as we decided that our involvement in this party could discredit us in the future.

And what are your ambitions - EPP, Conservatives?

- In this direction will be monitoring. Normally we stay on the right positions.

It is normal to slowly become members of the EPP, flowing into GERB ...

-I can not say, although there are those stories, but with Italy it does not work. I have a lot of notes to GERB, but the relationship must be cleared by the leaders of both parties.

Because the local elections are approaching I will bring you back to the statements of your mayoral campaign. You argued that "Boyko Borisov is a very dangerous trend in Bulgaria - he is the A team of BSP if it comes to pure dictatorship, junta." Do you find that his management confirms your thesis?

-I can only paraphrase - it is very important not only to be democratically elected, but to govern democratically. The word democracy should not mean "absolute monarchy". Borisov currently manages one-party, sorry, not one-party - a single country - such is his nature, such is the method of management, this is pure personality to him. Just such is the man.

And then you talked about the participation of Borisov in smuggling "Marlboro" and "Melnik" in the period 1994-1997 years.

Very rapidly I entered politics and in the beginning there was too much naïveté in my political speeches. Not only that I have no gains, but I have been discredited to some extent.

What are your explanations for the large amount of smuggling in Bulgaria, which on calculations of the opposition last year alone is about 3 billion leva?

-So they say. Raising the excise duty on Bulgarian cigarettes, whose price is equal now to that of imports, has led many people to think about this kind of business. I think power and money are not spared and profits are certainly exciting.

For the presidential election two applications are clear - that of Volen Siderov and Alexey Petrov. Who do you think will be the candidate of GERB?

-There are different statements on the matter. After the events in the MI Tsvetanov went away from this nomination. I think Boyko Borisov has to some extent to assume the political commitment to leadership ...

And what should be the outcome if Borisov runs for president and loses?

-I can not say what will happen, but with such outcome in all cases he will lose support in people and it is very important for any politician.

This will not be evidence that he has lost support. Would he submit a resignation?

-I think it would be worthy behaviour.

Talk lead Pavlina Zhivkova
19/02/11 - Standard newspaper - After the prayer breakfast in Washington in the plane, caught in a storm, there were no atheists

It's hard to hate someone with whom you pray together, says MEP Slavi Binev

It's hard to hate someone with whom you pray together. This is the most important thing I remembered at this year's National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, says MEP Slavi Binev.
The archon was among those invited to one of the most important events in the United States. At the event traditionally attended by 3500 people worldwide.
"I would not say that I was surprised by the call. The truth is that I am one of the most active members of the ecumenical prayer breakfast, which is the European equivalent of the National Prayer Breakfast. It is quite normal for people who respect religion and seek answers to moral issues, to be respected, courted and collected in a "network", if I may say figuratively," explains Slavi Binev.
Preparations for the breakfast in Washington and the throughout organization in general is elaborated to the smallest details - from the guests to the series of meetings with key personas. Binev along with the select circle of guests stays in the Hilton Hotel. It was there for years that the breakfast itself is conducted.
"The hotel is a large convention center, hotel town," said Binev. The hall where the event takes place, accommodates approximately 1200 people located in two sectors. During breakfast Slavi is one that is closest to where President Obama is placed. Together with Binev on the table are his American colleagues, and a businessman from Bermuda.
Interestingly, a week before the breakfast participants are involved in regular meetings with congressmen, senators, governors, the idea being at the forefront to rise a welfare lifestyle. Perhaps one of the most important meetings, said Slavi himself, is the meeting with the organizers of the prayer breakfast in a private residence in the Capital Hill. Binev had the opportunity to talk with Senator Paul Brown and the majority of Congressmen who play an important role in American politics.
The MEP argues that the call does not require a certain dress code. But it goes without saying that a person must be formally dressed. "We were all in suits, but no bow. As if the most important was the psychic dress code. All other things remaining the background. The whole concentration of participants in the event was on the minds of others, shared opinions, revealing patterns, Bulgarian MEP was categorical.
National breakfast is not a place to talk about problems between countries or to seek a solution to these conflicts. Only the things that bring people closer to each other, explains Binev.
“What impressed me was the statement of one Israeli - Raquel Adato, member of Knesset, who said that if people interacted as on the breakfast, they would not need foreign ministers,” said Binev, and added: "Only later I realized that Raquel’s grandmother was from Haskovo, and she still has a very strong connection with the Haskovo region."
The day of National Prayer Breakfast is quite tense with a start to the placement of all 3500 guests who pass through various checks which, as Binev commented, are not more impressive than those of European airports.
Once all the guests are in the hall came the president himself. Breakfast lasts about two hours, with no one to speak with Obama after the event.
"The innovative in this year's breakfast was that for the first time spoke no ministers, politicians and presidents, but were invited ordinary people who have emblematic importance for the last year. These people spoke with their soul without even trying to make political messages. They were the highpoint of the event" does not hide his excitement Slavi Binev. And tells about the speech of the oldest surviving Chilean miners. "There are such people - collected and modest, of which one can admire about how hard and stiff they adopt trouble. He spoke at length about how through the hole he has provided with a small Bible to the gallery, where the surviving miners were. He even carried it with him. What I learned from this humble man, is that if in hard times one prays with all heart desires come true. Or as they say - in the airplane, caught in a storm, there are no atheists, concluded Binev.
Another impressive participant on the prayer breakfast is a screenwriter of "Braveheart" and "Pearl Harbor" Randall Wallace. "You can tell that he is a unique storyteller! Wallace told of serious moments when his father was the only breadwinner of their family, does not hide his admiration Slavi Binev.
Our MEP had meeting with the Vice-President of Merrill Lynch Richard McCormack. Financier told that all the people who make predictions about when we will emerge from the crisis, or either incompetent, or downright malicious.
For Michelle Obama Binev tells "She did something that was damn beautiful. She was delayed to shake hands with the official guests, and Obama was well ahead on his place. She suddenly turned around and saw this. She greeted the others for a second and with two or three jumps managed to be along him. Very nice to see a woman who is devoted to her husband," says Binev.
President Obama speaks last. During his speech he said that his prayers were directed mainly to solve the problem in the Middle East, but he also always, when his daughter comes up with a short skirt for a meeting with a guy, prays the skirt to become longer, while she arrives.

Milena Mincheva
11/02/11 - - The MEP from “Ataka” Slavi Binev: We do not check what is written after the great “but” in the European reports

Mr. Binev, a few days ago you came back from the USA, where you took part in the annual Prayer Breakfast. What does it feel like for a man to be invited to this event?
In all cases the invitation may be considered as a recognition for the efforts and the willingness of a person to work in the right direction. Usually people, who are expected to have a future, are being invited at the Prayer Breakfast. This is what I have heard. I was invited, along with three more people under the European institutions. Of course, I met also my Bulgarian colleagues and friends, whom I would gladly help, if they decided to take some initiative in Bulgaria.

Each invitee has a special program prepared; who did you meet?
The purpose for the participants is to be able to meet many people, who are from different parts of the world, and who have key positions in their countries. We had conversation with different people, mostly senators, congressmen, governors, also representatives of the U.S. administration, who are responsible mainly for the Balkan region. I could also meet the Vice President of “Merrill Lynch”, Richard McCormack, which for me, as a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the EP, was extremely important, especially in regard to his stand about the struggle against the crisis. McCormack is one of the greatest figures in banking and finances in the world. Of course, the most useful and important meeting for me, was the one with the organizers of the National Prayer Breakfast in the private residence in Capitol Hill.

What is the main subject of the Prayer Breakfast?
What is the most important to me is that the Prayer Breakfast brings together people from different religions, different countries, some even having conflicts with each other, and it really works because it is very difficult to hate someone when praying with them. We may have political or statesmanship disagreements, we may have different life or religious principles, but when we sit together and be shoulder to shoulder in our prayers, it is difficult not to reach a joint decision, and not to see that the things, that bind us, are much more than those that part us. At such a place one realizes that in fact ministers of foreigh affairs sometimes, and lately even often, complicate things instead of making them better. At this meeting we did not need foreign ministers in order to pefrectly contact to each other. Even communication was much more convenient and more enjoyable.

This is probably a personal question, but I will ask it anyway: What did you pray and thanked for?
For me the prayer has always contained several major points. It is connected with a penance for the mistakes that I have made, with gratitude to God for what He has given me and the forgiveness that I have received, and a supplication for what is going to happen. No telling what I apologized and thanked for, but I can share what I asked for. I'm used to praying very pragmatically and straightforwardly – my pleas have never been abstract and general. I haven’t prayed for world peace, because it fits more participants in a beauty contest, rather than a participant in the Prayer Breakfast. I asked to have the strength for dealing with the folly, which weighs in society at the moment, for dealing with demagogy, which confuses people, and to have the strength for going up in the denunciation of demagogues.

How would the meetings you had in USA result in your work?
My work has always been connected with communication with as many people as possible, and gathering as many points of view as possible. People can always learn from others’ experience. Perhaps the most important thing is that in each of the meetings I met people, who are always ready to come to help, and who feel it as a public commitment. As a man, who thinks highly of himself, I try to deal with my problems on my own, but it is good to know that there is always a friendly shoulder to lean on. Knowing that you cannot afford to discredit yourself before your brothers in prayer can be extremely motivating. We live in a century, Information is the most important thing of the century we live in and when you can have it first – hand, and know something you are interested in, first – hand, you make a few moves ahead of others.

You say that you value and look for various viewpoints. How do people from different parts of the world take us?
Our country actuates extremely fasltly, no matter if it is forward, backward, or sideward. Sometimes we surprise even ourselves with sharp turns that occur with ourselves, in our families, in our communication, etc. Bulgarians are not as constant as are many other nations. Abrupt change of positions or generally of events of this nature are difficult to happen in Belgium, Holland, or Germany. Everything there is somehow more orderly, social change is slower. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult to compare the viewpoint of someone who has visited Bulgaria three years ago with the one of someone who has been here thirteen, not to mention the past three months ago. In this respect, you should not be surprised at different viewpoints, because they are related not only to the nationality of those, who classify the Bulgarians, but also to the time when they visited our country. On the other hand, we are Europe for the East, but for America and Western Europe, unfortunately, we remain the Balkans. For the EU we are still an intermediate, unsynchronized with the European institutions area. This is evident from the difference in the mood for our accession to the Schengen countries.

Is the fact, that we are not synchronized with the European institutions, due to our initially wrong attitude to the European Union and our membership in it?
It is wrong because the people, who presented the idea of the European Union, have not done it properly. Whether they have done it maliciously or because of the stupidity, which we already talked about, is a matter of interpretation. I believe that the European Union should be taken as a framework, which is advisable not to be crossed, and that would stop increasing of problems which, at one point, went out of control for us. We try to escape the most important thing, because of which we became EU members - disciplining the nation. We prefer looking for back entrances and do not read the Commission’s reports as we should. We read only the first part of them, which includes only protocol phrases, but do not see what is written after the great "but". And when, in the middle of a sentence, there is a "but" it refutes the meaning of the first part.
We should concentrate on the problems and we should not always excuse ourselves with the judicial system for the simple reason that I do not see anyone in the political space to initiate changes in it. If it does not work, we have all the force and means available, for it to be changed. But we do not see steps to be made in that direction, but only excusing with it. It shows that the double standards, that might exist, are probably fine with us.

Would establishing a Specialized court be a solution for the problems in the system, or a way for them to be evaded?
A knife can be used for bread cutting or for a human killing. It depends on the user’s preference.

Last year, at this time, when Alexey Petrov was arrested, you said that if you were a dog, you would probably fly by waving your tail. Now where does the tail point - up or down?

My joy has not been related to Alexey Petrov’s arrest itself, but to the first Government’s steps against criminality. This particular direction has been taken and a certain adjustment for solving the problem has been seen, but a point, at which it was clearly stated that a solution was not being searched, was reached, and a war against criminality is being waged. But when waging war, it is for preying rather than for principle reasons. This has surprised me and bothered me.
It was important for the abduction problems, extortion problems, and those, connected with economic crimes, etc., because these are all things that affect communication between people.
The first steps of the Government made me believe that there was a change in this direction and no matter how many times I have criticized the methodology to in solving the problems, I felt it was better to keep my thoughts for myself and give my approval. Unfortunately, it turned out somehow that the noise in the pipe was greater than the pressure in the engine.

What should we expect from the next report of the European Commission, which is to come out soon?
Whatever we expect, we should have the “but” in mind. Let the first protocol phrases be skipped. People, who always want to improve themselves, are not interested in the big words, but are interested in the problems pointed, that should be solved. Unfortunately, all of the previous governments failed to understand that this was important and should not wait for the last ring.

Aren’t we rocking between two different extremes – the former government tried to neglect the reports, and the current one sets the Brussels’s opinion on pedestal?
As if any of the former rulers was looking for an excuse for the negatives and was attaching too much importance to the approving sentences in the reports. I think that a more sober reading is needed for the accusations and criticism to be seen, and if some of them are being made several times, this means that this problem has not been worked at, or someone has been sabotaging. It is important for society to be involved in solving these problems rather than being fighted, in order to be disciplined.

Totalitarian countries were “instructing” their citizens what behaviour they shoud have, and the democratic way of communication is to make people to be your co-workers by an explanation. There are two types of leaders in this world – the first ones are the “shepherds”, who gather the herd by a staff, and the others simply go ahead, in the right way, and people follow them. It is not enough for someone to be democratically elected, but tey also should democratically govern. The Administration should have the opportunity to work in the right direction, instead of being blocked, not knowing what to do, and preferring to do nothing in order not to be accused.
Administrative capacity depends on qualities, but those, who have any, do not enjoy working with people, who behave arrogantly. When you want to work with capable people, it is important to respect them. Authoritarian people surround themselves with women or men with feminine nature, so they can work their own will. On the other hand it is nice seing that your leader makes mistakes and you can suggest this to them somehow. We have to stand against demagogy and the constant intrigues, because politics have been long displaced by economic principles. It is important for a politician to feed his people and then provide for them all the other goods, which he struggles for. You cannot continuously involve them into your various battles and make them wait. A good leader must be combining, coping with problems and not excusing himself with them. I would choose a leader who has the talent for dealing with problems, who provokes their solutions, one that is looking for problems in order to show what a professional he is by resolving them.

We are about to choose a new leader, we got into the election year. What do you expect from the election campaign, which, it seems, began very early?
In democratic societies campaigns never end. I personally believe that when people realise that they should not vote with their hearts and vote with their minds, then democracy will have won. I hope that people, who think that the political system was a bad thing, would not condemn it passively, but would express their will by voting. When people do not believe in something, they do not let God help them either. Voting in elections is like voting in a company. If you do not vote, it is like you don’t defend the percentage of shares that you possess in a specific company, or to give somebody else the opportunity to vote for you. Who would do that? But during elections more than 60% of the people do let it happen.
I would stake on somebody, who does not destroys, but who constructs. We need not only roads, but we need to build up our dignity, what we could get from our sports achievements before. We also need a good educational system, that has brought a lot of reasons for us to be proud, we need the science, that we had made our way in the world with. It is not all about roads. There are roads, that should be build up between people. There are financial roads, that should be trod on, and they are more important than the infrastructure, because precisely they are the circulatory system of the economy. These roads have been blocked by stupid laws and by the pseudo – economists’ and pseudo- politicians’ inertness.

Investing in the second type of roads is an investment in the future, and it will not take obvious effect soon.
That is true, and it is a very important matter. We do not have an only long- term strategy, but we have many last-minute strategies. This is the difference between a statesman and a politician. We need statesmen, not politicians. There is no need to constantly seek one's approval, it is more useful for us to be told the issues, which we should focus on. That could be done only by someone, who has risen on a higher level, to whom it is not important to protect their own dignity, but it is improtant to solve the problems. It is inexcusable for a leader to have the need for constant approval. This shows complexes and laxity.

What is your opinion about the raging wiretapping scandal? A debate on the issue is to be held in the EP. Is it the proper place, where the Special Intelligence Means problem should be discussed?
There is always need of debating. It is one of the privileges of Democracy. As if some issues here can not be submitted with the keenness needed. To me, this matter keeps being unclear. The Government claimed that the MI system was the most powerful in Bulgaria, and now we see that it is broken. It means that there is something wrong about this matter. As a Bulgarian, I still wish that the Government would deal with the problems. Unfortunately, I personally did not get the elucidations on the Special Intelligence Means problem, that I expected. If you really cross the limits of the power you have, decent people would assume the responsibility.
But I was shocked by something else, too - in connection with my work as a MEP, I personally have looked for some of the people, involved in this scandal, and I have never received a written answer to questions I have put, let alone to hear them on the phone. The problem is huge, but unfortunately it happens so when people who have never had economic commitments get involved in politics. They cannot understand that saying “No”, in politics and in business, is a real answer, and it is the second most important one.

What is your opinion about what happened yesterday in the “Galeria” newspaper editor’s office?
I don’t know what to think about it. I hope we are not going back to the 90’s. Now is the time for the MI to show that it can work effectively, and to show that the attacks against it are not well-grounded and that it does not separate people in groups of opponents and close ones. I think that MI should dispel any doubts, arising by the incident, and should get to the offender. I believe that the system has the potential and that is why the greater part of the Bulgarian budget has been invested in it. It must show that there is no impunity in Bulgaria, and we all can feel protected. Hopefully there is no politics’ complicity in this terrorist act. Hopefully there are only emotions. If politics are involved, it would get very dangerous.
26/01/11 – Slavi Binev: Currently, not only the stability of Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also the security of the entire Caucasus region depend on the peaceful outcome of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

What is your opinion of the Azerbaijan – EP relations?

I believe that the European Parliament welcomes the desire of Azerbaijan to cooperate with European institutions. It carefully observes the active work of the non-governmental organizations of the country in the EP, and the deputies, who have had the opportunity to get acquainted with Azerbaijan, watch in surprise that it is not affected by the crisis, but even took advantage of it.

As you know, Azerbaijan takes part in the Eastern Partnership and the Good Neighbourhood program of the European Union. What do you think about these initiatives and what are the prospects of this cooperation?

Azerbaijan is making great efforts in both of the processes, thus showing before Europe its strong political will and engagement. Not long ago we witnessed the subscribtion of an agreement between the EC President and President Aliyev for long-term gas supplies from Azerbaijan. This was another clear sign, by which Baku expressed its support of the ambitious European project on providing numerous pipelines. Azerbaijan’s actions along these lines are highly appreciated and welcomed in the EP. Its support of projects, such as the “Southern Gas Corridor” one, shows Azerbaijan as a partner, sharing the general idea of security and stability in border areas. Trade facilitation, joint research and innovation, freedom of motion, security in energy supply – these are the actual benefits of European Neighbourhood Policy and I believe that the EU has Azerbaijan as a reliable partner for the realization of these ideas.

Armenia participates in the Eastern Partnership program of the EU, so does Azerbaijan and other countries as well. But, as you know, there is an unresolved military conflict between that country and Azerbaijan, and 20% of Azerbaijani territory has been occupied by Armenia. What is your approach to this issue?

From historical point of view, the Caucasus region has always been turbulent and insecure. The local population has suffered the greatest difficulties from it all. Currently, not only the stability of Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also the security of the entire Caucasus region depend on the peaceful outcome of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. There are four UN resolutions for Nagorno-Karabakh, which support the Azerbaijan’s stand for a peaceful outcome. I believe that the subscribing of the renewed Madrid principles, a thing that Azerbaijan really hopes for, would be a peaceful way out of the conflict. The main targets in these pinciples are refugees to be returned, peace to be established, separatist troops to be drawn off from Nagorno-Karabakh and there the co-existence of Azerbaijanis and Armenians to be continued.
Since the Parliament recognizes the Azerbaijani territorial integrity, each member of the European Parliament is obliged to respect that fact. If I had to go to Nagorno-Karabakh, I would chose the way through Azerbaijan, or I would ask for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ statement.

In fact, all international organizations recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. But do not you think that the measures, taken by international organizations, are sometimes not objective and are very slow?

Yes, this is one of the problems of major international organizations. It is like they are sluggish and reluctant to take an active stand. There are decisions which, because of their specific character and persuit of pleasing “everyone”, actually make “everyone” unhappy. One of the following issues, which are to be set before the Commission, is that it is high time for the European institutions to start giving definite answers, and no answers like: “You are right, but you have to find a way out,” or “You are right, but we are not responsible for this matter”.
I deeply hope that the international organizations would be more responsible and faster in making their decisions, which would enable the progress.

Are you satisfied with the level of the debate in the EP on resolving the aforementioned conflict? Is it possible for the European Parliament to be more active on this issue?

I believe this issue could be qustioned before the EP even more firmly and clearly. According to me, a definite decision would please both of the sides. As the saying is, “Even the worst peace if better than any war.”

What is your opinion on the economic co-operation between the EU and Azerbaijan?

I believe that Europe could be much more active and can stop considering Azerbaijan only as an energy source. There are exceptional economic characters that deserve serious attention. And since I think I could get well acquainted with Azerbaijan, I believe that the energy sources and the economy are not its greatest richness, but these are the people I have already met. People, who have European mentality and behaviour, much better and much more European than other people, who claim that only they have the right to call themselves Europeans. My opinion is that we, the politicians, must not only decide what is good and what is bad for the Europe – Azerbaijan business, but we also should actively participate in the economic initiatives between them.
04/01/11 - newspaper Klasa - Slavi Binev, Ataka MEP: Alternative is lacking only in totalitarian states

- Mr. Binev, what are the major political challenges before Bulgaria this year - both internally and internationally?

- The most dramatic challenge is to fight inertia, fear and indifference, the day-to- day attitude in which as if both politicians and ordinary people live. We need to realize that Bulgaria should have a strategy and plan for the future, to have its architecture of social, economic, cultural, sports development. Otherwise we will continue to live day to day.

I fear that the government is quite uncertain in their dreams - they convince us that that architecture is internal aspect highways to the maximum and in foreign policy aspect our dreams go up to bringing Dilma Rousseff in Gabrovo. In my opinion, most importantly the government has to give up bragging, because success speaks for itself. To free the business - the whole, not just someone's who is near to us. To have a working justice system and administration, corruption to be eradicated - not selectively, but from the head. And, of course, most important social engagements must be implemented - healthcare, science, sports, employment. I hope these "architectural plans" to be made by artists, understanding the beauty, rather than meters-abiding the law. We concentrated in our foreign policy especially on Schengen and energy projects - the South Stream, Belene and Nabucco. We must not forget the elections.

- What is your assessment of the business environment in Bulgaria? Were we able to go up the bottom of the crisis?

- The crisis in Europe is two kinds. I will give an example with Greece and Bulgaria. Greece is in crisis, and the Greeks are not. Bulgaria claims to be among the best performers in the performance of financial commitments to the EU, but in their lifestyle Bulgarians groan from the blows of the crisis.

Second - the crisis is developing dynamically and professionals, who love expressive language, are calling it "Third World War". It is believed that 2011 will be an intermission and in 2012 will begin the second round, which is expected to be even crueler. Experts from European and global level do not give deadlines and dates. This is made only by cheaters and bastards. Therefore, the exact dates and times of Djankov make me think of what kind exactly he is. There is a very important issue - for the crisis response. In first place - right information. False-positive messages do not heal, but deepen the crisis. Truth is medicine. And according to the Gospels - and the freedom! Christ said: "The truth shall make you free."

First step to fix this problem is to admit that it exists. Previous government did the same nonsense. BSP ex-minister of Economy Petar Dimitrov almost explained that we are immune to the crisis. Unfortunately, current management did not learn, I don't know why! Because they even on a subconscious level feel that fools fight the crisis, but wise people use it. Who can not swim drowns in deep water and big waves, but a good surfer rides on top and has fun. But the worst is that we are not even the category that fights, but we do absolutely opposite to all the measures that were announced in the report by French MEP Ms Pervenche Berès to fight crisis. And they are: investment in science, education, innovation and advanced technologies, social commitment, sports. And more: purge the financial system as a key economic measure, liquidation of the indebtedness of the state to businesses, elimination of intercompany indebtedness through clearing and settlement, creating a law to enable businesses and the state, incl. and municipalities to make offsetting of reciprocal obligations.

A law in physics says that the force equals mass multiplied by speed. From here must come the purely economic logic that if we do not have a large mass capital we must increase the rate of turnover in order to attract the power on our side. Unfortunately for the government speed is the privilege of people with very quick thought. One of the measures is also increasing government procurement. As an example I will give the pyramids - they were built by slaves in years with low yield by purely political considerations, which shows that people 4000 years ago and knew how to deal with the crisis.

Yes, we had to reconstruct the BAS, but the academy should continue to exist because in the world every large company has its own research centres, whose budget is billions and is provided by tax incentives.

But the biggest problem is the crisis of the spirit. We must never forget that the material world is a continuation of the spirit.

- EU funds absorption remains relatively low. What else should be done?

- Another serious problem in the previous government, and unfortunately at present as well, are EU funds, which are like Cosa Nostra - nothing is known and not stated, but a clear awareness campaigns in all media in plain language are needed. When, what, how - all to be clear for both my 12 year old son and my grandmother. And then you know that all is transparent and there is no corruption. Otherwise, even for us it is not clear why IT departments at the ministries are not working, and let alone Brussels. This comes from the problem that we read reports of the EU only of their respectful and protocol part, but not after the "BUT".

- What could be done to achieve the pace of development, allowing more rapid equalization of living standards in Bulgaria with average European levels?

- Arrogant behavior should be replaced by partnership. Business must be helped or at least advised and not slaughtered. The claque of sycophants with slave mentality must go and people with dignity to come. The people who only complain must be replaced by players! Theorists must be replaced by practitioners who have proven themselves over time. And most importantly not to tolerate double standards. I recommend not choosing people with conflicting charisma. I am particularly worried about men who crawl on "charisma" of another man. If we are going for charisma, we can choose Angelina Jolie. We must choose pragmatically, with our mind ...

- Recently, in Sofia you had a meeting with the Ambassador of China. Could Bulgaria act as a mediator of Chinese goods and high technology in entering Europe?

- China is great country with ancient culture and a strong spirit. It is the economic miracle of the 21st century. At my meeting with H.E. Guo Yedzhou we exchanged views on important economic issues. I think Bulgaria in no way should loose this geopolitical opportunity. I also think that not only China but the whole business in the world wants clear rules - there are no double standards, quickly working administration and justice system, adequate leaders. Especially for modern technology - Bulgaria years ago was a leading force in Comecon and now our IT engineers are constantly courted out - so we can be that mediator.

- What is your sense - how members and sympathizers of Ataka perceive the partnership with GERB and whether participation in management will not bring the party negatives in the upcoming elections?

- I never heard " Ataka" to have a forestguard, let alone a man in the management of the state. Ataka gives trust credit for the rapid start of reforms in governance, for a sweep of thieving and uncommunicative triple coalition, to solve the problem of employment, welfare, problems with criminals, justice, health and cultural and other problems. But although I can not speak on behalf of the Ataka party, I'm sure if this confidence was not justified if we do not - then people will ask the credit with all penalties, loss of profits and perhaps even greater arrogance than that which is currently in vogue.

Relations and people's decisions are dynamic and we are their continuation. And if now we are thrown into the suffocating embrace of GERB, if their expectations are not met, tomorrow people can make us furious opponents and we will have to listen. In the end, we represent people who separated the servile slave mentality. So we do not have problems with our electorate, we will simply do what they want. We embraced their hopes, but will protect them from possible disappointments.

- What are the goals you put for yourself in 2011?

- Not to be an alternative because I must be fair to Volen Siderov as to the person had the courage to open the political door for me, but to give an alternative view of everything happening. Otherwise the praise here that there is no alternative for the outside world means this: The alternative is killed or closed, and potential opposition already has fear. Clear, back is totalitarianism! I deeply hope that Bulgaria can do more and that Boyko is not the only or most worthy of her sons.

With many more dangerous people I've encountered frontally. I never worry, but look at the facts. I see major media suggestions related to me that are of the reach of a very narrow range of people - let not count them down to one person. I am reached by the rumor for increased attention and analyzing my weaknesses, to create problems and plays, incl. my physical elimination and transfer the responsibility to others. I hope the first is just a coincidence and the result of my hypersensitivity and prudence, and the second to be urban legends, but just in case I am alerting Europe.

Interview Borislav Mihailov
25/11 - 01/12/10 - newspaper Galeria – The MEP from Ataka Slavi Binev: They gave me guidance on how to slice and brew head

Ugo Chavez hold on the media in Venezuela, but I do not know if it does with text messages Slavi Binev recently returned from Latin America which he visit with other colleagues. The purpose of the trip was to hold meetings in which policy-makers to learn about economics and human rights in the region.
- Mr. Binev, what did you see outside the formal program in Latin America?
- For me there is an advantage. I had the opportunity to visit some of these countries in advance and those in which I have never been, I always try to arrive a day or two before the official delegation. The most important thing is to talk to people, ask them from what they are happy about and what not. I'm pretty curious and inquisitive person. Now the hosts took us to the emblematic places of the States such as - Machu Picchu in Peru, which has become a symbol of the Inca culture - literally translated it means ruler. We went and to Duties del Mundo (the center of the world) in Ecuador, where the line of the Equator. They presented our current which is 170 meters from the monument where it was equator. Attempts to demonstrate elementary. In a vessel pour water and Equateur itself does not rotate, but merely falls. In step left or right, respectively, north or south, the water spin in different directions. I wish everyone to see it. We saw and tzantza - in this part of the world Indians are showing a scalps victories, and with the cutting of entire chapters. Even if there was an instruction how to cut your head and then boil so it could be saved. After the appropriate manipulations it becomes as big as a fist and then attached to the belt.
- You have been and in Venezuela, the German press compare Chavez to Boiko Borisov What do you think about this?
- We ask more of their ministers and president. Hugo Chavez holds a strong hand on the media and is extremely overexposed to them. He often tells owners of media that they can watch their own arrests on their own televisions, if not broadcast properly. I do not know if it does with text messages, so I can not say whether they have so much uncommon Chavez and Borisov.
The other thing that impresses me is that almost all repeated like mantra - it is bad, but there is no alternative. This tells me that there is no alternative, not only in totalitarian states.
- Did you learn something new about Hugo Chavez?
- He is talking things bordering urban legends. It is alleged that he professes Santer and Bolero (white and black magic). Santer is white magic, those who make it are pure, they have like flowers .There are a lot of Christians between them and bolero are people who are exclusively in black magic. Officially was exhumed the corpse of Simon Bolivar, as a pretext was to prove that Colombians are killed him. But people say that this was done to take pieces of his remains for voodoo rituals. I would have never believed in these things to me if serious people whose opinion I value, not lower voice, talking about these things.
09/10/10 – newspaper Standart – It is all about the “sorry”

Slavi Binev
MEP from “Ataka"

The interviewer: In the week when Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan was visiting our country, week when Ataka made a campaign with black shirts with inscription: "No to Turkey in EU” in the Parliament and Volen Siderov used the expression "Turkish freaks" and sad: that his his speech is interpreted as a red card for GERD, according to some, others say it was synchronized action, and in the week ...

The interviewer: To divert attention from the debate about health

The interviewer: Yes. And in the week when you participate in a conference: “Evropa is watching in East”, the forum was opened by Mihail Gorbachov, we will try to discuss all this subject and more.

S. Binev: The first subject is more like we used to say: “from head to feet”

The interviewer: Did we surprise you with this theme?

S. Binev: Yes, because it is not recommended to act this way with the opposite sex, somewhere will blame you in rape .

The interviewer: Is this how sounds the question for the behavior of…

S. Binev: People share a few words before that but yes. Yes, straight up tossed on the bed, yes.

The interviewer: .. a bit like a rape. So what do you prefere|: first to rape you and then to talk friendly, or first to talk friendly than to …

S. Binev: No, no I just want to say you that this is a normal European practice especially when the ideas of a political party are being such undemocratically shown and especially realizing that this is a platform and its thesis. Now we are talking for something even more. On my opinion it must have consultation no just with “Ataka” but with all political groups, because this is a very delicate theme.

The interviewer: Turkey and the EU

S. Binev: Off course especially the engagements of Turkey to Bulgaria. Now a days we do not speak for a blood pay back or something else, which can scary somebody but for a apologize, a “sorry” - something that we see in political language, “sorry” which should be sad for some things, which have been made.

The interviewer: From who to who?

S. Binev: Of course it must be done by the political authorities of Turkey to the people who represent Bulgarian and to the Bulgarian nation. This is the way it must be done.

The interviewer: You mean Erdogan to apologize to Borisov. About what?

S.Binev: Not to Borisov, but to the Bulgarian nation, the way it is done in Nagasaki, the way it is done by many political mans, who have presented their excuses…I mean that the apologize is at the good manners of diplomacy and it is absolutely normal and understandable.

The interviewer: You are a MEP. Do you approve the behavior of “Ataka” in our – Bulgarian parliament?

S.Binev: I must say that only people, who are not familiar to European practice can be surprised or astonished. I must also say that this is a European behavior, you may see it every day in the European Parliament.

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06/10/10 - Chernomorski Far newspaper - Sozopol had to become the new Jerusalem

The level of Bulgarian tourism must go beyond "all inclusive" - says Ataka MEP said Slavi BINEV:

- Mr. Binev, the attractive idea of creating a museum of the Black Sea is your. Sounds too exotic, is this real?

- In practice the Black Sea as a whole is a museum because of its low salinity. Down there are conserved large quantities of artifacts from the past. It is quite normal for this to be used as a tourist attraction. This will have a grace reflected in two ways. On the one hand, is a purely economic nature of the question because we need to imagine something better for tourists than the "all inclusive" hotels, because this will raise the level of tourism in Bulgaria. We know that "all inclusive" is more for poor people, who count their money, and we need to attract more affluent tourists, and this can be done by giving them additional attractions. Secondly - many of the divers themselves put with great pleasure on the bottom amphorae for example made by different people and for one year they look like something old. Then they lead there tourists for which this is an unforgettable adventure. I think we need to present such attractions and not in one semi-criminal - semi-legal way and really be with the permission and to issue certificates to these people because ultimately the holiday should be associated with any adventure. Apart may be seen these artifacts, which anyway are there. They are all preserved, but very subtle in the Black Sea that is because visibility is heavier from a certain level.

-Do you think this can be realized, given the experience of Sozopol of this summer when the discovery of relics of John the Baptist prompted a scandal rather than advertising?

I have long discussed with Prof. Popkonstantinov who knows very well that matter. And I pointed out what mistakes they made in my opinion. Perhaps the initial excitement of discovery led him to act thus, but he had very careful to sit down and consider how to present things. For criticisms and jealousy created great tension which we did not need. In the case had to act very actively the church itself. Whether the relics will be carried over to Sofia to be blessed by His Holiness, or he had to come to Sozopol, to bless the relics on the spot - it does not matter, but the church had to have a firm stance on this issue. There the church had to act with the quiet diplomacy and to involve at least two patriarchs in order Sozopol to become the new Jerusalem, be converted into a new worship center. This could happen if the events had included representatives of other countries, not just Bulgaria, which means that not only we had not to attack each other here, but also that we had to consider strategy. The Magic had to be left to the church. There is a curse from 12 century especially for the laying of relics and the church had to intervene to remove this anathema. They did it once upon a time against the Muslims to eliminate the chance to remove churches. The curse has been against those who move relics, namely not to remove these temples. As it looks exotic in Inidana Jones style and adventurous, these things are essential and you must comply with them.

However, did Sozopol take maximum advantage of a discovery?

- There is a huge benefit. A miracle happened. Over 100,000 pilgrims came for this year despite the negative noise that was produced. But we could do a lot more than that and it did not happen, because there was no strategy - there are no signs, an indication on the relics box, which was put in Sozopol, no description of what it was, there stood a stone casket and one can not understand is this Cleopatra or relics of John the Baptist. Everything had to be described that is presented to be clear the legend to the people. We do not need to invent stories because we are inundated with real events. Some of them even were robbed by the clever Greek neighbors, who always knew how to use history as advertising.

- You intend to achieve a Day of Bulgaria in the European Parliament. How will it look like?

- This plan is still in the process of clarification. Will rely on you the media and all public figures, who have ideas in order to present us at the best. A Day of Bulgaria ought to collect all the best that we have - we have history, wonderful voices, beautiful women, dances, music. This is something they would appreciate abroad. There is no way to introduce Mercedes and high technology.

-This session of the European Parliament began with the approval of your report on coins abuse. Why was it an important vote?

- This is a broad topic. Our impression of coins fraud comes to their drilling, use, machines speculation. It turned out that coins are subjected to extreme attacks, for example in Asia. We discovered schemes, which may enable abuse of hundreds of millions. This was precisely one of the things that needed to be quickly responded, so we can eliminate them. This report was adopted with majority, only three voted against him. All are united around this issue and put a "Stop" to such violations.

Author: Interview Boriana Tencheva
25/06/10 - - MEP from Ataka Slavi Binev: Euro coins fraud reach billions

Few days ago the Committee on Monetary and Economic Affairs of the EP adopted a report of Slavi Binev by an absolute majority for authentication of euro coins and processing of spent coins. We asked the Ataka MEP to comment on the problem of counterfeit euros.

Mr. Binev, what are your proposals to strengthen the EU's fight against counterfeit euro coins?

The proposals were alot since this is a new regulation. But I will sum up as the biggest problem is not counterfeit coins but damaged coins. And this exactly is the new method of counterfeiting coins. Otherwise fraud are not only associated with counterfeiting but with the use of damaged coins, as a reason to be recovered from the banks.
Currently, the regulation states that each coin damaged should be restored to 100% by the bank and this is the reason that will be used in order to make counterfeiting not meeting 100% of the type of the coin. In preparing the report I personally most emphasized the problem with machines that verify the coins and the need for trained staff to operate them. That is the way to hit brakes on forgery and will discontinue this scheme of fraud.

Are euro coins easier than banknotes to fake and more difficult to be recognized?

I can speak only for coins, as in this area was my report. I worked very closely with the OLAF fraud department and the anti-counterfeiting authorities. This is not a purely political issue. It was a regulation which is largely associated with the technical part. I worked a lot with people who are extremely aware of the problem. I never imagined that fraud with coins can reach such proportions. I can not say what is easier and what is more difficult, but I can say that in Asia the scale of coins fraud are huge and reach hundreds of millions, not to say billions of euros.
Note that in Asia they work wholesale and there for example, from the car cemetery they state that when cars were crushed, they had coins inside. So they were damaged. Yet they give metal that corresponds to the value of these coins and they want to be cashed a money value. It turns out that the scale of fraud in Asia can not be caught. On the one hand we may indeed have such cases of damaged coins, but on the other hand huge amounts are recovered.
It turns out that the € 2 coin is the most frequently counterfeited. Only in 2007 a bank in Paris have discovered 200,000 counterfeit euro coins and 75 percent of them were the € 2 coin.

Are there European countries where there is a boom in manufacturing counterfeit coins?

Everywhere exists falsifying and using coins, beginning with the making medallions of coins to reach these extreme measures in Asia, where metal is given and coins recovery is asked, although it is unclear whether this really was coin.

In your opinion is it possible counterfeit euro coins to undermine the European single currency?

No, no. One is a purely technological issue to be resolved in order to stop coins fraud. The problem with the European currency is more a political-economic, ie it is much more global. We say that the death of the European currency almost occurred before it had the chance to be imposed. I think this is frivolous. The truth is that it is one of the strongest currencies in the world. Can not so easily put it down.
At my meeting with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden this was one of the most discussed topics. (Edityor’s note - Slavi Binev met Joe Biden at the beginning of June at the EP building in Brussels). He said: "What you want, 10 years since the European currency exists and for the first time you have a problem. Since there the dollar exists we had 50 problems." So the strong currencies are always subject to speculation, fraud, problems. Governments focus on these issues. Biden said that the euro will still be object of desire for destruction. This means one thing - that the euro is strong and stable currency.

The comments for the end of the euro come mostly from American and British economists, financiers, ie from outside the euro area. Do you think this is more about politics, rather than economics? U.S. financier George Soros has repeatedly predicted that the euro will collapse and that Europe is facing a recession next year.

Jit is just a question of policy and nothing else. Politics is another name for the global economy. It is completely normal America and England to say that, for the simple reason that they are not really part of the eurozone. Here is the correct phrase "Grapes is sour”. It is quite normal these claims to be part of the war, which at the moment is lead against the euro. One thing must be clear - every sound, every major currency is subject to attack. One of the biggest attacks have been against the dollar. You are aware how counterfeit dollars were produced in Iraq, Libya and North Korea, it was government policy. Any serious and stable currency that is evolving is subject of speculation and attacks.

Mr. Binev lets move to the current theme in our country – energy sector. Yesterday, former Economic Minister Rumen Ovcharov commented that there are prerequisites for a start of energy war between Bulgaria and Russia. Do you think we can talk about such a thing?

Sometimes, in order to be clear one has to exaggerate. Unfortunately, I do not think Mr. Ovcharov has exaggerated. Unfortunately I think there is a great deal of logic and truth in what he has said. All information that I have, leads in a similar direction.

Bulgaria long insisted on a unified external energy policy. But the interests of different countries are different.

Synchronization of many things in the European Union is a bit slow. These are processes. Step by step we go to a synchronization of all EU policies, but of course that the EU gives to break even on these issues. And whatever we say, the EU is aware that 75% of the energy it uses comes from Russia. So as you see relations between the EU and Russia are quite warm. For me it is surprising that we, which could be people of the front line in these warm relationships, in fact, seem to complicate them.

Do you think that at this moment Bulgaria's interest is to waive any of the energy projects with Russia - the Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline or Belene NPP?

For me it is incomprehensible, especially in crisis times. I would even say that it is incomprehensible to give up these projects, even if there was no crisis. They open jobs. Any such economic activity would help develop the market in our slowing economy. Perhaps the government has any way that I do not know. It is difficult to talk about something I do not know in detail. Watching things from aside for me this is not correct. Think thrice, cut once. Unfortunately, we cut here several times and finally the pieces that we will cut will become smaller and smaller.
22/06/10 - Magazine OK – Slavi Binev’s team: The art of losing and winning with taste

To gather the family of MEP Slavi Binev for a family photo appears to be quite a daunting task. Both girls Miroslava and Elena train hard in the rhythmic gymnastics gym and strictly follow the advice of their coach. Son Kaloyan steps in the footsteps of his father and already is a taekwondo champion. Has zeal to be the best and knows that to reach his father in this sport and to surpass him, daily work is needed. Little Vicky is also on the way to bind seriously with the sport, although still is a dad’s girl and enjoys a carefree childhood. MEP's wife Maria keeps a strict eye that everyone in the family is excellent and does not hide that she is one ambitious mother. "Everyone must go his way to the end with best efforts, she is convinced. In the beautiful garden of the house of Binev’s family came for photos more family members – the dogs Prince, Caesar and Gladiator. They are of different breeds and with different characters. Yorkshire Terrier Prince is more than curious, follows tight the situation and is in love with the beautiful Maria. The Pomeranian Caesar is part of the family for less than a year and uses every minute to prove to everyone. Naturally, he most keeps the embrace of little Vicky. The appearance of the dignified Gladiator of the breed Cane Corso is bloodcurdling. But in the words of his master Slavi Binev he actually is the nicest chap in the world. "For a man most importantly it is to educate their children good. Otherwise, the efforts of one whole life can fall apart. In that believe both Slavi and Maria. So each of the children has complex and laden program, and are relying on themselves and the efforts that they make. "It is equally hard to lose and to win in life!" this is another argument in the life of Binev family. So they do not worry about failures of their children. "Most important for the decent man is not to lose, but to jump and move forward even more motivated, they are clear.

-Slavi, do you manage to follow all success of your kids? They are continuously in competitions, in appearances ...
-I admit that I don’t always succeed, but at least am informed. However, successes are signs for a man who understands how to move forward, when to press the accelerator and when to withdraw.

-Maria, I appreciate that you talk to us, although you very rarely give interviews. Indeed, why are you so shy from the publicity?
-The fact is I never liked the spotlight. I have nothing to worry, just do not like it. Ultimately, other things are important, not how often and where one appears.

-What you want your children to know? Because many are the temptations that you can provide them.
-Slavi: The most important thing which I think you need to learn to be self-disciplined. To me, education is the maximum stress that children can sustain without collapse. The more a person is trained in self-discipline, the more one deals with everything one is served in one way or another in life. Children should know that regardless of any failures in this, which they are involved in, it is important to move forward. For me the two most important tests in life are failure and success. In such moments real people are showing. If you meet a noble failure, it is no different from success.

Maria: I have seen a lot of spoiled children. We both with Slavi are firmly opposed to everything in life to come ready. Children must fight for what they find dear to them and what is important to them.

- You do not give your children the chance to loosen the end and to rely on that the fact that their father is a successful businessman and politician?
-Slavi: This is perhaps the paradox. I think my kids have probably much less than what other kids have. And just because of that a lot more. Somehow the criteria for many and less in educating children are upside down for me and Maria. Our children have a very rich program and very strict and demanding parents. And have no ordinary children stuff to which are accustomed other children. Our children have no time for such trifle.

-Slavi, where you found Maria?
-On the street. (Smiling.) Just kidding! The truth is that at that time, 17 years ago, I organized a semi-legal fights. And Mary was one of the girls who attended there. Such places where there are strong men, of course, there are many beautiful girls. She definitely has the talent to attract the eye and at this time I was not unattractive as well. (Smiling.) Very quickly we liked each other and since than we are together.
I think our love is of those who are maturing with time. At the beginning of our relationship we had quite different attitude to each other. I'll admit something - Maria has always had a more mature attitude to our relationship while I was in the beginning much more superficial. Over the years, I dare say, my feelings matured as well.

-So for you the love in a family must pass in respect and esteem ... Because there is another opinion that when the initial spark in the relationship between two people calms the relationship ends ...
-No, I do not think that without the initial spark love is not worth it. That is the family, to love the other one despite everything and despite all. No, that eroticism and attraction are not important in a family! On the contrary!
The truth is that in 17 years, in which we are along with Maria, we had very dynamic life, we never stopped at one place and maybe this is the key to keep young spirit in the relations between the two.

- Do you like to surprise Maria?
-Yes, I do it. But I'll be honest. She likes surprises, but just beautiful. And I, like any normal man can serve up any surprises. (Smiling..)

-Maria, is the family most important in your life?
-Yes, definitely. I've got my life and this is what excites me. I have my acquaintances and contacts which do not need any publicity and display, to be true.

-Did politics take your spouce?
-No. He often was absent from home, but I have accepted this way of life and it’s not hard. For me it is important when we are together, to be real.

-Is there something you would never forgive Slavi?
-Apparently, no ...
There is, but obviously am already forgiven when we are together.

-Do you got any ambition to start something new for you? Because time passes, children grow up ...
-I am a man who can not stay in one place. I had ideas about my own activities and still have them. But I love when I do something, it is the best. And now the most important of which is to be dedicated to my children. Right now they need me and I feel complete in what I do.

-How do you manage to keep your perfect shape?
-This is the gene. I do not go to the gym – when I do exercises I develop strong muscles. I tried, its not for me. It is due to the fact that I am a very moderate man. I insist all in the family to eat fully and naturally.

-How do you see yourself in 20 years?
-Slavi: Hope after 20 years we are alive and well and still make pictures. For the life of one person most important is the family, then everything else.

-Maria: I want to see my children made. To achieve that for which they work.
12/06/10 - Novinar Newspaper - Slavi Binev: The economy of a country reflects the spirit of its people

And at the highest peak one will not find another wisdom than that which brings along

Inexplicably to many the independent MEP Slavi Binev is among the most recognizable figures in the European Parliament. Moreover, he clearly understands nicely with President Jerzy Buzek and always attends the most important meetings of delegations in the European Parliament, which is why there are jokes that he was adopted by the institution. In the company of the former President Hans-Gert Poettering Binev has met with heads of state and world political leaders and with religious leaders like the Dalai Lama. Outside the Parliament Binev was received by Pope Benedict XVI, Patriarch Cyril, Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Ecumenical Patriarch. He is the only Bulgarian who gave speech in the Knesset and his archon rank allowed him to be received in Nepal as a Brahmin. Find out what oddities meets the most successful Bulgarian MEP in his travels, what are the secrets of his leadership, why in the Balkans good manners require to smoke and drink ...

- You are repeatedly defined as one of the most recognizable and influential politicians in the European Parliament? How have you won this popularity?
- Despite the circumstances related to the fact that I am an independent MEP and come from a small country I am from people who have managed to behave as an equal among the most influential in the European Parliament. The truth is that the influence is always determined by whether or not you use it. Maybe I'm allowed to be there because I do not gamble with the opportunities and the friendly relations that I have. I mix gently with people; I do not have to intrude. I've never used my influence in an aggressive or dirty way. On the contrary - perhaps the ease with which contact with many of my colleagues gives me the opportunity to be taken in a normal way in a environment where all the Bulgarians are looked in a suspicious way...

- How did you become so close to Jerzy Buzek?
- I have not purposely sought this. I was the only person who managed to uphold Buzek's invitation to go to the worship of former President Kaczynski. This is one of my talents - where others see no solution, I am inspired and I do not accept no for an answer. Problems always inspire me and make me battle them, to feel alive and strong. In such situations I give myself a proof that I'm someone who is not subject to fate and tries to ride it. I managed to cope with transport chaos caused by cancellations and was the only his colleague who was there. Then we became much closer together because it was a hard time and people do not forget such things.

- How did you cope with the situation then?
- I had three transfers to Warsaw. Five minutes before the appointed time I managed to arrive at the meeting. Buzek was amazed because I had a dry shave in the toilet of the train and was chopped across, I was bleeding. Then the return was even more terrible because of all costs I had to be on Monday in Strasbourg. I had to pay a rent a car, which drove me from Warsaw to Strasbourg and cost 2000 euros ... I asked them whether I will buy the car, or ride it. The entire trip was a test.

- Because of your success in the parliament there is a joke that you are illegitimate son of former President? Is there something that connects you?
- No, I am a legitimate son of my father Pencho Binev. What is perhaps surprising people and what they perceived as some obscurity is that as a representative of the Independent it is not expected to be admitted in this VIP club, but Europe is not as demagogic, as they want to present it. Europe respects people according to their qualities and abilities and not on who is who. People are biased only when they do not know each other and do not talk, but there this is not allowed. You always have the opportunity to express your position and if it is true and accurate it is accepted and you will be respected for it.

- What are your findings as a traveler? Which are the suppressed things that you learned?
- In every culture, which is beyond us, there are unexplained things. Europe is very different from the rest of the world; we have completely different rules, truths, logic of life than those in Asia, Africa, and America. This has always surprised me, because people are the same, but the accents are placed differently. There were countries where I felt in a completely different, even fictional world created by let's say Spielberg or George Lucas. Especially in distant China - in Shanghai I've always felt like in fantasy because it is a classic relationship between culture and cutting-edge technologies. When in Shanghai, one gets confused by eclecticism, which is there. There is a strange compilation between Eastern classics, traditions, culture and technology that can hardly be seen even in Dubai or America.

- People from the eastern world are more introverted and quiet. Do you have to keep a greater distance when communicating with them?
- No, the fact that they are introvert is due more to what they really think because they are extremely friendly, helpful, and pleasant. But is it not only a pose or protocol behavior only. I have had many close friendships with people from the East. I'm one of those who welcomed and took care of the son of Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee, John Kim, after his exit from jail. I am close with these people and I know that if they really like and accept someone they will be willing to give their lives for him.

- Which place struck you with its notable cultural difference compared to life and culture of the Old Continent?
- Africa has a special place. As the English say: "We were in a place so primitive that we saw no one jogging for health." I have been in countries where you really see people running to kill, not to be killed or to rob someone. Recently I returned from Nepal where I was shocked. I saw happy children, but I could not live in the way people live there, although there are many Europeans who seek theirselves there. In the end, even at the highest peak one will not find another wisdom than that which one brings along.

- You've landed on glacier at an altitude of 5000-6000 m. How does the world look from there?
- What most shocked me is the diluted air; we had to look for oxygen molecules. This is very serious, and I was troubled for the rest of my colleagues because I was the youngest. People, who got us up, apparently were used because they never warned us. The view is magnificent. Only someone who was in the Himalayas knows for what kind of nature it's all about. You must have been there to see the waterfalls and the hellebores which are very different from those in the Bulgarian mountains. The difference is like between the Tibetan yak and the normal Bulgarian Grey cattle. Interestingly, the peaks are very similar, and on the pictures that I made it is hard to say which one exactly is Mount Everest. They look like towers. I have climed in the winter with ski on the back Mount Musala, also Mount Malyovitsa and I remember there were some last 50-60 meters which with the ski boots and skis on the shoulder were the most severe that I passed. I imagine that these meters for those who climb Everest are the hardest in their lives.

- You met Apa Sherpa - the most famous Sherpa in the world. What impression do you have from him?
- He is one of the living symbls of the Himalayas. We had a unique chance to be there right when he returned from climbing. I had lunch with him then, but the only thing he had was a mango juice. He is very thin and small man, wiry and skinny, maximum 55 kg. Perhaps it is this juice that charged him for the next 3-4 days. Smiling all the time. As far as I know, then he went to the U.S., where would undergo medical tests. We were a group there that discussed change in the climate environment. 60 years ago the glaciers were completely frozen and now in the bottom lakes are formed. Although people from the mountains can now grow tomatoes and cucumbers, what makes them happy Nepalis are suffering from permanent natural disasters caused by global warming.

- Have you been on a secret mission in China?
- These are urban legends. I have been on many missions in China, but none was classified. I visited China beyond my role as a politician and probably from there come such legends. I think China has the greatest potential at present. It is the biggest winner in economic crisis (which experts call the Third World War, which is conducted now). China has proven that with hard work, discipline and mind can be achieved a lot. They demonstrated that the economic crisis is trouble for the fools, but for smart and intelligent people it is possibility. Not accidentally the Chinese character for crisis and opportunity is written in the same way.

- You have met with the greatest spiritual leaders of the world - Pope Benedict XVI, Dalai Lama and Patriarch Cyril. They accept you as a Brahmin in Nepal. Do you feel called to be a spiritual leader?
- Things are very perplexed; maybe that's why the castes in India are so divided. There each person who wants to touch political tops is bound to be the Brahmins caste. I was privileged as due to my archon rank I was taken as part of this caste. I encourage all people involved in politics to work on themselves and on their spiritual growth. Matter is a continuation of the spirit and it must be clear that there is no way matter to be large when the spirit is a small, self-effacing, vain and selfish. The economy of a country reflects the spirituality of the people. It is most dangerous for a political leader is to be selfish. He should be altruist. And suchcan only be a man with rich and great soul.

- In today's global world there are many activities outside the moral code that seem possible, ideas that have become acceptable. In this sense, what constitutes spiritual care?
- The paths to excellence are very different for different people. They are determined by the part of the world where they live. Muslim religion for example is very human religion, but some interpretations of Sharia make it one of the most militant doctrines. Christ is the God of Love, but in his name was shed so much blood. Even today Catholics and Protestants fight and this in some very civilized in some parts of the world. Desire for rapprochement of religions exists; as we all go in same direction. As one of the oldest teachings - Hermeticism - say, the perfect man is god and the imperfect god is man. We all follow the path to perfection as we understand it. Over the centuries, icons become more beautiful because of the thirst of people to see that to which they aspire. In the times of the Dutch masters, we see that Christ is presented as Hercules or Conan the Barbarian, no sacred at all. In the new icons we have some "chalga" element which can be seen in their eyes and swollen bosom. Criteria change to the human thirst to improve in the direction that is consided current at the time. The roads are different, so we should support anyone who seeks them. As Galileo said, "If one looks for God, even wrongly, one has already found him".

- What are the strangest dishes, which you have tasted?
- In China, I ate some blue, covered with verdigris eggs, which are for them one of the most powerful aphrodisiac. I ate many living things, and such which I can not say what are. There was a restaurant in Guangzhou in southern China, which has two floors, the entire lower in aquariums and cages. There you go with one of the waiters and choose the animal. Some of them are consumed alive. The only thing that I dont let myself eat was a live monkey, which brain you spoon while it squeals. This is done in Vietnam. I think it is unique barbarity and sadism. Now in Nepal I ate yak cheese, which is set for something special, but for me it was just cheese.

- In recent years you travel a lot. Have you ever considered the idea of a private jet?
- I travel a lot from young age. What is new is that now I need to be prepared for very different things. Before, with my parents I had to prove that you will behave well, in taekwondo had to fight, and now have to speak very well on diverse occasions. I must prepare on many topics - sports, economic, political, and religious and sometimes I need to prepare on the move. I can admit to be not properly dressed, but not to show up unprepared to certain meetings.

- Do you have favorite destinations?
- My favorite destinations are the not known. I am an inventor in spirit, love to experiment and see new things, to get acquainted with the world. Also love to see my friends around the world, to share successes and failures, because sometimes you have to discuss not only step taken forward, but those made backwards.

- What are the most bizarre customs and rituals which you had to follow to show friendliness?
- As Woody Allen says, pay tribute to all religions, so as not to screw your afterlife because of a technical error. I have been in insane situations, but I get along, claiming they are funny. In ritual there is an exclusive protocol which must be respected. Not all religions have a sense of humor, especially at this time. When I was in Israel, among friends I used the old phrase "it is high time you Israelis and Palestinians to sit down and settle as good Christians." For some of them it was pretty funny, but not to all. The latest happy incident was when I was accepted by the caste of Brahmins. They observe severe diets, do not drink, do not smoke and I was told that they see for the first time Brahmin to drink so much. But then another joked "no problems, he is a European Brahmin". I also have moments in life when eliminate any things external, do not drink and smoke because I prepare for certain step. But we are in the Balkans - here not to drink and smoke is not bon ton.

- You say you feel like in a fictional world film. Have you seen yourself in scenarios such as "Apocalypse Now"?
- Many times my life was like in the movies we watch - many of them apocalyptic, not just comedy or action movies with a happy ending. There were quite dramatic films. But I have always accepted problems as a privilege, because they are sent by life as a message that you can overcome them. The important thing for a man is not to not fall, but to get up and continue.

- Is the cliché wrong that money is spinning the world?
- Money has always been an instrument, machine to achieve the objectives. They are an end in itself for many lower castes, assuming the Indian model, or for people who have not had contact with money. The truth is that money allows us a more painless way to pass the obstacles of life. But for some people they are burden, they create internal conflicts. There is almost no happy loto-milioner in the world. When a person is not prepared for the money - for the stress that they carry, they destroyed it. Success and failure as the largest test - if one succees with them, one goes forward.

- During your visit to Australia you have visited the Centre for farming tasmanian devils. Share informal part of this visit there.
- This is probably the only animal that hardly exists in the wild and is cultivated in small farms. For whatever reason they get sick from cancer. Tasmanian devil is very interesting marsupial, it seems like a big rat, but is always smiling like a monkey and is very funny. In Australia there are many creatures like no other in the world - as the peasant from Sofia region said upon seeing the elephant in the circus - "There is no such animal".

- You defend a doctorate at the Institute of psychology to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. On what topic was your thesis?
- I'm ready, only internal and external defence are due. Since I changed my milieu, the subject also changed - out of business jumped in politics. The theme is leadership, and instead in the business area I will examine it in politics. The original theme was done by analogy that the leaders of major companies in the world look like statesmen. Their companies are like a small country - with their own anthems, flags, totems, emblems, even a specific culture, declared loyalty. Each company is composed of a small group of nationalists. Now the theme is the successful and unsuccessful political leader. Successful is smart and altruistic - one that is ready to give. But different times require different typology. As Confucius said, you're not a son of your father, but a son of your time, i.e. - successful leader is successful at a particular period.

- As a psychologist you can easily recognize people, to act as a therapist or to give advice on love affairs?
- My job is to be able to recognize people. For example, I think you are a journalist (laughs). Seriously, I am very careful what advice I give and whether I can give any. I am not a practicing psychologist, although I explore people often. It is very dangerous to give advice because you do not always have complete information, and should have very rich experience. As the saying goes, good decision comes from experience and experience comes from bad decision. I wish you all a taste of both.

Triathlon for Slavi Binev in Brussels

Sporting events of a MEP - so can be summed up the day of Slavi Binev yesterday in Brussels. First early in the morning he did the every-day swimming in the pool of the hotel, then played football, and in the afternoon rode a bike.

Thus in practice Binev made a kind of triathlon in the Belgian capital. After scoring the winning goal of the match with Beroe and after meeting with Minister Nikolai Mladenov Binev responded to the invitation of President Buzek to participate in a bike tour of Brussels led by the President of the EP himself.

Binev and Buzek pedalled up to the largest municipality of Brussels Schaerbeek, where they were greeted personally by the mayor of the city. They looked at the city hall and were acquainted with the history of the city. Despite the spitting rain the bike tourists maintained good humor and made future requests for more daring sports actions.
05/06/10 - Ataka Newspaper - Slavi Binev, Ataka MEP: The new law will send our children back in sports halls

- Mr. Binev, how would you comment on amendments to the Sports law and will they change the miserable state in this sector?
- Changes in the law are more than necessary because everyone can be convinced how far the decline has reached the Bulgarian sports. The most important thing is to understand that they are not political act, but public, since their aim is to address the social side of sport and its importance for the development of the Bulgarian nation. Therefore, we expect serious public support for these changes, as any common person would benefit from them.
I want to draw special attention to innovation on the status of sports clubs. I think they must be supported by the state and most importantly to provide them with the sports facilities for use. Naturally, this can not be free and we should expect positive results. Far better is a club to keep and develop the base, attracting more and more young people to train there, than it to be deserted.
- What is your view on the recovery of sports schools, one of the highlights of the new law?
- Sports schools must necessarily be restored. We can not expect that we will have successful athletes, if they do not develop as such from an early age. I think it is necessary to restore the "Olympic Hopes".
This is the only way to rebuild our sporting achievements and more importantly, take care of the nation's sporting culture. Today more and more children sit in front of their computers, or worse, deal with crime and drugs. If they engage in sport, they would be far more healthy and satisfied. Therefore, I expect massive public support for these changes, people should be happy that their children will return to the halls instead to wander the streets.
- How do you assess the importance of sport in these hard economic times?
- Its meaning is extremely important. Sporting achievements have long been proven to be the best advertisement for diplomacy and advertisement for a country. They are merit for the development of a nation, even the economic development. Our country can not afford to grow, leaving sport in the background. Moreover, if a nation does not sport, it declines both physically and spiritually. Sports should always be a priority regardless of the side factors.
23/04/10 - Telegraph newspaper - MEP from Ataka Slavi Binev: "We are lawyers of Bulgaria"

Brussels supports the government

- Mr. Binev, you're the only MEP who attended the worship of the late Polish President Lech Kaczynski. How did you manage to fight off transport turbulence in Europe?

- Where others see problems, to me shine the eyes. Not a second I thought that I would not be next to our President Jerzy Buzek (b.r. - Chairman of the EP) to show respect for his invitation and to show that I'm with everyone who needs support in difficult times. Mr. Buzek was waiting for me at the presidential palace, where we signed a condolence book and lit candles. We were together at the ceremony in the square. The biggest impression for me made the people who were so united in grief and waited 20 hours in a queue to give last respects. When I and Mr. Buzek appeared on the square, all were running to congratulate him and express condolences. Then he told me with tears in his eyes - "Slavi, it is Poland's political elite, but for me they were the most expensive friends. And whether we were from same party or opponents, we were together writing the new history of Poland.

- As a member of Parliament in the Economic Commission you prepare a report on counterfeit coins. What are the main conclusions in it?
- So far I have been co-rapporteur and shadow rapporteur, but now for the first time I am rapporteur on this report. It was as difficult as it is useful and interesting exercise, because in addition to the experts committee and the board, I had to work with professionals of OLAF and saw how prepared they are. I myself have realized that the coins fraud can occur in such dimensions. We consider cases of disposal of such coins by machines to large-scale fraud in Asia, where whole cars are pressed. As regards the report itself, all proposals I made were accepted. We had consensus on the most important points. For example, within one year to make checks on 25% and fees for the return of the coins to be up to 5%. One of the important recommendations that we made was to defend the thesis of the BNB and the Association of Bulgarian banks. They wanted the countries which are to enter the euro area after 2011 to receive two years extension to replace the money. Eventually we managed to defend the request of the Bulgarian institutions, having received this extension, if not de jure, at least de facto.

– With which of your colleagues in the EP you work well and on what issues?
- Look, I'm social animal in the true sense of the word. I maintain good contacts with members of all groups with very few exceptions. Of course, the best relationship I have with the independent MPs, the group of conservatives and reformists and EPP. The European People's Party, the largest group in Parliament, does not have the complex of the smaller ones, who are fighting more aggressively. Each time I asked for a meeting with Joseph Dole, who is the most influential politicians not only in EPP, but across the Parliament, I was accepted immediately. This is further evidence that with the major parties and great politicians contact is much easier. And most importantly, they accept different opinions. Because one of the first rules of democracy is that when all think the same, nobody thinks enough. Therefore, criticisms or recommendations given should not offend. You should know that they are made from a desire to move in the right direction.

– You mentioned conservatives, is it true that you negotiate for a possible connection to their group in the EP?
- It is quite normal to be closer to them because we ourselves can not be called extreme nationalists, but rather look like a patriotic-conservative formation. If we take the Hungarian YOBIK who became third in the last parliamentary elections you will see that we have nothing to do with the likes of them. They have guards, they march, etc., we do not have similar events. Whatever we speak, we are a very patriotic organization, and we can not identify with this kind of Nazi or far-right events. And other European politicians already understand this. With conservatives we really work well and keep close contacts, but for the time being with my colleague from Ataka Dimitar Stoyanov we considering the possible future actions. Conservatives definitely have our respect and proper attitude towards us, but any such step must be carefully considered. Because we do not want to behave like light cavalry, but as a reasoned and serious politicians.

- And with the other Bulgarian MEPs from other parties in what connections are you? Do you have common endeavors?
- The notion of Bulgarian MEPs is that we fulfill the role of lawyers of Bulgaria. Our main goal is to defend our country, albeit in different ways because we are representatives of various political formations, but our mission is common. Whatever we speak, Europe is still not one country. It is forbidden to use the word protectionism, but more or less it is leading in the relations of each MEP. Normally each member is trying to do everything possible that the laws that one votes to be best possible if not for ones own country, then at least be equivalent to as much as everyone else. As for my Bulgarian colleagues here a clear separation on party basis, as in national parliaments, is not going to happen. Like I said, we just work for the same things but with different methods.

- What initiatives do you have in order to promote Bulgaria?
- Over the years here I've done many initiatives. By coincidence I am one of the few people who can attend all major events, because I am a representative of the Independents. For this reason, I represent my party and my country and try to do it with dignity. Outside my work in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs I try to help organizations in the fields of religion and sport. Everybody knows that I gave many forces on these issues and hopefully not in vain, because we must not forget that results in sport has long been equal to economic development. Or as the British say: "We were in such a primitive state that did not see anyone running for health." Therefore, I am one of the people who created one of the four Intergroup involved in sport. I am currently preparing a forum on Eastern Orthodoxy, which will involve about 70 MEPs. Of course, I have assisted many cultural and arts events because it's our job - to give way to anyone who can present Bulgaria well.

- What is the assessment in Brussels for the Government of Boyko Borisov? Has the image of the country among the European partners improved since the beginning of the mandate?
- Any new government has a new credibility. Especially when supported by the strongest party in Parliament. But besides good management strategy results are also requested. Unfortunately one of the few public men who dared to publicly announce that cardinal legislative changes are needed was the chief prosecutor Boris Velchev. The only person who says serious changes in the power of institutions and fundamental laws are needed. And all others excuse with the laws. Otherwise on the achievements so far, each office is conducted by two ways - the stick and carrot. Prime Minister showed that very well could cope with the stick; you now need to demonstrate a skill that can cope with the ways of the carrot. Leadership is action not position. Important is the teamwork. To know that management is not you to take all the responsibilities, but rather distribute and supervise properly.
April 2010 - Each MEP must take into account how defends the interests of Bulgaria

Mr. Binev, you are in your second MEP term, a man with much experience and observation. Why Bulgaria achieves such tragic results in the EU funds absorption?
- I have put many times forward the problem before both the former and the current government that our country has no adequate information policy. The information that comes under the EU funds should be revised so as to be understandable. Not for certain people and consulting companies, which are virtually unnecessary as the case is just a completion of a template. Things are very clear and modern, so if they are explained in simple language, one may do this task without going into consulting labyrinths and be further confused.
This information must not be presented at the European way of expression, which is more complex. There is specific wording of both the European laws and the possibilities that is sometimes hard to be perceived by common people who are not accustomed to such expressions and the way of corresponding. We are especially indebted to beneficiaries in Bulgaria in regard to that information. An impression is created that the funds are more for a VIP club, and not for common people who must be the end user. So far we have absorbed somewhat around 1.5 percent, which is humiliating.

In your opinion has Europe given clear guidance on the projects application procedure in terms of the work of the state?
Europe has common European standards for providing information. It just has to be transformed through the information centres of the ministries engaged in funds absorption. They must be translated into the language, not just technically, but the language of the people on which they correspond in order to reach them. We can not prepare farmers to complete these documents using various pretentious phrases. Some documents even do not have understandable translation into Bulgarian and the foreign wordings contained within can make people lose any desire to engage in this process.
Secondly Bulgarians seem to be somewhat put away to the opportunity to participate in the funding competition because they have long lost confidence that the competitions are fair. They are left with the impression that they are doomed to participate in Olympic Games - just for honour and glory, without participating in the distribution of medals. And in order to prepare the application, one has to do the right preparation. And when you lose time, money, especially in crisis times like the current one, this is not only misplaced, but not serious.
Therefore one of the main tasks of the government is to return peoples' confidence and this can be established when we see that many people participate. Only then we will understand that people really believe in the objectivity of decisions. If we needed before these funds, we need them now 10 times more because Bulgarian economy still is to enter into some great whirlpools.
The previous government made a big mistake to ignore indications of global crisis, which were given by the whole financial world. They even explained that expect high economic growth. I have several interviews, in which I explaining that these are not only statements that have no basis, but even they can be criminalized. All other countries competed to declare the crisis and even exaggerate its possibilities. Some economists even compared this crisis with a third world war, which is simply conducted by other means. A global economic market indeed is redistributed in the moment. Nobody knows how far may reach this crisis. And any suggestions that it will end by May are dangerous because they mislead people and prevent them from taking the right decisions.

As a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs how you see the development of the crisis in Europe?
I see that the brightest stars are currently the most reluctant to predict time limits. And the more mediocre people most easily announce dates and pretend to be prophets.

Do you think there is a solution for Bulgaria to choose the least bad out of the situation?
The worst is that it is now easy to be a bad prophet. I would like to be positive prophet, but unfortunately I must tell you that Europe is not to emerge from the crisis and we will even later, because we entered the crisis later. It's difficult to give recipes at the moment. The big problem is that the experience comes on the basis of failures, and we have no experience in this direction. Unfortunately, if the crisis has left its footprint in Europe, in Bulgaria it will be doubled and tripled.

You are one of the MEPs who do not stop to establish contacts and make appointments with various politicians. As an independent MEP where do you see your greatest strength and where can you help?
I think as an independent MEP I have the chance to be non-attached, do not I have to follow the party column, and freedom is my strength. I'm euro-optimist precisely because I love Bulgaria and consider myself to be a patriot. I believe that the rules, the discipline that Europe requires from us in now are the most important lesson we must learn. We must learn to obey the rules. Democracy is in fact abidance to the rules. Many times I said that if the law is bad, one must change it, but no one should infringe it. To me one of my talents is that I can easily establish contacts. Bulgaria definitely needs to communicate with the outside world because it seems so far we had a kind of inherited from the past shame, which was considered to be modesty, there were prejudices, complexes. I am accepted by the people, who understand my position. Many times I had to explain the Bulgarian position.

Can you lobby for priority support of the Bulgarian economy in its strongest spheres - tourism, agriculture? Would you lobby in Europe the deadline for joining the euro-zone to be extended?
I help in all cases, but to me the aid is largely strategic. We do not deal with concrete cases - this is where the ministries are involved. We are the people who can give them connections; to explain their position; to put forward their problems; to assist in prolonging deadlines. And their job is to bring information to people who must perform this process, to explain through the information centres. Unfortunately, many information centres have not served even one fund or a program.
I do not think we should extend the dead lines, on the contrary - we must act to enter the euro-zone as soon as possible. As I said, one of the most important conditions for entry in the EU is discipline. And entering the euro zone, in Schengen, will put us in the framework, observing the law and will harmonize our laws with the laws of functioning European countries. I am a supporter to accelerate the process of joining the euro zone and the work that needs to be done before this, to be done as soon as possible.

Do you think that the Bulgarian MEPs are a team?
I very much want to answer you that this is so. I was one of the initiators the Bulgarian delegation to meet once a month, so we can coordinate our relations, even clear the problems between us. They all supported this idea and for several months now we do it regularly. I think it will become a process. Over time we will see that we must not be more faithful to the party to which we belong, but to the ideas of Bulgaria. Because we MEPs were elected here, not in the European Union. I encourage each MEP at the end of their mandate to provide a report to the public in Bulgaria how he or she has voted on certain issues, in order to see to what extent the Bulgarian position is defended.


Age: 44 years

Education: Alphonse de Lamartine 9th French grammar school - Sofia; degree from Vasil Levski National Sports Academy, Sofia; Doctoral studies - Institute of Psychology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; currently defends a dissertation "Prime Minister Style Leadership, Study of the Successful and Failed Leader."

Languages: English, French, Italian, Russian

Professional Experience: coach, international instructor, member of the executive committee of Bulgarian Olympic Committee; Member of the European Parliament - Second term: a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, substitute member of the Committee on Culture and Education.

Marital status: married with 5 children and one 5 years granddaughter

Hobbies: many hobbies, but with age they become less, and now less often goes to the gym.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Motto: different depending on the situation

Text under pictures:
"Prominent Eastern wisdom, attributed to Confucius, states that the great times born great personalities. Whenever in the life of any society or country major changes are about to happen, a special breed of people comes forward. They differ markedly from the rest with their pronounced leader qualities. These are the people who bear on their shoulders the heavy burden of decision making and wearing of responsibilities in times of crisis. "- From article "Charismatic leadership in politics" Slavi Binev

"Now as a politician they coincide with the interests of Bulgaria. I am largely fond of the European idea and I think it is useful for us. The more I work with European institutions, the more I realize that we need to catch up with them. At the personal level most importantly self actualization - not to go back but move forward. Now I'm most focused on the idea to try to make the children what I thought they should be."
29/03/10 - "Trud" Newspaper - The Russian threat

Historically, the so-called Russian threat has never been anything other than Bulgarians' stupidity. Ferdinand once told a journalist: "I have germanophile army, graecophile clergy, francophone politicians, and russophile people. It seems I'm the only bulgarophile in this country." I try not to think of the Bulgarian state as eternally stretched between pro- and contra-, but as wise psychoanalysts say, that you're paranoid does not mean that there's nobody behind the door. Literally behind the door Bulgarians are shadowed by the most fateful deterioration of relations with Russia, ever happened in our history. Or at least

the one with most dramatic economic consequences

What do I mean: Inconsistent policy on major energy projects, further complicated by the nervousness of the Russian-American dialogue on the topic of missile defence are about to bring the Bulgarian taxpayers incalculable damage in a very real prospect of several years to come. And the trend may be literally unleashed by the beginning of April. By the end of this month, must be signed the 7th agreement for the construction of Belene NPP. The contradicting signals in recent days leave any impression that Bulgaria is about to abandon the project and only seeks a cover for it. The direct consequence will be that at the very beginning of April arbitration proceedings in Paris will begin, in which - in the words of the Prime Minister Borisov himself - the Russian side in the project will get its rightful compensation without any problems. With the total cost of stopping construction this will cost Bulgaria over 1 billion Euro. In purely financial terms it will appear that we've paid half the cost of Belene, but what we will have is

seismic proof carp pool

Quite separate issue is that any abandonment of Belene and "Tsankov Stone"- the other recently quite abused project - has a direct result to our economy of loss of about 300 thousand Leva a day. Nobody says that it should not be counter fraud investigated on these two sites, but let it not be on the TV but in the specialized agencies and the court. And only when someone is convicted, show it to the public. Currently the media are inundated with apocalyptic threats against the two biggest Bulgarian energy companies, suggesting that if anyone in any way is to touch them, one is declared a leper. Exactly such media hullabaloo expelled from Belene NPP the one European investor months ago, and it's unlikely that the Austrian investors in "Tsankov Stone" enjoy suffering moral and material losses precisely at this stage of the project.

At the same time in Brussels the rumour has it that because of the crisis the Russian energy circles consider a decision to close one of its major refineries - either in Bulgaria or Romania. Which of the two countries will be chosen - depends on emotion. The anti-Russian choir, especially among "Blue Coalition" and its excessively liberal economic advisers, exclusively tilt the balance in order to be stopped precisely the Bourgas refinery. The direct consequence - nearly 20 000 families without work and almost 20% less revenue in the Treasury of excise duties and taxes.

Speaking against the "South Stream" project in turn leads to a willingness to rethink the overall energy policy in the Balkans by the Russians. As a direct effect - much less favourable conditions for gas transmission and restrictive attitude towards the prolonging of 5-and 6-block of the Kozloduy NPP operational period. The other day esteemed colleague Nadezhda Neynsky, MEP said that we MEPs should lobby the European Commission for extending and 5-and 6-block's life. Regretfully I should announce to her that even if the pope should support extending the life of the blocks, the only one who can resolve it, is the engineer of reactors, i.e. the Russian side. And then the signals are clear - termination of block's operational life, respectively in 2018 and 2020. The economic prospects of this scenario

are more than dark

EU has no alternative energy policy nor for the Balkans as a whole or for Bulgaria and Romania in particular. Trends of increasing energy consumption in Europe are clear, Norwegian oil and natural gas are away from us and there is no light is not visible in the tunnel other than that of the locomotive speeding toward.

For the one on the rails

it does not matter whether the locomotive is Russian or German.

The reasons for this situation are the silent subterfuge in the government of the three-party coalition and its inability to clearly articulate how money on large energy projects are spend, and in the hysterical anti-Russian talk of people like Ivan Kostov, Martin Dimitrov, etc., which not only do not understand the topic, but directly lie when speaking. Especially when speaking for Belene.

The truth is that this is the cheapest and most beneficial nuclear power project at the moment - not only in Europe but in the world, whatever criteria for escalation and expenses rise to apply. Treaties were signed so that the starting price is still 4 billion. Even if it reaches 8 billion by escalating, the money will be returned only after 10 years. For comparison - the two new U.S. reactors - the AP 1000 - currently designed in South Florida - were reassessed from approximately 4 billion to 11 billion Euro starting price, by the accounts of Parsons - USA and Energoatom - Russia, without subsequent escalation during construction and about 1.5 billion Euro for inclusion in the network. And one more thing about the price: starting out on investment shares, which the Russians offer - from 2 billion Euro to launch the site till finding a strategic investor - is not just a gesture on their part, but also a guarantee for each joined that this project will be completed, irrelevant whose property it is. The truth is that henceforth the burden on the construction of Belene will be not on the taxpayer, but on the future company that will have to pay back loans for the construction and completion of the site. Even if Bulgaria is to remain with a minority stake in the company which will operate the Belene NPP, the amount to spend would not be significantly greater than that which will be spend on freezing or denial of the project. And the revenue for the budget and the anti-crisis effect on our economy will be felt from the very first day of construction. As a member of EKON - European Committee on monetary and financial policy - I have not met a foreigner who does not believe that companies such the Belene NPP are wonderful anti-crisis policy for countries on the scale of Bulgaria. As is often said by President Barroso himself,
that promotion of business

to reserve and open new jobs, and active resistance to the pull-down of industrial production by attracting investments from outside the EU are essential measures for overcoming the crisis. In his words, when industrial production in the EU has shrunk by 15% to levels of 1999, each Member State has lost an average of 5 % of GDP only in 2009, according to the statistics, which is used and announced by the President of the European Commission, and the unemployment has risen by 15 million people in the last 6 months

The truth is that this is the most advanced in terms of construction permits and preparedness project in the EU. It is only natural to have enemies, because nobody wants to admit a new powerful player on a market which is expected to increase demand, but why should those opponents are exactly Bulgarian politicians?

Energy is only part of complicated Bulgarian-Russian relations, but perhaps now the most important. Because not only Bulgaria, but the EU as a whole is neither in position nor prepared to substitute with other sources the energy coming from the Russians. And it is nearly 30% of whole consumption in Europe at the moment. New member countries - Bulgaria and Romania are the more dependent, followed by Greece, Germany and Poland. Solving our problems with the Russians and increasing energy production in Bulgaria is a European direct cause - it's increasing EU's economic power. And as regards dependence - it is mutual. Let's make Russian businesses invest billions of Euros in the European economy before speak of any dependence. Pros and cons have no sense here - it is long since no one in the Kremlin holds speeches, waving Lenin's writings in his hand. No,

in Moscow they hold calculators and count

We, in particular some of the Bulgarian politicians, are ideological imbecile who continue to consider Russia either as the bigger brother, or as North Bear. We must not allow them, following their ideological paranoia, to involve us even deeper into economic crisis that grippes the world. On the contrary - in the EU there are clear signs that the traditional trust between the Russians and Bulgarians (eroded much lately) is one of the few capitals with which our country may be useful to the whole European community.

Slavi Binev
MEP, ECON member
24/03/10 – Chernomorski Far Newspaper - During the crisis the country is acting like Robin Hood - Slavi Binev - personal information portal

- Mr. Binev, probably you have heard about the idea of the government to introduce "luxury" tax - tax on larger properties, expensive cars, yachts, airplanes. Do you approve such a move?

- It is normal in a crisis state to behave like Robin Hood - take from the rich and give to the poor. But more importantly at the moment is to help businesses to open jobs, to help them solve the financial problems they face. For as Confucius said - it is not important to give fish to someone who is hungry, but teach him how to fish. I think these are half-hearted measures and can be only part of the solution of much larger problems. We just need a set of solutions. From purely economic point of view many of the people holding such things will pass them on to their companies and thus avoid the tax 'Luxury'.

Indeed, as an idea to take from the one who has what to give is option, but practice has shown that people with large estates are aware of how to present their wealth to the tax authorities.

Of course, that anyone who is good and skilled player will use the opportunities which the law gives him. That is a purely legal to avoid such taxation. There are many other initiatives to be taken. I see that only representatives of employers and trade unions are sought. It should be sought university experience, artisans and direct experience from people who have not always been part of the state system. People with real business experience, which were pressed by the state to deal with situations. There are many such companies, successful businessmen, who are not businessmen on the base of the state and have managed, despite its restrictive relations, to cope.

This measure is more likely for a left government with stressed social policy. Maybe in times of crisis we have to forget about the political direction ...

The tone of the discussion went somehow exemplary and instructive. And there isn’t currently a discussion to enable to replace the relationship and really center-right attitude towards business. Just that’s the tone. Just seems to forget the carrot and is used only the stick.

- You being a man of business, and politics, a wealthy man, how would you react?

- The important thing here is that I am in the Economic Commission of the European Parliament and there are discussed only issues related to decisions of the crisis. Indeed a technology to solve problems related to solving the crisis. Currently, the attitude of countries to economic entities is more than motherly, for the simple reason that it is not to kill the golden hen, to see that is made from meat, but to do so, that she would give more.

But this tax “Luxury” in any form is applied in Europe in general, ie, we do not make a sensation.
Yes, there is something similar to this tax. There is a progressive tax which is something like what is done now. But again I say these are half-measures for the simple reason that every good economist becomes good, namely using the systems of the law that gave his wealth a chance not to fall into the most tyrannical hits. So I'm sure that experienced players on the market will find a way to avoid that extra punch to respond in the difficult position in which they themselves have fallen. I must tell you in particular for measures to be talking about the 3 months, in which one may relieve one’s employees, I'm sure many companies will benefit from this in a heartbeat. And here we have non-wage issues and that people will see that with no money goes a social problem that is extremely dangerous, ie people when they stay home and will have no social contacts, etc. - Unable to contact each other will create a tension that is not known where will go. At the same time there is no mass sport or otherwise, to ease this tension.

– How do you think – is it a problem for a rich man to be taxed by 10 percent?

No, in moment of crisis any taxation is a problem. Because I am absolutely certain that almost all people who have some opportunities, take over the difficult fate to pull out nearly all its troubled relatives, acquaintances and friends who are certainly a lot. That is – anyway they fulfill their social role. They can not do it because men are social animals and one can not disregard the problems of people who surround us.

Whatever act of altruism, as humane as it may be, always stems from the unwillingness of people to see problems around them. I.e. each person who has any chance fulfills this social role, helping their families, relatives, and friends. So any taxation during the crisis when people count their pennies and when this internal queue for aid of relatives, acquaintances and relatives became twice greater than it was before, to get an extra slap 10% becomes heavier and I really hope these rich people to be able to handle. I do not spare them, we must all be united in times of crisis, but somehow for the moment these measures are not sufficient.

- In fact, many say that business will carry the load of the crisis. The list of victims are socialy vulnerable - pensioners, the unemployed, poor workers, mothers of young children.

Larger and smarter countries are not dealing with the crisis, but benefit from it. China for example. Chinese have shown that fools cope with the crisis, but smart people benefit from it.

- How we can derive benefits from it?

I could hardly explain briefly. But really smart, combinational people who could be a measure for imitation, a model, could cope with it. And it has been the test for the government.
But I think this is a populist measure, rather than that which would really work. Sometimes you have to please the nation, but still large measure has yet to be discussed, considered and made carefully, without emotion. Indeed an ensemble between academic training and experience and genuine craftsmanship. And not just be born in the head of someone who has academic training only and is not really talked about the problems facing the businesses.

Mr. Binev, is really business in a very serious situation right now? It’s rumored - especially from right-wing political parties, especially the UDF, that thousands of companies are on the brink of bankruptcy.

My information and my direct observation is that currently over 50% of companies are really on the edge and are hesitant whether to move, or to terminate activities. The rest are really playing some sort of economic Survivor now.
23/03/10 – - Do not kill the golden hen

The Business is immersed in economic Survivor

Slavi Binev
MEP from Ataka

- Mr. Binev, probably you have heard about the idea of the government to introduce "luxury" tax - tax on larger properties, expensive cars, yachts, airplanes. Do you approve such a move?
- It is normal in a crisis state to behave like Robin Hood - take from the rich and give to the poor. But more importantly at the moment is to help businesses to open jobs, to help them solve the financial problems they face. For as Confucius said - it is not important to give fish to someone who is hungry, but teach him how to fish. I think these are half-hearted measures and can be only part of the solution of much larger problems. We just need a set of solutions.
- You being a man of business, and politics, a wealthy man, how would you react?
- The important thing here is that I am in the Economic Commission of the European Parliament and there are discussed only issues related to decisions of the crisis. Currently, the attitude of countries to economic entities is more than motherly, for the simple reason that it is not to kill the golden hen, to see that is made from meat, but to do so, that she would give more.
– How do you think – is it a problem for a rich man to be taxed by 10 percent?
- In moment of crisis any taxation is a problem. Because I am absolutely certain that almost all people who have some opportunities, take over the difficult fate to pull out nearly all its troubled relatives, acquaintances and friends who are certainly a lot. That is – anyway they fulfill their social role. They can not do it because men are social animals and one can not disregard the problems of people who surround us.
- In fact, many say that business will carry the load of the crisis. The list of victims are socialy vulnerable - pensioners, the unemployed, poor workers, mothers of young children.
- Larger and smarter countries are not dealing with the crisis, but benefit from it. China, for example - Chinese have shown that fools cope with the crisis, but smart people benefit from it.
- How we can derive benefits from it?
- Smart, combinational people who are measure and role model could cope with it. And this is the test for the government.
– Is really business in a very serious situation right now? It’s rumored - especially from right-wing political parties, especially the UDF, that thousands of companies are on the brink of bankruptcy.
- My information and my direct observation is that currently over 50% of companies are really on the edge and are hesitant whether to move, or to terminate activities. The rest are really playing some sort of economic Survivor now.
17/03/10 - "Gallery newspaper" - Officer who threats with murder, to resign!

We meet with Slavi Binev which is an Ataka MEP, after he has been just returned from Brussels. Topics for comments are many - the war between the institutions, the scandal with Volen Siderov in the plane of Lufthansa, the economic crisis and sport.
- Mr. Binev, how would you comment on the scandal between Georgi Parvanov and Simeon Dyankov, although it is clear that Ataka support the impeachment?
- This is a typical fight in which there can be no winner. I have seen touchy people, some of them afraid to scold about anything, but then involve all around them in their battles.
The president has long ceased to be president of all Bulgarians, because he is selectively mother for some parties and stepmother for others. Mother - Patroness of some businessmen and extremely demanding stepmother to others.
At the same time, the academic education of the Minister of Finance seems is not enough to arouse the sympathy of his country, especially with very restrictive attitude to the business at the moment. Across Europe are struggling with the crisis, but other states quite clearly understand that they should not kill the golden hen. Of a sheep you can get milk, wool, lamb meat, bones, but never all of these things simultaneously.
On the other hand, the president, publishing the shorthand and any other discs afterwards showed that no one should have confidence in him anything. In general, it is a battle with no courage and dignity and that fans eventually shuts down the TV set.
- Will the GERB's attack against the president will be successful?
- If in GERB they really want to take the thing to the finish, there are all opportunities to do so. If not, as the final effect - a successful impeachment, it will at least win the sympathy of many Bulgarians for the case with Diankov showed that the President can not be trusted by anyone there including one who seeks forgiveness. This incident was the drop that cup transfused.
- What do you think the government wanted to demonstrate with the "Impudent", "Octopus" and "Magicians"?
- The government demonstrated its determination to act to deal with crime and hopes to fulfil its election
commitments. Whether it's just a show or not will become clear only after the court ruled on cases raised.
the fact is that for the first time one of the most stinking socks of our public life is to be unravelled
- the relationship between politics and the informal sector. How far will the government Borissov go on this topic and you will be equally uncompromising on all or some will get an umbrella - here it is a topic very excited not only me but my colleagues from other countries in Brussels!
- Whether or not it comes to throwing dust in the eyes of the ordinary citizen?
- All fingers crossed that battle to be finalized, because otherwise the impression will remain that are made public and police racketeering. As for the eternal excuse not to serve the judiciary, we know how it works from the past 20 years.
- Do you know Alexei Petrov?
- There is no way not to know all the factors in a single combat, but our acquaintance has always been superficial.
- Do you think he is the biggest offender in Bulgaria, as Minister Tsvetanov denounced?
- If it is proved that in fulfilling his detentions as an undercover officer, he solved many of his own questions the answer comes instantly.

But I think there are more major criminals. These are people who have appointed and controlled him and were silent witnesses to all this --

I refer to public men of the highest ranking

People who do not know or pretend not to know that there is some limit in cover and that sooner or later be an undercover officer means to become part of the system in which he worked. Raised is an issue on which there is still no clear answer as of this and by representatives of the previous governments - How much more symbolic figures of the underworld have been associated with the services? Because - we watched the movies - yes, there is deployment of agents in the Mafia, but when the mob bosses of most structures are agents for this there might be another word?
- Speak straight - is this the "Octopus"?
- Has yet to convince me. Still has not said more like it.
- Speaking of mafia, you yourself once had a collision with one of the emblematic figures of the underground Georgi Iliev?
- I always had position. In the past, other mafia heads crashed in me as well. It would be good if important public men today have behaved like me in the past. But I have always fought the battles with these people only by means of law.
- Personally, do you worry about your security these days?
- To transform into a more peaceful society, there must be many more campaigns, I do not know whether public or not. On my security I can say what I realized from my childhood - if you are afraid of death, you've been long ago dead, but did not know it. The only thing that bothers me is when a senior police officer came out and said that right now expect many murders! At that moment, the question comes to me - I do not believe it that after such a frightening statement he should immediately resign. Because such statements imply that he was lying on his job to scare the public, or that can not cope with what he is assigned for. We no longer need people who
to tell us what we are sick from because you know already, but from people who to heal the suffered Bulgarian.
- as MEP you meet with prominent politicians. How do you comment what happened in Bulgaria in informal conversations?
- They are informal - how can I tell you? "But it is clear that more is expected from the decision of problems of corruption and criminals, justice and home affairs, the proper utilization of funds, transparent tendering and financial policy and better functioning administrative system. Expected is not to have political patronage for noone, and prosecution for others. But most expect a real justice.
- Two weeks ago you had a meeting with Mr Barroso, a few days ago - with President of Italy - Napolitano. What topics did you discuss? And are you envied for those contacts?
- At these meetings, I represent not only myself but also Bulgaria. So each should have pride, not only envy. And envy has one quality - to kill the one who has it and make a stronger man from the one it is directed. I've seen them on a job - if anyone envies me for work, so he did not understand what I do. If we had a boat in the Mediterranean Sea or on safari in Africa - to envy me, but it ... negotiations
one must be careful what say
and is never able to relax and enjoy the contacts with these remarkable people.
- What is your relationship with the prime minister Boyko Borisov?
- Although I have shown not overrate the qualities of my friends, and not underestimate the strengths of my opponents, that is trying to be as objective as possible, now I'm part of a group that wishes him best luck.
But I will always be constructive and will remind trying to give signals for irregularities or problems in his government so that it would render him cope with and without the many problems facing it. I hope its well-known modesty to allow him to hear these recommendations.
- Mr. Borisov announced how the EU is already looking with other eye on Bulgaria and stated as fact the granted millions of different programs.
- Of course, any new government receives a new loan package full of confidence. But I hope the allocated money not to be millions, but billions, and secondly, every Bulgarian to understand that he is living better not only in statistics, but in his pocket and in the refrigerator.
- Are there now a role model for Bulgarians?
- After the socialist morality left, as if we understood capitalism bad. The Church because of its prudence did not fill this gap. This puts us in a state of abnormality, or to live without a moral imperative. Society seems not ready to accept what is good - rich or poor,
and the smart or stupid conformist
Whoever is ready to accept battle, or one who is willing to bend to them. We do not seem to have learned to whom to look like - on Slavi Trifonov you know of Boyko Borisov, the Hristo Stoichkov you know of Ivo Karamanski. We did not understand whether to export profits to offshore companies, to slap our "Stenlita" to argue in disputes with journalists, or in general, make mockery of the whole society without trying to cure its ills.
- Why Volen Siderov is embroiled in a scandal with an airline "Lufthansa"?
- The one who did not ride in economy class on Lufthansa, only he is not came to the idea to take matters into its own hands. For me it was more dangerous the humiliating behaviour of all other politicians who are without sufficient information have been willing in the name of it to affect their political opponents, to dump his patriotic solidarity and demonstrate how the Bulgarian states collapsed. For me, as someone who often sees on television advising how to look for customer rights of EU nationals remained misunderstood the behaviour of many of the critics.
- Yet Siderov apologized. So he was guilty.
- Gentleman is sometimes required to share the guilt of others.
- it was announced recently that all candidate members of Ataka "were driven to become guarantors of an offshore company in Seychelles. have you signed such documents?
- Neither seen nor have I signed any such documents. And as an economic mechanism for control I see this as very stupid.
- "Ataka" supported the Government for U.S. bases in Bulgaria. Do not change position, if I am not mistaken, in the beginning you were strongly against it?
- Our party has never changed this to protect the interests of Bulgarian citizens. Just the biggest critic of the aggressive style of the original "Ataka" is currently suffering from the fact that our behaviour without changing direction, has evolved into a more European level and not be ashamed to ask:
"Listen, why did you not behave again as bad?"
-Seems they need a necessary evil, so they can be assigned only the position of "best" to protect society from evil.
- You are a former athlete. Why the fiasco in Vancouver?
- It has been some time now that the sport is a function of resources allocated to it. I have written repeatedly to the previous governments for tax relief for sponsors of the sport. As there is no single solution in different EU countries as the European Union has no single policy on this issue. Unfortunately, this left a voice in the wilderness, and that made me withdraw from active commitment to the sport management and to preserve my strength for a time in which these ideas could be understood.

Interview of Philip PETRUNOV

17 - 23/02/10 - "Show" newspaper - Slavi Binev: Alexey should tell the truth about Simeon and MRF

The MEP from ATAKA Slavi Binev was the king of nightlife facilities in Sofia prior to enter the politics. He met personally all the big bosses of the transitional period. As one of the leading taekwondists in the country he has direct observation of youth and sports subsequent development of the Tractor.

Mr. Binev, how do you evaluate the retention of Alexei Petrov and "Operation Octopus"?

- I will answer you directly - if I was a dog, I would probably fly by waving my tail. There is no better person, whom to ask about it. My entire personal history is connected with the Bulgarian underground battles that I fought, I have no immunity as a senator, I am no minister of the Interior, and speaking directly, I have no protection from the state. I do not mean only the court trials against Georgi Iliev in a time when most of today's heroes didn't even dare to pronounce his name publicly. In this sense, I can hardly be accused that I am the biggest fan of Prime Minister - I can not miss to praise the government for the determination to begin to unknot this stinking socks of the Bulgarian transitional period. But real assessment I will give only when I feel that the justice system is on the side of the state and the common citizen.

- It is said that Alexei Petrov is closely linked to the former head of the barrel unit Filko Slavov, who is very close to the former Chief Prosecutor Nikola Filchev. Is it possible the arrest of Alexei Petrov to affect and these two persons?

- 3 years ago I gave evidence and facts in the EP about the things that makes Filko Slavov in Kremikovtzi.
Then I tried in Bulgaria to meet with all the men and all state institutions whose job description ought to be interested in my words. Then nothing happened - I didn't receive a formal response to my Questions - which brings me to the conclusion that there is a strong political patronage over the draining of Kremikovtzi. I think this is a really big scandal. I personally wrote letters to the two recent presidents, and Nikola Filchev. Letters related to the problems of crime and justice system. Letters which do not even get a response.

- There are people who make suggestions for the close relations between Alexey Petrov, Filko Slavov and Filchev and the unsolved murders such as those of the former Prosecutor General Nikola Kolev, the former beret Vlado Dimov and the Yambol lawyer Nadezhda Georgieva, is their participation possible in your opinion?

- All cases which you mention are just part of the fierce cry for justice. There is no way I to know if there is a link between these killings and those people. But I know with certainty that the state abdicated their detection efforts in recent years. Actually - if you think about it - it has not revealed any of the mentioned murders which happened during the transition. This, to put it mildly, makes a bad impression in the European institutions. I encourage all who truly want to explore the relationship between crime and the government to observe this murder as well as that of Prof. Tzvetan Tsvetanov, as a starting point to unravel the facts. Then they will identify many of the characters who, as far as I hear, now seek to avoid justice by supporting it. And I must answer the following question - can the person or group of people actively involved in the crime in the country now using the state machine to achieve full amnesty. In one of my cases, a judge interrupted viewing of one case against Georgi Iliev, because the applicant should clarify whether he was hit on the cheek, or on the cheekbone. Verbatim quote, moreover they played this farce in a case to which was submitted videos, proving exactly what happened. Now imagine what had to overcome the widow of the prosecutor Kolev, all relatives of people who had been listed?

- Which politicians now fear of the fact that Aleksey Petrov is in custody and could enlighten the in public persons and events for which they do not want to be heard?

- There are probably many people, especially from the circles of the last government. Perhaps among them there are also representatives of the so-called opposition, like Yane Yanev, because suspicions that RZS is an engineering project of Alexey and SANS are not from yesterday. Just remember - the first, who immediately after the elections congratulated Alexey Petrov with his new party and parliamentary group, was Volen Siderov. Moreover, on the eve of elections, Luben Dilov-son told this in plain text in a letter when VMRO went to attend the elections with RZS. Then from Gergiovden they told that what is happening in the RZS crosses the disgusting. The European Conservatives withdrew from the project, not because of the troubled sexuality of the leader of RZS, because in Europe they are much more tolerant to the homosexuals, but because of verified information about the work of RZS with criminal groups. But I would like to reiterate one of my arguments - the rulings of the mandate of the triple coalition, the rulings at the time of Simeon and MRF - some of them are involved for sure. Alexey can do a great service to society, if he decides to speak the truth.

- It is said that Alexei Petrov went to SANS as a man raised by Stanishev, to help Petko Sertov, who in his turn helps people from the circle of the former Prime Minister, is it possible such a scenario according to your opinion?

- I don't doubt that such a relation exists. You don't need to be an expert - just remember the newspaper confessions of a man like Gamizov, who explained how he was going to the Prime Minister to pledge to create an internal unit in SANS? Complete anarchy and lack of rules. It will be the same if I go now to Tsvetanov, or Boyko and tell him: let me create an action group - a group that will destroy the crime in no time. Just like that - quietly to create it without informing the parliament. It is very important to the fight against crime to be according the rules of law. Even when the law is not perfect we should follow it. Since there is one major issue - if somebody enforces us to accept guards, who have the right to violate the law, who will protect us from the guards, I I ask?

- Who do you think are the culprits in the case Alexei?

-The makers are to blame, those who have not done the right control system. And all Bulgarians, which tolerated resignedly such an attitude. Those who have used the information for political purposes and those who have benefited from additional privileges are to blame. Because both politically and economically used SANS not only did not differ from State Security, but it is even in more twisted form.
The biggest fault is of Bildbordcho whose sole arguments for his crimes are "how much money you have and why didn't you give it to me, but to someone else". Just people as Yane Yanev leave every day the impression that in politics all means are permissible. Guilty is, as said the Prime Minister (laughs), not the one who eats the pie, but the one that gave it to him.

- According to one of the charges against Alexey Petrov he was racketeering various businessmen around his work in SANS, did he press you?

- Over the years I have repeatedly shown that I love to give and never allow to be taken from me. I was a wall, against which were broken not one and two racketeering heads. I think Alexei Petrov was intelligent enough to draw the necessary conclusions. I may forgive my enemies, but I never forget their names.

- There are people who argue that the Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov is hurried to the arrest of Alexei Petrov and that it may result ad a bad joke, is this true, what do you think?

- What means hurried? Even the suspicions about all these things that are shared in public today, are giving us the hint that the battle of the state against the organized crime was hopelessly late ... If there are no convictions it will evoke the bad feeling that this is indeed a police or state racketeering. Or our judicial system does not work.

- When do you think will finish the fight against crime?

- For me the battle against crime will end when I see the president and the prime minister to walk or bicycle to work, no guards and no additional benefits. As the leaders in Switzerland do, because of which they are called pedestrians or Johnny Walkers. At the same way like it was done by Indje, the Bulgarian hero - he used to let a pretty girl to walk in the mountains during the night to prove that it is clean from Turkish bandits.

- How do you think will affect Bulgaria the arrest of Alexey Petrov?

- 2-3 years ago I announced that the advertising of "Lev Ins" insurance against kidnapping could easily be compared with the clips of the mid 90's, when SIC and VIS successfully advertised their car insurances. But they not only didn't want to hear it, but they also made efforts to cover my statements. I have repeatedly stated that what happens to RZS and Alexei Petrov, is not different from what happened with the VIS and the MRF and BSP and SIC.
11/02/10 - "Standart" newspaper - There are still bandites with governmental indulgences

They are wondering abroad how a guy like Alexei found himself in the SANS

Slavi Binev, MEP ATAKA

- Mr. Binev, do you think that an undercover agent as Alexei Petrov may have been a double face agent - a civil servant and an uderground figure?
- Of course, it is possible. Even many people dream of such a situation, because they enter the system. Any action of yours is for the sake of the state's welfare. Many of the crime bosses would only have dreamed of such an alibi.

- Does that mean that there are others with such an alibi?
- I think, no - I'm sure! Many of the former crime bosses are even proud that they have taken such an indulgence. And here we should press those who authorize and cover them in practice.

- Quote names?
- Lets give the opportunity the repentant servants to assist the authorities now. Because I think now the country really has decided to expulse the crime figures from the state structure. It's seriously undertaken. These are some licensed criminals - criminal with license. It is extremely dangerous.

- Do you know personally Alexey Petrov?
- We know know each other just as people at the same age. We both deal with the sport. As individuals we have not had the opportunity to get to know eachother. Our relations were very peripheral. Perhaps we recognize that we are not one race, we are not one chemical group.

- You mentioned the name of the former head of a barrets Filko Slavov as someone who could be arrested next after Alexei Petrov?
- I'am not mentioning it. As soon as someone starts to lift the cover from this thing which was covered for a long time, it is perfectly normal to happen some other things. Slavov was one of the publick known links of the crime structures with the state. He did not even hide it. He even threw this as a glove to the respective patrons and prosecution elsewhere. He even enjoyed this opportunity.
10/02/2010 the European deputy from Ataka Slavi Binev: The next person could be a somber man - the former boss of the Special Forces Filko Slavov

Mr. Binev, you are probably aware of the breaking news - the arrest of Alexey Petrov an amateur of martial arts?

I am surprised. This is really shocking, because it proves a fact that we the citizens are suspecting for a long time - criminals have their lobby in the Ministry of Interior and this Ministry has a lot to do in order to figure out its problems before it can start to resolve the problems of the citizens.This is the biggest problem and because of it people are losing their confidance in the whole administration. But the most dangerous criminals are the licensed one - the licensed criminals. Those who hide behind good intentions. This is very dangerous. I prefer the real bandits. At least they have some romance.

But they react as criminals, they do not have a false identity.

They react like this, but they are hiding behind the back of the Justice and they are absolutely untouchable, and I really don't understant this fact. This is very bad and it can make the people to lose faith in the juridical system and the order in general.

Do you think that the transformation from an agent under cover to a crimal is easy to be transpass?

It is entirely possible, to transpass the border if there is no control and when your idea since the beggining is to become a criminal. I really hope that this is not a mistake, but in the same time something tells me that there is no mistake. As Churchill said - when one thing goes like a duck, squawk like a duck, it is very likely to be a duck

So you think that he was an double agent of the underworld?

He is not the first one who has a relation with the police. Most of the former mafia boss used to have, let's call it member card, from National service against the organized crime (NSAOC) or National security service (NSS). They used to have some relations and so they have transposed the border.

According to you why such a things happen-is it all about money?

When push an avalanche, you should run before it. Very few people have managed to escape the avalanche. And the question is not for money but for a lot of money. And more and more because they have to run before her.

The modern image of the criminal today is very complicated. A universitaire, superior police officer, according to some rumours maybe an editor and in the same time a boss of a criminal group that is blackmailing the people, tax frauds, illegal sex industry, drugs. The people are perplex this is not a typical criminal

No. The underworld is public concept. This is not a privilege for the police or the milice. There many kinds of criminal-journalists, artists, politicians. This is really a pandemic, which covers the whole of the society. The criminality should be eradicated for every state level. It is true there are jobs too close to the underworld and the temptation is higher. But this is a problem for the whole society. He is a part of a sick society. I read somewhere a book about an agent under cover. In the book is said "he was for so long under cover that he lost his mind and become a part of them". There is some limit to be under cover. After this mission you should change the enterprise. There is some kind of earlier retirement because one is absorbed and he can transpass the border.

Did you know in person Alexey Petrov, however the both of you have sport activity? You are a taekwondist and he is karatist, have you ever met before?

As they say - I cannot avoid him, but I would not say that we were friends, or that we were very close in any case. It is normal that we know each other- more or less we have the same years involved in sport. We are in different disciplines, I am taekuondist he is karatist. But our relationship is purely diplomatic, and we have not seen for many years. Sport is a forgotten topic, we are more in the organization of sport, rather than present the halls.

The prime minister said before that Alexey Petrov is a loyal citizen, doesn't it seem grotesque now?

In fact, the Prime Minister used to know his activity and he was making fun of Alexey Petrov. Very few people have understood this joke. He had just made fun of him as he does with all the people who creep in his legs. Nobody likes people who are creeping in his legs because you can't move (laughs)

Do you think that British services have put the condition to cope with Alexey Petrov, because otherwise they will not work with us? Is it possible that the arrest is because of the visit of Boyko Borisov in London?

I do not think this is the most important. There are many foreign services that have asked the Bulgarian police to react against the organized crime. But I don't like to speak for persons who have problems now.

This is the breaking news of the day. Do not interpret it like this.

I prefer to dispute with people who are in a better position. I don't feel comfortable to comment what other people have said.

Mr. Binev, is that the denouement, will the other side react?

There was one film - "The Neverending Story." This is neither the beginning nor the end. You can not put such a label. This is one game that always exists. By the way this is described in the Bible, and surely will be described in future books.

I mean the other person close to Alexey Petrov, because he is not alone-will they react in some way?

Very often the role changes and the slaves become master; every organisation has its own life. And sometimes it is very difficult - one sees things one way, but they occur in another. I do not see the authorities even higher. I do not see some strong person who is sitting in a dark flat and who is taking decisions. But there is a darker personality, which remains.... Hinders them, because it is extremely ... extremely smart. There are those people who dislike the media, because there are those who imitate that they do not like the media. They don't like media because they know it is not reasonable for them. This is the former head of the barrets Filko Slavov, who I still do not see. This is one of the people who should never be given to be associated with Ministry of Interior. This is one of the people who made the linked the criminals with the Special Forces.

Who is next?

(Laugh) I am a eurodeputy not a prophet.

Mr Kostov said that it is the turn of the Untouchables.

I don't know. According to me it could be the person I mentioned above. You should see the prosecutors and the judges behind. Because this is a criminal holding that has his own prosecutors, judges, police officers and pure criminals on the frontline. This could not happen without prosecutors or judges. We should know. I have no idea but I say a lot of things. But in any case I think the big criminals are afraid now. The most of them were on diplomatic missions now they will regret quitting this job. But there are a lot of persons who are concerned.
06/02/2010 - n.Banker - Problem is when the offense is unpunished Slavi Binev MEP of Attack, before the newspaper "Banker"

Slavi Binev was born on December 10, 1965 in Sofia. In 1984 he graduated from the French high school, and in 1990 the National Sports Academy, majoring in tennis and boxing. His second major was journalism. Multiple champion in taekwondo in the country, and in 1992 he became European champion. Since 2007, a MEP, erected by the Ataka party. Fluent in French, English, Italian and Russian. Married, father of 5 children. He has also one grandchild.

Mr. Binev, politicians shared the opinion that Kristalina Georgieva is the best candidate for commissioner of Bulgaria. Why do you think sha wasn´t our version "A"?
I'll answer that question after seeing her attitude towards people who are her colleagues. Over the years there was a rather arrogant attitude by Meglena Kuneva, but we never said bad word against her, although I had special reasons to do it. Although it is proclaimed that the highest governmental post - the EU Commissioner, as only serving a pan-European policies, we all know that the commissioners is the most important lobbyists of their own country. It is therefore very important that our new commissioner - Ms. Kristalina Georgieva - will be truly representative of Bulgaria, or will present only herself ...
What to expect from the Spanish Presidency of the EU?
They came very ambitious. Showed exceptional preparation. Their commissioner-designate received the highest rate - only with rating 5, which shows great commitment to the European idea. We see how the big countries do not consider the presidency only as a part of the protocol and really want to perform certain actions. They have the character and the confidence, and strength to afford it.
And what has Bulgaria to expect? It is no secret that what's happening in our country depends on it - which holds the EU presidency?
The European Council is extremely important, but if you ask me, the commission is most important. It is important what the president of the commission thinks on certain issues because he is definitely a man of strong character, exceptional reputation and extensive experience, which is essential for any reform. The period of six months, during which Zapatero will be a President of the Council, I think isn´t of paramount importance for Bulgaria. It is important to the extent of continuing the European strategy. There are many issues facing Europe as a whole. Fight against economic crisis, and Spain seemes to has suffered most of it because there were many English and Germanic investments. Since the British were the first on the entrance of the crisis. Some time ago it was explained that the crisis is likely to remain only in Britain since the Anglo-Saxon markets are linked and that it would not come into Europe. From our conversations that we had in the committee, in ECON I get the impression that this would happen and we were prepared on these issues.
Did you pass the results of those discussions to the then government?
Of course, these things delivered to the Government in the person of Minister Petar Dimitrov, but unfortunately they were not misunderstood. I think that Stanishev has not even paid attention to the warnings. One of the most important measures for the crisis was to notify the large operators to be able to pass the agitation, they can rearrange the business, because this is the first part of the tackling the global economic crisis.
At the end of February it will be released another interim report on the judicial system. Are we going to succeed in deciving them that we have advanced with the arrests of "brazens", the "Crocodiles", with the arrest and release of the Big Margin?
We should not deceive them, but this should really happen. The very point is Justice and Home Affairs. Whatever you talk, the problems of the judiciary are inherited. But you have to find a statesmanlike willingness to deal thoroughly with the criminality that bothers very much and is connected with solving problems with the economic crisis. Because the security is a precondition for economic development of the country.
How can we cope when a large part of the criminality has already "white collars". They sponsor politicians.
One can not simply put a white collar and cut off the tail of the lizard, as Ilia Pavlov said. These things become difficult. I think that white-collar connections are not interrupted, and one day they will come to light. More important now is the connections and relationships that created a bad image of both the people from the judicial system and the people from the executive to be opened. I was, so to speak, the "beta tester" of the democracy. I have had various meetings of the first, second and third kind with this whole system and I can speak on my behalf. I haven´t heard gossips in the tram, but I may indicate names. I can tell you the names of a few corrupt judges who tried in every way to convince me that I am a victim of myself.
Do you have the courage to publicly say these names?
I whip them at the moment and they know who they are. The then head of a barrets Filko Slavov explained to me that I should fix my relation with Georgi Iliev, that no one knows how things will happen. I can mention all judges and prosecutors in this case. Do not forget the investigation ...
These - corrupt judges - are they still judges?
I will allow the relevant authorities to deal with this - there are many symbolic cases in which judges have failed spectacularly. And instead of being removed from the judiciary, they were promoted. As if that was their entry ticket to their careers. But a judge who has been discredited by his own decision, should be removed forever from the judiciary. The big problem now is that there is no penalty against the offense. And that makes the criminality feel unpunished and thus - stimulated.
Up to now no one of the indicated bosses of the organized crime has been sentenced. There are people who stay for months in detention.
I keep Prime Minister´s fingers crossed on this issue. I think if someone is aware of it that is he. I hope to see serious results.
You want to tell that you have changed your attitude towards him from the time when you have presented him as a bubble that you burst. Is it difficult now to support the man who was your opponent?
I have difficulty going into battle, and when I do it, I throw all my energy. And I hardly find peace before I or my opponent falls. In this case I fell. I took this loss with dignity. People say that if you accept the loss greatly, it dosn´t differ from a win. I am personally not very impressed by what have happened. In the relations between the people is development - in good or bad direction. At one point, one has to swallow his personal observations and must keep their fingers crossed. I would not keep their fingers crossed until the end of my life. There is a point of refraction. As you can see, I do not put aside critics to the ruling party.
Ivan Kostov on behalf of the Blue coalition has criticized the management of GERB fot the lack of anti-crisis program and for not discussing their candidates with them. Are these criticisms justified?
For him they must be. I think Ivan Kostov with his five people should not have great reason to claim to give advice. He must refrain from giving advice. Because some of the biggest problems with the criminality began in his time. If he wishes to criticize he should make it more elegant.
Recent sociological studies show that if the general elections are held now, only three parties will come into the parliament, "Atacka" is not among them. How do you explain the decline in confidence in your formation?
These belong to the row of speculative sociological studies. Of course, the war is carried out also on the sociological front. The criminality is a social phenomenon. It is not a priority for custom officers, police and ordinary gangsters. It is a priority for the society. When the infection is dragged it includes sociologists, politicians, and journalists. Therefore, you should read very carefully the things shared by sociologists, political scientists and ordinary public figures - as Yane Yanev.
Is Yane Yanev an ordinary public figure?
Well, since some time he is just a public figure.
What made you - a successful businessman to enter the politics?
I've always had a lot of politicians as friends, and opponents also. One day I dealt with friends, because there were a lot of injustice to me. Yes, everything was legally justified, but it was obvious that a few paragraphs tackled me absolutely incorrect. At this time, I read somewhere an interview of Al Gore, saying "write to your politicians, connect with them" - talking about business and if you are not satisfied, candidate and brush them away. I was mad then - by my own problems. And I said I would do it, but ... I did not hear myself. At that time I was with Lubo Dilov, which is a very good friend of mine, and he made me listen myself. He told me: "Then just do it - what are you waiting." Everything later was only technology. Each party needs fresh blood and fresh ideas.
Does the family needs more a politician rather than a businessman?
This is the only question with which I have complied by any of these decisions. My wife never allowes herself to give me advices. And I do not want advice from her. I can not say whether she is happy with the so ordered circumstances. Definitely time for my family is scarce and I am trying to replace it with a clown to the boy and with some instructive aphorism to the girls. That's exactly what I thought I shouldn´t do with my own children because grown up like this by myself.
Did you intend to found "BIAD in Brussels. Has this happened?
I never occurred to much laughter when I read it, but at the same time have wondered - why do not really help someone to do something similar because I am not allowed to control businesses - "Global consult "for example. I'm very dedecated to my work when I am in Brussels. I do not put on airs and I do not complain.
Is it a myth that as MEP you live in a castle of a count?
No. In Strasbourg I really live in a castle, but I live there with a few people - not just me. This is actually a former castle, which was converted into a hotel. This is one of the most emblematic places in France and, of course, has made an impression on the people who come to see me.

The conversation was led by Petia Staneva
25/01/10 - Slavi Binev MEP: Borisov must be supported in the final phase

Slavi Binev was born on December 10, 1965 in Sofia. In 1984 he graduated from the French high school, and in 1990 - the National Sports Academy, majoring in tennis and boxing. His second subject is journalism. He is multiple tae kwon do champion of the country, and in 1992 he became European champion. Since 2007, he is a MEP, from the PP ATAKA. He is fluent in French, English, Italian and Russian. He is married, and he has 5 children and one grandchild.

- Mr. Binev what are the comments in the EP after the so - called variant "B" of the government for commissioner and for the submission of Rumyana Jeleva?
- Maybe we could avoid this entire thing with the plan "B". Maybe Rumyana Jeleva and the people who are close to her underestimated the situation, but the fact is that no one expected such aggression, especially from the Bulgarian side, which makes an extremely bad impression. This is not the right attitude in the European Parliament. And if someone intended to create a personal image on this - it is a big mistake. This is one of the so-called unforgivable things in the EP and discredits all the people who are involved in the conflict.
- The Chairman of the EPP and Barroso exposed their reputations, supporting Jeleva. Do you think that from now they will always going to have hesitations when it comes to Bulgaria?
- This is actually much more important problem. In Bulgaria we have always used to have a back up option. As Groucho Marx said: "These are my principles! If you do not like them, I have other principles too ..." . It is not always a good solution to demonstrate such attitude. I think that we lost the credit of trust. I'm not sure that promoting the plan "B" as much "better" right after the fail of plan "A" makes good impression. The name Ms Georgieva is well known. But I don't know her personally and I can not comment her abilities. All that I hear about her are only superlatives. But we must not forget that she will work in a radically new environment. Sometimes the people who in generally are very capable in their area don't show their best, when they are under the pressure of the very high expectations.
- We have already heard some comments that Kristalina Georgieva will be the representative of the World Bank in the European Parliament?
- I could make a joke saying that the World Bank is much more serious business unit than Global Consult. There is much tension and suspicion over the activities of the World Bank; especially in the European circles. It should be considered whether the solution is not going to be worse than the problem itself.
How come that Slavi Binev was the only VIP Bulgarian MEP who was invited to the luncheon of the President Jerzy Busek?
Since the beginning of the second term, I have already been invited to these formal meetings several times, they traditionally take place in the Hall of Fame, which is the private dining room of the President ... They are related to the big session and on them usually attend distinguished people like those who will receive the Sakharov prize, or the representatives of the new presidency ... Almost every time there is some VIP politician who is worthy to meet with some of the emblematic figures of the EP. In each parliament they are back-benchers whose sole duties are to exclaim enthusiastically when their leaders talk, and to murmur when the representative of their opponents speaks. Certainly there are people with social respect and a commitment that dates back in the time, before their inclusion in the official policies. It is highly appreciated when one has a public commitment even when he is not is not connected with politics. Currently I am a representative of the non attached MEPs. The status is extremely high, but it's not so important.
- Here the price of the non attached members is high - how are you accepted in the European Parliament?
- The non attached MEPs can not be considered as a homogeneous structure. They are very amorphous and that hinders their powers. Maybe they are non attached because they are very attached to their freedom, and it is often very difficult for them to find a common language between them. I think my quality which is appreciated by the President Busek is precisely this, to succeed in consolidating the opinion of the non attached members. You know that consensus is an essential tool of the EU - some decisions are should be taken with mandatory approval from the three-quarters from all members.
- In an interview for "Nova" TV you compared Boyko Borisov with a Teflon frying pan where nothing sticks. What does it means?
- This is not a secret for him. I appreciate this personal quality. Because I don't have it - if there is a problem, I am always nearby. This seems to be quite inspiring for me. I've always been on the side of the people who are in need. The errors like those with the plans "B, C" and others, which are political failures, cost a lot to those who made them. In many cases he turned similar situations into a plus.
- How ATAKA chooses which of his ideas to support, because it often happens to change its opinion.
- This is my other remark. The Prime Minister must be supported in the final phase to make sure that this will be the position and he will not change it. It is not dangerous person to change his thesis when there are objective reasons for this, but it can't be a way of conducting politics.
- When ATAKA will become a member of the EPP? We know that the party now aims to become a part of this family.
- I can not say when this will happen. It seems that there are many people who don't want us to cultivate. They are asking us now "why suddenly you become good? You were so nice when you were "bad". Before they were saying to us "be a little bit softer, you can't be so hard". There's no way to please the whole world. The easiest way to fail is to try to please everyone. There is always a romantic period, but there is also maturing. We now demonstrate a new behaviour, which shows that we are ready without asking anything, because of the decisions that should be taken to set aside our purely political interests.
- Who do you think recommended Ilian Mihov to Boyko Borisov. Is it possible the recommendation to be made because of the friendship Ivan Krastev?
- For Ilian Mihov, I hope that he is not recommended by Mitio the Payner. My acquaintance with the Prime Minister tells me that it is hard to influence on him - for better and for worse. Our European profile is becoming very American, but as Mao said, the colour of the cat is not important; the important is to catch mice. I don't care what these people are, where they come from, or whether they would lobby for this and that company. I think that the most important is that they lobby for Bulgaria to deal with the problems facing us, because whatever the statistics for our great prosperity are, the people don't care about the statistics. They look in their pockets. And everyone should know that people are attached as quickly and strongly he loves with the same strength and speed starts to hate when is ripped.

Plans "B", "C", "D" which are political cost a lot to those who made them
Even more
He will become a feudal

From 10 years Slavi Binev is writing a doctorate in social psychology. "I've already wrote it. It remains my only the external and the internal page. This is probably the longest doctorate in the history" said Binev and added that what he changed 3 years ago was associated with political leadership and the prime minister leading style.
The supervisor of Binev is Antonia Hristova from the Institute of Psychology at the Academy of Sciences, where the MEPs will defend his doctorate. He says that he does not bother to become a feudal old man, because he already is an old man for his grandchild.

02/12/09 - - Archon MEP Slavi Binev

Instead of going back, our Orthodox Church has to be reformed.

Maria Fileva

Slavi Binev is an independent MEP. He is in the European Parliament for a second term, elected from the list of “Ataka”. In 2007 in Rome, he was exalted to the rank "Archon of the Orthodox Church" by Bishop Galaktion from Stara Zagora.

Mr. Binev, what is your position on the proposal, which discusses the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church - to return to the old Julian calendar?

I do not know whose idea this is, I hear about it for the first time. I have just arrived back from Angola. In whose head was it born?

Father Marin Dimitrov and a group of believers from Chelopechene have deposited such an application, a liturgical commission of the Holy Synod deal with it. The reaction of the bishops clearly shows that the opinions are divided - some were in favour, others against.

I can not have an opinion on this matter, it is improper for me to have opinion. These are purely theological matters, I have no right to give advice. This is a clear area of the fathers, who should decide. There are countries in Eastern Orthodoxy, which use the old calendar. Now the Orthodoxy is divided on this issue. But in principle I am about to move forward, backwards, in my opinion, is not pleasing phenomenon to God.

According to Archbishop Gabriel from Lovech one day this issue have to be resolved, in order not to celebrate the feasts of the Orthodox churches on different dates.

Yes, but in this case this is a discussion that must take place outside Bulgaria - the Ecumenical Council. Indeed, this topic should be discussed at that level, the churches are autocephalous and they must have consensus on this issue. They can not be ordered from above.

The fact is that orthodox churches are divided. Which exactly celebrate on the old calendar?

For the Serbian and Russian Churches I'm absolutely sure.

Whether this return is not a attempt of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to distinguish itself from the Catholic? As if the way we now celebrate Christmas, is rather closer to Western traditions than to the orthodox ...

I think if that's the idea - to be distinguishable from Catholicism as a whole, attempts should not be in this direction, but in our better job with the laymen mostly. Unfortunately, the Catholicism is superior in this respect - as regards to the sermons and the social tasks which the church fulfill. Not to mention the largely Protestant churches, which are mostly in German speaking countries, where the priest is actually the head of the family. They are kept in every county in every town throughout society faith, kindness and this is illustrated by their entire social life.

And what is the problem of our Orthodox Church then. Why it cannot achieve that?

Maybe because it is Orthodox and difficult to penetrate with new ideas. Difficult to introduce new ideas, there are always people who claim some phrases of the scripture are displeased with this development. I think it is incorrect to mention names, but there are really people, who despite their youth, seem older than others.

Do you mean the head of the Plovdiv diocese?

No, I do not have anyone in mind but I do not expect the young to reform the church, which is obviously in need of reform, bur the sane people who actually want the good to be a model of behaviour in our country, and not to seek demagogic statements about why not doing good.

Mr. Binev, we are talking about the influence that the Catholic and the Orthodox Church have in the society, but at the same time see what is the influence of the Orthodox Church in Greece, for example.

You actually gave the answer. Everything is a matter of interpretation, of attitude, of willingness of the society to accept one thing, and of course, of common sense from the other side. People have long since raised their criteria and they expect a serious attitude on the part of the church to the laity. I talk about a more serious attitude, one of not-running-away from social topics, from the social problems on the basis of that, that they almost should not be meddling in politics. On the contrary, I think people who truly love their nation are bound to interfere in everything our prosperity depends on. The church must be relevant in this matter.

I.e. the Church should intervene in the politics, did I understand you your opinion correctly?

It should, yes. But unfortunately they have an internal provision that prohibits them. They voted in the last ecclesiastical and national council - not to associate the church with politics. The topic is delicate. From purely human point of view it is quite correct that the church should not intervene. It is made also from another perspective - yes, we will not interfere, in order to prevent the interference of Muslims in politics, but the truth is quite different and you know it perfectly. On top of that the most miserable in all this story is that if the passover to the old calendar is made to distinguish ourselves from the Catholic Church, this is absolutely wrong for the simple reason that distinctions are not in our favour and this is visible to the naked eye. At least at the moment. I would like to have distinctions, but they should be in our favour.

Just to clarify - distinctions from the Catholic Church are not emphasized as an argument, they are rather journalistic assumption, because the fathers are not very talkative and tend not to give lengthy explanations of their deeds.

There are too many other problems that stand in Bulgaria at the moment - between clergy and laity, and I do not see this seriously be the most discussed topic at the moment.

The latest topic, on which the BOC took a stand was to prevent the wedding on Saturdays. The reaction of the laity, became clear, that they will not comply very much with the decision of the church clergy.

Exactly that is what I think - the church should very carefully allow or prohibit certain things. Here, many people in Bulgaria are resent that in the parks is a lot of pulled and trampled grass. Why this happen? - Because here we first make the paths, then the garden. In Switzerland, the other way round - first are the garden made, then one see where the people go and then the paths are made to their convenience. The church is not made to serve to itself, but to the people. She should see their problems and feel them and to reform according to the people’s needs.

Another topic on which the church took a stand is the Madonna concert. First, it declares itself against it, but just days before it took place, although it has been known for months when it will take place. Then the American singer was accused that because of her visit the Ohrid tragedy was caused.

Nonsense. I personally was at the Madonna´s concert and I would forbid it because she showed extremely rude attitude to the public as a whole. First, she came hour and a half late, second she behaved as though we are ... Anyway, I think her concert has to be banned for other reasons - for her arrogant behaviour. We're going to watch an old woman who has sex claims on top of all. I must tell you that she was unpleasent.

Well, just that hardly can serve as an argument for the church.

They should not affect this theme at all. Usually, at least from what I had seen happening abroad, remarks are made by priests who want to come within sight of the public and are seeking purely PR effect. Usually the serious church refrains from such comments. Or it makes them very rarely, when it becomes unacceptable abstaining. Vatican keep distance from such comments. This leads me to think that such statements are given by a priest, who is bothered or poisoned of something and is seeking redemption. I think this is not a topic for the church - what music people love. If they were Muslim, I would understand them, because they are very carefully with the music.

But the church must take a position on the topics that move the public.

Yes, but the topics that are most important to it, do not appear on the agenda. For example the full reform of the BOC - because it cannot, under so much property it owns, look so poor. It should definitely address some of the social issues, to put them on the table and to have opinion on them, it must find a way to the people.

And maybe we Bulgarians are not deep believers.

There are people who believe. Certainly they exist, many of which want to communicate with the church, but it seems that they find more serious attitude on the part of the sects rather than understanding on the part of the BOC. And this is one of the huge problems of our Orthodox Church. Sectarians seem to find a right way to some especially to the weaker sections of the society. This is something which raises great concern in me and which will give bad fruits over the time.

If it does not already give them.

If it does not already give them, yes. There is nothing wrong for person to believe in something good, to observe at least some of God's commandments, to try to make the others around him to believe - advising them not like the Dimitrov Young Communist League, but to show them that there is nothing wrong being a good man - with his deeds, etc. By all means the good should be raise in paradigm. There is nothing wrong with that.

See, many of the things made are not explained to the people. Fasting is not only linked with any ideas of health or simply because it is said by the church. It must be explained that this is the battle which the body should lead. One could affect things through the matter, there is no any other way. Actually it is a suffering that hardens your spirit, nothing else.

Do you keep the fast?

Typically, when a man is a social animal like me, he must create his own program to harden the spirit. I have spoken to many preachers on these issues, they made their choice when to purify themselves. Little heretical is what I am going to tell you, but I think it is not important whether to keep fast on a specific date ... Here are the scholastics, they confuse things and think that everything should go point by point, without to understand the meaning. When the law is observed, without been understood, it become dead and does not serve the people, for which it was created. Exactly here is the power and the important opinion that the church should have, and to say why these things are done, what is the objective they want to achieve, in order to help a person to adapt, because he sometimes misses the meaning of what has been done.

I.e. to understand that you are not keeping the fast now because you have own program for spiritual perfection?

Yes, every person like me who have to travel and to introduce himself in many different places ... The other option is simply to be a hypocrite only in the sense that even the orthodox rules allow to a travelling person to do everything, etc. Because I do not need to be hypocrite, I look for other programs with which to have impact on me.

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
31/08/2009 - The truth for Boyko Borisov

The father of martial arts in Bulgaria-Valeri Naydenov was the first coach in martial arts of Sofia Mayor Slavi Binev and to the European deputy Slavi Binev. Naydenov is currently honorary president of the Taekwondo Federation and has a 6 level dan the highest in the country. The founder of Taekwondo in Bulgaria was born in Bulgaria in 1953 but he has the spirit of a 23 years old man. So we ask him a provocative question:

- Why don't you organise a sparing between your students Boyko Borisov and Slavi Binev? Who will win?
-If Boyko Borisov appeared to a match against Binev and he wins, I'll give up my dan.
As proof of these words I can make a physical comparison between their characters and physical skills because I know them both. I know Borisov from 1982 to 1985 was my student in the taekwondo. By the way I excluded him.

-For gossip, lies and intrigues, but I do not want to speak about it. He was a young fire-fighter when he came. Binev came around 1985-1986. Borisov has not a talent. And Binev has a lot of talent and he becomes an European champion and Balkans champion.

-What does it the meaning of the talent in martial arts?
-This is a sense of security, confidence; to feel your partner, even to smell him. If you are only a robot who kicks, you remain a kicking person. And Binev was very interested in the spiritual side of the taekwondo.

If you don't touch the spiritual side you cannot fully understand the sole of the taekwondo. You cannot become a master. Unfortunately when Boyko was training he showed cowardice. In taekwondo he protected a blue belt still a mediocre student level.

-I read somewhere that he has a black belt?
-This is a karate black belt. I am talking about the taekwondo.His friend Rumen Nikolov Pashata gave him the black belt.The man with whom they build a twin house. Pashata was president of the Karate federation.

-Where is his house?
-In Bankia. Before 5 or 6 years Boyko took the dan. It is the same think as if I met someone in the pub and I say to him "Listen dude I will give you a blak belt because you do not have". It is not serious.
You told me that Boyko is a coward. He doesn't look like this.
I will give you an example. It was 1984. We were invited by the founder of kyokoshin in Varna. Kotze Bojlov, who is doyen of Kyokushin karate in Bulgaria, I fighter that I respect very much challenged us. We get 10-15 players including Boyko Borisov. In one of the first meeting of my competitor Denislav Skorchev one of the students of Bojilov hits him badly and breaks his jaw. After two meeting Boyko was supposed to play. And then he comes to me and says I cannot play here, because I should work the day after. And I asked him "Are you afraid" "I prefer to..." "If you are scared take the train and go back to Sofia". And I send him back. All the others were in a battle. And he even had not the courage to go on the ring.
I think he is afraid when he smells the adrenaline. I read quite often in the newspapers he is mythic hero, very good karatiste. He used to have two nicknames, which characterised him perfectly. One was coined by Plamen and Dancho of Turnovo. They often used to beat Boyko. He was named the washed underwear. The second nikname is the badger, because he was very asocial. This determine to some extent Boyko. I even cannot say he is a famous taekwondist - he never had a medal because he had never competed. Once he quitted the taekwondo in 1985 they made him a karate coach in the Fire command. Now he is coach in Ministry of interior.

-The society has a different vision of Boyko. But some politicians called him a Mafioso in cellophane. Do you have information about his criminal background?
- The strongest time of the mafia was between1992-2000. In this time I was not in Bulgaria. I haven't seen him as a Mafioso. But I know for a lawyer who has worked in SIC, that Boyko was in the board of the group.

-One General from Pravets said the company "Ipon" was created by Stoil Slavov who was killed later.
- I have no idea who has legally held "Ipon" but "Ipon" took an empty place, which left one person-the emblem of the security business in Bulgaria - Yanko Dimov. If he was alive, Boyko would be a simple guardian in a parking now.He would be sitting in the prking and asking kindly "Mr Mihalev where should I park your car"
"Ipon" was create in 1990-91, thanks to the vacuum left by Gardenia 12", created by Yanko Dimov, who was a friend of mine. He was a good officer from the Interior Ministry, a wonderful guy. I saw him a day before he suicide or before killed him. You know, he was the first to guard the king's sister Maria Luiza. Precisely in those years, Boyko appropriated my idea. I'll tell you why. When Zhivkov was arrested, myself and Kin Stoyanov, the son of Radoi Ralin, we suggested that the Taekwondo federation guard for free Todor Zhivkov. But we didn't have an answer.Boyko instantly stole the idea and became a guard to Zhivkov.

There is a second case like this. I met Simeon in Madrid before even before Boyko knows that there is a king. He was very jealous. It was in 1990. I was in Madrid and I arranged a meeting with Simeon. Boyko was watching what I was doing and immediately stole my idea. And he becomes a bodyguard of the king. Boyko is not constructive. He reacts quickly but it is a crafty work. He knows how to steal - he can hear something and says immediately this is my idea!

-For the first time someone dares to say such a thing for Boyko. Aren't you afraid?
- Why should I be afraid? I know him well. He is narcissist and has many complexs. . A man who loves his voice and his body. He likes to be surrounded by people who vaunt him. I'm sure the first thing he will do if he is a Prime minister will be to appoint a Minister of flattery. When I first met him he was a stupid boy. He does not speak languages, he does not contact with people. I know him in this age - 25 years old, when one should learn. A child could develop and change. But Boyko did not change and develop. I think he is imitating Robert de Niro from the "Godfather" movie. He is making grimace as if he is the godfather. We should be very stupid if we do not see that.

-After these critics what will he do?
If I were at his place I would come here and say "Tell me this straight in the eyes". Yes, Boyko I will retell my critics straight in the eyes, but you are hiding. Why are you hiding from your coach?

Once he was collecting the cartridge as Secretary of Interior, now he is beating in his chest that was very active, 5-6 hours of ground work. Okay, but he comes at a session at the parish 11-11,30 am, that I know of municipal councillors. And as soon hear the decision of the municipal council, which is not his whistle he makes a grim and goes to play football. Saturday and Sunday, when heavy trucks pass on an alley Yavorov illegally and ride dirt illegal constructions, he played tennis, and select your opponents in order to win.
When there was the fight between Bulgarian and gypsies in Krasna poliana two days after he went playing football with the gypsies. We have an ethnical conflict and he behaves as a coward and a marionette.

-Who is the master of the marionette?
-The people behind him. I think that Boyko is controlling Cvetanov and Boyko is controlled by someone else.

-But who is the master?
-In any case Boyko bitted the king's hand and most probably he will beat the hand of BSP.

-Did you know that Zhivkov had given a suitcase full of money to Borisov?
-I heard such rumors. And let be honest why he will keep Zhivkov and the king for free?

-How much does it cost the security for an important politician? I know that you were in South Africa and your business was to protect the highly placed politicians?
-It depends of the danger. For Zhivkov there was not a danger. A long time before I met a small man with glasses. They told he speaks Russian. He told me "My name is Carlos". After I understood that this is Carlos Ilich Ramirez Sanchez.

-The Chakal! The terrorist!
-Yes. I met him in 1978. One friend presented us in the Japanese hotel in Sofia. I asked him about what he thinks about the security of the important political figures. He told me something that I will not forget" When they market your photo you are already gone." If they were interested to kill Zhivkov, nobody could stop them with or without Boyko Borisov.
09/06/09 - - The candidate for the European Parliament from ATAKA Slavi Binev

The candidate for the European Parliament from ATAKA Slavi Binev:
We have played against 2 Turkish and 3 presidential parties

Mr. Binev, Are you satisfied with the outcome of the euro elections? Didn’t you expect more?

You should always expect more, but generally, as we had to play against 2 Turkish and 3 presidential parties, I think the results still are not bad. We could, of course, to achieve more. Bulgaria had to achieve even more.

Which party you created you most problems? Who bought the most votes?

All parties that were designed solely to steal the votes of "ATAKA", caused us problems. They also caused problems to Bulgaria, not only to us. All bought votes with the exception of party ATAKA.

Emblem is also opposition party, but you didn’t found a common language, right?

They had six defenders in each section. It costs money, it cost much more.

According to the leader of the leaves of BSP Ivaylo Kalfin your score actually carries quite a danger for Bulgaria because of the nationalism and populism you use.

When the politicians start acting like a fortune teller, it is dangerous for Bulgaria.
04/06/09 – “Ataka” newspaper – The MEP from ATAKA Slavi Binev: The nationalists will be the third force in the European Parliament

The cynicism and arrogance of the government appeared on 2nd of June

Lyublena Papazova

Slavi Binev was born on 10th of December in 1965. In 1984 finished his study in the French high school, and in 1990 – in the National Sport Academy, tennis and boxing activities. His second subject is journalism. He also won the taekwondo championship of Bulgaria for several times. Since 2005 he is member of the Executive office to the Bulgarian Olympic. Since 2006 he is a head leader of fund “Priznanie”, which supports the Bulgarian sportsmen and coaches. He is a member of the World Taekwondo Federation. On 3rd of January 2007 he receives the title archon from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. At the elections in 2007 he became “ATAKA’s” representative at the European Parliament. He speaks French, English Italian and Russian languages. He is married, a father of five children and he also has one grandchild

- Mr Binev, do the governors control their nerves enough before the election and how the rally of ATAKA on Vola peak disturbed them?
- It is not about getting nervous, it’s more like arrogance, exclusively hubris, which was disastrous for not one and two heads. The rulings showed hubris even at day as June 2 because they saw that they are not in the right place on Vola peak. It’s impossible the people who have agreed to run with the mandate of the MRF to celebrate the day of one of the greatest nationalists in Bulgaria - Hristo Botev. They are not with pure hearths because not only have agreed to govern together with the MRF, but every day trying to copy this cheating party. They are trying in any way to play by the mafia rules which were imposed in our politics. Hence comes that they had no right to be at Vola peak. They understood that people do not want them, that they hate them and that they were there just for the record, not because of great people’s love. It became clear that the worships organized by the government are a major demagogy. There were also representatives of the opposition like Assen Agov, Tsvetan Tsvetanov and of the rulings as Meglena Kuneva. This is a super cynicism. The rulings accept us as slaves. They expect from us applauses and smiles and the common greetings. The representatives of the government were embarrassed when they held speeches for Botev. There wasn’t passion in their hearths. They wanted to quickly read the words and to flee, because realized that there was not their place.
- Is the management of MRF causes mostly the anger among the people that you are meeting during the hundreds of election meetings throughout the country, which ATAKA started before months?
- This is one of the things that bother most the people. The second is that they fear that will be lied again. Because they are continually being offered no real solutions, the real solutions are provided currently only by the program of PP ATAKA. The managing is creating the opposition to simulate a political alternative. We know well that Emblem was created with a single purpose to combat ATAKA. Mr. Siderov clearly asked questions on peak Vola – what are you doing Tzvetanov, aren’t you from the opposition, what are you doing on this forum, what are you doing Mr. Agov? The management fears to fight against ATAKA, and therefore creates any fictional formations - "Ahead", RZS. In Yane Yanev for example are invested millions, despite that he is just one person with a soft tuft, he says that he is able to stop the corruption. It should be clear that he is a stooge. So how he will fight with those who appointed him and pay his revenue? How will this happen?
- Are the voters mobilized a few days before the election?
- Our colour is clear. We have neither left nor right, or centrist orientation. Our colour is white, green, red. We are responsible for Bulgaria; we fight to protect the interest of Bulgaria in the EU. People should understand, especially those who like ATAKA that their position must be extremely strong, extremely firm and that they should do everything possible to mobilize as many people as possible for voters. Each of the ATAKA’s sympathizers must be a missionary of the nationalist idea to save Bulgaria. We are at war which is fought against us not on the battlefield, but in the economic area. And I don’t know who is a fool and who is a smart than. Those who can’t even say two words in Bulgarian but are mobilized to vote for MRF or we - clever and intelligent people who do not vote. That one who believes that someone else will do it, he is being done repeatedly. That’s why, we - the Bulgarians should mobilize ourselves, to vote and to kick out all this corrupted establishment that laughs at us.
- What are the most important priorities in your work in the European Parliament?
- Protection of the church is one of them. We all know weaknesses of the church, but now I think we all should give it a big credit of trust, because it currently has more need of support rather than criticism. Because the church is placed at the crossroads of political forces that attempt to use it. I believe that politicians should stay away from the religious issues, but also to help the church in cases like this with the decision of the European Court in Strasbourg for the recognition of the alternative synod. The state acted on this appeal by an extremely inadequate way; without even to look at the documents which were sent by the Russian Patriarchate. They contain observations of the court decision in 70 and a few pages. None of these points was included in the new appeal. There are forces in the government of the country which don’t want a strong church and work on this issue. In the EP ATAKA will continue to unmask and show the truth about the disastrous triple coalition and its management. My colleagues can not believe that in an EU Member State a pensioner has to live with 50 euros per month.
- How do you expect to look like the new EP?
- I have to admit that between nationalist formations in the European Parliament there are certain differences and they are inspired by the big parties: PES, EPP ... The big parties know that if the nationalists become unified they will be one of the major forces in Parliament, most probably the third. This scares them a lot. The next Parliament will have a huge nationalist group. The biggest problem of the parties of the status quo as the EPP and PES is that they have lost their doctrine. Only the nationalistic formations have doctrine.
04/06/09 – “Classa” newspaper - Slavi Binev second in the euro list of ATAKA: The state is not worried that the mafia dictates the terms

- Mr Binev, does our healthcare reached the European health standards? What more can be done to the health care system?
- No matter what we are talking, this may be done only with political will. Not only with aligning of the standards because of budget surplus money could be concentrated not on tobacco - sectors that are controlled by MRF but to be directed towards other sectors such as the health care or education.

- How the Bulgarian MEPs can change the statistics which indicate that the level of education decreases constantly in our country?
- In my time students won international Olympiads and had one of the highest IQ. Now I have a feeling that the system wants to align our knowledge with the level of people from ethnic minorities, which are required to have only one wrinkle in the brain to know how long should be the paddle or the number of ballot for voting.

- In your view what should be our energy strategy, and what projects you will defend in the EU?
- We close some reactors, while we want to open others. Especially for the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant - we gave it to the EC. We in from ATAKA reviewed all pre opening documents and there were no obligation seen for the closure of the first units of the plant so their removal is simply a gift for the Europeans from the people who have signed the accession to the EU. The responsibility should be sought from them.
The other thing that bothers me is that it does not proceed with the construction of new facilities in Belene. The government continues stand far away from this project and takes no engagements, leaving this consciously on the private financial interests.

- The European Commission strongly criticized our judicial system in several reports. Do you see the effects of the pressure from Brussels or it should be strengthened?
- Several times I was involved in discussions on the tone to Bulgaria and I have always said that we do not understand hints and minute speeches, but we understand the actions. Otherwise, our government will always seek the back door without having to worry that about the mild comments on the big theft in our country, that the laws are not respected and that the mafia here dictates the terms.
It is true that in all reports of the Commission the tone is different, but it is essentially the same thing – they are all critical and every time we see how the government becomes softened by the first phrase "We are pleased to see the desire for progress”. But our managers don’t read after the comma where there is always a "but" and follows the essence.

- The campaign for the European Parliament elections goes hard. Do you think this vote will have a higher activity among the Bulgarian electorate?
- According to Sociologists the electoral activity will be higher and I expect it to be approximately equal to that of the European Parliament elections in 2007 I think this is partly due to the media, although the government itself doesn’t explain enough to the people the importance of this vote. It was suggested to the people that the MEps are some kind of tourists, but it should be very clear that the representatives in the EP are far more important than MPs in our Parliament. Because everything which is done in the national parliament, should be approved by the EU.
02/06/2009 - – The MEP from "ATAKA" Slavi Binev: Hot waves pour the fellow Kostov

The name of the "ATAKA" was involved today in two scandals - the first is that the party's supporters groaned the Premier Sergey Stanishev and the leader of Emblem Tsvetan Tsvetanov during the solemn pilgrimage to the memory of Botev on Okolchitsa peak, and the leader of "ATAKA" called both homosexuals . Earlier in the day Ivan Kostov said that the slogans of "ATAKA" "No to Turkey in the EU" are by DSB. We sought for comment the second candidate of "ATAKA" for the EP Slavi Binev. He spoke with a reporter of "vseki den" by phone, descending the peak Okolchitsa.

Mr. Binev, I’m calling you regarding the statement of Ivan Kostov, that your main message "No to Turkey in the EU” was a position of the DSB in 2006. According to him you should name the Blue coalition, when you use it.

These are some hot waves over the fellow Kostov. What can I explain him, he can say anything. I think that he not only said, but also showed what he can do with the management of Bulgaria. At least it suits him to make a trace with somebody else’s cake. The truth is this – before one week nobody dared to say "No to Turkey in the EU”. After Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, and the President of the European Parliament, Mr Pöttering made such statements; they all started to compete to use this theme because they have lost their doctrine a long ago. They have no doctrine to protect and to defend. Because they see that only the nationalism currently has a doctrine they are trying to say "Well, that’s what we told you". By the way this is effective for the silly people. I think that we all can only laugh at such remarks.

But Kostov pointed out that even then DSB stated that they would request a referendum if Turkey ends the negotiations. Furthermore, such a position should be presented at more civilized manner; I don’t know whether it was a reference to you.

I do not know exactly what he meant by civilized and uncivilized, but I am one of the victims of his administration, when I personally wrote a thousand times for untoward that happens in this country and was one of those who were depressed during his time. And I saw that not only there are not taken any measures, but his oligarchic circle was being defended. Nothing else. For me he is a politician without cause, without doctrine, and now without an army and tries to make such statements, which are definitely not in their style and are inadequate. He can say whatever he wants; you must ask him what he meant. What he meant by "civilization" and "un civilization”. I could recommend him to read the book by Arthur Clarke on this matter.

Lately really it is obvious that many politicians pledged or rather said grab the Turkish issues in one form or another.

These are some bad copiers who recently accused us that our behaviour is inadequate and we will embarrass ourselves before the strangers. Now, seeing a signal from the West, because they always wait for permit. These are people without character, which certainly are used only to copy and repeat certain lines. They haven’t their own opinion, not a spirit, not their own strength. I don’t know, I don’t see them as leaders – just as executors of somebody else’s will, nothing else.
Yane Yanev also uses the Turkish issue to some extent ...
We are not talking about Yane Yanev right now. He should know that this soft hand can’t stop the corruption. It can be stopped only by a strong fist in the head. He should know that if he is a real fighter against the corruption, he must arrest first himself. He should do a self arrest. This is where he should start from. I can count to 3 to 4 to 5 million and I could very well estimate how much such a campaign costs as he is leading at the moment. I don’t know if he knows, but donations must be declared after he points some donations from people, companies, etc. Here it comes to millions, what it to talk about is.

I can’t miss to ask you about the scandal that just happened on Okolchitsa. Why you hissed the Prime Minister Stanishev and Tsvetan Tsvetanov? Was there any particular reason?

"This is all the demagogy … the idiotism of the whole story is that people like Stanishev and his entire clan are gathering to celebrate the day of one of the greatest revolutionaries of Bulgaria, one of the greatest nationalists. They stay in the front lines to celebrate one day for a man fell in battle against the Turks. And these people are currently governing Bulgaria with Turkish term. And the truth is that they not only govern with Turkish term, but they are guided by the Turkish party MRF. This is all a demagogy, this is silliness. Extremely embarrassing, doesn’t it bothers you?

I understand, but to get to throwing lines like "homosexuals" to the Prime Minister isn’t it disturbing ... I understand that Mr Siderov said to Sergey Stanishev "Come here to slap you”.

Look, there are many disturbing things but in every thing – it is found what has been sought. You may not know, but he was provoked by the police which tried to suspend our peaceful rally, which so far wasn’t outside the bon ton. They seem to purposely provoke this confrontation. Before we finished, they tried to demonstrate violence, which stirred up the people ... there was needed an answer.

Violence demonstrated by the police?

Yes, this happens. You'll see the records.

And why exactly was the police should intervene?

Police intervened absolutely unnecessary in a time when everything was calm and easy. They intervened, because the Prime Minister was expected to arrive and they felt uncomfortable and wanted to stop our rally 10 minutes before. The aggregate, which was there, they took it with force from the people on the spot. Suddenly it became a super mass without having absolutely anything to impose.

But there are still blames to you for trying to assign the day of Botev’s and the perished for freedom.

No, we do not want to assign anything. This is simply a celebration of true national ideas of Bulgaria. It is not a celebration of people who govern with a Turkish term, not a celebration of the people who are manipulated and are marionettes in the hands of the Turkish party MRF.

I think for many people it’s a shame that on a day like this, when the people memorize such a great person as Botev, this happens.

I think he is pleased that we have not allowed his ideas to be sold and the forests where he died to be stolen. To be cut, to be sold and to be islamised the places in which and for which he died. Each of us must do so if he feels Bulgarian.
06/02/09 - ”Ataka” newspaper – The Euro deputy from “ATAKA” Slavi Binev: The new Russian Patriarch promised the support of the entire Christian world for the Holy Synod

My participation in the inauguration of Cyril was recognition for the efforts of “ATAKA” to protect the Orthodoxy

Lyublena Papazova

Slavi Binev was born on December 10, 1965 in Sofia. In 1984 finished his study in the French High School and in 1990 the National Sports Academy, specialization in tennis and boxing. His second subject is journalism. He is also multiple tae kwon do champion here. In 1992 he became European tae kwon do champion. Since 2005 he was elected member to the Executive Office of the BOC. Since 2006 he is Chairman of the Fund “Priznanie” (acknowledgment) which aims to support of Bulgarian athletes and coaches. He is a member of the management of the world tae kwon do federation. On January 3, 2007 he receives title archon by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. At the elections in 2007 became a representative of “ATAKA” in the European Parliament. He speaks French, English, Italian and Russian. He is married, father of 5 children and also has a granddaughter.

- Mr Binev, you had the rare privilege to attend the inauguration of the new Russian Patriarch. Tell us like a witness what ipressed you the most?

- It is a privilege not only for me but for the Party “ATAKA” in general, because the invitation was recognition of a nationalist political party, which only protects the Orthodoxy. This principle is enshrined in our program. It was also a privilege for our leader Volen Siderov, as I responded to this invitation on his charge. The most important thing that really makes an impression is that the whole Russian people welcomed the new patriarch in a way that must be seen. The ritual of inauguration can on only be compared with the enthroning of royalty of the highest rank. With pomp, it was a remarkable ceremony, which is responsible only to the extent of a country like Russia. And this can not be otherwise, because Patriarch Cyril is probably, if not the greatest religious contemporarily leaders, at least one of the first three which are of greatest importance in the spiritual, and social and economic life of the world as a whole.
- During the ceremony, the delegation of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, of which you were a member, you were just in front of the President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. This is a clear sign of the importance of the Bulgarian church that Russia sees. For what specific cooperation agreed the two countries during the audience with the Patriarch on Tuesday?
- He said in the meeting with us that the whole Orthodox world must support the Holy Synod of Bulgaria who is currently in Strasbourg attacked with a case in which the so-called alternative synod sues Bulgaria for violating of his rights. He expressed a very clear position, saying that no secular court has a moral or human right to intervene in the God’s deeds and God's canons. Patriarch Cyril was firm that in this case the whole Orthodox world must support the Holy Synod, because the Orthodox laws are different and the court in Strasbourg should not impose an opinion on them. I’m flattered from the thought that I was in putted in front of Putin and Medvedev, right next to the altar of the church "Christ the Saviour” which was perhaps due my first title – an archon. The second reason is because the opinion of “ATAKA” that our nation and Russia are two brotherly nations that respect each other and that together must think how to make the Holy Orthodoxy really a national religion, as should be, and as it is in Greece for example.
- Is Patriarch Cyril familiar enough the history of our church and its present? How he looks to Bulgaria as a whole?
- Not only is familiar, but Cyril himself admitted that it may sound incredible, but he is extremely happy to know our Patriarch Maxim from 51 years. The new Russian Patriarch was only 11 years old when he met the head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. During the luncheon after the inauguration Cyril told his guests the memory of his first acquaintance with the Patriarch. This happened during a visit of a delegation of our Church, in which was included Maxim, which at that time was the youngest among the bishops. The two met on the platform at the station in St. Petersburg. Cyril was among the welcoming group with her father and remembers how than he removed his hat. Then His Eminence Maxim came closer to him and told him - boy, don’t put your hat of, put it on because you will get cold. He said that this is a very gracious man, who he can never forget. It was a very nice time and shows its hearty relation to the Bulgarian Orthodoxy and of course, to the Bulgarian people.
- During the audience you received the Order of the orthodox assembly of the Russian Church. What is it and what is its history?
- It is not from the official awards of the Russian Orthodox Church, it was made specifically for this fair, which is historic, because this is the election of the new Patriarch. But except me such an order received all the official guests at the ceremony.
- The world determined Cyril as a reformer. What do you think will be the main priorities of the new head of the Russian Orthodox Church?
- He said in his speech that his efforts will be focused on young people who need guidance in the moral matters. His efforts will be concentrated in all cases for enthronement of the church, that it to be able in a really positive way to influence the secular life.
- Are the Russians such a believers and how they meet their new patriarch?
- Extremely faithful. I must say that the men in Russia may be divided into two groups - believers and atheist, but for the women such a division does not exist. All of them are very pious - in the classic sense. Russian society is really a very religious society, very faithful one.

"Ataka" newspaper
10/12/08 – “Ataka” newspaper – The Euro deputy from “ATAKA” Slavi Binev: Brussels gave a clear sign to Stanishev to get out

The entire Europe is shocked by the arrogance of the ruling Bulgarian

Lyublena Papazova

Slavi Binev was born on 10 December 1965 in Sofia. In 1984 graduated finished his study in the French high school and in 1990 in the National Sports Academy, where he specialized in tennis and boxing. His second education is journalism. He is a multiple champion in Taekwondo in the country. In 1992 became European champion in Taekwondo. From 2005 he was elected member of the Executive Office of the BOC. Since 2006 he is Chairman of the Fund “Priznanie”, which aims to support Bulgarian athletes and coaches. He is also Member of the management team of the world Taekwondo Federation. On January 3, 2007 he receives the title Archon of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. At the elections in 2007 became representative of the PP “ATAKA” in the European Parliament. He speaks French, English, Italian and Russian. He is married, father of 5 children and grandfather of one grandson.

- Mr. Binev, can we say that the religious differences in Europe are large, but they are also serious and can not be removed in any way?
- No. I think someone is trying to make them serious. This is the biggest problem. We, the Bulgarians can not be accused in intolerance. But at the moment we are undergoing chase in our own country, something that personally bothers me. We protect our interests, but that does not mean that we are not tolerant. We also want Muslims to be tolerant of the Christians. They abuse the very word tolerance, and as always they overreact, while they require from as always to be obedient sheep, which to be sheared and presseed. We are not against everyone who is follower of another religion but we don’t want they to impose their religion on us. One of the most important benefits of democracy is precisely that - through a freedom that you have do not endanger the freedom of another person. This is true freedom. Freedom can never be at the expense of someone else. There must be rules to be respected and we should never forget that Bulgaria is a Christian country.
- Are there in Bulgaria strong Christian Democratic parties similar to one in HDZ Germany, for example?
- Unfortunately, Christian Democratic organizations in Bulgaria are anything but Christian and democratic. Therefore they do not know the issues of the democracy, and Christianity. They do not know the value of Christian culture. The Religion is what conserved the Bulgarians and it will preserve them as a nation. What is the Christian-Democratic Party as DSB like, which only pretend to be Christian-Democratic and especially with a leader as Ivan Kostov? I will be perfectly clear - everything that was forcibly held in a democratic process is tyranny. I hate the democratic Talibans in the same way that I hate the Talibans in Afghanistan. Because these are people who don’t give you the opportunity to correspond with them. These are people who believe that their truth is true for absolutely everyone. They don’t accept arguments, they don’t accept calls, they don’t accept anything. They want their truth to be absolute for everybody.
- Let’s get back to the discussion on cultural diversity in Europe. Is there a need for such forums?
- It is important to have these forums for many reasons, to be really able to understand our problems, to show Europe that we comply with the rules that we have been imposed, we understand them, accept them and not at last place – we want to upgrade them. Of course, we explain our problems to our European partners, amd most of all that the Muslim in Bulgaria are trying to rule on religious base.
- The next year there will be the elections for the European Parliament, but a recent research showed that most Bulgarians do not know the date of the vote. Because it is expected low voter turnout similar to previous years. How you and generally PP “ATAKA” will try to activate the Bulgarian voters, what are the main messages, how you prepare yourself for the elections?
- The most important way to prepare ourselves for the elections is to try to keep everyday our promises that we have given according the values that we believe in. We are not preparing for elections themselves as election is about us and our work that we are doing in Brussels and Strasbourg. We are sure that our deeds are assessed because the representatives of the PP “ATAKA” don’t have to lie about the big achievements of Bulgaria, as the representative Euro deputies from the rulers do. We haven’t been hypocrites explaining to people that bad is good. There was no need to force the black colors around the news for our country, the rulers made them only negative. Instead, we were trying for a very long time to act as good opposition.
Things went so bad that no matter who will drive the train after he recieved an extremely broken machine, it becomes unpredictable how far you can get with it. The truth is that everybody in Europe are enormously confused by the arrogance of the rulers in Bulgaria, and their refusal to look themselves. The authorities are used to see only the good sentences which by default present in the letters from Brussels. But the employees write them because of the minutes, and our government thinks it is respect for its work. Stanishev and the company only see the word "dear colleagues" and do not see that after that, in diplomatic language comes – get out because you are just don’t let us to do our job.
- In this sense we may say that Brussels don’t want to be partners with the ruling coalition and does not regard them as equal partners anymore?
- Brussels is obligated to work with them. But I can say that they don’t feel comfortable because they are polite people who do not like to punish. The construction of the EU is based to the help, not to the punishment. The only case, in which the punishment was inevitable, was regarding Bulgaria.

"Ataka" newspaper
22/10/08 - Mr. Binev gave an interview for the Swedish radio “Sveriges radio”

In Strasbourg Mr. Binev gave an interview for the Swedish radio “Sveriges radio”
The main point of the interview was that ATAKA puts the same requirements to the Bulgarian government, as the EP does. Its opponents are seeking ways to expose the party at the European political scene. Their arguments remain, however, absolutely groundless, mostly based on the fact that none of their political commitments has been accomplished, and some have not even been started. The Bulgarian government flees from of the main benefits of our membership, namely, discipline.
Mr. Binev pointed out that the differences do not set us apart. Moreover, they enrich us.
The question about minorities also could not be omitted. Mr. Binev emphasized that thanks to the Turkish leaders and gipsy “barons” in Bulgaria, who collect the money from European structural funds, turned the Bulgarian ethnos into a minority. He also stated that Bulgaria does not struggle to obtain any special privileges for the Bulgarians, but for equality in front of the law.

1. The plans for a new European Parliamentary Group called the European Patriotic Party - will it be launched in November?

I don't know anything for sure. I have heard a few ideas about the issue, but I am not introduced to the details yet. Moreover at the moment all MEPs are preparing themselves for local elections. Therefore, suddenly they all become patriots and nationalists. And I also do not see this issue appearing on the agenda. Maybe after the elections we can discuss it.

2. What are the common goals/interests for this group?

The most important points, as far as I know, are:
- Opposition to the bureaucracy;
- Opposition to the immigration and to the foreign criminality that it brings;
- Opposition to the criminality in generally;
- Opposition to the Turkey’s invasion to the European Union, not only because of the geographical differences, but also because of the cultural and religious ones

3. What is the main core issue regarding values that this group want to highlight in EU Parliament?

Our power is in the variety and diversity and we should not turn it into defect, just the contrary - in effect.
I come from a country which was unificated before, and in the past everything that was not forbidden was obligatory.
I know that if we all think at the same way that means that nobody thinks enough. It is not about the nationalism in its old ugly form, it is about the conservation of the diversity and its acceptance. EU already has 27 countries and with the accession of the new members, the evocation of patriotic tendencies is inevitable. One of the main laws of the physics states: against every acting power acts another with the same strength and opposite direction. We are elected for EU MEPs from our own countries, not from the European Parties in which we are forced to be members. Actually our election platform is based on the fact that we are the best lawyers of our country. The denial and the eliminating of the patriotic organisations will only evoke those processes against which I fight. It’s impressing that the traditional parties treat the patriotic formation like a necessary evil that serves for scaring the elector, who already does not believe to the politicians. They want us as a sparing partner, who is doomed to death, but keeping him alive as an example to the others. There is another thing that attracts attention - the jealousy. In political life exists certain fashion, which has to correspond to the needs of people, the truth is most of the old parties with traditions have lost their doctrine, based on the fact that Europe has always been socialistic, but at the same time a cradle of the democracy. New parties just pose the new questions. In Bulgaria without even asking us, they put us a label to scare the European institutions, and through which they say: yes, we are thieves but you will have to support us, otherwise the nationalists will come. We pose the same questions that the EU poses to the Bulgarian government and institutions: the rule of law, fight with crime and stop corruption.

4. How will the group act regarding questions about minorities in Europe, for example Roma and Muslim people?

I absolutely vote for the total supremacy of the law. Due to the misunderstood tolerance, the measures are different for them and they live in enclaves in the city centres under their own rules, which are bad even for them. They are the nurture environment for crime. There the power is in the hand of drug dealers, usurers and pimps. Of course, we can not treat the gipsies differently; they need to be educated and integrated. But the some responsible people, the same ones who are supposed to carry them, are interested in trading their unhappiness. The money and subsidies that have been given from EU for educating and integrating of gypsies go straight in the pocket of the gypsy barons, who pull the strings of the formal and informal organizations and sell their votes during elections. Having in mind this poverty and unfairness their so called "leaders" drive around in Maybach and Mercedez CRL. Simultaneously, the law has mercy on their crimes, due to the demagogy of our young democracy. You see the demagogy of the good and kind gipsies, because for me they are gipsies and not Romas. The demagogy had crashed in Spain and Italy, when a group of these kind gipsies had committed crimes such as killing, raping and stealing in some of the cities where they were so nicely welcomed. Hence those countries do not worry for the criticism of the EU they took immediate measures to stop the gipsies ´ crimes.
In regards to the Turkish minority, I would state that those are hard working and kind Bulgarian people who were forced to change their religions and convert to the Islam. They are ruled by the firm hand of their political leader Ahmed Dogan. The election rate among them is 100 percent. If one opposes his hegemony, he is excluded with severe damages or in some cases end with a suicide.
This political totalitarism makes him one of the richest men in Europe. And he is not hiding this fact. Those are the real xenophobes, who bribe the social peace and hold in feudal conform citizens from my country. At the same time we play tolerancy with the “nice and kind gypsies”, because I consider them gypsies, not Romans. I was at a meeting, where the problems of the roman’s society were discussed. The representatives of Spain and Italy, and mostly the Roma citizens disapproved the idea to name the gypsies Romans. In Spain and Italy the whole idea collapsed when those “nice and kind gypsies” made a series of rapes, robes and even murders at the naïve, hospitality cities. But as their authorities haven’t our grandmother’s complex of “what the others are going to tell/think”, they took the situation in their hands, invented the effective measures and protected their citizens.

5. There have been a lot of demonstrations regarding new mosques in Europe - comments?

If Osama Ben Laden symbolises the cruellest aspect of the Islam for the Americans, then the Muslim woman with her numerous children are his European equivalent. Europe has low birth-rates and ageing population. There is no sense in going into details but the statistics show that even without accession of Muslim countries into EU and stopping the immigration flow, the Muslims in Europe will become more than 10% of the entire population. And if this flow is not stopped, nobody knows what the consequences would be. I declare very responsibly that the topic "European Islam" is constructed by the Liberals, who assumed those desires for reality. I must state that the fundamental terrorism is preceded by cultural storm. Traditionally the Sheria divides the world in two parts. Dar-al -Islam or the House of Islam and Dar-al-Kharb - House of the war. Tarik Ramadan, who is living in Switzerland, is now trying to introduce a new category - Dar-al-shakhada, which means house of witnesses. He is trying to find alibi for the Muslim population in Europe. This same person praises and excuses the extremist terrorists. The French government is not letting him enter the country because evidences speak for his connections with Al-Qaeda. USA is acting likewise. On the whole the term "European Islam" sounds for me like European Communism that had allegedly turned away from the protection of the USSR. I will not mention that normally the guests should respect the host for his hospitality and not to enforce their own rules. Of course I have also many Muslim friends but they are cosmopolites and are regarding the Islam as a source of spiritual energy and not as duty to obey. Regarding the Muslim headscarf and other indications of the religious belonging I think that the religion is something personal and people trying to show off in the eyes of the others are not real believers. I will give you one more example with the states of the Indian Ocean dealing with naturalisation. In Mauritius after the Second World War eight couples Hindus arrived. Without to any bullet falling, at the moment the government and the parliament as well as MTV are run in Hindi. And when the Mauritian people realised what will happen it was too late. To what future we deem our children and grandchildren?

6. Regarding Ataka - the background of the party?

Ataka is a young party. Its founder is your colleague - the journalist Volen Siderov. He is also one of the founders of SDS (Union of the Democratic Force) in Bulgaria. But as SDS draws back from the democratic idea and turns into a state totalitarian party, many hopes disappeared. The support of the people disappeared also. At the same time the ethnical Turkish party, realised the weakness of the system and converted the Bulgarian majority into minority. The misunderstood democracy and tolerance forced us to change partly even our history. This forced all people to agree upon a new notion, defending the little that they still have – their national pride.

7. What is the most important task for the party in Bulgaria?

The tasks are absolutely the same like these which the EU assigns to our government. Because the people become more and more eurosceptical towards the EU. These tasks are: the rule of law; anticorruption programme and transparent programme for the European funds. The funds should be accessible for everyone and not only for DPS (Movement for Rights and Freedom) like in Kosa Nostra; stopping the arrogant crime. Implementation of a Model of social justice, control over the administration. The development of sports as social and health phenomenon and after the anomie of the society introducing of Christian values.

8. Why is EU important for Bulgaria?

EU is mostly important for us because of the disciplinary action, from which our government is trying to escape and because of the experience which EU can transfer to us concerning the real democratization of the country. At the last monitoring report I said also that we do not get along with appeals but only with effective measures. I have about 100 last appeals for ejection from the Komsomol.

9. How can nationalism be combined with a European identity and cooperation?

The differences, if used by wise people, are not defect but effect. It is the same to ask why the family is the main cell of the state. EU is a wonderful idea. Only refusing to love ones' relatives more than unknown people can defeat it. Beside that absolutely all countries have no differences regarding main moral and law. We are only against the unification, to which we had been exposed during the communist dictatorship and about which I talked before.
09/10/08 Slavi Binev: In Australia, there is a dictatorship of the law, in Bulgaria – of the lawlessness

The nationalism is a natural characteristic for the New Zealand’s politicians, so they wonder why Europe criticize us

Ventzislav Lakov

Slavi Binev was born on 10th of December in 1965. In 1984 finished his study in the French high school, and in 1990 – in the National Sport Academy, tennis and boxing activities. His second subject is journalism. He also won the taekwondo championship of Bulgaria for several times. Since 2005 he is member of the Executive office to the Bulgarian Olympic. Since 2006 he is a head leader of fund “Priznanie”, which supports the Bulgarian sportsmen and coaches. He is a member of the World Taekwondo Federation. On 3rd of January 2007 he receives the title archon from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. At the elections in 2007 he became “ATAKA’s” representative at the European Parliament. He speaks French, English. Italian and Russian languages. He is married, a father of five children and he also has one grandchild.

- How was originated the idea of visiting Australia and New Zealand, they are at the opposite side of the Earth globe?
- I’m a member of one informal organization structure in the EP related to the sport. We are in debt to travel around the world exchanging practices and to search the best decisions, which can be found for the sport’s development of each state. There are some countries in the world that are advanced in this area. One of them is England and the other one is Australia. The USA, Russia and these two countries are the leaders that create the tendencies in the sport now. Australia didn’t win a golden medal until the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, and nowadays owns the fifth place. How is it possible – only with the support of the governmental support? Because of this, as a people, that are responsible for these topics in the European parliament, we are in debt and we are interested to do everything possible to contact the deputies and to search the way to solve the problems in the sport.
- What was your first impression of Australia?
- Every one who was in Australia knows that all the country runs. No matter how big the continent is – everybody runs in some direction. I haven’t seen kangaroos or crocodiles chasing the people, but actually everybody is having fun. The truth is that they dominate in the swimming, without training with crocodiles. The people there realized a long time ago that the sport achievements and the treating of the children and the old people are also measures of the governmental status.
- Our country is poor, how can we compare to Australia…
- With the background of the enormous budget surplus, which was declared in our country, the needs of the sport seem to be ridiculous. Australia is 10 times bigger than Bulgaria, but the population is just double and a half – about 20 millions. So the citizens’ number is not the main factor of success in the sport activities. In Bulgaria should be a serious investment in the old sport facilities. Australia does not facing this problem, in every six months there are new facilities and exchange of practices.
- What were your political contacts there?
- From the “ATAKA’s” name I met some of the ministers of the Australian states and of the national government; I also met some of the people that connect the politicians and the business. There the guilds are extremely powerful and the politicians respect their decisions. The dialogues were positive and we were assured that if we succeed in being a factor in the governing of our country, than we could be supported and not only at the sport area but also in the relation business – government. At that moments there were elections in New Zealand, and it was expected the winning of the nationalists. I underlined that “ATAKA” is also a nationalistic party, which gathered us a lot, and we got the promise for long – time dialogue with the nationalists in New Zealand.
- How can you explain the nationalism there, considering that the states there are young and they were colonies in the past?
- In Australia and New Zealand they believe that the politics are in debt to be nationalists. They don’t understand the reproach to the European nationalists. They say exactly the opposite – you should be proud to be named like this, because for every politician it is a must, when he goes in the politic, to fight for his people and for his nation. They are proud with their flag and their national marks, and they expect the other’s respect. For these people is very difficult to understand that somebody is trying to expulse us from the government because of the same thing, that they depend on and they are proud with.
- What will be the most surprising thing in Bulgaria for the people in the other side of the Globe?
- They will be surprised from the fact that there are well known criminals in Bulgaria, but nobody is chasing them, and that governmental persons are protecting such criminals, for which we are warned from the other states. They will be surprised of the violence over journalists and euro deputies. They will be astonished of our first place for corruption and criminality, and that no one here trusts the legislative system, no one does complaints and searches any help. There is a huge precipice between us.
- You mentioned that the politicians there are supporting the business. But here the deputies serve the oligarchs, what’s the difference?
- When the guild puts pressure on some of the politicians, it fights for a change of the rules. Whereas the oligarchs in Bulgaria are fighting for the opportunity to not respect the rules. That is the big difference. There they fight to change the rules which will support the whole guild, while here, some people fight for license and for permission to break the law. The fact is that those states were not colonies of Turkey, but of England. This determinates the specific in their manner if governing, thinking and self expression. There is really a dictatorship but of the law, while in Bulgaria there is dictatorship of the lawlessness.
- Is there discrimination to the aborigines? Can we compare them to our gypsies?
- You can see aborigines everywhere in Australia. There is one acting tolerance. And it is useful for the aborigines and for the Europeans as well. Whereas in Bulgaria the rules are just for the Bulgarians, and for the Turks from DPS and for the gypsies they aren’t effective. The aborigines are children of the nature, you can see them colored down city, playing their instruments, and all the people are having fun with them. But they don’t steal and they are paying their bills. That’s amazing in Australia.
- What else exotic impressed you there?
- The nature there is different. One of our debts as an Euro deputies is to observe the global ecologic problems. In Australia they don’t fight for quotes of gas emissions like in Europe and Asia do. The people there are saving some species from which are left just one or two representatives. The last piece of the “lost world” is Tasmania. In the last century there disappeared a few species – the Dodo bird, the Tasmanian tiger – disappeared 60 years ago. Now is going to disappear the Tasmanian devil, which is something between big rat and weasel, a very “smiled” animal. The devils are raising in closed areas, to be protected from cancer contamination. They are trying to cure them, and to find vaccine to the cancer. I saw the ornithorhyncus which lives only in free spaces, and the people protect these animals. I understood one thing clearly – the Australians and the New Zealanders love and keep their countries.
16/09/2008 Interview of the WAZ Mediengruppe

Question: What is the gist of the problem Bulgaria has with Roma from your party's point of view?
Mr. Slavi Binev: This is no longer just a Bulgarian problem. Since we joined the EU it is its problem too. The biggest problem of Roma communities is that they are a nutritious environment for crime. This is a big issue in Bulgaria and so it has become in Spain and Italy as well. We are not against the Roma but against the crime they generate, because of their ignorance and because their parents have a strange attitude to their children _ sometimes they cut their fingers so that they can be handier in pick-pocketing or break their legs to make them better beggars. We can't approve this.

Question: How do you propose to solve this problem?
Mr. Slavi Binev: There are two basic ways to address this issue. One is to call things by their real names instead of using the Roma as a means for political racketeering. By the latter I mean that the organizations pretending to stand for Roma interest defend only their leaders' personal interests. Some of those people ride around in Maibachs, which you can rarely see even in Germany. The law must treat Gypsies on an absolutely equal footing with the Bulgarians. Regretfully there is a sort of a demagoguery tolerance, which allows the former not to pay their utility bills, not to be arrested, when they commit legal offences. Secondly, there must be a carrot along withe the stick. These people need to be educated and integrated. We see the tremendous problems Italy and Spain are facing now and that they started calling things by their real names instead of playing with misinterpreted tolerance.

Question: Which organizations do you mean when saying they abuse their role to stand for the Roma interests?
Mr. Slavi Binev: All Roma organizations for integration _ I think they are eight in Bulgaria, who run the funds the EU grants under different programs. These are not only pre-accession but also purely social facilities. Those officials deffinitely do nothing, but use the Roma as hostages in political racketeering.

Question: [ i]EU has often criticized Bulgaria for the situation of its Roma? Is Europe fair doing this?
Mr. Slavi Binev: Of course it is fair to a great extent. We have allowed people to grow up like Maugli in city centers. It is also unacceptable to see there people walking with axes or knives in hand, just because of some abusive tolerance. We really have a problem with law and order in our own country. Parties, which are more liberal, don't want to solve the problem. They don't treat the illness, but just try to soften the suffering. Sometimes however the needed remedy has to be painful.

Question: Looking at the polls, Ataka faces growing chances to be part of the future government in Bulgaria. What would you propose about Roma if you come to power?
Mr. Slavi Binev: We don't divide people in Roma and Bulgarians. We divide them in people who abide by the Bulgarian law and people who don't. We'll treat people equally as far as law implementation is concerned. We'll have a differentiated approach only in terms of social policy. The only way to change the way of life of this people is education. We must invest so that they become part of the Bulgarian people, which we can be proud of.

Question: The European Commission has identified the two main problems of Roma as "persistent discrimination" and "far reaching social exclusion". Do you agree with this?
Mr. Slavi Binev: The truth is just the opposite. If there is discrimination; it is that their legal offenses are looked at much more mildly. There is no discrimination in the proper meaning of that word. There is brainwashing on behalf of their leaders, who try to convince them that the Bulgarians are their enemies so that they can use them during elections. It is well known that the Roma leaders are wealthy and influential people largey related to organized crime. Some of their leaders, who don't conceal their political ambitions, have been in jail.

Question: Ataka has been branded as "anti-Roma" and "racist" party. Is that true?
Mr. Slavi Binev: We are not against the Roma, but against crime, whose nutritious environment are the ghettoes. They have to be dismantled. It's a world with its own rules. There rule usurers, drug dealers, pimps.
12/11/2007 Interview of the Bulgarian Press Service Office of the EP with Slavi Binev

Mr. Binev is a member of the "Identity Tradition and Sovereignty" group. He is a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.
The interview with Mr. Binev is part of the series of interviews with the Bulgarian members of the EP, initiated by the Bulgarian Press Service Office of the European Parliament.

Question: You are among the first 18th directly elected Bulgarian members of the European Parliament. Have you already integrated yourself in the work of the EP and what is your cooperation with the other European MPs? Do you have any mutual initiatives?
Mr. Slavi Binev: I remember the story about the man falling down from a thirty storey building and seeing the thirteenth floor he said, “So far, so good…”. He was a fatalist actually. After six months of work at the European Parliament, I have acquired the knowledge that the European parliamentarism might be a free fall, but it can also be an attempt to fly – depending on the personality. My everyday work with the Economic Committee and the "Identity Tradition and Sovereignty" group, I belong to, confirms this understanding of mine.
Of course, not only I but all my Bulgarian colleagues should dedicate more effort to make our positions more recognizable – both in Bulgaria and in other member states. Because the Bulgarians still can’t judge whether our activities in Brussels and Strasbourg represent an attempt to fly or just some dangling. The connection between the change in quality of their life and the work we do here is still not clearly seen.
As far as my cooperation with the rest of the European MPs, not only from our parliamentary group but from all others, is concerned, I think I have made some considerable improvement for the short period of time since I am in the EP. Indicative of that was the visit to Sofia of the leader of the French National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen and my good relations with some parliamentary members like Ari Vatanen, Paul Schmidt and others. Extremely important is the fact that we, the 18 Bulgarian MPs, have proven that apart from our party affiliation, we can be unified. A good example of that were the results of our joint initiatives, like the nurses’ case, the provision of support for the Cyrillic writing of “Euro”, the Mogilino home for disabled children, the support for lower alcohol excise rate, the protection of the interests of particular producers, like the wine producer, the milk producers, etc.

Question: What are the main objectives and priorities in your work till the end of this mandate?
Mr. Slavi Binev: One of my strategic objectives is to convince the Bulgarian society that my work, and the work of the rest of the Bulgarian European MPs, is of great importance for the positions and the role of Bulgaria within the European family and for the increase of the quality of life for each one of us.
My work at the Economic Committee of the EP is of high priority too.
I think that I might contribute a lot to solve the problems of the small and medium enterprises, the financial sector, the quicker adaptation of the Bulgarian business to the EU regulations.
I’ll be paying even greater attention to the social aspects in my work, focusing on the social role of sport and its impact on the education, the protection of the interest of the groups in unequal position, the representatives of the academic community, etc. I’ll be in contact with all NGOs in Bulgaria.

Question: Have you managed to adapt to the rhythm of the European Parliament?
What are the major challenges in the everyday life of a European MP?
Mr. Slavi Binev: I am a sportsman, to adapt my breathing and reflexes to different rhythms is part of my nature. Still, being a representative of Eastern martial arts, which focus on the most direct and efficient way to the target, I think that a lot have to be done to reduce the bureaucracy and work more effectively at the EP. There should also be more sessions of the commissions carried out in other countries. This will increase the authority of the EP and more people and journalists from each member state will get to know its work.

Question: How would you evaluate your work at the EP up to know?
Mr. Slavi Binev: I have already mentioned some of the initiatives and the resolutions I contributed to. The evaluation should be granted by my electorate who will definitely show during the next elections whether I have managed with my tasks.

Question: What are the reports you are working on right now? How would they influence the Bulgarian citizens?
Mr. Slavi Binev: I am directly involved with the report of Paul Schmidt, which pays special attention to one huge problem – the relation between sport and education that concerns the future of our children. As a member of the ITS, I’m directly engaged with the petition for Turkey’s EU membership. I start working for a change in the adoption act, which should be presented to parliament as soon as possible. My letter to Mr. Poettering informing about the problems of the teachers has already been accepted and will be officially considered. I’ll also alarm the European institutions about the quite unpleasant for a European country violations during the local elections in Bulgaria. All these are questions, which directly concern and excite our countrymen – I think the reasons for that are absolutely clear.

Question: How do you maintain the contact with your electorate? What will you do to popularize in Bulgaria the European Parliament till the next general elections for EP members in 2009?
Mr. Slavi Binev: In principle, my connection with the people is so close that it needs no maintenance. I spend the end of each working week in Bulgaria and miss no opportunity to meet my electorate. In the near future, I’ll open a reception center in Sofia and such centers will be start working in other cities too. I think that the popularization of the European Parliament is to a great extend its own obligation. I would recommend the following:
- Establishment of TV co-production shows, which mainly focus on the common EU problems, and comment the solutions offered by the EP. These shows should be freely offered to those TV stations, which are interested in broadcasting them.
- Some sessions of the commissions to be carried out in other cities, especially in the new member states. Imagine the interest caused by a session of the EP Economic Committee for example, carried out in the ancient Bulgarian city of Plovdiv during the Annual International Fair in the autumn. Representatives of the business and journalists from the whole region will be there and this is the perfect occasion to utilize the private initiative efforts by promoting the approaches to the solutions of community problems.
I would also recommend a number of particular steps concerning the media but now it’s not the time to spread out in detail on this subject. Still, what is of greatest importance is the EP members to stand out with their morale and personal dignity, to promote those values, which will be leading for the Europeans in the years to come. I consider that sport and education must be among these models, since they interest and excite the young Europeans most of all. I am a nationalist but I hope that our nations will clash only on the field of fair sport events and compете in their educational level, not aggression. We, the European MPs, should be the exemplary figures here. Even more, when you are a MP and a patriot.
22/10/2007 Slavi Binev: The strong opponent helps you overcome yourself

Question: Mr. Binev, in the e-vote – in for example, and in many other places, you and “ATAKA” are getting the first or second place, but for sure the electors in Internet are sending you in Sofia for ballotage.
Mr. Slavi Binev: I don’t over trust these voting, but I don’t underrate it either. I know that a lot of the “ATAKA’s” followers don’t have a regular access to the Internet, so they can’t vote. I think what we see is a natural process – only my election campaign is facing the fake majesty of the old mayor. It is normal that our followers are not only from the “ATAKA’s” list.

Question: You created a scary character – as Dilov – sin jokes – you became like the person who stopped the train and ate the coals. Are you this kind of person, is this the mayor that we should be prepared for after 28th. And aren’t you afraid that you are facing a powerful enemy – Boyko Borisov trough your aggressive champaign?
Mr. Slavi Binev: The scariest of all is the fear itself. My personal motivation in the fight for Sofia is based on my personal fate. The strong opponent helps you overcome yourself. And when the truth is on your side – there is nothing scary at all. The truth sets us free – that’s the basis of the Christianity, of the religion and the philosophy.
The only one that fears is the one who is afraid of freedom. And this is the basic difference between me and the type “Borisov”. He needs scared, obedient people to control like in the army. I need proud, free Bulgarians that are taking responsibility of their freedom. The dream of the slave – as you know – is not the freedom; his dream is to have his own slave… And well, I am a smiled happy man, and everybody around me knows that.

Question: Isn’t this a little bit too abstract for a political platform…
Mr. Slavi Binev: Just the opposite – this is the only political platform based on the philosophy of freedom and responsibility. Here is how I see it less center of Sofia, more responsibilities for the residential mayors of the districts “Lulin”, “Mladost”, “Drujba” and “Obelya” where live most of the Sofians. And all the money that the Municipality spends for the polishing of the center, come from their vats, from their refuse and building taxes. The regional mayors are directly elected for the mandate 2007 – 2011. That means that the people who voted for them expect more. And the mayor of Sofia should delegate them rights and responsibilities that are adequate to the expectations. But don’t forget – the mayor of one big city is not only a governor, he should be also an example for personality.

Question: Let’s try to imagine than, what was going Sofia to look like if most of the people were similar to you?
Mr. Slavi Binev: First of all – with five times more citizen /laughing/. You know I have five children and one grandchild. And second – it was going to be Sofia without bandits, criminality and drugs. I don’t want to vaunt myself, but my all personal story is full with examples of fight against those phenomenons. With legal measures I have faced some key figures from the underground, when neither medias or governors dared even speak the names of their organizations. And in third place – in Sofia there were going to be allotted much more money for spot and cultural activities. And it is not too late now – there are a lot of beautiful places in the North Park and in the “Vertopo” area in Studentski grad, where in natural environment can be built nice ecological sport equipments and bicycle alleys. Our precious disposal natural resource – Vitosha – should be placed in the city, not the city to be mounted there. I personally live in small house, more like a house in country style – with a lot of green gardens, almost like a piece of the natural environment. My neighbors construct flats and fences, what’s the point to live in the mountain if you surround yourself with a concrete wall – I don’t understand this.

Question: The planting is one of the big problems in Sofia, and there are traffic jam, pollution and bad streets.
Mr. Slavi Binev: I think that there is no ecology of the public relations in the government of Sofia. I will specificate – the Park in Bankya has the same statute as “Ariana” it’s public. But the mayor made a fast agreement with the regional governor for the management of “Ariana” – first because it is very popular for the medias, and second – because of the shady affair with the cafes, the lake with the boats, and the ice slide in winter. But no one is taking care of the park in his place of born Bankya, and it looks miserable because if the local authority spends even one lev to clean and grass it – it is considered braking of the law. In year and a half Boyko didn’t find time to talk with the Government to transfer the park’s management to the local municipality.
The 4 year period of choosing a gardener, who has to elaborate list of the green areas and plan for management of the parks, is unforgivable long. And even more unforgivable is to forget the procedure to choose the method of litter factory. This is not the old problem with the dung-hill – if we accept that it is left from Stefan Sofianski. The first that I will do is to speed up the procedure and to choose at least three methods of litter treat to be started the cleaning of the areas. I intend to reseparate the city in another regions, where operate the firms “Wolf”, “Dits” and “Chistota AD”, and to invite at leas two or three other firms /from another countries/ to participate in competition for the new regions. I have personally observed the activity of similar firms, which are responsible for the clean in Berlin, Leipzig, Paris and even Hanoi. Believe me – the winner in the direct competition between local and international companies will be the citizen of Sofia.
The activity of the inspectorate should be criticized – the people that are supposed to fine from the construction pollution to the parking and the illegal trade. I consider making full reform there, bringing back the right to fine of the local authorities.

Question: The spiders /machines that collect the cars that are parked in the non parking zones/?
Mr. Slavi Binev: Thank you for the question. I am tired of repeating that the spiders are unconstitutional. It doesn’t matter what violation is done – you can’t take the automobile, this is operation with someone else’s property. These machines are supposed to be used only in a case of emergency. The restriction for the cars that are parked irregularly will be a sticker. This will lower the corruption, because there is no direct contact between the two sides. And this is not a discovery; the system is elaborated in the developed countries. The spider lots will be replaced with multilevel parking lots. And, as I know there are seven more places with the same purpose. i want to build 9 parking lots. It is wrong to impose restrictions to the people without giving them another option.

Question: Your ideas are ambitious but also expensive.
Mr. Slavi Binev: There enough money, but we should spend them wisely and at more constructive manner. Not like the reconstruction of the “Tzariradsko shose”. But first of all we are facing a crucial dialogue with the government about the repeatedly robbery of the citizen of Sofia with the percent of the Tax of the Total Revenue. As you know, for the last year it was only 28%. I would like to be at least 51%, but I think that 35% are going to be enough too. Now is the time because the Government is elaborating now the redaction of the current budget and the project for 2008 year. Recognizing my counts, if we reach the level of 35% of this tax, there are going to be about 1 billion BGN for the 2008 year budget of Sofia. If they are smart invested the results are going to come immediately. And, of course, there shouldn’t be stealing. I can’t explain to myself the delaying, with almost two years, of the construction of the metro, except with the mass of subcontractors, which are included in the project with politic protection, and which impede it.

Question: And one other question. As a matter of fact, you are uniting the centre of the political oppositions, and the people expect of the debate Borisov – Binev the main gossip of the vote. Eh, may be and third “B” – Brigo. But somehow, there is no ideological confrontation between GERB, “ATAKA” and BSP?
Mr. Slavi Binev: “B” means beat, yes. But the second part of the question is more interesting. Did you hear something about the GERB’s list, for the people included in it? And generally about the GERB party? For its ideology? At its establishing we understood that the main responsibility of the leader will be to bring water to Boyko Borisov. Look, there is something very unhonorable in this – first of all, you to be chosen for deputy, and then you to reject the people’s vote and the party, which supported you – NDSV. And second, to be illegal to be both at the same time – political leader and mayor, then to avoid the law proclaiming you an informal leader and to use the municipality to make party. And after two years, if there are parliamentary elections and GERB won them, is Boyko going to run again, to the chair of the Prime Minister this time?

Question: Well, you are again at the subject Boyko?
Mr. Slavi Binev: What other subject to discuss, when the people of his list are hiding? In one TV show there were supposed to come councilor candidates from GERB or the leader of his organization in Sofia, the deputy-rejecter from NDSV – Lachezar Ivanov. Well ask me did someone come at all! While the people of our list – of “ATAKA” – are going everywhere, they show up in the medias, they participate in the debates for district mayors. May be they aren’t prepared, they aren’t polished politics, but they are honest and brave, they show up with their names and faces, they are not hiding behind my back. The truth is that GERB and BSP are trying to avoid the direct confrontation with “ATAKA”, because the socialists are used to their status and it will be very uncomfortable for them to answer your questions publicly; regarding GERB, it is a party formed mainly of other party’s renegades – so each of them will have to explain its past in details…

Question: The past is seems to be the invisible constant in this campaign – your past, Boyko Borisov’s past, Brigo’s past, the past of Martin Zaimov, and even of his grandfather…
Mr. Slavi Binev: Here is my absolute advantage before the others – I haven’t been in public coma between 1989 and 2001, neither have been a secret officer of the secret services. All that I have been doing during these years was public – can be seen, can be touched, can be read in the papers. But you have right – we are facing these elections because of the future. That’s why I don’t use arguments from the future of my opponents – and believe me – there are things that can expulse them from the politic forever. And may be that will happen one day. The future! As in the song: today is the tomorrow of yesterday. When two years ago Boyko was speaking of “how it is going to be tomorrow”, did you imagine this that is in Sofia today? This is what I want to change – when I say how it is going to be tomorrow, I bet my head on it. I have always doing this way. That is why I believe, that “the tomorrow” belongs to me and depends only on my own efforts.
04/10/2007 Slavi Binev to the BTA: The municipality should function as a company

Question: Compared to the European Parliament, what makes Sofia more attractive to you and run for the mayor elections?
Mr. Slavi Binev: Exactly the fact that it isn’t that attractive. If its attractiveness was greater, I needn’t have to put aside my serious enough obligations at the EP. The truth is that I - being a man who is quick in establishing contacts, which is an important prerequisite for the good lobbyist - should have been there. Still, it is unacceptable to be persuaded that the truth is not what we see with our eyes but what we are told. That’s why I decided to enter the struggle for Sofia.

Question: Тhe majority rule is applied to the mayor of Sofia elections. What is your personal strategy in this competition?
Mr. Slavi Binev: For me, the competition consists of two parts. The first step is to become free because only the free man can think and improve himself. To start thinking what we can do about this city, we should break the chains of those suggestions we have to listen to. We aren’t free and we can’t think of anything better but how to survive. We don’t think how to develop, we think how to excuse one man who says that everyone’s against him. He is right, everyone’s against him – the people are against him, all citizens are against him but he’s the only one who doesn’t know that.

Question: What is the second phase?
Mr. Slavi Binev: The second phase is serious business. It turns out that the Bulgarians have to live in a situation of double standards – a fact that harms every one of us, not the gypsies or those who allow themselves to ignore the law. I say gypsies on purpose, I understand those who pretend to be Roma. I’ll accept everyone who wants to be socialized. I don’t mind their color, speech or genes. Still, I can’t accept the fact that they don’t want to be socialized, that they are socially destructive. The situation in Sofia is not normal because there’s no strategy. Sofia is not only growing up, it is growing older and uglier and currently does not correspond to its name. The way it grows has nothing to do with any principles and the only thing that can make it easier for the capital city is to develop a north – north-western city, by-passes and camera traffic control, as it is in London and many other European capitals. There are 15 regimens that might make the traffic in Sofia much easier. The capital can be saved only by providing various ideas, which you not only declare, but have the potential to implement.

Question: Do you have a program already?
Mr. Slavi Binev: Yes, I have a program. I would like to point out that the first step to solving any problem is to admit that it exists. People should clearly know what the problem is and what the solution is. The problem with the garbage of Sofia is still not in the immediate list but straight after the elections it will be a crucial one. In case this question is not solved within the next two-three months, Sofia will turn into a garbage heap. So, the manager’s obligation is exactly this – to solve the problems.

Question: Does it mean that according to you, the most urgent problem for Sofia is the garbage?
Mr. Slavi Binev: No, there are so many problems that I cannot rank them. I think that the greatest problem for Sofia is the chaos in the municipality itself. It only deals with the image of its mayor, not with the particular tasks it is responsible for. The first thing to be done is to restructure the municipality accordingly and everyone to fulfill the engagements he is responsible for. The municipality should function as a company, it is not a PR agency or the headquarters of someone competing for his second mandate, it is one of the most respected companies in Bulgaria.

Question: Do you have an exemplary model you will use for the management of the capital?
Mr. Slavi Binev: There are two men who can be used as an example for megalopolis management. The first one is Rudolph Giuliani who managed to turn New York from the city it was, just like Sofia, into one orderly and immaculate city, a secure and conceptual one. The second one, of course, is Yurii Lujkov who turned Moscow from a cold and grim city into a bright and prestigious one. In Sofia, there are serious problems, which must be solved with self-confidence. The problems are so irregular and urgent that they must be solved not by someone with a shaking hand, but by those who can take responsibilities and would dare admitting “I was wrong”.

Question: According to you, up to now, who of the mayors of Sofia has managed best?
Mr. Slavi Binev: The criteria were different during the years. I couldn’t be the judge because I remember Stefan Sofianski most of all. Still, he was the mayor at the beginning of the democratic changes and his privileges, obligations and engagements were not clearly defined. He was the beta tester of democracy; the alpha testers were Aleksandar Yanchulev and Aleksandar Karakachanov who had problems but admitted their mistakes. The truth is that the municipality has never had more money than it has now but the capital has never looked that ugly, chaotic and cacophonic.

Question: How do you plan to implement your program, working with such a multi-party municipality council?
Mr. Slavi Binev: No matter which party the municipality councilors belong to, they should know that they work for Sofia. I can’t believe that these people, with their decisions, will sabotage the right way of managing the municipality. I am sure they won’t cater for the interests of particular groups, they will work for the interests of the citizens.

Question: How will you motive the citizens to give their vote?
Mr. Slavi Binev: I think that Boyko Borisov did enough to motivate them not to vote for him. That’s important enough. Up to now, everything I have started is successfully finished. I am a man who has always carried the responsibility for his words and never had problems to say things as they are. I believe that if I’m elected the mayor of Sofia, everything declared in my program will be fulfilled.

Question: What are your promises?
Mr. Slavi Binev: This chaos will end; we will live in one calmer and brought to normal Sofia. I plan to turn Sofia into an attractive city, a city where people will want to live.

Question: Regardless of the elections result, what is your message to the citizens?
Mr. Slavi Binev: To judge people according to their deeds, not words.

Question: What kind of campaign are you going to carry out?
Mr. Slavi Binev: I’ll have an adequate campaign – the bad ones will be treated twice as bad, the normal people will be treated twice as normal.

Question: How can you guarantee to the electorate that you won’t use your term as a mayor for economic interests?
Mr. Slavi Binev: The guarantee is granted by the people who will elect me. I don’t enter the municipality to stay there two years while getting ready for the prime minister post. It is not some railway station for me; it is not the place where I choose to hide for a couple of days because I’m angry I haven’t become the Minister of the Inferior. I’ll be there with the intention to govern this municipality eight years and to be re-elected. The guarantee – people should judge whether I really managed to cope with the problems of the citizens.
09/07/2007 Slavi Binev: The nationalists are the true opposition, Boyko is always putting the blame on other shoulders

The businessman Slavi Binev commented for BGNES that politics refer to everyone, no matter whether they make it or are influenced by it. Binev full heartedly supports the nationalists and considers that they are the only opposition, no matter whether good or bad. According to him, the strivings of Boyko Borisov to be the leader of the opposition is not grounded, just because he is interwoven with exactly those parties, which he says he will struggle with. BGNES publishes the whole interview with Slavi Binev.

Question: Mr. Binev, in our preliminary talk you told me that you wanted to say those things you didn’t manage to mention at Georgi Koritarov’s broadcast on NOVA TV… What exactly didn’t you manage to say?
Mr. Slavi Binev: First of all, it is easy to judge someone and what he is doing, according to the questions he asks. These questions make you understand what he really wants to ask and what he thinks of life. What made me really surprised was the fact that a journalist could not accept any opinion different from his own. According to me, it’s part of democracy to have alternative views. It seemed that the interviewer didn’t have this in his mind. Unfortunately, he acted like a politician who asked “Who do you think you are, to express your opinion on any subject?” That’s the way I understood him, so I had to clearly explain who I was. It’s not the first time this happens to me and when someone starts talking about himself, he kind of favors his own personality. I think it is high time my deeds to start talking about myself. I have probably worshiped many things but I never bowed my head. It’s really unpleasant when someone who doesn’t know you starts speaking ironically to you. It has happened to me of course, but I didn’t expect it from a media man who should cover the reality with complete impartiality. The media should not express commitment to one or another, it should be objective. I would advise Mr. Koritarov, since he stressed several times on the “Kniaz” title, to learn that the Orthodox interpretation does not use the second name, he was saying “Kniaz Binev” but the first one – Slavi. Apart from that, the form of address is not “Kniaz Binev” but “Your Excellency”. I’m helping him, so he’s ready the next time. Prior to the interview, we had agreed to talk about politics, not about who I am. These are usually the arguments of the politicians who don’t want to hear what you are saying and why. We are all part of the politics, no matter whether we make it or belong to those it is exercised upon. I was really surprised by the fact that I was almost accused of entering the political life. You join the politics and express your civic position. I think that as citizens we have to act like that and it is one of the greatest merits of democracy. I’m not supposed to explain who I am. I’m the one who was in battle with criminality while the politicians and some of the media didn’t dare to utter, even in bed, the names of those people I fought with. I did it in court, according to the law, and it was really hard because certain facts about me were misinterpreted. Some people wanted to find a quarrel in a straw! Right now, it’s the same. I do not accidentally draw the parallel between Georgi Iliev and Boyko Borisov. At that time, it was hard to present my views in my conflict with Georgi Iliev, may he rest in peace. There’s lots of demagogy in politics but when it turns into the only way of behavior – it’s really awkward to me. I’m not that much focused on Boyko but he is the symbol of political practices right now. If there is one thing that shows clearly what the politics are now – it might be observed in his case. It’s constant demagogy and substitution of true political views with the willingness of a man to be socially acknowledged - not because of his qualities and deeds but because he’s permanently attacking one or another. I am really surprised to see that someone who’s declared that he doesn’t want to deal with politics and become a MP, has competed in two constituencies and declared that this is not his party - the one he actually represented in the elections – and then competed for mayor. The first time you are really surprised – there might have been some mistake – but later on… When this person set to the city hall and when he pretended he started dealing with the hard problems - the problems of Sofia are excessive in number – he started settling his personal accounts. The mayor, instead of solving the problems, because that’s his job, started looking for enemies, no matter whether he referred to Rumen Ovcharov or Rumen Petkov, the report of the American Congress, “Al Khaida” or the municipality councilors. He is always putting the blame on other shoulders. I, for example, being a tax payer, cannot accuse anyone that I cannot pay my taxes. It’s normal to feel uneasy about that. Apart from that, now, during the pre-elections campaign for the European Parliament, some suggestions that the EPP is the only point of reference we should keep to are made. It’s pointless, according to me, to send people to the European Parliament in case all of them applaud and belong to just one party. If the mayor has his own party, it should be the party of the citizens of Sofia and if he goes to the European Parliament, this party should defend the national interests. This is not some weird position of mine; this is an absolutely pragmatic decision. I was asked whom I support and applaud. Of course I fully support the nationalists and I do that for many reasons. First of all because they are the alternative – they are currently the true opposition, good or bad. The better the opposition is, the better the government is – instead of rejoicing at its demolishment. The strivings of Boyko to be the leader of the opposition is not grounded, just because he is interwoven with exactly those parties, which he says he will struggle with. We can even make the presumption that the next government will be constituted by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and the "Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria" (CEDB). The Tsar said that he would never make a coalition with BSP too, but we saw what happened. It means that again we’ll have a coalition of the BSP, the Movement for Rights and Freedom (MRF) and CEDB, instead of the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII) – it’s just another lie, isn’t it! It’s too much already! Each time we wait for some messiah to come, not understanding that it’s a question of geopolitics. We turn into a border country of the EU, we shouldn’t ignore that fact and I don’t say that because we border Turkey. I say that because we have strategic position and we should gain the advantages of that. These people we send to the European Parliament shouldn’t be the experts – the experts are one of the cheapest things in this world. If someone doesn’t believe me, lets check the salaries of the professors and the teachers – the academic background is not that important. Especially nowadays when all kind of information can be found on the Internet. The members of the European Parliament should be those people who will firmly stand for their positions and their party should be Bulgaria. This doesn’t mean that they should stay in isolation there, just the opposite; they should use their connections and contacts instead of being featureless and work for some principles, which aren’t ours. As a new EU member state, we should fully understand that these 18 people should impose their will concerning extremely important questions and defend our national interests. They shouldn’t just say “Vote for me, I’ll support the EPP!”. What for? What is the reason for that? Who is that common Bulgarian – the EPP member? It’s quite awaked to me that the man who should deal with the significant problems of Sofia, deals with the EPP.

Question: You don’t endorse the politicians much…
Mr. Slavi Binev: Their role is to act big-headedly and to ask who I am. What I have achieved in my life is not because of them but in defiance of them. Still, I’m their creation, like everyone of us, because they have ruled the country. That’s me – for good or for bad – we have survived, going through several experiments, all those years. So, I cannot accept this substitution because for me Boyko Borisov keeps on being a balloon, to be more precise – a media balloon. He is not worried to permanently suggest that he’ll be the next one to sort us out! For three months he has kept us thrilled whether he’ll go for the president elections. If he wants to be a politician – this is the highest post in the state – he should have struggled for it. At least, he should have made some attempt. I don’t know what his dream is – to rule the world or to become Ms Bulgaria. I’ll contribute to the process – he’ll get what he deserves and there’ll be no one he can blame about it. Up to now, I’ve registered his non-verbal behavior, which doesn’t suit a politician. I study him as a psychologist who thinks that it doesn’t suit a politician to act like a gangster. I can’t imagine that a man can walk with his arms that widely spread – especially when the higher you go in the hierarchy, the nobler and more tolerant you should be towards people. More or less, his dreams turn into reality. Today, during my interview for Koritarov, I realized that anyone who doesn’t like Boyko Borisov is being ironically treated and his opinion is not heard. This is a fact I don’t like. This approach substitutes the idea that democracy is about the freedom of speech.
The nationalists are the only people who protect our business. Unfortunately, there’s no one else. All the others are only interested in the foreign investments that means one single thing – all of us to become nothing but employees in our own country. This is economic apartheid, which I cannot applaud and accept. I’m a nationalist and a practician. I have five children and one grand daughter. At my age, I have to act like that.

Question: You have a grand daughter?
Mr. Slavi Binev: Yes, she’s six months old. I can only be proud of that because being a patriot – it’s not about loving and knowing by heart Vazov’s and Botev’s poetry – I am a pragmatic. I don’t think we should declare ourselves nationalists because we have the Thracian gold treasure, we should be modern nationalists, I mean our achievements should not be only those from the past, we should strive for the future. This might happen only when people start listening to each others’ point. I understand that sometimes the politicians want to shut the mouth of their opponents but when the journalists act in the same way – I can’t accept that. I’m disgusted by the fact that the journalist wanted to suggest that any opposition to Boyko Borisov is irrelevant. For me it’s very important to have opposition. We got really surprised when some report from the US comes to our attention – “Could it be true?”. My advice is to believe our eyes. The substitution of what we - including the BSP - believed in is total. Even they wanted a better world. It is quite unacceptable someone to talk about the right wing democratic government in the way he established his party. To confuse democracy and dictatorship – it’s just not serious! No one has ever allowed himself such behavior – saying “Bring me a glass of water!”, for example. I am utterly surprised that I’m the only one to see that. We observe some kind of oppression, which is not only political, to some extend it comes from the media too. This really worries me. One of the major merits of democracy is the freedom of speech. Exactly the media should represent the corrective to the politicians. It’s very bad when it starts serving them.

Question: Don’t you think that people have become kind of indifferent to the nuisance?
Mr. Slavi Binev: No, there’ll be an outburst and people will say “Basta!”. I don’t want to see appointed politicians and people who haven’t proven themselves in practice anymore. I don’t want to be lectured by someone who has only academic knowledge and has been loyal only to his mother-party. Exactly CEDB is the party, which benefits from those who weren’t loyal. Unfortunately, we all know how these people a called. “To start a new brothel with old…” – it’s a proven fact. Let’s name things as they are. I’m for the constructive opposition – not for the one that wants to destroy the man. I want it to become clear – thi